Tommy’s Trainer Talks

September 23rd, 2021

Embracing Tampa Bay.

Well, it seems a certain quarterback really likes playing for the Bucs.

That’s salad-bar-hating, park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, smartphone-phobic, waffle-grilling, trophy-throwing, roller-coaster-scared, numbers-rules-peeved, helmet-tossing, football-punting, Bucs-Super-Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady,

In a piece typed by Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, shared by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, Brady’s long-time personal trainer Alex Guerrero opened up about Brady leaving the Belicheats for Tampa Bay.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Brady taking over for an injured Drew Bledsoe in New England. Little did anyone have a clue at that time Bledsoe’s injury would dramatically change NFL history.

Guerrero paints a picture of a now-happy Brady who grew beyond frustrated with Bill Belicheat and cannot be any happier now playing for Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians and living in Florida.

Brady and Guerrero also love their situation in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers have placed no restrictions on how and where Brady can be treated by his trainer. Guerrero used the word “fun” several times when describing their new workplace.

“This place, we have so much fun here. We have a great time,” said Guerrero. “They’re great here. Ownership is great. The coaching is great, the management is great.”

This is no surprise. Arians, while he is demanding when it comes to football, away from the white lines he has the demeanor and personality of the cool uncle you want to hang at The Undertow with and have a few cocktails while admiring the scenery St. Pete Beach has to offer.

Belicheat has all the personality of a weed in your shrub bed that you sprayed with Roundup two days prior.

Very interesting to Joe in this story is that Guerrero said “many” Bucs players have joined the TB12 program and use Guerrero now as their personal trainer after seeing how Brady is an ageless wonder.

With the Belicheats, Guerrero was treated somewhat like a pariah.

51 Responses to “Tommy’s Trainer Talks”

  1. Robert Says:

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  2. Youngbucs Says:

    But but this coaching staff is trash owners are trash organization is trash.

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    Robert – I don’t think that mantra is a good one for those interested in prevention.

  4. lambeau Says:

    Guerrero was banned from the facility by Belichick, to Brady’s dismay, due to conflict between advice given to other players by Guerrero (stretch more, lift less) and the training staff (lift more). One of the several issues between Brady and Belichick. Definitely BA is the cool uncle–well put.

  5. Going for ✌️In a row Says:

    Great stuff Joe!

    Thank you!

  6. Taampabaybucfan Says:

    OK Joe, I give in… can add “Buc-loving” to Brady’s monikers…..why not?

  7. SlyPirate Says:

    Well done, Licht and BA.

  8. BA4President Says:

    If you check out the comments on PFT about this article, it’s amazing how many Pats fans don’t hold the Pats accountable for this at all. All of the focus is on how Brady is a “diva”. SMH

  9. Ben green Says:

    The reason Alex was banned from the lockeroom, was because he was telling lineman they shouldn’t be doing squats. His attempt to subvert the authority of the training staff went to far. I didn’t blame Bill for it then, and I certainly don’t now. Guerrero once claimed to have a pill that cured cancer. He’s the definition of a snake oil salesman. He also thinks drinking special water protects against concussions. Do you want Ben to go on? Alex bitching about treating older players different is laughable. Brady got the job because Bill treated everyone equal. Drew signed a huge contract and ownership wanted him to play. Bill reassured Mr. Kraft that Brady would be the best move for the team going forward. That’s what makes Bill great. His ability to make tough decisions, without emotion or favoritism.

  10. Cobraboy Says:

    I dunno, ben.

    Seems the proof of the Guerrero method is in Tom Brady, in spite of “His attempt to subvert the authority of the training staff went to (sic) far.”

    Brady soured on NE because of the way his friend and trainer was treated by Belichick. That s well documented.

    Wanna bet fans in NE would like The GOAT back?

  11. Ben green Says:

    Curley Joe, if you can’t be factual, let someone else do the writing. You obviously haven’t done any homework.

  12. Ben green Says:

    Every time you call the Pats cheaters, you are calling the goat a cheater also. Maybe the biggest cheater, since it was always all Brady.

  13. Kev@Inverness Says:

    No, Ben green, we don’t want you to go on. We want you to STFU.

  14. ben Says:

    Thanks Bill … for letting Mr. Brady leave !! Thanks Bucs…for signing Mr. Brady as best decision ,ever!!

  15. Ben green Says:

    Cobraboy, the Pats were winning titles when Alex was still selling Cancer pills, so I think the operation was just fine without him

  16. Ben green Says:

    Let’s get a few things straight. I know it’s hot, just try to follow along. Brady wanted to retire a Patriot. Bill never even offered a contract. He was not wanted. I don’t know how to put it any simpler. This belief that it was mutual is just not supported by facts. That’s why Brady is still sore. Think about it. If he left and they wanted him back, what reason whould have have to be pissed?
    The Patriots bill’s came due, and Bill knew they wouldn’t be ready to complete until this year. Resigning him would not have been in his or the Pats best interest. For the record, Bee

  17. Ben green Says:

    Ben didn’t want him back either. I didn’t wanna see another first round exit. I’m happy for Brady. I still cheer for him, but it was time for both to move on. Bill has, but Brady is still mad they didn’t want him back.

  18. Ben green Says:

    I’d say they did alright by Brady 6 Superbowls, countless AFC title game appearances. I’m actually shocked it lasted as long as it did. Bill didn’t change. It was Brady who stopped showing up for OTA’s, not Bill.

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    False argument, ben.

    It is not about Brady’s early career before Guerrero. It is how Guerrero extended Brady’s career by many years.

    But I do understand your Brady hate. Well, not really. I don’t understand it, just see it.

    You must be a riot at parties.

    There was a character in the old Li’l Abner comic strip called Joe Btfsplk, who had a rain cloud follow him around and he always saw the worst in everything. When I read “Ben green” I see Joe Btfsplk instead.

    Please, carry on with the hate.

  20. Ben green Says:

    I hate no one Cobraboy, not even you. I pray for each and everyone of my fellow posters. I do remember that comic strip. Ben denounces hate of any kind. I will not spew vennom, only opinion backed up with facts.

  21. Ben green Says:

    Alex didn’t extend Brady’s career., Brady did. Do you think he’s the only guy who knows how to give a rubdown? Just the fact that he claimed to have a cure for cancer, and water that heals concussion, ought to make you incredibly suspicious of the guy. Most QBs don’t come close to making the sacrifices Brady does. In the end that’s what it’s about, not pliability or concussion water. He knows how to take a hit. That has absolutely nothing to do with water or avocado. He also has the drive of pick #199

  22. Ben green Says:

    The biggest reason he’s lasted this long, is the rule changes. You could destroy quarterbacks when he came into the league. In the 01 superbowl, the Pats defense beat the hell out of Warner. They beat the hell out of Bruce and holt. You can’t do either of those things now, and haven’t been able to for a great while. It’s not Alex Guerrero, it’s Tom Brady

  23. BTierney Says:

    Hi Ben Green,

    Welcome to Tampa! Appreciate the NE perspective. You do sound like someone who describes anybody who strays from the norm as a “wingnut.” I don’t know about Alex, but I don’t buy the narrative from the Patriots on why he was banned. BTW, I don’t agree with Joe on allegations of cheating. If the Jets don’t conceal their signs, it is on them. Regulating the air pressure of footballs is a perfect example of NFL anality. Let teams determine the air pressure as they want and live with the results.

  24. geno711 Says:

    What makes you the expert on all this, Ben Green?

    Have you ever directly talked with Alex Guerrero, Bill Belichick or Tom Brady?

    Or are we all expected to rely on your reading of certain news feeds in the Boston area and your interpretation of those feeds?

    I think this is just simply your interpretation of certain news feeds you have favored in New England.

    Please share your thoughts. But it is really annoying to have a person acting like a no it all who just sends out 10 comments in an hour. But really is just a dude at a keyboard like the rest of us.

  25. Ben green Says:

    Ben gives more credit to Bill than Alex. Bill always surrounded him with talented offensive lines. He also used a short passing game that was predicated on getting the ball out early. If a stupid coach like BA would’ve landed Brady, his career would’ve ended years ago. Everything the Patriots did for nearly 20 years was for Tom Brady. He owes Bill a debt, and I hope someday, they’ll both be able to recognize the beauty they created together

  26. Lets Roll Says:

    @Ben Green,

    Trying adding “Chlorine Dioxide” to you fact based opinion before defaming someone as a Snake Oil salesmen.

    We all are ignorant of one thing or another but we don’t all project our ignorance on others to make our opinions appear to matter more than others.

    Also while you are at it, add this very important FACT to your new found FACTS Bag. This is a Bucs Site, you know THE ONLY TEAM IN HISTORY TO HAVE EVER WON A SUPERBOWL AT HOME. No one really cares about your FACTLESS OPINIONS about the team in Foxblowsme New Hampshire

  27. Lets Roll Says:

    Oh and by the way. We won that Super Bowl with superior QB that really loves being here vs his old team that is clearly GARBADGE without him

    To that I say, thank you previous garbage team. Thank You for throwing out the baby with the bath water.

    We found a National Treasure in your trash

  28. Ben green Says:

    Why thank you @BTierney, that was nice of you. The football thing is a bigger story. Here goes. Brady was livid!! for what he thought was being thrown under the bus by Bill. Bill knows everything about the football. It was common place for Bill to put balls in the freezer before practice, to see how the players reacted. He’d also soak the balls in warm water to simulate a monsoon. No way Bill didn’t know the exact condition of each game ball, and the rules surrounding it. It was common place throughout the league. QBs like it a certain way. Rodgers has said he liked a little more air, and it got done. Brady fell in the sword for Bill because it would’ve ment a year long suspension for Bill, if he were to have any knowledge. This was essentially when the relationship began to sour.

  29. Ben green Says:

    Boy I love the reaction from you junk fans. Why can’t you just be happy? Typical of an ammonia brained fanbase. Y’all probably have serious drinking problems also. Wine and the internet don’t mix ladies.
    Of course Ben isn’t going to reveal his identity or sourcing. Then you’d all feel like fools and I wouldn’t do that. It’d take the fun out of it. This is the only kind of social media I do or have ever done. Just have fun with Ben. I don’t get it from blogs or frogs or whatever you kids call it today. Please don’t ruin my fun. Maybe if I get drunk some night, maybe 10 days from now, I’ll let y’all know who I am. But then Ben will have to leave, and that’d be bad for us all. I can’t absorbe your hate, and I can’t spread the word

  30. Ben green Says:

    It’s the middle of the day, get off your asses and get back to work!!! No more 3 martini lunches on your break from bestbuy. They frown on that.
    Ben doesn’t have that prob. Retired and solvent

  31. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Hey Ben – do your homework and report back to us true Bucs Fans (not NE jumpers), what is Belichechs record all time without Brady?? We will wait.

  32. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Ben Green is Bill Belichick, or a massive hoodie homer.

  33. PassingThru Says:


    Some of what you stated isn’t accurate. Brady was offered a contract, but it was a single year contract. Brady’s agent Don Yee made it crystal clear: two year contract if you want Brady to stay, one year if you aren’t willing to commit. And that one year contract (second year void for cap purposes) had a poison pill: the Patriots couldn’t franchise tag him.

    At any point in time Robert Kraft could have intervened on Brady’s behalf but didn’t. Kraft intervened earlier when Belichick wanted Brady traded (New England fans live in denial, that story was accurate). Kraft knew (perhaps warned) that if he sided with Brady again Belichick would pack his bags. Bill had the rug pulled out from under him in Cleveland, he wasn’t going to let it happen again, especially since he was promised full control when he was hired. Kraft made his decision based on projected useful life; it was an implicit admission that Brady didn’t have much remaining shelf life.

  34. PassingThru Says:

    For the record, very few New England fans hate Brady, you’ll see that with the standing ovation at Gillette. The fans who hate Brady? Line ’em up: Indy, Oakland/Las Vegas, Miami, NY Jets, Baltimore, KC, Denver and Pittsburgh. Some Buffalo fans hate Brady, but most respect him (one of the friendlier fan bases in the NFL). They’re just glad he’s no longer in their division.

  35. Mr Bean Says:

    I don’t always agree with Ben, but on Guerrero I agree. 100% snake oil salesman. Anyone claiming to cure cancer or cure concussions is full of it.

  36. Bill Tierney Says:

    After reading Ben Green, my only concern is that TB12 will be so wound up to beat BB that he will blast off into outer space from Gillette Stadium and we will never see him again.

  37. Cobraboy Says:

    Surely, Ben, you understand why a bitter someone posing as a super-secret, all-knowing insider on some football blog looks like…well…you know…

  38. Cobraboy Says:

    @Mr. Bean: regardless of what one thinks about Guerrero, it is clear that Brady does not share that belief to the extent he wanted to leave the organization that shut his friend and trainer out of their facilities.

    From what I read, the Belichick-Brady relationship had been toxic for some time, and winning put lipstick on that public pig.

    I see it as “You’re fired”-“No, I quit.”

  39. Lets Roll Says:

    Bill: “You’re fired”
    Brady: “I’m not the kind of guy you want to fire”
    Bill: “You’re fired”
    Brady: “SCOREBOARD, +1 Ring at home, which you will never do”
    Bill: “You’re fired”
    Brady: “Lets settle this in the Super Bowl”
    Bill: “We can’t cause you’re fired”
    Brady: “I meant as opponents”
    Bill: “Oh yeah, I knew that. We are rebuilding and I am developing another QB”
    Brady: Laughs, “develop another QB? Ok so your conceding you will never make a Super Bowl without me”
    Bill: “I HATE YOU TOM!!! No No I love you. Damm it this is why I don’t let my emotions show. I’m suck a loser”
    Fans: “We feel you coach, we are lossers too. Thank you for making us suck again”

  40. Crickett Baker Says:

    Bent..I mean Ben,
    When have you EVER heard Tom dissing Belichick? I have heard many interviews where he praises all he has done for him and helped him throughout his career. He has even said he loves him. I’m not saying Tom was happy nor it was not his time to go, but all this imagined hatred that he has for his ex-coach is just that. In your mind. By Tom leaving they BOTH got exactly what they both wanted. Believe me, Tom holds no grudges.

  41. Ben green Says:

    Ben has the ability to appreciate both. I will stand and cheer Brady before his first snap. I think the vast majority will. We did something special for almost two decades. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I know I’m very excited for Mac Jones, and very happy for Brady. They couldn’t beat us, so they called us cheaters. They couldn’t beat us, so Peyton Manning changed the rules. They hated us most of all because they gealousofus. That’s not my word. It belongs to the my dear friend wiggy. Jermaine Wiggins for the Patriots impaired. Peace and love, Ben

  42. Ben green Says:

    I appreciate some of you realizing what Alex is. You can’t have 2 medical staffs, because before you know it you’ve got 53. If you wanna bury your heads in the sand about Dr. Guerrero, do so at your own risk

  43. Karma Says:

    How convenient that the Patriots mouth piece, aka the Boston Globe report this a week before the game to get the patsy nation and players fired up.

    They look for bulletin board material and they plant it themselves…Hello Mcfly?

    Why would Gurerro be quoted a full year and a half after Tom already left!?

  44. Oneilbuc Says:

    Ben . I feel you bro I will say this you know more than what us bucs fan know about Brady . Because you been watching him and the Patriots. I respect people like you bro because to me you don’t put blinders on even though you a Patriots fan and a Brady fan and that’s what I like about your statements. I remembe when all of these people on this site was calling Brady a cheater and Belichick . And now they celebrate Brady more than they do the bucs winning the superbowl. And they hate me because I celebrate the whole team winning the superbowl. So keep on doing what you doing bro .

  45. unbelievable Says:

    ^ You two are both delusional AF.

  46. Mark Rush Says:

    Hey Ben the reason Brady got the job isn’t because belichick treats everyone equal it’s because he was on the verge of getting fired after going 5-11 and starting 0-2 as stated by multiple coaches at the time and that they were gonna put Brady in anyway if drew kept playing terrible if belichick treated everyone equal then why did he say Brady had a better preseason that year and still didn’t get the job and why did he make drew and Brady split reps when drew came back after Tom Brady obviously won the job it’s because he treated drew like the $100 million dollar quarterback he was

  47. Ne+ bucs fan Says:

    I have nothing against Brady,,I’m glad he left because bill was treated him unfairly,, (being nice) I hold bill responsible,,I’m happy for Brady,,in a better place and appreciated,, could go on and on about this,, but good for him,,I’m rooting for the BUCS to hang 50+ pts on the Pat’s 👍😁😂😱

  48. Mike Says:

    Bill needs another SB to share the Patriots dynasty with TB. If he cannot, he is just another good coach!

  49. TruckinBradyFan Says:

    Life long Patriots fan here. Almost everything said and talked about by fans is SPECULATION most have never been in the locker room or ever spoken to Tom or Bill. I know how I feel and believe and you all are welcome to decide how you feel or believe. That said I hope Tommy, Gronk and AB walk out of the tunnel side by side and hang 63 on the Pats

  50. Ben green Says:

    Thank you Oneilbuc. Ben appreciates it.

  51. Ben green Says:

    OK , I will admit it to all of you. I am a moron. Ben from Boston. I have always been a douche, and always will be. I have nothing else to do so I can post 30 times on this page all day today. Won’t someone please chat with me !!!!!