They’re Coming For You, Jamel Dean

September 10th, 2021


Last night, at least to Joe up in the press box sitting next to The Sage of Tampa Bay sports, the iconic Ira Kaufman, it was very, very clear the Cowboys were going after Bucs cornerback Jamel Dean, especially after Sean Murphy-Bunting blew up his arm.

Dean all too often was not up to the task as Dak Prescott looked like Drew Brees throwing against a Mike Smith defense

So today is his day-after presser, Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians, when asked Arians he believes future opponents are going to attack the Bucs defense like the Cowboys did last night, Arians, in a Hulk Hogan-like response, pretty much said absolutely defenses will until the defense demonstrates it can defend better.

“Oh, there’s no doubt. No doubt, brother,” Arians said without flexing his pythons. “You’ve got to put the fires out each week, you know?”

Arians didn’t single out Dean. He didn’t have to. We all saw what happened.

To be fair, Arians thinks teams will give his defense a steady stream of screen passes, which of course burned the Bucs last night too.

Now that Dean and Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles know what’s coming a week from Sunday against the Dixie Chicks, perhaps Dean can get himself in a better position to make plays?

74 Responses to “They’re Coming For You, Jamel Dean”

  1. Ash Says:

    They didnt play amazing but the first game is always pretty sloppy with tackles and what not but that Dallas wr core is elite and a very bad match up for the bucs we will see how it looks moving forward

  2. Marine Buc Says:

    I don’t think it was a secret that this teams biggest weakness was depth at cornerback and safety… Now with SMB out we are paper thin at CB. I wonder if there are any veteran FA DBs out there who would be willing to sign a cheap contract in order to chase a ring.

    What is Richard Sherman doing these days?

  3. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Is Mike Jenkins available? Tim Jennings?

  4. Mike Says:

    Not only Dean but Cockrell too. We will potentially need to play more zone or Cover 2.

  5. PassingThru Says:


    Remember why I was against Trask being taken in the first round? This is what I feared. CB depth is paper thin.

  6. PassingThru Says:

    Oops second round

  7. PassingThru Says:


    Remember why I was against Trask being taken in the second round? This is what I feared. CB depth is paper thin.

  8. Robert Says:

    Dean needs to stop looking scared….it’s on the big screen bro- the other QB see’s it clear as day.

    last night it was almost like we needed someone like JPP to grab the D by the neck and say “let’s whip their a$$”……….way too many ball flying around for the Bucs not to be picking balls off. They were definitely playing scared, not like they ended last season. I think they’ll get their heads straight.

    definitely a gut check. just lucky to get the W

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    All it takes is one pick 6 to turn it around….

    Matt Ryan isn’t as quick as Dak……the quick passes aren’t his game……and after a few sacks to soften him up, his arm will get a bit rubbery……

  10. Tbbucs3 Says:


    Agreed, no reason to take a QB there when Brady looks like he has an easy 2-3+ years left

  11. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Agree with the sentiment of drafting defensive backfield vs Trask…it wasn’t even personal…here we are. And no…it won’t be near as enjoyable when the next QB comes to town…Brady is that glorious.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    Im with TBBF here. Looking for Dean to bounce back. It was his worst game as a pro and he did look horrible…….Not expecting that to be the norm. Remember Davis last year agaist KC?

    Water under the bridge is Dean can rebound.

  13. godlovesbucs Says:

    It seemed like a scheme issue to me. He plays better when he can be aggressive because he has help up top. Giving up a 10 yard cushion isn’t his game. He played bad, but scheme wasn’t his friend either.

  14. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Watch the film. Dean can run with any of the receivers. His problem is he puts hands on the WR when he doesn’t need too. It’s almost like he doesn’t believe he is in tight enough coverage and he starts grabbing. Bottom line is most DBs are at a huge disadvantage in the NFL. I don’t expect perfect DB play. But no need to be so grabby unless you know your about to get beat deep. And for those thinking drafting a DB was going to make things better your kidding yourselves lol. The best way to effect the passing game is pass rush. Elite DBs are extremely rare this day in age.

  15. alton d green Says:

    maybe we can get another back to be his training wheels

  16. Tackleblockwin Says:


    You are correct. We were playing soft coverage, trying not to get beat deep and waiting for Dallas mistakes that did not occur enough.

  17. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Giving the benefit of doubt as this was the Bucs first game. Pass rush was also absent most of the game which does not help your DBs.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m still not sure why everyone seems to be chewing so badly on Dean. Dak Prescott (over 400 yds & 3 TDs) is a pretty danged good QB (at least Jerry Jones thought enough of him to pay $40 mil per year for his talent). Amari Cooper (13 catches in 16 targets for 139 yds) is a pretty decent WR. So are some of their other WRs & TEs. Their OLine protected Prescott very well I thought (only allowed 1 sack & that was only after Dak scrambled).

    Dean didn’t start outside last night, and most likely didn’t get a whole bunch of reps there in preparation. The defense as a whole looked sluggish to me, especially the DLine. We stopped the run pretty well and blitzed a lot, but at what cost? Did get 7 QB Hits in the game, but only 1 sack, 1 INT (should’ve been 3 at least), no forced fumbles, only 2 TFL and only 5 PDs in 58 passes thrown (3 of those PDs by Davis).

    IMO all our defensive problems stemmed from the mediocre pass rush. I saw lots of blitzing (leaving lots of receivers open?), but none of it was effective (yielded no results). Yes Dean paid the price (being the substitute corner?), but he wasn’t the only one who was getting burned by any means.

  19. fern Says:

    First game of the season and everyone went after CB.
    We only got 1 sack, where was the fearsome pass rush?
    Defense Rules said it best. Oh are we cutting the DL too.
    Calm down, they need reps, simple as that.

  20. Bird Says:

    I hAve a feeling if you drafted dak in your fantasy football league you are stoked
    He looks to be the guy this year
    They have great weapons there.

    Probably best offense we will face. Good chance we see them in playoffs

    Bad game for defense but hope they improve
    Now go get sherman

  21. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Has Bassinger issued a retraction on his “Dean is a top 5 cover corner” story, based on some stat? Nothing personal against Dean, I hope he turns things around, but he doesn’t seem to be very good at football, IMHO.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    People don’t seem to understand this — but the Cowboys have a really really good offense, probably #3 in the league behind the Chiefs and Bucs. They have 3 really good WRs, although one got hurt last night. But Cooper is really good, CeeDee is really good – if you can’t get pressure and you’re playing those guys one-on-one, you’re going to lose.

    This and the Buffalo games should be the hardest offenses this defense faces, so they’ll be just fine. But give the Cowboys offense credit and don’t just dump on the defense. This Bucs defense was never going to be the 2002 shutdown Bucs defense where it didn’t matter who they were playing – this is a meh-to-good defense that got really hot in the playoffs last year, and this team will win on offense.

  23. teacherman777 Says:

    Russ Cockrell is smart but slow.

    I warned everyone in the preseason.

    We needed a legit #4 CB with 4.3-4.4 speed.

    Cockrell will get targeted all season because he is a mediocre athlete with a low ceiling.

    Trask was a HUGE mistake.

    We needed a CB or a young DT/DE to spell Suh.

    The 3rd round RT from Notre Dame was also a dumb pick.

    Instead of drafting a legit CB to pressure and support our top 3 young guys, we drafted a backup center who has never played center before.

    And we drafted a QB that will not see the field for 2-4 years.


  24. DoooshLaRue Says:

    SMB was getting smoked prior to his injury.

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    DoooshLaRue – What was that, about 10 plays? Way to not over react. Dummy.

  26. Bucsfaninchina Says:

    Hulk hogan?

  27. stpetebucsfan Says:

    D.R. As usual I agree with your take! We’re throwing Dean under the bus?

    We have short memories eh? Didn’t Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett do the exact same thing to Carlton Davis a couple of years ago?

    How about the first KC game last year. Didn’t Tyreek Hill burn Carlton Davis again…REPEATEDLY. Yet now we view Davis as a great cover corner?

    Bottom line…put ANY DB out on an island with a #1 NFL receiver and it’s going to get UGLY…unless the front seven put major pressure on the QB. Nobody in this league can cover the best WR’s 1 on 1 with no safety help if the front 7 doesn’t generate pressure.

    I agree with D.R. that our blitzes failed. I give props to the ‘Boys and especially Zeke. I thought of him as a great runner, decent receiver out of the backfield but last night he put on an ALL PRO clinic for pass blocking.

    Zeke had #45 in his cross hairs everytime DW45 blitzed. Zeke blew him up more than once right in the hole where DW was blitzing. Zeke had an outstanding game IMHO despite mediocre stats. Nobody keeps track of him taking care of one of the most feared blitzing MLB’s in the league.

    As the saying goes…they pay the other side too.

  28. Irishmist Says:

    We will adapt. Shade a safety In Dean’s direction, leave Davis on an island, and don’t blitz as much, we can get enough pressure with 4.

  29. Joe in Michigan Says:

    teacherman777: While I agree that Cockrell is a step or 2 slow, he seems to know how to play the position. Dean ran/runs a 4.3, but it looked like that was the first time he’s played CB, IMHO.
    All NFL CB’s get beat, the rules are stacked against them. That said, they need to have some awareness that Dean seemed to be lacking, in the 1st game anyway. Hopefully that won’t be a chronic problem.

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    Irishmist – OK Lovie.

    That’s terrible advice.

    Blitz more, but stop with the dumb delayed blitzes were guys are coming in from 5 yards off the LOS, in particular when a team like Dallas is throwing quick passes. The drives me nuts. Just put everyone on the line and force them to throw it even faster and faster, eventually that ends up with sacks or INTs. But just sitting 5 yards back to ‘hide’ your blitz, all it did last night was give Dak and extra second to find the open man underneath.

  31. Coburn Says:

    Is it actually normal to have much talent behind your top 3 corners? People keep acting like we should have a stud at #4 and that Cockrell is worse than other teams #4. Is he? I know it’s tough matching up in this league if you don’t have 3 decent corners, but wouldn’t most teams be in a similar situation the moment a starting corner goes down? Are most actually 4 deep? Yeah it’d be nice to be.. possibly better off taking one instead of Trask I’d the right guy was there

  32. BradyBucs Says:


    Why can’t Joe just admit that Jamel Dean and Sean Murphy-Bunting just aren’t that good and a major weakness on the team?

    This site posted an article about Jamel Dean’s “stats” and I quickly replied how stats can be misleading and that Dean’s film from last season proved he was a liability in coverage.

    SMB was getting TORCHED last night *before* his injury. On the very play he got hurt on and it was HIS MAN that ran right by him for the TD.

    As I’ve stated many times that no one wants to discuss, is how the “Gravediggers” got lit up against WFT in the wildcard game, just like they did in many games when the pass rush isn’t absolutely dominating an offensive line. Green Bay and KC both were missing Pro Bowl linemen and that had a lot to do with our pass rush “getting home” quite a bit; which of course makes the overall defensive passing stats look better.

    Mike Evans was completely SHUT DOWN last night by great coverage. It’s too bad we don’t have corners capable of doing that. Davis flashes occasional great coverage but then often has lapses. All corners certainly give up plays, but we just seem to play with so much inconsistency.

    Dean and SMB are massive liabilities for the Bucs.

  33. BradyBucs Says:


    Mike Evans is a #1 WR – one of the best in the game. He was completely shutdown last night by great coverage. So a better corner CAN certainly hold a #1 WR in check. We just don’t have ‘great’ corners.

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    St Pete … I hadn’t noticed Zeke blocking DW45 each time, but that’d be a smart move on the Cowboys part IMO. White had 9 sacks last year; interestingly 6 of those occurred in the Raiders game (3 sacks) and Falcons game (3 sacks). Apparently they found a weakness that Devin exploited very nicely in those games. Cowboys obviously weren’t gonna allow that to happen to them last night.

    Rod … I agree with you about delayed blitzes. They can work against some QBs with slow processing & slow releases, but not against QBs like Dak or TB. That’s just an invitation to get picked apart with the underneath stuff IMO.

  35. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Calm down Fancy Man.
    That was my observation, not an overreaction you crazed bitch.

  36. Defense Rules Says:

    BradyBucs … Why do you say that Mike Evans was ‘shut down’? He was targeted 6 times & caught 3 of those. Maybe his role was just to tie up their best CB all game & maybe force the Cowboys to provide some Safety help to boot. Maybe the other guys (especially Chris Godwin with 14 targets, Gronk with 8 targets & AB with 7 targets) were either the primary receiver or just more open on those plays.

    Only point being that we don’t know what the game plan called for, nor do we know what Tom Brady was seeing on each play. Mike’s shown over 7 seasons now that he’ll get his fair share of balls thrown his way over the course of the season. We just happen to have an awful lot of really good receivers.

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    DooshLaRue … LMAO (‘crazed bitch’?). You may need to have a consult with Medicated Pete soon though if that continues.

  38. Lamarcus Says:

    I dont want to hear about we got a great defense. Great front 7 yes of course but not entirely the whole defense. The entire secondary is not that good.

  39. DaBux Says:

    Dean, Winfield Jr., and SMB all were too busy reading their own press clippings to cover their assignments.

    They have to tighten this up.

  40. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    For those of you who wish we would have drafted a cornerback in the second round here is a chance to, maybe, have a last word here. Please say if you might have taken one of these guys and why.

    The next six CBs drafted after Trask were as follows.
    Aaaron Robinson, Central Florida
    Benjamin St-Juste, Minnesota
    Elijah Molder, Washington
    Ifeatu Melifonwu, Syracuse
    Ambry Thomas, Michigan
    Robert Rochell, Central Arkansas

  41. James Allen Lofton Says:

    Remember last year Davis got burned by the Chiefs in November. That didn’t stop him from being lights out the rest of 2020.

    Dean will do fine. The Bucs offense put the Defense in short field positions with fumbles, not catching easy targets out of the backfield and made the Cowboys look better than they really are.

    Dean played good last year, but one poor game on opening night doesn’t define his season.

    Keep 17 and 0 in your sights at all times.

  42. An Erection for Sacks Says:

    Is PassingThru actually Boid Fink?


    There will be games that the offense is going to have to carry the rest of the team, and they did so last night. There will be games the defense will have to carry the team…and the defense had better be ready for that to happen soon.


    When you can turn the ball over as many times as the Bucs did last night and still win, you’re a damn good football team!

  45. August 1976 Buc Says:

    DR good points as usual made by you and agree Rod those delayed blitzes were just not smart against Dak. Elliot stoned D White on multiple blitzes.
    But Dean was playing scared, lining up and conceding first downs is not going to help your confidence as a CB. How can you stop those quick passes if you position yourself to get beat on them.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  46. BerrickDrooks Says:

    they didnt throw it deep it was mostly dink and dunk passes, nothing over 30 yards. And when Dak tried to do so the velocity was not even close. They played their game and took advantage.

  47. Tc Says:

    The only reason it was so close was because of the 4 turnovers, especially the Godwin fumble. A td there would of iced the game.

  48. webster Says:

    All you people trying to equate davis being torched by kc to what happened to dean last night need to stop. First of all kc did not torch davis. Tyreke hill and his 4.2 speed did and that was a stupid game plan to play him one on one without safety help. Didnt u notice the bucs made adjustments after the 1st qtr and davis was not torched for the next 7 qtrs they played against the chiefs? Dallas did torch dean all game because whoever he guarded got open. And no st. Pete, russell wilson did not torch davis a couple years ago. That honor goes to dean and it was that game many started calling him jimmy dean sausage. Im not trying to bash dean, but the comparison to davis need to stop and dean has to get better quickly because the rams are coming up and mckvay probably already has a game plan for him.

  49. firethecannons Says:

    Brent Grimes? Joe speed dial Miko and get the ball rolling.

  50. Darin Says:

    Bowles did play the Mike Smith D too much. Gota give it to Dallas Oline tho. Stop the bend but dont break stuff and they’ll be fine. And of course turnovers are the reason it was close. It’ll be fine….unless you’re expecting undefeated. Then it wont.

  51. Kgh4life Says:

    The bucs has to come to the realization that the SMB and Dean don’t have the consistency, awareness and mentality to be starting CB’s.

  52. Jmarkbuc Says:

    What do we have to trade for Stephone Gilmore?

  53. PassingThru Says:

    Gilmore is not who you want. He is still injured, he’s on the wrong side of 30, he wants a massive new contract, and there’s an excellent chance that he won’t be the same player he was two years ago.

  54. DoooshLaRue Says:

    What’s Miko’s old man doing these days?

  55. Crickett Baker Says:

    Well, it was alluded to by lots of commentors here, but no one really said it. Maybe BL should try duck calling. His play calling sure didn’t seem to get many good plays running onto the field.

  56. BradyBucs Says:

    Defense Rules,

    You must be new to football despite your pontificating about anything anyone ever posts. A lack of targets (especially to your #1 WR) is more often than not because that WR isn’t open. Hence Mike Evans wasn’t open much. Hence he was shutdown by the guy covering him.

  57. BradyBucs Says:

    James Allen Loften,

    Davis played “lights out” for the rest of 2020? ROFLMAO.

    You might want to go back and watch the NFC Championship again. Dude gave up a 50-yard TD that could have lost us the game.

  58. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Whatever Miko tells him to.

  59. David Says:

    I have no doubt Dean will step up and play much better than that.

  60. Greg Says:

    I am giving props to the Dallas offensive game plan that didn’t test our strength ( run game) and exploited passing D deficiencies. The inability to scout Dak because of lack of playing and his injuries allowed Dallas to show that that really have a good O and surprised the Bucs. Props to them but the tape will allow the Bucs to plan against their issues. Fortunately the good guys won and will adjust attitudes and game planning going forward. Nice wake up after all the expectations!

  61. webster Says:

    Bradybucs you are new to football. ALL conerbacks get beat. Why? Because the other team is paid to make plays also. The best trait of a conerback is to erase the bad plays from their mind and keep their confidence. You point out that ONE play in the nfc championship but you cant point out multiple plays in the nfc championship where davis was beat. Why? Because he kept his composure and continued to fight and play at an high level. Some of you buc fans have no clue of what you are talking bout. I love the sound bite of derrick brooks telling his teammates on the sideline after giving up a big play for a td to not worry about it because it was only ONE play and ONE play has never beat us. I love the other sound bite when he is telling dexter jackson after jackson gave up a big play that this is where you keep your composure. He said shake it off and keep your composure.

    Bradybuc you are the type to want to cut someone because they got beat. This is the nfl, ramsey, peters, gilmore, talib, sherman, revis, peterson, ronde etc have all been beaten. But more times than not they do/did their job. Davis is a very good cb in this league and his pass deflections bare that out. I bring up talib especially because people like you were all for getting rid of talib because he got beat a couple of times. That man went on to be a champion, something like a 6 time pro bowler and 3-4 time all pro. Yes i can point out a play or 2 where he got beat. It happens. Its the nfl

  62. Nah Says:

    Don’t feel great about that outing. Would be fine with 16 more games of Vea at Goaline. Let’s test the big man’s hands late in the season. Thank you Coach Byron

  63. PassingThru Says:

    Yes Greg, and people should give props to the Dallas offensive line which gave great protection to Dak, and their excellent WRs. Dak is a very good QB, certainly not elite but more than good enough to pick you apart if he’s allowed to get into a passing rhythm.

    It might have been tough for Bowles last night. The pass rush wasn’t working, but then he was down two starting defensive backs so perhaps the tradeoff between pressure and coverage wasn’t that easy. That being said, I didn’t like the padding that the Dallas WRs were being given. It was very “bend but do not break” in that they were anxious not to give up a big play. I suppose I can rationalize the thinking along the lines of keeping the game close so that Brady could pull it out.

  64. JimmyJack Says:

    This secondary is in good hands with Bowles. Dean will get a kick in the ass and step his game up. And when you look at their recievers you see theyre probably the best we will face all season. Bowles will have much better options attacking othe opponents.

    In the end of the day theres no problems playing shootout games. Especially with our team. In those games holding up in the redzone and forcing FGs can be the difference on winning or losing……..and thats exactly what we did. Wasnt pretty but by golly it worked.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  65. Buccos Says:

    Call me crazy but I like Dean’s potential more than SMB. Bunting was terrible last year until the end. Dean has better wheels and is bigger too. SMB has potential too and played amazing in the playoffs but earlier in the season he was just chasing receivers around the field all day.

  66. Pewter Power Says:

    Couldn’t play that far off and make a difference which is why so many passes were completed. Dallas believed the secondary depended on the pass rush too much and they were right. Their receivers were better than our corners so understood playing off just not 10 yards. We always get roasted when corners play off like that

  67. cmurda Says:

    Would have been way cooler if BA flexed the pythons while showing the tough love. Dean better up his game. He’s got good size and his speed is up there with the best of them but his mental game and technique need some honing in. I’m riding with him and pulling for him. I think he will be just fine. Dean needs to take a page out of Carlton Davis book. That dude sees the play happening and reacts.

  68. Swampbuc Says:

    The scheme was absolute trash and never did they adjust. Off coverage – seriously? Lovie is back.

  69. BradyBucs Says:


    Get outta here with that crap… you’re clueless.

    I mentioned that one 50 yard play because that should have been easily remembered by the poster that said he played lights out. That in no way was the only play he was beaten on, nor did I imply that.

    You said:

    “…but you can’t point out multiple plays in the NFC championship where Davis was beat.”

    I CAN’T???

    :25 seconds left in the 3rd quarter and Adams BURNS HIM BADLY on the inside move to score a TD for the Packers that makes it a 5-point game. Davis’ 2nd blown coverage that results in a TD for the Packers. He had other plays he was beaten on in that game. He had many plays he was beaten on in the 2nd half of 2020 and didn’t play “lights out” like that other poster said. Those are simply FACTS.

    Dude… seriously… don’t post and attack someone’s comments unless you actually have FACTS to back it up and actually know what you’re talking about. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

  70. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Dean’s got the tools if he can just put it all together he can be a pro bowler. Let’s hope he bounces back like after the Seattle game last year.

  71. dmatt Says:

    Yes Dean has size and speed but doesn’t know how to use it. Many say he has potential but what about production, performance, n consistency. My little nephew n his friends who all play wr for middle schools were all saying #35 is playing soft n scared. From the year he was drafted I’ve always said he plays confused. Can u imagine how many of our upcoming opponents wr r licking their chops. 3rd round pick 4.3 206 lbs don’t mean a hill a beans when it’s not put to use.

  72. Wesley Says:

    SMB isn’t any better. Dude was getting torched before the injury.

  73. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    PassingThru. 100% agree. Wort Brady here, Trask was a wasted pick. They should have taken a CB, or good all-round RB. That’s the thinnest two areas, and it showed up snd almost cost the game last night.

  74. lambeau Says:

    CJ Henderson is probably available for next year’s first-round pick.