Motion Man Chris Godwin

September 21st, 2021

Only one man leads the Buccaneers in receiving yards and total catches this season.

That’s Chris Godwin.

No surprise.

The official NFL data junkies who use the technology in players’ equipment to track everything happening on the field, Next Gen Stats, checked in on Godwin during Sunday’s beating of the Falcons.

They dropped the nugget and moving diagram below to illustrate that Godwin is the most dangerous in the NFL when he goes in motion.

It was Godwin’s special athleticism that made this play truly great. He timed his leap perfectly and got good hang time to snag the Tom Brady throw that was placed where only he could get it.

The fourth-quarter play jumped the Bucs’ lead to 35-25 and was the dagger that made the Falcons desperate.

11 Responses to “Motion Man Chris Godwin”

  1. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard thinks that Godwins moves are like Hawkman or Iron man.
    The guy has literally superhuman moves. That said, stay humble and be careful out there

  2. SB Says:

    SB thinks that Tom Brady is an alien and Godwin is a freak!

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    Pete throws picks on Corner’s Routes when he plays Madden.

  4. CarolinaBuc82 Says:

    What’s the over/under on how many Big Storm beer motions to Joe’s hand next week VS the Rams?

  5. Buc king Says:

    Evan was open too

  6. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Just curious. Which receiver is leading the team in drops?

  7. Eddie Marz Says:

    That was some catch by Godwin in the end zone. Actually most of those catches in the end zone were awesome. These guys can play and their still getting better. GO BUCS! 😃

  8. geno711 Says:

    NBC Sports does a totaling of drops through the season.
    Right now they show Godwin with one and Fournette with one.

    Profootball reference shows how many drops of Brady throws for the season. Right now they show 3.

  9. Wild Bill Says:

    Godwin has always been one of my favorites. Gives 100% every play as a receiver and a blocker. Catches in traffic and takes the big hits. Just hope he doesn’t suffer a serious injury playing like he does.

  10. An Erection for Sacks Says:

    @Wild Bill: Great points, all!

    CG14 was an absolute steal in the 3rd round. I don’t know which WRs were taken before him, and I don’t care to know, since I would never want another WR from that draft class, period.
    ME13, if I reall correctly, stated that CG14 was the most professional rookie that he’d ever seen, and not long after that he stated that CG14 was a #1 WR.
    For a team’s #1 WR to say those things about a teammate is the clearest endorsement possible.
    If Licht & Co. can find a way to keep our top two WRs together long-term, we all need to buy them a beer!🍻 What better way to motivate them? lol.😁
    GO BUCS!!!

  11. orlbucfan Says:

    CG14 and ME13 are buds as well as players. Evans has been coaching Godwin on the field. The problem with Godwin is he thinks he has to play like a TE down the middle. He doesn’t but that is what gets him injured. He already has a well deserved SB ring, but he’s got to back off on some of the over the middle TE stuff. Let Gronkowski and OJ Howard take those hits.