How Long Were Bucs Pursuing Richard Sherman?

September 29th, 2021

So what exactly is the timeline from when the Bucs started to reach out to gauge All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman’s interest in playing in Tampa Bay?

It sure seems based on what Sherman said today when he first met the local pen and mic club that the two parties were in communication longer than two weeks.

Some 10 days ago in a piece for NFL Network, Tom Pelissero first reported that the Bucs and Sherman were talking turkey about bringing the former Seahawks and 49ers star to Tampa Bay. Bucco Bruce Arians confirmed that report later the same day.

Now today when Sherman was fielding questions from the local Fourth Estate, he had a very curious comment about his timeline in arriving to west-central Florida.

“I tried to wait as long as I could to avoid the heat,” Sherman said. “I think I timed it right.”

Sherman is no dummy. He’s a Stanford man. Just listening to him speak you can tell this guy is very intelligent and thoughtful.

Even Sherman knows weather — doesn’t matter if it is California, Washington or Florida — changes little within two weeks. Often, not at all. Sherman also noted this is the first time in his professional career he has missed training camp.

It sure has the scent that the Bucs reached out to Sherman quite a bit longer than 10 days ago.

30 Responses to “How Long Were Bucs Pursuing Richard Sherman?”

  1. ModHairKen Says:

    Who cares. He’s here now. Anyone who thinks Licht and Arians did not recognize long ago that DBs are this team’s Achilles heel and that they were not trying to upgrade is not very observant.

    Let’s see a list of who has been drafted in the last five years to play S or CB.

  2. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Sneak a radio in his helmet or hand signal his assignment with a play sheet wristband, tell him his assignment on each play.

  3. Ash Says:

    As soon as smb got hurt they called Sherman been talking ever since

  4. ModHairKen Says:

    Why can’t this team spot and develop DBs? Eleven since 2016.

    2016: Hargreaves, Ryan Smith
    2017: Justin Evans
    2018: MJ Stewart, Davis, Whitehead
    2019: Edwards, Murphy-Bunting, Dean
    2020: Winfield
    2021: Wilcox

  5. Bucfan81 Says:

    Wow I am even more ok with this after seeing the contract details.

    Base salary: $1M ($1.2M prorated over 15 weeks)
    – $500,000 guaranteed
    – Per game bonuses: $350,000 ($25,000 per game for 14 games)
    – Play-time incentives:
    45% + playoffs = $300,000 or
    55% + playoffs = $600,000 or
    65 % + playoffs = $900,000
    Total: $2,250,000

  6. tampabuscsbro Says:

    So modhair Ken. You know that Davis and Whitehead are starting Calibre right?

    Justin Evans career was cut short due to injuries. Edwards is good Murphy bunting and dean are starting calibre so is winfield.

    I really don’t get what you’re complaining about. When 2 corners go down and the entire defense underperform the secondary against a great offense looks bad.

    That’s what happened.

    This corp just won a super bowl. If the secondary was as bad healthy as y’all are saying. We wouldn’t have that ring.

  7. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Why did that get put into moderation?

  8. WestChap Says:

    Marpet restructure created $4M cap room… given incentives Sherman takes up $1M? Or $1.4 if per game bonuses count? Either way, room to go after others… perhaps another Edge or RB?

  9. Tye Says:

    Maybe its more like this:
    The Bucs finally realized they can’t pick a good qb for nothing so they got one of the best already seasoned…
    They finally realized they can’t pick a good Corner so they went and got one who is already seasoned…

    Maybe it will work out… Here’s to HOPING!

  10. ModHairKen Says:

    The, from your keyboard to God’s eyes.

  11. Joe Says:

    Why can’t this team spot and develop DBs? Eleven since 2016.

    2016: Hargreaves, Ryan Smith
    2017: Justin Evans
    2018: MJ Stewart, Davis, Whitehead
    2019: Edwards, Murphy-Bunting, Dean
    2020: Winfield
    2021: Wilcox

    Over 50 percent when only one guy is a first round pick is pretty damn good batting average.

  12. Joe Says:

    Who cares.

    Joe does. And it seems very plausible Bucs reached out to Sherman before Week 1.

  13. Joe Says:

    Justin Evans career was cut short due to injuries.

    Hard to develop a player when he can’t even get on a practice field.

  14. tampabuscsbro Says:

    I am not saying that as an excuse. Just saying that was the case with him.

  15. Marine Buc Says:

    Probably wise to keep expectations low. Sherman has a thick layer of rust to knock off before he will be able to play.

    I would keep him limited to 10-15 plays per game for the first few weeks and increase his play count as the season progresses if things are going well.

    I like the signing because – what other options did we really have?

  16. unbelievable Says:

    Over 50 percent when all but one guy is a first round pick is pretty damn good batting average.

    Ding. Ding. Ding.

    It was maddening at first, but they have developed a bunch of guys.

    Now you can definitely make the argument that none of them are all-pros, which is fair and accurate. But they’re more than capable and are at least above average. Winfield still has a lot of time to develop too… One so-called “superstar” back there would probably elevate the whole group to an elite status. Right now I’d call them above average, but definitely not top tier.

    I also think all our CBs are built to play press man coverage, and can not for the life of me understand why we aren’t hitting guys at the LOS more often? Having bad nightmares of Mike Smith’s defense.

  17. ModHairKen Says:

    tampabucsbro, you’re right. I guess I’m just frustrated because I remember the days of Barber and Lynch and it did not seem like they gave up near as many yards or points. It just seems to me that with this many picks, they’d have this area of the team solid. They all played well during the playoffs, and I thought it would continue.

    With poor pass rush against Dak and Stafford, probably most teams would get eaten up.

  18. adam from ny Says:

    good to have sherman here…definitely needed even if the squad is fully healthy…

    so are we now:

    #TheGraverdiggersPlusOne 🙂

  19. Stanglassman Says:

    It’s in record that jason reach out to him after SMB injury. So a few days after week one Thursday night game.

  20. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    I think that they probably had communication with Sherman since at least last Spring though I can’t prove this. I’m guessing things heated up quite a bit after SMB went down.

    On the topic of heat his remark about waiting it out is appropriate. LOL 😀 Today was a gorgeously cooler fall day to me. It only reached about 89 degrees with 44% humidity. That’s only a heat index of about 91 degrees.

    Feels great to those who have lived here long enough. It beats the typical “feels like” highs of July and August.

  21. Rod Munch Says:

    Listening to sports talk out of Boston, they have some entertaining shows up there. Obviously it’s all about Brady and Belichick.

    Interesting sound clip from Belichick, he was asked by a reporter how much of the Bucs offense is Arians, and how much is Brady — and Belichick said it’s ‘100% what we do here…. except for the running game’. So Belichick doesn’t give credit to Arians or Brady, says they’re just stealing his playbook — except for runs, because, as we know, the running game stinks here.

    Also they were talking about ways for the Pats to win, which they think is nearly impossible, and came up with the idea of playing mind games with Brady, so maybe leaving an air pump on the Bucs side, maybe asking the refs to constantly check the ball PSI, that kind of stuff. I found it entertaining.

  22. Buxszntkt Says:

    Wow, 44% humidity, I sheltered in place all day today thinking it was the usual hot and humid. Missed out, lol.

  23. BucEmUp Says:

    Still need the other guys to get healthy…but good signing!

  24. David Says:


    You just listed Davis, Whitehead, SMB, Winfield, Edwards ….
    They did a pretty good job with them.
    The jury is out on Dean and the only reason Justin Evans is an around is because of injuries.

  25. David Says:

    Seems like shortly after SMB was definitely going to miss a month or more

  26. SOEbuc Says:


    “Hard to develop a player when he can’t even get on a practice field.“

    Evans had very high potential,Joe. Bummer loss.

  27. SOEbuc Says:

    And this is a totally re-done franchise from when those guys were drafted. It’s WIN NOW! Licht,Arians, and an awesome coaching staff.

    After Brady retires at 106, Plzzzzz bring him back to the front office and be Licht’s right hand man. He might take off a couple years but he’s a businessman now. And I wouldn’t think he’d go straight back to coaching anytime soon when he decides to hang it up.

  28. Swampbuc Says:

    I just watched the presser. This dude is a coach on the field. Even if just on the sidelines. When the first clusterfunk comes Sunday in the D backfield, which it will, Sherm will be on the boys on the sidelines like no one else can.

    What a great pickup. Holy cow. What a dude — smartest player I believe I’ve ever heard speak.

  29. Buxszntkt Says:

    @ Rod Muncher, interesting and lame response by Belichek, he must be feeling more and more insecure. Talking credit for all Brady’s pass plays then excluding the run game. I don’t believe the patriots ever threw the ball this deep this often , certainly not after Randy Moss.
    I can see why Kraft considers BB the “biggest a-hole in his life “, of course that’s according to Wickersham.

  30. BradyBucs Says:

    Richard Sherman is going to show HOW BAD that Dean & SMB really are.