Bucs Still The Team To Beat?

September 14th, 2021

Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians

Week 1 is done, what some grumble is “overreaction week.”

Joe doesn’t understand the dour bucket of cold water folks have about this. It’s what being a fan is, having fun.

Overreacting to Week 1 is what fans do, and it’s fun so long as your team opened with a win.

Over at Bleacher Report, overreacting Chris Roling types that the Bucs will repeat as Super Bowl champs. But within his tongue-in-cheek article is a nugget of truth: the Bucs likely are still the cream of the NFL crop.

The defending AFC champs barely squeaked out a win over the Browns. The Packers got absolutely lit up by Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Baltimore got humbled last night by Chucky and the Raiders in overtime and the Bills looked average at home against the Steelers in a big upset.

The Bucs, as Roling points out, didn’t have their best game defensively and still pulled off a win. That should scare the hell out of the rest of the league.

Sure, the Rams looked awesome Sunday against the Bears. Big whoop, they chewed up and spit out Andy Dalton.

So yeah, the Bucs are in a good spot. Just so long as they don’t overlook the Dixie Chicks. (Attention gamblers: The Bucs as of midnight last night were giving 13 points.)

31 Responses to “Bucs Still The Team To Beat?”

  1. Youngbucs Says:

    Can someone please help I’m look for the week 1 ceremony. At least tell me when the commemorative dvd is released.
    Let it go joe 😂

  2. lambeau Says:

    The Rams should give us a good idea if the secondary is going to be a weakness limiting the team’s success–Cockrell on Cooper Kupp?

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    Browns stupid punter gave away that game. I was so pissed. How has he not been fired?

    Every coach & player is looking to beat TB12. That’s who they want because he’s the all-time King of the hill

  4. R.O. Says:

    Problem is most people underestimated the Cowboys. I didn’t. Especially week 1 games.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Its a long season….even longer this year….I agree completely that its foolish to overreact to week 1…..

    I think it was great that we were tested but still won…..odds are if we play poorly again and again…we will eventually lose….or let me rephrase that….we will beat ourselves….
    With 4 turnovers and over 100 yards in penalties…..we almost did. The difference in this game is we had a great ST game.

  6. Alan Collingwood Says:

    Dallas emphasized what I hope the Bucs already know, that they will get EVERYONE’S best shot

  7. McBuc Says:

    Good teams find ways to win when they are not at their best. That’s what the Bucs did.

  8. Architek Says:

    It’s a marathon

  9. Casual Observer Says:

    Got to fix the pass D. Learn to adjust more quickly. Not the next game.

  10. UncleHemorrhoid Says:

    They haven’t lost sine the Super Bowl, so in essence, they would be the team
    to beat.

  11. David Says:

    Exactly. They pulled out a win against a good team when they had 11 penalties and 4 turnovers.
    And they still put 31 up!

    That should scare the hell out of every team.

    No one should overreact to anything after week one… Except maybe the Packers.
    A-aron looks like he doesn’t even want to be there and the O line was bad.
    I know the Saints have a good D line, but that was ridiculous

  12. James Allen Lofton Says:

    Ole Andy beat the Bucs several years ago under Mr. Lovie Smith (to be forgotten) era.

    No complacency!!!

  13. David Says:

    As for the Buccaneers pass defense… Remember it got better throughout last year. It will be better

  14. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I know everyone was excited about signing all 22 starters, well maybe that wasn’t the best idea and should of only signed the key players and a second look at the secondary may have been a better move. They STINK!

  15. HC Grover Says:

    As an original fan from day 1 at the Old Sombrero . As a veteran of 0-14 back in 76 and Dump McKay in the Bay in The Good Old Days. Yes, football is fun. Even in the days of the head bagged Buc Fans it was fun. Maybe even more fun. This season is going to be fun to watch. They could go all the way!

  16. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    The Bucs just faced the best trio of WRs in Dallas they will go against all year.

    Rams run D is not all that, but they will give us a game

    Granted, Cleveland is good, but KC struggled

    on a less serious note based on Week 1:

    AFC Championship will be: Steelers over Texans
    NFC Championship will be: Eagles over Saints

    Super Bowl: Saints blow out Eagles, Jameis is regular season and SB MVP and replaces Brady as #1 on All Time NFL Best Players

  17. Bobby M. Says:

    I don’t put a lot of weight into the outcomes of any one particular game in the 1st qtr of the season. Upsets occur there all the time…..teams have new systems, new players….and some times just a bad day. Baltimore has 13 players on IR….not shocking they lost. If you think Winston will carry your team with 20 pass attempts a game….good luck. Everything went right for the Saints and nothing went right for the Packers. As a Buc fan, I know if we turn the ball over 4x a game…..we’re losing 95% of the time. We got lucky…as did other teams….and some were unlucky.

    Around weeks 5-6….I think you can start forecasting a bit.

  18. HC Grover Says:

    No Senor…although it was fun watching The Hated Ain’ts turn Rogers in to Mr. Bill of the gridiron. Oh Nooooo!..,, Week 1 hardly ever shows the way it will be in the end of the season. It would be nice for a great rivalry between The Aint;s and Bucs though. I wish they would have a home Thanksgiving Day agin’ them Who Dats with a game every year in Tampa.

  19. Mike Says:

    We have to beat the Saints during the regular season if we want to be sitting in pole position, and by the looks of it, that will once again be a great challenge. Bucs are the best and will show it I believe, but it will take great effort, have no doubt about it.

  20. PassingThru Says:

    As I said elsewhere, the game in two weeks will tell us plenty about State of the Buccaneers. The Rams match up well.

    Very good Oline which will test the Buc pass rush

    Very good QB as Stafford is an upgrade over that airhead Goff

    Very good CBs, which should challenge the Buc passing game

    Very good DL, which will challenge with Buc pass protection

  21. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Good grief!!! Even when the reigning Super Bowl champions win, this fan base just can’t be satisfied. You whiners are pathetic.

  22. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Must be smoking some good stuff in Costa Rica.

  23. SOEbuc Says:

    The regular season has begun. People need to move on from “can you beat the Bucs” to shut up and win. I guess there’s no room for that in sports analysis.

  24. SlyPirate Says:

    OMG! There are other really good teams in the league?


    I can’t wait to play LAR and NOLA.

  25. AMI_Chris Says:

    It’s week 1 of 18, so tons can happen. In the Bucs two Super Bowl years, they got thumped by the Saints in the first game, so you can’t tell much from week 1. In the NFC, I’m guessing the wild card teams will come from the South and the West. North and East look dreadful. Just got to win as many games as possible to get the best seeding. One week at a time. Keep Brady upright by NOT throwing 50 times a game.

  26. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The Saints looked very impressive. And so did Jameis. The Rams also looked very good, and beating either of these teams will not be a cake walk.
    If the Dallas kicker had actually made his kicks, we would not have won that game.
    Dallas demonstrated to the entire NFL that we depend on our pass rush, to hide our average secondary.
    Both NOLA and the Rams have good QB’s that will light our secondary up, if we are unable to get pressure.
    The NFL is not College Football, where Alabama is totally dominate, all the time.
    There are several really good teams in the NFL, besides us.

  27. Swampbuc Says:


  28. Jerry Says:

    That was never a secret though that our secondary was suspect, especially the corners. They came on great late last year during the super bowl run but gave up some big plays in the middle of the year. We rely on the front 7 to generate pressure, disrupt the pass, and stop the run. Dallas was able to keep Dak protected, pick up our blitz’s, but couldn’t get Elliott going. So they threw it 58 times. Yes teams will keep trying that because they aren’t able to run on us. It is easier to quick passes to the outside and avoid our front 7, which may be the best front 7 in the league. Bowels is going to have to scheme some help for the corners when the front 4 isn’t generating pressure. There is a weakness there and everyone knows it.

  29. Pruritus Ani Says:

    It’s the Bucs. The glass is always half-empty. Too many years of “what might have been” have made indelible marks in the collective psyches of fans.

  30. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…Must be smoking some good stuff in Costa Rica…”

    Reading comprehension is not your thing I guess. Even if I said above that “on a less serious note”, most of the teams I mentioned are not even going to make it into the playoffs. Geesh ppl, its just overreaction Monday, lol

  31. Mike Johnson Says:

    Its very difficult to repeat as SB champs. You saw how we got the Cowboys best shot. Many here have been bragging about how we will do this and that. There are 16 more games to play, injuries galore to occur and the good teams left standing with the least injuries will prevail. I am not a fan of counting chickens before they hatch. One game at a time. Don’t get it twisted, Atlanta will be prepared and they will play well. We have to bring it every single week. And that will not be easy. We beat the Falcons though.