Bucs Playoff Odds Barely Slipped

September 29th, 2021

Odds still favor Bucs.

Virtually every stathead in the NFL world last week had the Bucs as the team with the best chance to win a Super Bowl. And it seems the calculator crowd still likes the Bucs.

Despite the Bucs falling 34-24 to the Rams on Sunday in a game that really wasn’t that close, and the defense looking a whole lot like Mike Smith was back in town, Football Outsiders’ playoff odds tracker has the Bucs’ odds of making the playoffs drop only 4.6 percent to an overall playoff shot of 88.1 percent.

The Bucs have a 42.8 percent chance of reaching the NFC title game, 26.5 percent chance of reaching the Super Bowl, and still have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl at 15.9 percent.

5 Responses to “Bucs Playoff Odds Barely Slipped”

  1. jiminPH Says:

    The Bucs struggled to beat Dallas & Atlanta and look what happened in LA. Kind of wonder if they are for real this year!

  2. HC Grover Says:

    Plan A….get in to the playoffs any way we can. Then the games begin.

  3. Wild Bill Says:

    The next few games will be critical. If the bucs can bounce back from a sluggish 3 game slump and regain the fire in their guts and regain their swagger we should remain a serious contender. Last year’s results mean nothing now. Other teams have improved via the draft, trades and free agents. Bucs got to forget last year and get their attitudes and hunger to win back on track.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Wild Bill … Agree, these next several games will be critical. Personally don’t expect the Bucs to play like a SB contender; just want them to win so they don’t fall too far behind too early.

  5. Jersey buc Says:

    Gotta a stretch with lesser teams and QBs coming up. Fully expect to get on track. Especially on defense