Bruce Arians Updates His Interest In Richard Sherman

September 22nd, 2021

Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman

Per Bucco Bruce Arians, starting cornerback Jamel Dean had the bouceback game coaches expected on Sunday and No. 1 corner Carlton Davis played great ball.

That hasn’t quashed the Richard Sherman interest swirling in Arians’ head.

Arians was asked about Sherman on SiriusXM NFL Radio tonight and he didn’t throw cold water on adding him to his Super Bowl-winning secondary.

“I think it’s just one of those things, you know, we wait and see how it all pans out,” Arians said. “Right now we’re pretty happy with the guys we have. So if it works out, it works out. Sherm’s a heck of a player; he does a lot of the things that we do. So I always say I coach the ones that we have and let Jason [Licht] worry about that.”

That’s similar to what Arians said right after the Bucs trounced the Falcons, but he did give Sherman more of an endorsement in this take — and it’s days later.

Is Sherman willing to be a backup?

Is Sean Murphy-Bunting going to get healthy by November?

Are the Bucs willing to mess with the chemsistry of the defensive backs by adding an alpha dog like Sherman?

What will Sherman cost?

Lots to consider.

38 Responses to “Bruce Arians Updates His Interest In Richard Sherman”

  1. Hawk Says:

    Between the lines sounds like Sherman wants more money than the Bucs are willing/able to pay.

  2. SOEbuc Says:

    Arians has nothing to do with the defense.

  3. Bogiedr Says:

    Shades of Chuky? Don’t care if it’s misspelled. F a player was an all pro in 1927, we are kicking tires? Shameful.

  4. Brad Says:

    This is very AB. It seems to be just postering for $ at this point. He is his own agent. If they get close, sounds like he’ll be a Buc.

  5. Joe Says:

    Between the lines sounds like Sherman wants more money than the Bucs are willing/able to pay.

    Thinking more than that. There are two teams on the west coast trying to get him and Sherman played for both coaches (Seattle and San Francisco).

    Sherman is a west coast guy. Does he want to uproot himself and move cross-country and play for a coach he’s unfamiliar with?

  6. Brad Says:


  7. Marine for life Says:

    When will they say who’s going in the Ring of honor , why haven’t you done something on Mike alstott with the Hof

  8. Aaron Says:

    Yep – just wants more money.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    I’d say it’s 9/10 times who can write the largest check. But that guy is bad news.

  10. Andrew Says:

    Chemistry in the secondary? I see Carlton and a big drop off. SMB has yet to prove it outside of that playoff stretch. Dean is a yo-yo. Safeties are deeper than they are overly talented.

  11. Buc4evr Says:

    I can put up with a head case for one year if he can help our struggling secondary. If anyone can keep him in line it’s Arians and Brady. I guess it depends how much he wants a ring at this point, because he sure won’t get the money he is asking for from the Bucs. If he waits too long he will end up out of the season and out of the league.

  12. August 1976 Buc Says:

    The Bucs beat the Rams, and Sherman might sign right after that. We will see. It is about Super Bowls here for Richard.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  13. Wild Bill Says:

    The Rams game will be a real test for the entire defense. And Brady and the offense too. Dallas and Atlanta were both tight games. Atlanta stayed with us until their last two possessions. And Dallas may have won if they had made a relatively easy fg. Getting two interception tds in the final minutes of the Atlanta game was an aberration. The game was tight going into the 4th quarter. The Bucs will need their A game on both offense and defense. I hate to say it but if the Bucs overall defense is no better than the first 2 games we lose this game.

  14. Cobraboy Says:

    I agree with Wild Bill: this will be the game where we get to measure how good this team is.

    Based on the first two defensive performances, I’m not hopeful of a big improvement because I didn’t see much week 1 to week 2 improvement…but pray I am wrong. Because if the defense is the same, the Bucs will lose.

  15. Buc4evr Says:

    I just hope the D was looking past Atlanta last week and really brings their A game against Stafford. Hopefully Bowles can put in a plan to help our secondary. Maybe like the KC game with two high?

  16. All lives matter Says:

    This game will come down to who has the ball last with time on the clock

  17. Bucs Win Says:

    Marine for life, Alstott was a good player for our franchise and a pleasure to watch but he is not even close to being a HOF player.

  18. Lokog Says:

    Yes alstott should be hof

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    I wouldn’t be a bidding war for him, but he seems like the type of player that can you help the still young secondary, so long as he’s not gone full mental. However it seems like if you wanted him, you’d have signed him already and got him into One Buc Place. He’s going to take time to get up to speed, and they’re wasting time if they actually want him and he’s interested.

    But can he still run, that would be the first and most important factor. Cockwell knows what he’s doing, isn’t making mental mistakes, he’s just too slow. Is that what you get with Sherman if you go that route?

  20. Noles Says:

    @ Joe

    Yea my guess is bc it’s Tom Brady & I agree w take on Sherman wanting more money.

    Heck w no Fla state Taxes & no agent. He will do just fine keeping whatever they pay him

  21. Mr Bean Says:

    Sherman is probably the smartest CB ever and he was the greatest ever in his prime. Following an Achilles tendon surgery he lost his ability to cut and brake and got exposed a few times in SF. His speed then went down and the rumor is that he is by far the slowest CB right now (probably not even 4.8 in a 40 yard dash). He therefore cannot play man coverage any more. He can still play zone better than anyone as his reads and anticipation are still the best in the business. But your whole defense is then limited to zone coverage. He will absolutely not be able to play man. So I very much doubt he will play CB anywhere at this point. He should be able to play safety though.

  22. adam from ny Says:

    yeah he’s probably waiting until after the rams game on sunday to make a decision…

    to guage just how good the bucs are…

    and how good the rams are too because the other 2 teams bidding for his services, as we know, are in the rams division…

    who knows what he’s thinking tho…

    say the rams blow the bucs out sunday – he might want to come to the bucs because he might think going back to seattle or san fran means just vying for a wild card spot…

    or if the bucs get blown out he might get scared to come here…

    who knows what he’s thinking….

    or if we blow out the rams, he might want back in with seattle – thinking he can win the division…

    little does he know, my sleeper team is the cardinals…they’re pretty darn good…

    his best bet is to go back to seattle – it’s where he came up…

    we certainly can use him here tho…

    just sayin’

  23. Drunkinybor Says:

    He would be a great veteran backup. Who could start here or there. If his mind is right and it looks like it is. He just needs to moderate the Big Storm. As do I 😂

  24. SteveM Says:

    Tell Sherman take a 1 year deal at reasonable money.
    Prove he still got it and win a Super Bowl. Then he can ask for
    big money again.

  25. 4BucsSake Says:

    This is very AB-esque. We were hearing similar comments right before the Bucs signed him. I think Licht and his staff are doing their homework and waiting to see what the NFL and their committee are considering in regards to disciplinary action against Sherman. It’s possible they could dish out a 2-3 game suspension still despite his charges being dropped. I think they just want to make sure he’s eligible to play before they put ink to paper.

  26. Rico 210 Says:

    Marine for life
    Monte Kiffin went into ring of honor this past weekend. Alstott was a monster. I would put him in no doubt, but don’t know if he has the accolades to warrant entry
    20-0 till it ain’t so
    Go Bucs

  27. lambeau Says:

    I suspect the SMB news is not good or we’d have heard more. Sherman is very smart and not a locker room problem or his previous teams would not be after him. He would be a great addition and I think almost guarantee another SB trip.

  28. mark2001 Says:

    Stafford has never won the biggest games against the Packers. So we will see if he really has the temperament under pressure, when the supporting cast around him is as good as any other team in the league, that he can turn that around. He has no excuses now. This game may come primarily down to the difference in QB play.

  29. zzbuc Says:

    and No. 1 corner Carlton Davis played great ball.¨ Joe says…

    Don´t want to be rude by any means………Maybe I saw another game……

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    I agree with 4Bucs: no one will sign Sherman until the NFL gives an indication of what his status will be for the season.

  31. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    …i don’t see how NFL can clear this guy after that big mess he did, that is #1.
    …if they clear him, still they may put an “off game stand period” punishment; which will make him not very attractive, that is #2.
    …our D is NOT even close to “one man will fix it”, that is #3 and the most important.
    … I don’t expect ANY miracle on Sunday: 2020 –> 21st passing yards allowed.
    this year 2021 –> 30th in NFL.
    … rushing the passer, this year terrible, what we have… ONLY 2 sacks..??!!

    TB12 and his guys, that is our hope…outscoring them. 🤞

  32. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Put the deal on the table but no need to bend over for him.

  33. Flyin Dutchman Says:

    make an offer he can refuse, see if he’s in it only for the money

  34. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    A lot of good comments here.

    If Sherman behaves in the locker room his veteran presence can contribute. He would not have to turn out to be as valuable as AB has become to be worthwhile, for example, to help us get that next trophy.

    Thanks, Mr. Bean, for giving a viewpoint worth considering.

  35. Ron Says:

    First of all he pleaded not guilty to the charges. Regardless of his actions he is innocent until proven guilty in the Court of Law. Richard Sherman will sign with tha Buccaneers providing the opportunity presents itself. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are SuperBowl champions with the best Quarterback in NFL history running the offense and one of the best Defense in the NFL. Richard Sherman would be a fool to turn down an offer from the Bucs after his off the field behavior.

  36. unbelievable Says:

    The problem as I see it is that they are trying to find a CB to be both backup in the outside and a starter in the nickel.

    Just don’t think Sherman has the speed for that anymore, though I have no doubt he still has the smarts.

  37. Bob Says:

    Shouldn’t sherman be in jail?

  38. Ruyen Says:

    No Bob, he was charged with a misdemeanor and is waiting for his day in court. His kids were taken from him and he was angry at his in-laws, so I assume they took them. No excuse for the drunk driving but the police say he calmed down and was cooperative, respectful, etc after the arrest and he didn’t hit his wife who’s still supporting him. Seems like a personal matter, far from all the things AB was accused of and sued for.