Tom Brady The Recruiter

August 24th, 2021

Tommy the Recruiter.

Tom Brady will not coach after his playing days. He’s stated several times he has no interest in going that route, though he likely would be a helluva quarterback coach.

It’s too much work. Brady could go out and do a car commercial and make $1 million in a couple of hours. Roughly $1 million could get you a nice assistant coach gig. But you’d be working 80-hour weeks from July through February.

You don’t need to be a baseball stat nerd to do the math on that.

Per Albert Breer of, it seems Brady already has demonstrated his recruiting ability with the Bucs. We know how he sweet-talked foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski out of retirement.

And we know how he got Antonio Brown to Tampa Bay. But what is interesting is Breer pointing out Brady offered to help use his sales skills when the Bucs told him they’ve been trying to lure a pair of running backs.

The Bucs brass told Brady they were looking at signing Jaguars castoff Leonard Fournette, and Brady asked if he could help recruit Fournette. Brady reaching out and did, indeed, make an impact on Fournette, who signed with the team just before the season opener.

And a similar case to Fournette’s played out this offseason, when Licht called Brady to tell him the team was pursuing ex-Bengals third-down back Gio Bernard. Brady wound up reaching out to Bernard via direct message on Instagram, and the Florida native Bernard signed with the champs in mid-April.

All this drama in spring and summer that Aaron Rodgers was upset because he wasn’t kept in the loop with the Packers’ plans made Joe think of Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and Brady.

By Licht just doing the courteous and smart thing, letting one of the greatest players in NFL history know your plans and bouncing an idea off his head, Brady offers to jump in the pool with the Bucs and help get guys to Tampa Bay.

That’s a win-win.

To Joe, this is common sense. But apparently, it isn’t around the league, as Russell Wilson and Rodgers whined in the offseason.

It sure seems as if Jim Harbaugh could use that Brady magic in recruiting up in Ann Arbor. And even if Brady did want to return to his alma mater, will Harbaugh still be there?

29 Responses to “Tom Brady The Recruiter”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If Brady wanted to enter into politics, he’d bee quite successful. He has fantastic leadership skills, name recognition & likability……his message on life skills has gone national…….don’t blame others for your problems….
    His First Lady would be quite popular also…..

    But, even though you can make millions in politics without working very hard….Tom can do better with endorsements.

  2. Allbuccedup Says:

    Blazers should offer him part ownership and consultant.

  3. Hodad Says:

    I think he’d be more interested in being a team owner, or part owner then a G.M., or coach.

  4. PassingThru Says:

    By all accounts Brady is a helluva good father, but like most devoted fathers he also yearns to spend more time with his kids. He’s also married to a super model who is amazingly patient (most women in her position would be very high maintenance). He might coach someday but it won’t be until his kids are on their own as young adults and Gisselle gives him the green flag, at the very least.

  5. Medicated Pete Says:

    Pete would pay TB12 $50 million to stick around for 2022 & give a small piece of ownership to be connected to the franchise after retirement

  6. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Bucs are reaping the benefits that the Pats had all those years. Guys coming in on undervalued to contract to play with the goat and chase that ring. Bucs are doing a much better job using Brady to lure offensive talent than the Pats ever did though .

  7. BradyBucs Says:

    Brady won’t be doing any coaching or recruiting. Aside from training his own sons, I could see him getting away from football. Would probably take up another sport, like golf, to help feed that competitive spirit and still remain active in sports.

  8. PassingThru Says:

    @Kentucky Buc

    Yeah, Belichick’s free agent haul was at market rate for each player he signed. Arguably even above market for a couple of them like Nelson Agholor. Back when Brady was around you had him as a recruiter, plus the value of ring-chasing as you knew the Patriots would be in the hunt for a Super Bowl title. Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”.

  9. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    My heart bleeds for Michigan because it is not easy to recruit players to Michigan.
    For starters, they have not won sh!t in many many years, plus it is a hard school academically that have refused to drop their academic standards for football players.
    Poor Harbaugh has his work cut out for him.

  10. buxszntkt Says:

    It’s one thing when the recruiter will be on the field with you as one of the greatest QB’s ever. It’s another thing when he is a retired QB recruiting for the team. Not as compelling from my perspective.
    I think of all the salesmen that come to my door, dressed well, speak well, reps. for gardeners, weeding companies, roofing companies, etc…… they present well. When you sign up, you get something very different. Took me many years to catch on that the smooth talker wont be the one cutting my viburnum so expertly as he described.

  11. PassingThru Says:

    I like the fact that schools like Michigan maintain academic integrity among its student athletes. It’s damn admirable. It can be an advantage for pro scouting as well. You never second-guess the brains of a Michigan player, you know they have a high baseline for smarts. Ditto for Stanford and select others.

  12. SB Says:

    Imagine if TB became the head coach at Michigan!! I know it could never happen but imagine the recruiting!

  13. TOM Says:

    I don’t think GM would be a bad gig. Look out Licht.

  14. Kobe Faker Says:

    “TB12 is the GM

    TB12 is the HC

    TB12 is the Off Coord

    TB12 is the QB

    and most of all TB12 is Glasers BFF

    Kobe is eating his peanut butter, Jelly and avocado sandwich as I speak”

    Kobe Faker

  15. SOEbuc Says:

    90 percent bullspit, right? Licht already has a Brady coaching deal signed. Not necessarily HC.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    So Rodgers is trying to bring the old band back together…Cobb, Matthews…who next? Jordy Nelson?

    I think Brady is doing it the right way. Rodgers is trying the old Washington Redskins over the hill gang approach.

  17. Buc Unto Death Says:

    Brady’s next move in the NFL would likely follow Steve Yzerman’s path; work towards being GM.

  18. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @Kobe Faker Says:
    “TB12 is the GM
    TB12 is the HC
    TB12 is the Off Coord
    TB12 is the QB
    and most of all TB12 is Glasers BFF”
    ..nothing to add..

  19. Ben green Says:

    Why aren’t you people talking about the real issues with this team instead of fluff. Brady hasn’t been vaccinated. If he gets covid, your season is in jeopardy. Instead you picked on LF for not getting vaccinated. Does Joe work for the team? Ben wants to know

  20. PassingThru Says:

    I’m safe, I learned all I need to know about science on social media. I’m injecting bleach and swallowing anti-worm medication as I type.

    Honestly, not sure about Brady’s vaccination status. I haven’t read anything definitive.

  21. Admiral Redbeard Says:

    Patriots always built their roster through the draft, developing young players, and rarely dipping into free agency. When a player got to the point (at the end of his contract) where he could get (and wanted) big money, he was usually released.

  22. David Says:

    Jason Licht haters-

    Godwin, the other 3 all have been derailed by injuries- OJ, Justin Evans, Beckwith
    Vea, Rojo, C Davis, Cappa, whitehead
    Devin White, SMB, Dean, Mike Edwards, Anthony Nelson, Scotty Miller
    Wirfs, Winfield, Vaughn, T Jonson, K Davis
    2021 (premature but these 3 look to be keepers)
    Tryon, Darden, Hainsey

    Add in going after Suh, Fournette, Stinnie, Succup, & BRADY
    The last couple of years in free agency…

    The Buccaneers currently have the best GM and scouting team in the NFL.

  23. BB worst GM Says:

    Patriots always built their roster through the draft, developing young players, and rarely dipping into free agency. When a player got to the point (at the end of his contract) where he could get (and wanted) big money, he was usually released.
    Are you kidding? seriously
    Belichick will be dead last if we were to rate drafting track record.
    He has a few decent picks in interior linemen- Tre Flowers, Onwenu
    But over 20 years he would be deadlast in WRs, DBs, and DEs. His picks stink to high heaven. Goat coach least on the defensive side. Worst GM for sure.
    Brady saved his ass for 20 years.

  24. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    ^^^ 👍

  25. geno711 Says:

    Ben green Says:
    August 24th, 2021 at 11:45 am
    Why aren’t you people talking about the real issues with this team instead of fluff. Brady hasn’t been vaccinated.

    Jenna Laine reporting Brady has been vaccinated.

  26. Ne+ bucs fan Says:

    Reporting Brady and his son are vaccinated,,he would have to mask up if not

  27. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I live in NE, the main reason many players took the home town discount to play for the Pat’s was simple they wanted to play with TB12 and be coached by Billy cheapskate because they win. Now that Tommy is gone and won SB with Bucs and Pat’s went 9-7 last season the allure is gone and Billy Boy now has to pay the fiddler. I agree worst GM ever and way over spent for #2 receivers and injury prone TE’s. One good signing Judon, he looks to be a stud.

  28. CJBuc Says:

    Plot twist……Everybody that ate tide pods is immune completely

  29. Steve From Maine Says:

    Love all this stuff love Tampa thinking about moving there