John Lynch Night Will Be Nov. 22

August 21st, 2021

“Time for another party, Ed.”

Team Glazer is big on celebrations.

Iconic Bucs safety John Lynch already is in the Buccaneers Ring Of Honor, but the Bucs are honoring Lynch again on Monday night, Nov. 22. That’s the date of the Bucs-Giants Monday Night Football game, and Lynch will receive his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring from Hall CEO David Baker.

This was announced on tonight’s WFLA-TV broadcast of the Bucs-Titans preseason game.

Lynch is the general manager of the 49ers, which play the previous day at Jacksonville. So it fits Lynch’s schedule, and Joe assumes the Bucs will have a pregame or halftime celebration for Lynch.

Will the Bucs invite Sage columnist and Hall of Fame selector Ira Kaufman on the field to introduce Lynch? Nahhhh.

7 Responses to “John Lynch Night Will Be Nov. 22”

  1. Howard Cosell Says:

    Not having Ira introduce Lynch would be a mistake on par with turning the franchise over to Smiley McCoy for over 5 years.
    Do the right thing Team Glazer!

  2. Winny Testaverde Says:

    As much as Ira is eye candy for the the ladies, as a brand ambassador for, The Bros.Glazer may not be able to afforded such a big name/pretty face.

  3. geno711 Says:

    I agree with Winny. Ira might be able to convince me to switch sides. Oohh that smile and that ripped bod.

    Looking forward to supporting Lynch. Always one of my favorites.

  4. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    It’s got to be Ira or Gene. The Glazer boys make no sense.

  5. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    geno711 Says:
    “Ira might be able to convince me to switch sides. Oohh that smile and that ripped bod.”
    Ira posing on the hood of the Ford with his hip thrust out did it for me.

  6. OBP Says:

    Hopefully is also the night we officially retire his #47.

  7. SamBucsFan Says:

    Hey Joe, do you think the Bucs will be retiring Lynch’s number that night? Anyways you could confirm this?