Have Your Say!

August 9th, 2021

Flash poll posted at 12:01 a.m.

5 Responses to “Have Your Say!”

  1. An Erection for Sacks Says:

    My “Super Excited!” vote only created a tie!

    C’mon… y’all, can’t be indifferent after a dominant Super Bowl win.

    This will be the first time that they will play as defending world champions.

    Surely you have some time to gloat a bit, no?

  2. Brad Says:

    Is this even football? I’d rather watch the Freddie Martino Band

  3. Tkras red Bozo lips Says:

    I’ll be watching my sidekick performing in The Special Olympics

  4. Tbfan55 Says:

    4% “I won’t watch”, yet you logged on to JBF to answer a poll about the game….. let me guess, you are “boycotting” the NFL unless they do something about these “thugs” who keep kneeling?

  5. DBS Says:

    We can all guess what Joes vote is!