Was Mike Evans’ Knee Injury His Fault?

July 13th, 2021

Intriguing information here on Mike Evans from none other than former Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter.

Bucs fans remember the pain in their gut when Mike Evans went down in Week 17 last season with a nasty looking knee injury after dropping a touchdown pass.

Evans was running a slant route on wet/muddy/soggy turf when he pulled up a bit to catch a ball slightly behind his stride. He slid and his left knee buckled and thankfully it was only a hyperextension that appeared much worse.

Speaking on Idaho sports radio 93.1 FM, Koetter said he called Evans right after that game to express his concern and good wishes. Per Koetter, Evans immediately picked up the phone and responded saying, ‘Coach, I should have listened to you. I should have worn longer cleats today and I wouldn’t have torn my knee up.'”

This intrigued Joe because, as regular Buccaneers Radio Network listeners know, color analyst and former Bucs tight end Dave Moore is a bit obsessed with the quality of Tampa Bay’s home turf.

Moore often talks on-air about how important it is to have the correct cleats on and how the grass changes significantly from summer to winter at Raymond James Stadium, aka The Licht House.

Was Evans being serious with Koetter? Should he have been wearing different cleats?

Was that something Koetter and former receivers coach/offensive coordinator Todd Monken drilled into players?

Regardless, Joe suspects Evans will be very aware of what’s on his feet during the next wet home game.

33 Responses to “Was Mike Evans’ Knee Injury His Fault?”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Mike doesn’t stretch properly before games & wears short cleats on soaking wet fields. I heard HOF WR Tim Brown say on NFL Radio that “You are stupid” if u don’t test the field before the game & wear the correct spikes.

  2. webster Says:

    Brady said on the current it was his fault because he was late with the pass and threw it behind evans which made evans have to stop and reach back for the ball. So there you go
    Webster, one thing has nothing to do with Evans’ choice of cleats. –Joe

  3. Bucs Bro Says:

    Only 11 days until training camp so Joe won’t have to reach for blurbs to post like this nonsense
    What nonsense? The former Bucs head coach shared a direct quote from Evans about the injury. Would you prefer Joe ignore this? This is not a dying newspaper. Joe’s interest is in sharing all things of interest with Bucs fans. Joe would write this in October if that’s when it emerged.–Joe

  4. webster Says:

    @ joe

    All I am saying is what Brady said. If the ball was thrown on time and in front instead of behind, Evans would not have had to stop/plant for the pass which caused his leg to buckle probably due to short cleats. Brady said that. So yea, one thing can have something to do with the other.

  5. Youngbucs Says:

    I thought it was Brady’s fault he threw the ball behind Mike. And this was confirmed by Brady himself he said he was late with the throw on the in the current episode.

  6. Uhhmmm Says:

    Please stop with the Licht house. It’s bad.

    Sounds like “licked house” for people who don’t know who Jason Licht is. Also is not a very catchy nickname if they do know how to say it.

    Please go back to the drawing board Joe’s. You all are usually good with the nicknames. I know you can do better

    That’s funny. Not a lot of readers here don’t know how to pronounce Licht. But to play along with your logic, licked house certainly sounds like a Dale Mabry field of dreams, so it all seems to work. –Joe

  7. SickofLosing Says:

    Keep up the great work Joes. And is it really only 11 days

  8. MidAtlanticBucsFan Says:

    Good article, Joe. Keep’em comin’.

  9. BA4President Says:

    Great article Joe! Don’t listen to the haters. I wouldn’t have known about this unless I read it here, and I love hearing from former coaches and gm’s who have truly retired from NFL teams (Koetter, Dominik, B. Polian, C. Weis to name a few). I feel like you don’t have to question the motives of their statements as much since they aren’t worried about “the next job”.

    I liked Koetter a lot, even though the decision to replace him with a 2-time coach of the year was not that difficult.
    Considering the ill-fated quarterback and kickers he had to work with, I think he did enough in his time in ATL as OC and here as HC to justify another HC gig.

    But he retired… so none of it matters haha.

  10. teacherman777 Says:

    Don’t listen to them Joe.

    It was a cool article. And I love Dirk Koetter.

    He’s a small town hero from Idaho.

    He cared when Vincent Jackson died. Dirk cared about players.

    This article is great bc it shoes Dirk still loves and supports his players.

    We need more of that brotherly love in the world.

  11. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @Medicated Pete Says:
    “…Mike doesn’t stretch properly before games & wears short cleats on soaking wet fields….”.
    I see that as big problem, ME, imo, is “arrogant” about his talent. No doubt he is the best WR I have seen with the bucs, but often he goes too far, endangering himself. This is part of being a great team mate, and part being arrogant. I hope he is learning from TB12… this game is unforgivable to negligence, no matter who you are.
    He is one of biggest assets, and we love ME.

  12. mark2001 Says:

    Joe…good article….no fluff with that. Keep doing it. After all, it wasn’t like it was a Jameis article or something of the sort.

  13. Jerry R Jones Says:

    @Crazy….Mike Evans, who literally gives away a portion of his pay check to help retain players, is arrogant? I highly disagree with that. Arrogant people are extremely self centered and that description doesn’t equate to Mike Evans. He maybe HIGHLY competitive, but arrogant, no.

  14. Hodad Says:

    Injuries happen. Let’s say he took a hit wearing long cleats, and because his foot didn’t slip it caused a knee injury? What I took away from this article is what a good guy Dirk is for caring, and what a good guy Mike is for answering his former coach, and not blowing him off. That’s the real story here Joe, even if you didn’t intend it to be.

  15. Devin DiPalma Says:

    Where does Pete get his information, I wonder? Seen a lot of people trying to trash talk the best receiver we’ve ever had and I don’t honestly understand it. The dude is selfless, passionate, literally offered to do whatever he needed to do contract wise to get people re-signed….oh, and holds the records for most consecutive 1000 yard seasons to start a career. How about we just be thankful for the type of man we have on the team instead of criticizing his damn cleats.

  16. Devin DiPalma Says:

    For the record Joe, my comments weren’t directed at you but at some of the comments I’ve seen recently on posts about Mike.

  17. huh Says:

    Can’t wait to siege the day at the lichthouse. LOL

  18. BradyBucs Says:

    The best was when Ndog had posted during the 2019 season that “Mike Evans is highly overrated.” LOL

  19. Bojim Says:

    Mike is far from arrogant.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s Raymond James Stadium……..called that because they paid for it…..I have no problem with Buc sponsors…..and will proudly give them their creds.

  21. SB Says:

    Mike found it in himself to forgive the man who murdered his father.
    Enough said in my book

  22. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    Do we really care about the opinion of someone who doesn’t know who Jason Licht is?

  23. 813bucboi Says:

    agree with bucs bro!!!!….lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  24. Reddington Neck Shores Says:

    Dale mabry field of dreams. My favorite line of the day.

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Reddington Neck Shores Says:
    July 13th, 2021 at 4:47 pm
    Dale mabry field of dreams. My favorite line of the day.

    That’s Mons Venus

  26. Wild Bill Says:

    Mike should wear the cleats he prefers. But all our receivers should check the field conditions carefully before the game. It was a shock watching that play though as his leg extended. I did not realize the ball was that far off. A poorly thrown ball can get a receiver hurt on a dry field too. Sheet happens. *wink*

  27. ucommon Says:

    Surely it had nothing to do with USF playing on the field less than 24 hours before. I like USF, but they should only play at Ray Jay on Bucs away weeks. It’s nonsense.

  28. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Man, I woudn’t want to “Licht” anything on Dale Mabry!

  29. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Watch the vid. Brady throws that ball between pass rushers. One hits his hand as he throws. If he leads Evans that ball is batted down at the line.

  30. Stu Says:

    In crunch time, give me Brown and Godwin over ME…

  31. chris l Says:

    My heart stopped when i saw him get injured. i knew it was bad even before announcers said so. i was so sad the next 24 hours but news got better as week went on and then he gutted it out against WFT. mike evans is a warrior. no way was he letting himself miss his first playoff experience. champions!!!

  32. Eddie Marz Says:

    It’s possible that the late throw and the wrong cleats contributed to the Mike Evans injury. Late throws happen but wearing the wrong cleats can be avoided. GO BUCS. Love Evans, live and learn.👍

  33. BillyBucOff Says:

    When was the last time Mike picked up a fake phone and said. “Help is on the way”?? Now that little Priccccc is arrogant.

    Mike is nowhere near arrogant. Confidence for miles is different!!

    It’s why Rice > TO.