Playoff Lenny Gives Bruce Arians Props

July 25th, 2021

Bucs RB Playoff Lenny.

It’s been very clear how Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians feels about his players getting vaccinated.

And it is pretty clear that Bucs running back Playoff Lenny isn’t going to take the needle.

So on face value, it seems as if there would be a staredown between the two or that both men would butt heads. Not so, said Playoff Lenny.

Speaking after the first training camp practice with the veterans this morning, Playoff Lenny spoke and applauded Arians for not being a jackwagon about Playoff Lenny’s decision. He said he respected Arians treating him like a man and respecting his call.

Unvaccinated players must be tested for The Sickness daily. Playoff Lenny was in line with one of the Joe’s this morning to get tested at One Buc Palace. Unvaccinated players must also be masked up at all times while in a team’s facility.

There is more, per Mike Jones of USA Today.

Unvaccinated players may not leave the team hotel or interact with people outside the organization while traveling, both of which vaccinated players are permitted to do. Any unvaccinated players found to have broken theses rules could be fined $50,000 by the league or their respective teams for a first offense.

Additionally, unvaccinated players can not travel on the same plane as vaccinated players to road games.

Also, unvaccinated players are not permitted to eat meals with teammates; only 15 unvaccinated players can work out in the weight room at a given time; they may not use the sauna or steam room and if an unvaccinated player comes into contact with someone who has tested positive for The Sickness, they must quarantine.

With all of these restrictions, Joe asked Playoff Lenny if the restrictions for not taking the needle will inhibit in any way his preparation for the season or for games. Playoff Lenny was certain it would not.

At least that’s comforting.

65 Responses to “Playoff Lenny Gives Bruce Arians Props”

  1. Hodad Says:

    Wow, two different planes for road trips? I wouldn’t want to pay for that if I were the Glazers. Is it really worth going through all that protocol to avoid a needle? Come on Lenny, get the shot, and maybe they’ll give you a nice sticker, a Flintstones band aid, and a lollipop!

  2. Ben green Says:

    He’s a strong healthy man in the prime if his life. If he doesn’t want the shot, more power to him. If you have an underlying condition, if you’re overweight, get the shot, it could save your life. Otherwise leave young healthy people alone.

  3. Ben green Says:

    BTW, I bet you money the goat isn’t getting vaccinated either.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Let’s hope when he catches the Delta variant it doesn’t ruin his career. He loses any amount of lung capacity and it’s all over. Not smart at all. Only a full on rube wouldn’t get these ultra safe vaccines.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Ben Green isn’t smart. He must be a Tucker man. You’re gonna feel real dumb all alone in the hospital with Delta. You’ve been warned.

  6. mg Says:

    cellar dweller

  7. Hodad Says:

    Young, and healthy doesn’t mean you can’t die, or have lasting affects from Covid. Right now it’s just a fact that most deaths, and hospitalizations are the unvaccinated.

  8. Mort Says:

    He doesn’t know it won’t – he assumes he won’t be a close contact or test positive himself. That’s a stupid plan.

  9. Youngbucs Says:

    Ben green children are dying! I personally think it is selfish not to get the vaccine if you don’t have some real underlying reason not to. A lot of you talk smack but as soon as it hits close to home you’ll be devastated. And on top of that why not suppress COVID now it’s already mutating and it will continue to do so. That’s the problem we as Americans have become so selfish it ridiculous at least do it for young children!!!!!

  10. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Cut him now…not a team player…he can sit home and read his qanon feed.

  11. Dyno-White ! # 45 Says:

    Let’s see, he plays one of the most dangerous sports in the world He plays a position that might have you on a cane as you age. You get paid millions of dollars and will put the team (and the league) in a potential losing mess.
    Is this a joke. Go coach or sell lumber. Drama hurts t teams. Scared of a vaccine but not Khalil Mack? Hmm

  12. SB~LV Says:

    Why aren’t the Bucs and the NFL following the science?

  13. Ben green Says:

    Brady must not be smart either. A disease that has a 99.5% survival rate isn’t a danger to the young and healthy and you know it. Stop lying, stop spreading misinformation and disinformation. BTW I got the shot jackass because I’m diabetic. If you’re in a high risk group and haven’t been vaccinated, you’re stupid, and those are the people croaking, not healthy Americans. I’m sure y’all will get your kids vaccinated to, even though they are at greater risk from house fires. This isn’t China, it’s called the bill if rights. Dig out a book once in a while, and stop getting your info from CNN an PMSNBC. I was personally attacked Joe, I demand satisfaction. Please don’t take this down. Love you all, Ben

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    If they actually care about the virus, if that’s what it is and not politics, then why not do an antibody test? If you have the antibodies, you don’t need the vaccine – at least for now.

    I have no issues with the vaccine, Trump pushing the vaccine to get done so quickly has literally saved millions of lives around the world and the vaccine has proven to be safe. However I do have an issue with people that want to bully others into taking something they don’t want to take.

    The nutjobs wearing two masks while outside jogging alone are just as insane as the anti-vaxxer nutjobs who think you’re being implanted with a microchip.

  15. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Creepy Joe claims that all doctors and nurses are vaxxed is not true. They know better and have seen the misery caused by the jab.

    The claim that doctors and nurses are all vaccinated is a lie. A survey conducted by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons found that 60% of doctors are not vaccinated. The rate for nurses is higher.

    Playoff Lenny will probably want to father some children after his short (4 year avg) NFL career.

  16. Wild Bill Says:

    Haha. Oh woe is me. I got attacked in here. What a huge surprise.

  17. Slugglife Says:

    Look at all the sheeple. These same jackasses drive like maniacs in traffic, put toxic sludge in their body for time management at lunch time, and are generally overweight slobs. Yet they want to tell you what health decisions to make so their favorite football team is not affected.

    These are those anti fascist people, demand you acquiesce to whatever they decide you should do. As if they really give a damn about you. They don’t want to be alone when the inevitable long term side effects kick in. It’s never occurred to them that some peoples bodies aren’t as soft and brittle as their participation trophy physiques.

    Just mind your FN business. Seems this has turned into a life crusade for these idiots. There are thousands of human drug trials available right now. Why don’t you dummies make some extra money on the side. A simple google search will yield tremendous results for human guinea pigs.

    Without sheep, there wouldn’t be wolves. Baa! 🐑

  18. SB~LV Says:

    If there was a 99% of scoring a TD and the Bucs were tied with 2 seconds on the clock would the kick a FG ?
    Follow the science

  19. Slugglife Says:

    Moderation. Hey Joe, if you don’t like the pushback, stop posting these types of articles.

  20. Wild Bill Says:

    Here is some bait. Stupid is as stupid does. Not getting the jab to protect yourselves and others is stupid. However I do support individual rights and freedom to act as stupid as they want to as long as their behavior is legal. Good luck with being stupid. Taking a free shot that protects you, your family and others is being smart.

  21. SB~LV Says:

    It is not stupid for understanding your own risk profile and choosing jab or no jab. I have had the Pfizer in March, I have had every vaccine under the sun in my life. If I was young and strong with the virus fading dramatically I may decline, it is after all not FDA Approved…

  22. Wild Bill Says:

    Lenny risks serious injury every play. But he fears a little jab? If you are a highly paid player and are privileged to play with and against many of the best athletes in sports then you should get the jab. And so should all NFL players. Man up!

  23. ClodHopper Says:

    You do you, Lenny. I respect whatever your decision. Just don’t do it from being bullied by the angry totalitarians. If you do it, do it because its what’s best for you.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It seems to me that with all those restrictions you have to respect a player that refuses to take the vaccine…..
    These guys love being a part of the team more than anything….it’s their life….and the restrictions all but ostracize a player.

  25. Oxycodoms Says:

    Wonder which fournette thinks is safer hgh and steroids or the covid vaccine?

  26. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    The most likely explanation for the new cases are the results of the inoculations.
    The vaccines inject into the body the spike protein which is toxic. It causes Covid symptoms and more serious life-threatening illnesses.
    Is there really a Delta variant or is it the cover story for the illnesses caused by the vaccines?

  27. Buccinfan Says:

    . They should rename the NFL to communist football league. All they are are some self virtuous non caring hypocrites. They are all about substance control. Not letting players smoke weed, banning players from putting any unsponsored substance in their system. But now we have a vaccine that isn’t even fda approved and they’re forcing these grown men that are allowed to think for themselves to take a chance on an experimental vaccine. If you think that’s ok, please, I urge you to maybe start thinking for yourselves. It might be helpful. The only selfish people I see are the ones demanding everyone to be like them. You got your blanky now chill out and worry about your own damn self.

  28. Wild Bill Says:

    I support freedom of choice. Even if the choice is dumb. If Lenny or any other Buc starter gets really sick it hurts the team and possibly other players. Hope none of the bucs get ill. And hope all antivaxers are OK too. Covid is no joke. My adult son, a sheriff deputy, has long covid and broke three ribs from violent coughing today. He went back to hospital today for xray or MRI. Be safe regardless of your choice.

  29. Brandon Says:

    Can’t believe ANYBODY is a calling anyone else out about not getting this experimental and questionable effective vaccine.

    People asking others to FOLLOW THE SCIENCE are the same ones NOT ACTUALLY FOLLOWING SCIENCE. Critical thinking has escaped the majority of you sheep and for what price? So you can pledge your blind loyalty to the Empire? Masks don’t work and there is zero evidence that they do. Follow the science? I’ve done videos of myself freely blowing vape smoke through masks of all kinds. This despite vape smoke particles are 500-900 nanometers in size while Coronavirus particles measure 60-140 nanometers. But yeah. Masks work. The vaccine has also proven to cause complications (and death) and its effectiveness against the virus is questionable at best.

  30. Dyno-White ! # 45 Says:

    The point is being missed. The NFL is a business, not a political body ( Thank God). Playing in the NFL is a choice. He can choose to do something else, it’s still a free country. The NFL , just like my employer makes rules. They have that freedom to help all their customers and employees prosper. On a related subject, “follow the science” is non sensical. Remember when Political Science meant the science of politics? Now it means the politics of science. The NFL has the right to make their decisions. Covid “science “ is 100% political. It’s Dr CNN , nothing more, nothing less than making people angry enough to argue and up their ratings.

  31. Mike Says:

    I am a medical doctor and researcher on infectious diseases for 25 years. This disease is a pandemic not a seasonal flu. Other developing countries are begging for vaccines while you guys are refusing the shots.
    This pandemic has not been seen before and actually is a World War 3 and need all of us to help our community, relatives and our country. You can be selfish to refuse to help your community but you are a crime to be an anti-vaxxer.
    Why did you get anti-measles but refuse to get this shot?
    Remember that some people will not produce antibodies after vaccination, thus you would kill these people if you are not vaccinated.

  32. Mike Says:

    This disease is a pandemic not a seasonal flu. Other developing countries are begging for vaccines while you guys are refusing the shots.
    This pandemic has not been seen before and actually is a World War 3 and need all of us to help our community, relatives and our country. You can be selfish to refuse to help your community but you are a crime to be an anti-vaxxer.
    Why did you get anti-measles but refuse to get this shot?
    Remember that some people will not produce antibodies after vaccination, thus you would kill these people if you are not vaccinated.

  33. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    “I am a medical doctor and researcher on infectious diseases for 25 years. This disease is a pandemic not a seasonal flu. Other developing countries are begging for vaccines while you guys are refusing the shots.”

    Hey Mike, if you’re a doctor, I’m the Queen of England.

  34. SB~LV Says:

    Ghost… that post is the most cockamamie , Junior high rumor story about the vaccine I have ever read!
    Lol good thing you didn’t post that on Facebook or you’d be in jail for 30 days
    lol lol

  35. Beeej Says:

    Johns Hopkins just completed a study (I’m assuming we can’t post links here, you can google it) of 48,000 children who got it (none of whom had any pre-existing conditions) Not one of them died

  36. Mort Says:

    You can tell Mike is a medical doctor because he writes like sh!t. Hahaha

    For real though all y’all need to relax. Lenny isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed so it’s gonna take a while before he understands that his life specifically will be better if he gets the shot. Not testing every day, getting to actually socialize with teammates, not having to ride the covid plane to games, and oh yeah, less risk of problems from COVID!

  37. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    I am doctor.

  38. Couch Fan Says:

    This disease is a pandemic not a seasonal flu. Other developing countries are begging for vaccines while you guys are refusing the shots.

    Look up the flu numbers from the last year and you’ll see Influenza has virtually disappeared. What a coincidence…. And btw NOBODY is begging for vaccines. That ridiculous statement lets me know exactly where you get your misinformation from.

  39. Ben green Says:

    They have data, if it’s not an N95 mask, it’s junk. I can count the times on one hand I’ve seen someone with the U.S. or Chinese equivalent. That’s just your nose and mouth. The virus also enters through the eyes, how many people have you seen with full face shields and an N95. That would be the only effective way to prevent transmission. Anything else is not based in science. All masks are not the same, yet the people championing mask wearing are wearing woefully inadequate masks. Yank you tee shirt over your head. Atlest it’d make it easier to identify you morons

  40. Tc Says:

    Man up and get the shot!

  41. Ben green Says:

    I’m a retired OBGYN, I’ve seen more lady parts then wilt chamberlain. In a past life I was chief of staff to Napoleon Bonaparte. Before that I was lovers with a dashingIngly handsome Leonardo da Vinci. Before that it’s a little hazy. My astrologer is holding out because I owe her fifty bucksI

  42. gotbbucs Says:

    Puncture mark or not, it shouldn’t be too hard for him to gain his typical 3ypc behind the best offensive line this team has maybe ever had.

    In all fairness, this guy is an idiot. He’s always above the team apparently. I’ll be interested to see who else has the yellow wristband on at practice.

    You wanna post something useful, Joe? Give us the list of guys on the team that are wearing the yellow wristband’s.

  43. Ben green Says:

    I really should stop, astronomy is one of the many tools of the devil

  44. Waterboy Says:

    Interesting thing is several of the Olympics team members that tested positive and weren’t allowed to participate in their events were vaccinated which proves that vaccinated players should be tested just as often as others. I’m just waiting on a vaccinated player to get it and give it to others on the team.

  45. gp Says:

    Other developing countries are begging for vaccines while you guys are refusing the shots.
    Actually, there are several “third world” countries (with next to no healthcare systems) who are having very little (comparatively) problem with covid.

    What’s their secret?
    They also deal with malaria and numerous other parasitic diseases.
    The treatment to contain those diseases, provided to them for free by the WHO and various pharmaceutical companies, seems to retard the spread of the dreaded covid. These medications are cheap, FDA approved, and have been used safely for decades now.

    Now for the real question…….

    WHY haven’t the big media outlets even mentioned this little tidbit (none of them to my knowledge).
    We’ve had the “fix” for this situation all along but it didn’t fit the political plan or narrative.
    Actual documented facts folks.

  46. Jerry Says:

    What’s next? Yellow stars on the jerseys?

    This is what DeSantis was warning us about what the left wing would try to do. The vaccine will be used to create a two-tiered society. One will have freedoms and the other won’t.

    The virus has made this country insane!

  47. gp Says:

    WHY haven’t the big media outlets even mentioned this little tidbit (none of them to my knowledge).
    Sorry, my bad.
    These medications have been mentioned in the media.
    However, they have been maligned and labeled “misinformation” or worse.
    Nobody in this country seems to know that countries like Nigeria, with a population of 201 million and a land mass slightly more than half the size of Texas(population 29 million) and yet, their total number of covid deaths since the beginning of this “pandemic” is only 2,132.

    Is their medical system better than ours?

  48. gp Says:

    Oh, add to that that the majority in Nigeria refuse to wear masks(much like they refuse to wear condoms, but that’s a different storyline). They also ignored, for the most part, lockdown measures.

    Let all that sink in…

    Two thirds of the population of the US, crammed into a space two thirds the size of Texas, and only 2,132 deaths to date.
    Considering the many posts from “science believers” on this site who tout the belief that those of African descent are at higher risk, this doesn’t make any sense.
    UNLESS we’ve been lied to.

  49. gp Says:


    Ad nauseum

  50. Stanglassman Says:

    97% of the people hospitalized in the US now for this are unvaccinated.

  51. Buczilla Says:

    When my mechanic tells me I need an oil change I get one. When my doctor of over 20 years says that I should do something, I do it. After all, outside of my wife (and past girlfriends 😜) who the hell is going to know my body better? It’s that simple. Ignore, or just tell the extreme weirdos on either side to f off. It’s your body and you are the only one that has the right to make decisions for it.

  52. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Simpe as this… getting vaccinated is a contribution to society, saving lives and possibly your own. Refusing reveals you as a selfish, me only matters person. Good job the rest of the country doesn’t read joebucs. Misinformation central. Jeez. Get a life.

  53. Florida man Says:

    Would be nice if something besides Covid blew up the comments sections here. I don’t know like maybe being returning SB champs or something?
    Where were all of you when the stories were about actual football?

  54. Scribulator Says:

    Lenny is protesting the NFL’s tyrannical rules against unvaccinated players by going unvaccinated. Y’all are missing the point. It’s a protest. He is using his own body as a sacrifice, his own social life as a sacrifice because the truth is that vaccination doesn’t make you safe. It just gives the government the excuse to obliterate a fundamental human right that they can and will use to manipulate you. They make you put a retro viral DNA enhancer in your body now that means they will control your health anxiety for the future. They are preying on your fear.

  55. steve gaudreau Says:

    Personally, if anyone gets the vaccine, good for them, it’s a choice one has to make that’s best for them. As for ramming something that’s listed as “expiremental” down the throat of those who choose not to put it on their bodies, that’s a violation of their 4th amendment rights. Not to mention hippa, that clearly states that it’s none of anyone’s business. It makes it sound like these players are the equivalent of cattle, bought and sold, traded for or because they make a conscious decision as a person to be excluded. This is the new America? I can think of two words that can be applied for this. It starts with an F and ends with a U

  56. All lives matter Says:

    So get the vaccine now and worry about dying of genital warts or growing a third arm from the vaccine later 30 years from now. It seems like too much hassle to not.

  57. Bruce Blahak Says:

    F U conspiracy, qanon qooks…you’re the problem

  58. Bruce Blahak Says:

    god, guns and old glory didn’t work obviously….it is time for change…you think laws in 1776 apply to now? spare me the amendment baloney. maybe the white supremesists of society can be corralled into an apartheid state, say Alaska lol

  59. Baby Grace Says:

    Jeff Says: “ultra safe vaccines” You need to do some research!

  60. Brevard Buc Says:

    You don’t want the vaccine , it’s your body, correct!

    Just remember that when a women wants control of her body!

    Don’t tell me it’s not the same, it’s her body! She understands consequences and has to deal with repercussion not you!!!

  61. Since76 Says:

    Discrimination at its best. Punish those who don’t agree with you on what’s best for your health. The navy is using the same tactics. Taking leave from unvaccinated sailors before and after sea duty. My son didn’t want the vaccine but didn’t want to be punished and got it. Now we worry of the effects together. These companies have no worries of the consequences they will be protected period.

  62. Since76 Says:

    Bruce……..if vaccines work why separate vaccinated and unvaccinated players. Does that make sense. Are they afraid vAccinated players are going to give unvaccinated players the sickness. What sense does that make?

  63. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Get informed, with genuine science reports. Not twitler, conspiracy theories. Again, qanon qooks are the problem.


    Since76 is exactly right. Why should a vaccinated person fear being around an unvaccinated person? You could ask this of all other vaccines for all other infectious diseases.

    On the other hand, I do agree with the masking up around the facility and being tested every day. That’s common sense. However, now that we know the delta variant is infecting the fully vaccinated, it would be smart to test everyone entering the training facility. There are plenty of older, more susceptible coaches who could catch delta and become seriously ill as a result.

    I’m not against anybody getting or not getting the jab. It’s a personal choice, and politics should stay out of the decision.

  65. gp Says:

    Apparently, nobody wanted to remark on my posts about how well certain third world countries (like Nigeria) are doing in this “pandemic”.
    Here’s some food for thought.
    IF the reported numbers are correct, and we had been using the same (preventative) medications as they do, we could have had less than 4,000 deaths total at this point due to covid.
    Mind you, I’m only working with reports from the CDC and WHO so there could be some accuracy issues.
    Even so, anyone who DIED because we politicized, maligned, and labelled possible preventative medications as misinformation, didn’t need to.
    Personally, I hope those who rejected such accepted medical practices should pay, to the full extent of the law, for their actions.