“Bruce Reluctantly Made That Decision”

July 3rd, 2021

Remember when Tom Brady said only about 10 percent of what he says publicly is what he’s really thinking?

On a recent Ira Kaufman Podcast, the Sage of Tampa Bay sports speculated that Bucs head coaches, including Bucco Bruce Arians himself, range from around 10 to 30 percent when it comes to speaking candidly and truthfully at news conferences.

Being straight with fans is not in the job description for coaches and general managers. It never has been.

So with that in mind, Joe brings this nugget from Hall of Fame GM Bill Polian this week on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Polian was talking about the Saints and their quarterback position, where former Bucs bust Jameis Winston is very likely to win a starting job.

After the Bucs’ 7-9 season in 2019, Arians said publicly he could win with Jameis in Tampa in 2020, if he didn’t find what he was seeking behind “Door No. 2.”

Well, it seems Arians might have told his friend and former boss Polian something else.

Polian dove into how Jameis “has to prove that he won’t lose games with interceptions” and how Sean Payton and Arians talk about how dedicated and talented Jameis is. However, Polian claims Arians gave up on Jameis because he believed the Bucs had no shot of going to the NFL promised land with him.

“I’ve seen all that in Tampa, and I’ve talked about it with Bruce Arians,” Polian said. “I know [Jameis] a little bit personally; I would say the same thing. But the darn interceptions, you just can’t live with them. And he had 30 in Tampa Bay his last year. And there is no way that Tampa Bay even come with as good a team as they have. And they do, obviously, have a great team. There’s no way they come close to the Super Bowl if Jameis Winston is the quarterback.

“And Bruce reluctantly made that decision. You know, he said, ‘We simply can’t go where we need to go with him. It’s that simple.'”

Joe’s always interested in things that may or may not shed light on Bucs history. Regardless, Joe’s just happy Jameis is now the Saints’ problem/downfall.

81 Responses to ““Bruce Reluctantly Made That Decision””

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    5 of those INT’s were balls bouncing off of OJ Howard’s hands. #NeverForget

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I suspect that Jameis may do quite well with the Saints, maybe even better than with the Bucs…..for the exception of the turnovers…..that, he’ll have to prove.
    I just don’t think so. He had 5 years to do that in Tampa…& didn’t.

  3. Mort Says:

    Hard to call a dude who threw for 5,000 yards and scored 33TDs in the first year of an offense a bust…

    He was ballin. You better check yo sheet.

    When you’re the No. 1 overall pick and no team wants you as a starter at 26 years old, and you had a terrible record as a starter, and you just threw twice as many picks in a season as any other starter did in 2019, you were a stone cold bust. Doesn’t matter what your name is. –Joe

  4. ClwJB Says:

    I am looking forward to checking my sheets in about 4 months

  5. Buc4evr Says:

    I think it depends on the type of plays Payton can craft for Jameis. If he can focus on the ground game, limit the time Jameis is allowed to hold the ball, then Jameis can be successful. If Jameis is forced into the long game, with multiple reads then I would expect a lot of interceptions. Hope Jameis does well, just not against us. The guy has talent but has no impulse control, which leads to risks that you generally won’t see Brady take.

  6. Winny Testaverde Says:

    My man Winny flashed often but turned out to be fool’s gold…though he might do better in black and gold. Payton is determined to stick it to the Bucs by “developing” Winny. He might actually have some success in doing so. Those were a tough 5 years to watch. We all ( or most Buc fans ) wanted it to work out…it just didn’t. Buc4ever put it perfectly…lack of impulse control…on so many levels. He’ll be the starter in N.O.-with Hill back to his “joker” role.

  7. Mort Says:

    TIL a former Pro Bowler, America’s quarterback Jameis Winston is a bust. PRO BOWLER!


  8. Architek Says:

    Well, all the Jameis stans can go and take their antacid now because it doesn’t get any clearer or realer than that.

    Sorry NDOG. LOLOL 😂

  9. OHBucFan Says:

    It’s the all-time most entertaining debate: Overall 1st pick, 1st round QBs and their success rates. I liken Winston to Elway in comparing overall tools and football IQ. It’s not an exact match but close enough for this comparison. Look at the first half of Elway’s career. His stats denote a style of play where TD passes and interceptions were largely the same. The difference of course was back then a 3rd down deep pass that was intercepted was equated to a punt. However, it wasn’t until Shanahan came to town, that Elway showed us all his realized potential.
    I’m not saying Winston is Elway. Far from it, IMO. I am saying the tools are similar, and Jameis was worthy of the overall pick. Maybe Payton will get JW to play within his system. I doubt it but maybe. BA watched the guy for a year and in the beginning probably thought he had his perfect QB. At the end, he moved on. Can’t wait for the rest of us to follow suit.

  10. Godlovesbucs Says:

    Winston had years of trying to keep the team in the game. The d was historically bad for his first few years. He had try to win the game, that meant taking risks with the ball.

    The problem was his last year. The d finally was playing decent. He no longer needed to take risks at the same rate. But he couldn’t just manage a game. The 2nd half of his last season was the nail.

  11. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    JW was an embarrassment on and off the field for the Bucs. Glad he’s the Saints problem. Dude could have easily thrown 40 interceptions that year.

  12. Kentucky Buc Says:

    He may do better in a Drew Brees type offense with screens and short passing game and a lot of runs but why do you need a big arm QB for for that. Hill would be the better option for that type offense . Maybe they use both with Hill getting a larger percentage of snaps than he did with Brees.

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Even though I felt totally stabbed in the back when “Famous” had his MULTIPLE
    Tallahassee “transgressions” overlooked and the #1 pick in the draft gambled on him, in his first off season with HIS REPUTATION he decided to party until blind blackout drunk till 3AM with a convicted rapist.

    But I concede he’s kept his nose clean since Tallahassee and AZ and so I wish him no ill will and like Buc4ever I hope JW does well except against us.

    And like TBBF I suspect that JW will fare decently under Payton’s direction.

    But here is my observation. JW could do not wrong in college and even when he threw the ball into tight windows and got picked the INCREDIBLE talent differential each week between the Noles and most of their opponents let JW engineer some big comebacks. Give him and the Noles scoreboard!

    But by the Oregon game the magic had disappeared. And in the NFL where JW didn’t possess overwhelming talent…great talent yes but all teams feature great talent in the NFL and so JW lost that edge. His tosses into tight windows no longer work.

    So here is the major concern. Since Oregon JW has been a CHOKER. From his first to his last pass with the Bucs the greater the pressure the worse the result.

    So can Payton fix that? Can Payton take away enough decision making?

    And interesting subplot is the repeat of last year’s Brady/Belichik saga. Was it Brady or was it Belichik? If Brady makes the playoffs again this year and BB does not we may be getting our answer. A GREAT DC perhaps is not always a great HC.

    So was it Payton or was it Brees? We could get the start of an answer to that question this year.

  14. gp Says:

    Talented? No doubt.
    Capable of game/field management? No indication yet.
    While wearing red and pewter, I was behind him 100%.
    Now that he wears different threads… Not so much!
    I have no ill will for him as an individual but I have no desire for him to succeed as our competitor!

  15. Youngbucs Says:

    It’s that simple. And it really is BA had a responsibility to the team to upgrade at QB. It’s very hypocritical of some fools here who want all positions to be held accountable and play better. But the QB can just be excused from the same standards. It’s mind boggling these guys say it’s about the whole team and undermine the team for 1player. Who doesn’t even do his job at a high with some consistency.

  16. gp Says:

    From an earlier thread
    Beeej Says:
    July 3rd, 2021 at 10:16 am

    Show Me the TDs Says:
    July 3rd, 2021 at 8:26 am
    The way he chased Mahomes all over the field reminded me of the scene in Rocky II, where Rocky is trying to increase his speed by trying to catch a chicken.

    That one pass he made with everyone chasing him to the right sideline, with his body completely parallel to the ground (fortunately his guy dropped it) was one of the most incredible plays I’ve ever seen

    If Winston tried this…. We all know what the outcome would be.

  17. ModHairKen Says:

    Move on. The body is cold.

  18. alton d green Says:

    5 ints are from Oranthal having it bounce off his hands??????? My friends thats football and it’s been that way since they shaped the ball like Stuie’s head

  19. Ron says Says:

    It is not just the turn overs interception and fumbles, when a QB is loose with the ball it loses discipline. Jameis put players in bad situations for success cause there was no rhythm or structure in his plays. He did not orchestrate the offense well he responded to the defense and improvised this is why you get amazing plays out of nothing cause there was no plan being orchestrated. Each play has a set of check downs Jameis did not have the discipline to go through the check downs or the ability to read the defense to get the team in the best position he had nervous feet and eyes.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    I don’t think it’s all about Jameis in New Orleans. It’s about Sean Payton & if he can get the Saints’ offense to perform without Drew Brees. Lest folks forget, they did go 12-4 last year with an ailing Drew Brees and they still have an excellent defense (#5 last year) & decent S/Ts.

    Payton’s very creative IMO, and I suspect we’ll see a lot of BOTH Winston & Taysom Hill. And the Saints have another QB who may surprise some people under Sean Payton’s tutelage: a guy named Trevor Sieman. Saints biggest problem though is that they … like the Panthers, Rams & Eagles … got behind the proverbial 8-ball when it comes to the salary CAP (dead money especially). Takes awhile to dig your way out of holes that deep.

  21. SlyPirate Says:

    How quickly you forget.

    His last half of the season JW threw a first drive INT in practically every game. Everyone — the team, the fans, the commentators — just waited for it. He delivered every time. Then, they panned to the bench and it was pure fatigue.

    Beyond his performance, his hype speeches, post-game pressers, and off field antics were culture killers. They took his banner off the stadium.

    Winston was a failure. The 5000 yards were a failure. He had to throw that many yards because the Bucs always had to catch up to his mistakes.

    He won’t succeed in NOLA because there is an incurable problem between the ears. I doubt he makes it the entire year as the starter. Unlike Tampa, Sean will pull him after his first or second 4 INT game. Likely, Week 3 vs Pats or Week 5 vs WFT.

  22. Oneilbuc Says:

    Jamies play for the saints now I wish him the best except when he plays against the bucs. He put a picture of Jamies so people can argue . I rather talk about how can the bucs develop Kyle Trask a new young quarterback the bucs picked up.

  23. FrankPillow Says:

    Jaboo is one heck of a footnote in this franchise’s history. I’m not sure he ever grew into anything more than we saw his rookie year—and then the perplexing case of the late night taco run combined with ‘eating a W’— it was clear things were not right and were never going to be. Here’s the thing, Door #2 turned out to be the Grand Prize. What an amazing turn of events, huh? Jaboo to the GOAT to World Champs!

  24. Tye Says:

    ‘the Saints and their quarterback position, where former Bucs bust Jameis Winston is very likely to win a starting job.’

    and inevitably lose it by mid-season because of fumbles and ints..

    ‘There’s no way they come close to the Super Bowl if Jameis Winston is the quarterback.’

    Any Bucs fan with enough football knowledge knew that to be true!

  25. Beeej Says:

    Jaboo, LOLOLOLOL

  26. Duane Says:

    Who wouldnt pick Brady over Winston? BA’s biggest gamble last season was to keep himself in check and allow his QB more input in the offense. He is the same guy that allowed JW to continually roll out there and throw 30 ints. He could have called less passing plays to manage his risk, he could have run the ball more often, or he could have played a different QB on his roster. Would also help if the defense werent giving up that booty. Payton is likely going to look like a genius as soon as he addresses any one of those issues. Very on brand for us to shoot our mouths off about former QBs only to watch them win on another team.

  27. fern Says:

    Bad coaching, bad defenses no running game.
    Winston got the short end too.
    Arians did the right thing to many INTs.
    Hope he finds himself in NO.

  28. Oneilbuc Says:

    And let me say this if Jamies do go win a championship with another team he want get no credit for the win just like the others didn’t. But I want to see if the bucs have learned a lesson from the pass young quarterbacks they drafte by throwing the ball 50 times a game with high risk passing plays and without running the ball effectively like that no risk it no biscuit offense .

  29. Youngbucs Says:

    Every excuse in the book now we were throwing 50 times a gm smh. Fun facts in 2019 winston tossed 7 more passes than Brady!!!!

  30. Youngbucs Says:

    How many times you gonna say no risk no biscuit offense Jesus Christ!!!!! Winston was leading the league every year in turnovers before BA got here get a life preferably 1thats based in reality!!!!!! 5 STRAIGHT YEARS OF LEADING THE LEAGUE!!!!!!

  31. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbucs I swear if you carry these same excuses to the saints you absolutely have no credibility. Not that you have any left anyway .

  32. DoooshLaRue Says:

    What “other ones” are you referring to oneill?

    Oh wait………. We all know the answer.

  33. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Why are we talking about another team’s QB other than to state how the Bucs will kick his scrawny butt, along with the rest of his team? This crap has been hashed and rehashed until it’s pulp.

  34. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @…”Payton is determined to stick it to the Bucs by “developing” Winny. …”
    can he win a SB with JW??!! that is how fare Payton can go, we just had that already….. so all he can “stick” to us , is getting even….. no much sticking there. We did stick it to him, in his house, with DB & JW….. that hurts….🤐

  35. Oneilbuc Says:

    Trent Dilfer , Doug Williams got credit because he was the first black quarterback to win a superbowl. Steve Young also won the superbowl but he had Jerry Rice . The problem with yall is you look for scapegoats this team has been trash the pass 10 years before last year and they added a all-star team to do it . I’m a 100 percent behind Kyle Trask and Brady because they are on the bucs team. And even this year if they don’t win I will blame the team not Brady like one guy on here told me it was Brady fault when we lost those 5 games. You win as a team and you lose as a team. Ain’t no play lost no game in any team sports regardless how much they try to tell me different.

  36. gp Says:

    When one player plays so poorly (especially the supposed leader) that the rest of the team either cannot or has no time to make up the difference… Yes, it can be said that that one player lost the game.
    After too many of those situations the rest of the team starts to wonder why they should even try. So, yes, that player could be said to have derailed the entire season.
    This team had a losing mindset since before Winston was drafted. He was unable to change that and his haphazard play actually added to the bad attitude.

    He had FIVE years…..

    Brady fixed it in ONE.

    Not only are your arguments moot (he’s gone!) but they are beginning to border on psychopathic.
    Your writing technique lends one to believe that as well.
    I respectfully suggest you seek help.

  37. Oneilbuc Says:

    GP . Lol 😆🤣 shut up they had to change the playbook and add a all-star roster to win . So you the one who needs help lol 😆😂 every thing I just said is the truth. How come he couldn’t do it his last year in New England because of his team. Even with the number 1 defense they still couldn’t win because he was lacking a running game. It was the team fault when we lost those 5 games and coaching but when the bucs started to win it was all Brady!! Lol 😆🤣 man shut up with your false narrative 🤣😂. When Brady leaves you make sure you find another team. Go follow Rogers!!

  38. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Yes, the QB is more responsible for the success or failure of his team.
    That’s just reality oneill.

  39. Oneilbuc Says:

    GP and another thing ain’t no player in the NFL is going to take a chance on losing his job especially on a bad team when their really watching and evaluating their play for the next year because of some quarterback or even coach. Lol 😆🤣 again another false narrative lol 😆😂. Man I’m done with yall man again when Brady leave you leave with the rest of the Patriots fans that’s on here! Because you ain’t no real bucs fan !! Lol 😆🤣

  40. Oneilbuc Says:

    Dooshlarue . That’s what the media told you to believe !! What happened to Andrew Luck was it all his fault or the team? What’s wrong with Stanford was his fault or his teams ?? What about Lamar Jackson he was a MVP was it his fault or the teams? What about Russell Wilson was it his fault or the team? What about Dak was his fault or team? What you said is not reality it’s a false narrative that they got you to believe. I never will believe the narratives that the media push !!

  41. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Does anyone else feel dumber after reading oneil’s posts?

  42. gp Says:

    @ Dooosh
    As I noted in my post, he has stepped beyond reality.
    Hopefully, someone in his family will step in and get him help.
    In the meantime, we probably shouldn’t ‘egg him on’ by responding to his nonsensical rants.
    The man needs help.

  43. DoooshLaRue Says:


    You are probably right about that.
    Maybe he ate too many lead-based Ws when he was a kid?

  44. Hodad Says:

    Jameis who?

  45. Oneilbuc Says:

    Yall are the ones who needs help lol 😆😂 I know you can’t answer my questions because it kills all of your narratives lol 😆😂 . And you hate when you can’t answer the questions !! Lol 😆🤣

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    The game that will always stick out to me was in Winstons last year vs the Texans. In that game you can throw out all the excuses because the defense was absolutely dominate. You can say that game didnt matter but one look at the intensity coming from the Bucs says it absolutely mattered.

    We destroyed that team in every phase of the game. The only difference was our QB throwing pick after pick after pick. We was 7-7 and the Texans were a playoff team. That was our chanse to proove we were an assending team that was ready to contend. Winston prooved he was not capable of running this offense and we had no chanse with him under center…….The follow up a week later was an OT that lasted one play(a winston pick 6). Losing record 7-9.

    I defended Winston his whole time here but after that finish to 2019 there was nothing left to defend…….As we saw in 2020 this team was ready to contend. The team deserved better the Jameis and thank you Bruce for realizing that.

  47. Oneilbuc Says:

    Jimmy Jack. Guess what Jamies didn’t have Godwin or Evans that game. And guess what Brady threw a pick 6 to the same guy running the same route. But it was bad throw and bad decision when Jamies threw it and I will agree with you on that . But it was Watson fault when Brady threw it . That’s the stuff I be talking about when I bring up the media narratives. Remember when they said last year that Brady didn’t have Evans at a 100 percent and Godwin was out they gave Brady a pass. That’s not making excuses . That’s showing you that the media are bias.

  48. Pewter Power Says:

    That was obvious from the start of the bucco Bruce era. Who was a bigger question mark that Winston? I still say ending the season on a pick 6 having a losing record is what did it especially with the front office and coaches believing they had the core needed to be a playoff team.

    If Winston is the starter as much as I hate the saints they will be an interesting follow unless he has a season like he did his least year in a buc uniform. Oj Howard, Scotty Bree had perriman and brats to go along with evans and Godwin, he do t have that kind of talent on the offensive side of the ball

  49. Stanglassman Says:

    Time will tell. I think this story has just begun.

  50. JimmyJack Says:

    Oniel its all just so simple. The guy throws a pick, and then he throws a pick 6, and then another pick, and another pick 6. Snd it was 5 picks in one game if i remember correct. If you think thats good quaterbacking then you are simply a idiot.

    If you wanna say a kicker sucks…fair. If you wanna say the defense was terrible vs the Giants…correct. If you wanna say OJ Howrd played like trash in some games….I agree………..But then when Winston plays like crap you wanna try to squirm for an excuse rather then just admitt he played like ass in that game.

    There arent no narritive to it when a player screw up and fans just simply call it what it is.

    In the end of the day we had to find a new QB because if we kept Winston we win zero Super Bowls in 2020. So yeah, its about winning. Its always been about winning. The results they speak for themself and you are still arguing a debate you done lost.

  51. gp Says:

    Either that or he chewed too many pencils in his youth trying to figure out how to spell most words.

  52. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Fo reals now.

  53. Oneilbuc Says:

    Jimmy Jack. I’ve never said Jamies played perfect . I would say he played to me wanting to win every play wich did hurt him. But to act like he was the reason why we lost every game or to even say that the bucs done a good job on building the whole team that’s what I have a problem with. If they would have given Jamies what the Titans gave Maratio then I will be all in with yall. I think Jamies was ask to do to much as a young quarterback. And don’t want them to that to Kyle Trask.

  54. SB Says:

    Winston’s first pass as a Buc was a Pick 6.
    His last pass as a Buc was a Pick 6
    Doesn’t that encapsulate the whole argument?

  55. DoooshLaRue Says:

    No SB, it doesn’t……

    …….at least according to Professor O.

    The team as a whole threw those pick 6s!

  56. Crickett Baker Says:

    I saw a LOT of Bucs games around when Doug Williams was QB (I worked in the stands at halftime). Doug was awful and would even fake he was hurt. Vinnie T was terrible. Steve Young was pretty bad. They, one by one were happily let go. They left the Bucs–and look what happened! I kept saying if Winston could only be taught by a retired QB or something that he would become really good. Then guess what? He got Drew Brees. Everyone laughed at me when I said it and just said JW was no good. I hope I am wrong and they and Joe are right. I really do. Right now I’m worried.

  57. JimmyJack Says:

    Crickett…..I dont really think it matters if you are right or wrong. What matters is if the Bucs did whats best for our team. There is only one goal in football and the Bucs did what they had to do to win the SB.

    Say Winston does become good. Does that mean we should have kept him? Big fat NO for me. You answer that question how you want but if you prefer to keep Winston then your trading in a ring. Seems counterproductive if ya ask me.

  58. Craig Says:

    He is dedicated and talented, then you throw him into a real game. A linebacker on the other side says BOO and all that dedication and talent freezes up and his eyes bulge.

    Can’t tell if that was about Jameis, or Vinny Testiverde.

  59. Chris l Says:

    We won the super bowl. Greatest move the Bucs ever made getting Brady and never wavered. Fairy tale was 2020 and were coming for more!!!

  60. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    SB said it best. When your first NFL pass and 5 years later your last pass of the season is a pick6 and a whole lot of turnovers in between even I said it was time. Unfortunately I’m concerned he will give them that deeper pass game Brees couldn’t give. Hopefully he remains the ATM we all came to know and hate. Can just imagine him getting cut mid season!

  61. Crickett Baker Says:

    Jimmy..u are right. Like the others past. They got great but they sucked for the Bucs and that’s how JW did, too. None of them were nor would ever have been good for us. I just have it in the back of my mind that JW is gonna be great someday.

  62. Oneilbuc Says:

    DavidBigbuc you probably hate him because he’s black because I know you don’t know him personally so that means he didn’t do nothing to you to hate him ! And for you dummies who keep bringing up stuff that happened 5 and 6 years ago and some of yall bring up stuff that happened over 10 years ago now need to get help for real. Remember Brady got caught cheating so your same fake self rightness on Brady and him cheating and ain’t no telling how long he’s been doing it.

  63. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Man this is incredible

    Once again it’s amazing that some people in here make these posts unironically.

    BRING RACE INTO IT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Once again I am amazed a lot of you in here are functioning adults in society.

  64. Youngbucs Says:

    You probably hate him cause he’s black. When back into a corner good old race card always handy huh oneilbucs. Nobody I mean absolutely nobody said anything coming close to race in the thread. Oneilbucs are the ultimate loser just like your idol until he proves otherwise.

  65. Youngbucs Says:

    But wait we had an all star team???! He said they all were trash from owners all the down to players! The roster was 99 percent the same the truth is we won because we upgraded the position that drives nfl teams the QB. A QB that had the best season any Bucs QB has ever had keep crying loser!

  66. gotbbucs Says:

    I really hope Winston wins that starting job in NOLA, but I don’t know if Payton is that stupid. Payton’s arrogance might be that strong that it would encourage him to believe that he can develop an undevelopable player.
    No matter how much energy you stick into Winston, he will step on the field directly into a giant cow pie of his own creation. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a QB with less poise to begin games than Jameis Winston.

  67. Cobraboy Says:

    I doubt “reluctant” was a thought process in jettisoning Winston.

  68. SG Says:

    I think the interceptions thrown by JW in the last two games was the reason BA made that decision

  69. Beeej Says:

    JW was amazing–The can can have 2 dudes wrapping him up, falling to the ground, and throw a 40 yard frozen rope off his back foot thru a 2 foot wide window. Next series, 1st and 10, NO pressure, throws it right to a LB sitting back in a zone

  70. HeyItsAdam Says:

    I said if the Bucs cut Winston for Brady, they have 2 years to win a SB or else it wasn’t worth it.

    Okay. (shrug)

  71. Oneilbuc Says:

    Cobraboy. You killed your own narrative on the other post about the no risk it no biscuit. You said it your self that BA no risk it no biscuit offense was a risk offense . So you admitted that they change the offense for Brady. And they should have that’s not a nock on Brady. Lol 😆🤣

  72. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    O’Neil I hated him because he’s black????😅🤣😂😅🤣 that’s the funniest thing I’ve read up here because I’m sure there’s a number of guys up here who’d swear that I’m black!!!😅🤣😂Well maybe that’s the ONLY reason you love him!!!😅🤣😂Don’t be a fool! I supported Winston the longest, well Ndog, you and I think one other dude oh yeah tmax were bigger ones than me. Even Buc1987, a huge Winsnot fan finally gave up on him. I’m nobody’s jock holder and I have always went to war against people who only talked about the bad things but never the good but dang man enough with excuse for the man. He made his bed and he got burned in it!!!✌✌

  73. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    O’Neil I hated him because he’s black????😅🤣😂😅🤣 that’s the funniest thing I’ve read up here because I’m sure there’s a number of guys up here who’d swear that I’m black!!!😅🤣😂Well maybe that’s the ONLY reason you love him!!!😅🤣😂Don’t be a fool! I supported Winston the longest, well Ndog, you and I think one other dude oh yeah teemaax were bigger ones than me. Even Buc1987, a huge Winsnot fan finally gave up on him. I’m nobody’s jock holder and I have always went to war against people who only talked about the bad things but never the good but dang man enough with excuse for the man. He made his bed and he got burned in it!!!✌✌

  74. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Yo you can’t even spell teemaaxicon up here. Your post will disappear! I had to change his name so my post would go thru! Iwas suspicious before but now I know for real!!!He musta really caused the Joe(s) some serious trouble for that! TMAXICON LIVES ON IN INFAMY!!! PRICELESS!!!😅🤣😂

  75. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Yo you can’t even spell teemaaxicon up here. Your post will disappear! I had to change his name so my post would go thru! Iwas suspicious before but now I know for real!!!He musta really caused the Joe(s) some serious trouble for that! TEEMAAXICON LIVES ON IN INFAMY!!! PRICELESS!!!😅🤣😂

  76. Oneilbuc Says:

    Well David it’s a lot of uncle Toms out there so just because you claim to be black that doesn’t mean your black!! Lol 😆🤣 and that’s a fact !!!

  77. Oneilbuc Says:

    And yeah it’s a lot of quarterbacks who laid their beds in Tampa and guess what it’s been every quarterback that they drafted. If the bucs don’t develop Kyle Trask then it would be official that Tampa is were young quarterbacks careers come and die. And that’s a fact !!!

  78. Christos Says:

    Unbelievable. I feel like in 10 years in a similar post we still will have the same discussion. He is not a Buc anymore. We won the Superbowl after 13 years of almost nothingness and still the blame game and the what ifs. If Winston this and If Winston had that and If and If. Its over guys. Bucs are the Champions. I just dont get it. Let it go is over

  79. Youngbucs Says:

    The sad thing is oneilbucs is the thing that he claims to hate the most. Which is a racist he can deny it all he wants. It’s called reverse racism!!!!

  80. Old Sombrero Says:

    GO Bolts!!!!
    Going for 2 Stanleys here and let’s work on keeping Lombardi here.
    That’d be a Good Sheet.

  81. bajio sucursales Says:

    Generalmente las personas suelen recurrir a fuentes de financiamiento para suplir sus necesidades, bien sea porque no cuentan con recursos o porque el «dinero no les alcanza».