Brady-Build Urgency Stands Out

July 19th, 2021

Yes, fans have all heard about how the Bucs catered to Tom Brady in various ways upon his arrival in Tampa.

But it’s rare to hear about the how unique the Bucs’ urgency was.

Longtime NFL writer Albert Breer hit that angle in his Monday Morning Quarterback column at

Sure, the Bucs were eager to work with Brady, but the fact it was all-in from Day 1 during a pandemic season — no year to feel it out before a Season 2 plunge — has other QBs around the league understandably losing it, per Breer.

Brady had a team commit to building not only for him, but on his timeline, with a lot less concern for the longer-range future than we were used to seeing in the NFL. And the key is it worked. So for the first time, we saw an NFL team built LeBron James–style getting the star around which it was founded to the Lombardi Trophy podium. And while Brady did it by playing out his contract, and Rodgers and Wilson had multiple years left on theirs, it’s not too hard to connect the dots here and understand why the other guys wouldn’t just say, “I want some of that,” but also be more than a little antsy about getting it.

Joe always feels warm inside when thinking of Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson being bitter about all the toys Brady has to play with, and his perceived power inside the walls of One Buc Palace.

What really intrigues Joe is the long-lasting effect on Team Glazer. Hey, if the Bucs have another great year and Brady retires, does any sober person think Team Glazer and Jason Licht will want to roll with a young QB?

Man, Joe is confident the Bucs bigshots will look to strike lightning again with another veteran quarterback, perhaps even Rodgers or Wilson.

31 Responses to “Brady-Build Urgency Stands Out”

  1. Bojim Says:

    Kool. Why not?

  2. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Chances of getting struck by lightning in your lifetime. 1 in 15,300. Chances of landing another Tom Brady. 1 in a million .

  3. JustAnotherBucsFan Says:

    Assuming we want them at that point why wouldn’t they jump at a chance to play here?

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Rodgers or Wilson quarterbacking the Bucs after Brady? Just can’t picture that. They’re both exceptional QBs to be sure, but neither can do what Tom Brady has done.

    Brady has been all about winning his entire career, even to the extent of leaving mega-millions in salary on the table over what he easily could’ve gotten so that he could have a better surrounding cast of characters. With 6 Super Bowl wins in New England and another here it obviously paid off.

    And what’s really cool is that a lot of other extremely talented players have done the same thing (played for less than their worth) just so that they can play on the same winning team as Tom Brady. Can Rodgers & Wilson really say the same? (Check how much each of them is currently making before answering).

  5. AtlBuc Says:

    I don’t like Rodgers. He’s a spoiled cry-baby. I’d rather bring Jameis back

  6. SB Says:

    I think you are selling Kyle Trask short Joe.

  7. Youngbucs Says:

    Joe can you explain to me what the Bucs actually built around Brady? I don’t get the team was ready gronk ab and Lenny are not here without Brady I know. But this team was already built we were drafting a tackle regardless.

  8. Youngbucs Says:

    Nothing the Bucs have done has hurt them even the contracts are team friendly.

  9. TSmitty3000 Says:

    IMO the Bucs had no choice but to go all in with Brady. Brady isn’t a 27 year old with years left. The Bucs had to urn over every stone ASAP. They did and it worked out great. Father Time can tap Tom on the shoulder any moment. The Bucs got one super bowl out of it and everything after that is icing on the cake to me.

    Let’s say Trask is the guy after Brady leaves. That’s fine, because Trask will be in a good situation with a good coaching staff who are known for being teachers.

  10. JimmyJack Says:

    A little problem with this scenario……..Tom Brady had Gronk waiting in the wings and as luck would have it his BFF Brown just happened to be reformed and fit to renenter society at the exact same time(not to mention on the cheap)……….Thats 2 Hall Of Fame players just sitting there waiting.

    Good luck to any freaking QB trying to repeat that. Last I check HOF type of talent is not readily avialable the way it was for Tom in 2020. Destity is real people and we all got to see it firsthand…..Other QBs will have to start wishing upon their little stars, that might be their best bet.

  11. SB Says:

    Tom Brady went 30 TDs to 17 INTs in his Junior and senior yr. However he started Every game those two yrs.
    Kyle Trask only started 20 games in his Junior and Senior year and he went 69 TDs to 15 INTs.

    You can interpret that Any way you want to.

  12. Hodad Says:

    Brady always took less than his market value. Until Rodgers and Wilson are willing to do the same don’t complain.

  13. WillieG Says:

    Wilson? Sure. Rodgers? Hell no!

  14. Mohak T Says:

    I have always maintained. Rodgers is the eventual successor to Brady in Tampa Bay.

  15. Tbtb12 Says:

    I can’t see any team (except Houston) welcoming Rodgers. He’s too much a diva: me me me!

  16. Slugglife Says:

    Just seeing social justice commie money LeBron James mentioned in this story is BS.

    That’s all. I could say more, but I won’t.

  17. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Best to enjoy the present.

  18. Slugglife Says:

    Winning now is what we all want to do. Weren’t the JW lovers telling us to wait another 5 years? You got your shirt right now! And your hat! And your bragging rights!

    Hey, wait another 5 years for your next raise, schmucks! Not a chance right?

    Who would trade another SB shirt for another 5 years of irrelevance? Me.

  19. skinnypigeon Says:

    Brady came to a team with key pieces already in place. It wasn’t built around him, but new pieces were added for sure. Not unlike when Gruden brought in Pittman and a couple of others.

  20. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Aww slugglife did Lebron hurt your facsistic racial insensitivities???

  21. Anonymous Says:

    /^^^\ TRUE THAT!

  22. Christopher Flores Says:

    Rodgers will be the next qb of the bucs after Tom retires, he just has to sit until the contract with the packers is no longer valid

  23. Slugglife Says:


    Best not o use word to which you don’t know the meanings.

  24. Larry Lee Says:

    As much as anything, Brady brought leadership. We talk about it too abstractly. very few can bring men together in a common cause like this guy. If there was a “team” in place when he got there, they became a TEAM after he got there. Like Arians said, it took one man to show them how. Can Rogers, Wilson do that? It they could, they would and we don’t see it.

  25. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Sluggo ol boy I made that word to get thru the moderating algorithms, but trust and believe I know what that word means. You magaboys are all alike with the same mind set as described by that word. You guys keep bringing up your political leanings on this here football site.

  26. Oneilbuc Says:

    All you people who keep talking about Rogers coming here need to stop !! We have a new young quarterback who is learning behind Brady. He will be the next quarterback in line rather you like it or not . This is the stuff I be talking about with this loser mindset yall afraid of that they can’t develop him but I’m not!! I will stand behind Trask just like I did for Jamies, Freeman , Glennon and King . Go bucs !!

  27. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneibucs is all a favor and stfu Jesus Christ!!!!

  28. Youngbucs Says:

    Do us😂😂

  29. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngbucs. You are the dumbest on the site!! Lol 😆🤣. You a Jamies hater and Brady worshiper and I’m a bucs fan !!!

  30. Oneilbuc Says:

    And by the way go outside and play with your dolls little boy 👦 !! Lol 😆🤣

  31. Youngbucs Says:

    Yea I’m the dumbest ok oneibucs whatever u say. You’re pathetic a sad mad little excuse for a man. You’re like a little girl who didn’t get her pony and is all grown now but can’t let it go. We laugh at you you’re the comic relief on this site 🤡