What A Complete Crock!

June 21st, 2021


And you thought CNN was crooked!

Joe read this wide receivers rankings from CBS Sports typed by Jared Dubin. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Joe gets that these lists are subjective. But this one is so bad Joe figures only corrupt bias is the reason.

Joe’s starting to think Dubin is a slimy Saints fan.

Dubin ranked his top-10 receivers for 2021. Not only is not one Bucs receiver on this list — no Mike Evans, who has never had less than 1,000 yards in a season; no Chris Godwin, who is a legit top-10 receiver and no furniture-tossing, bicycle-throwing Antonio Brown, who will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame some day — Dubin included a guy who has no business being in the top-10.

Normally, Joe would have done a head shake at Dubin’s list. Hey, it’s the Bucs. Lavonte David cannot buy a trip to the Pro Bowl and he has Hall of Fame numbers. But what frosted Joe was seeing Michael Thomas of the slimy Saints at No. 10.

The guy was a non-factor last year. Thomas didn’t have a touchdown and only 438 yards receiving.

But Joe, he only played seven games. OK, but Brown played eight games (in the regular season) after having missed a full year of football. And Brown had 483 yards receiving and four touchdowns. Now you tell Joe who had a better year!

To omit Evans and Godwin but include a guy who didn’t even score a touchdown and was less productive than a stud coming off the Bucs bench is outrageous. Joe can only think this is corrupt bias.

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