Ira Kaufman Talks O.J. Howard Revolution & Frustration, Shotgun Shift, Fresh Culture Change Comments, Media Noise And Much More

June 19th, 2021

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3 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Talks O.J. Howard Revolution & Frustration, Shotgun Shift, Fresh Culture Change Comments, Media Noise And Much More”

  1. Bucs4821 Says:

    It was Charlie Brown who had the cloud that only hovered over him!

    Pig Pen had the dirt that surrounded him on the ground.

    Google “Charlie Brown Rain Cloud” and you’ll see them both!

  2. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    You can go back to an even earlier comic strip, Li’l Abner, that used to appear in many newspapers across the country.

    ‘Joe Btfsplk: The world’s worst jinx, Joe Btfsplk had a perpetually dark rain cloud over his head. Instantaneous bad luck befell anyone unfortunate enough to be in his vicinity. Though well-meaning and friendly, his reputation inevitably precedes him — so Joe is a very lonely little man. He has an apparently unpronounceable name, but creator Al Capp “pronounced” Btfsplk by simply blowing a “raspberry,” or Bronx cheer. Joe’s personal storm cloud became one of the most iconic images in the strip.’

  3. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Ira, I want to comment on a couple of things.

    I’m not from the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn.  I am an old f@rt who hales from the Midwest. (Lee’s old stomping grounds I’m guessing. I’m from Illinois to be a little more specific. Born in the big city but raised in a town downstate.) 
    There are things in common that define a generation rather than a region as far as general attitudes.  They affect how you approach sports whether as a fan or as a reporter.  They have a bearing on how you see football. (For example, I have never played “Madden” even once but, I do remember John Madden on TV as both a coach and as a broadcaster.)

    Just wanted to let you know that I DO read all of your columns at JBF.  I also listen to all of the podcasts. Sometimes, it seems as if I am the only one to comment at the site because I do it from the base Internet site.  I am sure there are plenty of comments on iTunes, Podbean, Google Play, or whatever that I will never see.