“He’s Reggie Jackson In The Month Of October”

June 21st, 2021

Sticks up for Tom Brady.

It seems “Good Morning Football” cannot wait for training camps to open on July 24. Because they are running out of things to talk about.

So last week, the gang of four on NFL Network debated which quarterback you want to lead your offense on a do-or-die drive, Pat Mahomes or Tom Brady.

Closet Bucs fan Peter Schrager went with Mahomes. He offered three reasons: Mahomes’ arm, Mahomes’ charisma and Mahomes’ clutch play.

This freaked out Nate Burleson. The former NFL receiver turned out to be the only one of the four who picked Brady. And he scolded Schrager, incredulous that the greatest of all time and the man who defines comeback was shunned.

“You are out of your mind!” Burleson said. “You’re tripping, bro. What are you talking about? Patrick Mahomes? He just got here. Brady’s been doing this for 20 years!

“This dude is Reggie Jackson in the month of October.” (If you’re wondering who Jackson is, he won five rings in baseball and made 14 trips to the MLB All-Star game.)

Joe has watched “Good Morning Football” for years and Joe cannot remember a time when Burleson got so emotional and downright frustrated. You can watch the full discussion below, which includes Burleson slapping down Schrager.

Last year, thankfully, Brady didn’t need to score in the final seconds very often. The only time he failed at this from what Joe can quickly recall is when he had his senior moment in Chicago and forgot how to count to four.

The win against the Chargers, while not a last-minute win, saw Brady lead the Bucs back from a 17-point deficit. It proved to Joe that Brady still had magic in his old bones.

18 Responses to ““He’s Reggie Jackson In The Month Of October””

  1. sgrd0q Says:

    Mahomes is better in every tangible way – stronger arm, faster, more athletic, great ability to scramble and escape the rush, ability to throw the ball from any awkward body position, etc. Brady reads defenses better and goes through his progressions faster and generally has a better awareness of where everybody is and where they are going. For that reason alone I’ll take Brady.

  2. Buc50 Says:

    Burleson was riding with the Bucs before anyone in the national media last year.

  3. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Other than eye candy, why is Kay Adams on that show?

  4. Steve M.] Says:

    At this stage overall as a player, Mahomes might be better.
    But in the clutch needing a comeback, I would go with Brady all
    the way !

  5. mark2001 Says:

    Well Tom…I guess the only answer to that is to punk the kid again.

  6. PA Bucs fan Says:

    The bears game but also the Rams game , 1:30 left on the clock down 3 and Brady threw an inexcusably ugly pick to seal the L, love Brady but keeping it real that was prolly his worst finish to a game all season even including bears game

  7. August 1976 Buc Says:


    The proof is in the pudding baby, I guess the some people forgot the simple facts, lol lol 6 game winning drives in the Super Bowl.
    Mahome Boy just sit right there and watch how it is done!!!!!!!

    Brady led game-winning drives to take the lead or break a tie in the fourth quarter of each of New England’s Super Bowl wins, making him, obviously, the ONLY quarterback to lead game-winning drives in SIX Super Bowls

    NUFF SAID!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  8. Swampbuc Says:

    Brady also blew the Rams game. With a chance to tie or win at the end, he threw an inexplicable deep shot in the vicinity of Brate and three Rams defenders for the easy pick. Given what was at stake, it’s his worst throw of 2020. Brady did not have a last second win in 2020.

    If there’s 2 minutes left and I’m down by ones score, for one game I take Mahomes every time.

    I still take Brady for the season.

  9. PassingThru Says:

    Getting past the hype, I’ve seen Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan lose games both big and small. Loved ’em both as competitors, but people tend to forget the off-nights when they simply took errant shots and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) see their open teammates. Brady has his warts and off-games too but he comes up big in the biggest games. I don’t think the Reggie Jackson comparison is too far off, though to be fair Reggie Jackson could have been a better everyday ballplayer rather than just taking his wake-up call in October.

    I can’t say that Brady would have won had he and Mahomes switched teams before the Super Bowl. I do know that the score would have been close. Brady wouldn’t be running around (if you could call it that) like Mahomes, that’s an artifact of Mahomes’ game. Mahomes is already a great QB, but he doesn’t read the field pre-snap like Brady, he doesn’t process the action after the snap like Brady, and he doesn’t throw with anticipation like Brady. Mahomes takes too much time to find an open receiver and he’s overly reliant on longer routes. Brady can adjust his game quickly, and even change the play during the audible as he understands defenses and situations far better than Mahomes.

    And of course, the intangibles must be mentioned. Last season Brady helped turn a 7-9 football team into Super Bowl champions. In his first year as a starter in New England, he took a 5-11 team to a Super Bowl championship. In his first year as a starter, Patrick Mahomes took KC to the AFC Championship game, but the KC team he inherited was already a proven playoff team (10-6 the previous season). He lost that AFC Championship game to none other than Tom Brady.

  10. SOEbuc Says:

    Can’t wait either. JBF and media got people talking about “future injuries” this year like it’s so obvious to happen cus we were healthy last year. They’re way of saying Tom is too old. Same sh!t, different year. Mahomes is a “magician” but he’s entering his career and Brady is coming towards the end (only by wife’s decision). Media looking for future ratings so they’ll take Mahomes young physicality all day.

  11. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    How many times in the Super Bowl did Mahomes try is very best to get that MUST HAVE touchdown to ignite a comeback, and fail? Granted he hit two receivers in the face mask that could have been touchdowns, but he also finished with a pick. That’s your boy – over Brady?

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    Like this is even debatable!
    As Buc fans, tell me that you didn’t feel confident being down with Brady at the helm and I’ll call you a “liar”. He’s done it his entire career and there’s NOBODY even close.
    Mahomes is a great QB and has a great career ahead of him. There is ZERO comparison!
    Win 6 more and we’ll talk.

  13. #1bucsfan Says:

    Mahomie is a stud but I’m going with experience and knowledge not to say mahomie doesn’t have any of that but he doesn’t have as much as TB12

  14. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    How many game winning drives do they average per season?

    They are both amazing, but Brady’s ability to analyze defenses and both lead and motivate teammates is the difference maker. Pure talent matters but so does experience and the Moxy to not accept anything but the best from your teammates.

    I was a little skeptical of the Brady phenomenon with the Pats and I still hope Jameis the best (except vs. the Bucs, but seeing Brady play now? It’s undeniable. He’s the GOAT.


  15. Ne+ bucs fan Says:

    “COME ON MAN” silly silly commenters, Brady any day and every day,, time and time again people count Brady out,,it’s laughable,,I could write a whole book on why Brady Everytime,,so ummmm I pick Brady

  16. gp Says:

    I’m surprised that all of you have missed one of the mot important ‘intangibles’


    TB12 signs team friendly contracts because he knows, no matter how good he is, there needs to be 11 others on the field to win. The less he skims off the top, the more there is for quality help. Money motivates, right? While piling up coin will get someone to sign, there are other ways that it can be used motivate.
    Tom’s motivation is to win. By signing team friendly deals he’s telling his team mates that the only thing that matters is winning, and that attitude rubs off on them

    Mahomie, on the other hand, appears to be motivated by the big payday, as exhibited by his contract. He wants to win, sure, but mostly to increase his payday. As a result, the chiefs have less to spent on quality skill players and depth. I don’t follow the chiefs, so I can’t speak to their attitude.

  17. gp Says:


  18. Bobby Says:

    We’ll, let’s see…Brady has 7 rings and Mahomes has one. They’ve met twice in playoffs and Brady won both. Mahomes is the more physically talented of the two but Brady is the smarter and more strategic of the two. I’d take Brady all day long but this IS a team game and we had the better TEAM last year.