From Zoom Coaching To Confetti Shower, Tristan Wirfs Details Rookie Season

June 3rd, 2021

Recounts first year in NFL.

So arguably the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, right tackle Tristan Wirfs, had interesting things to say on a podcast this week.

Appearing on “2 for 1 Drafts,” Wirfs detailed behind-the-scenes activities in his first year in the NFL.

Wirfs said he likes to put Post-It notes on his mirror detailing goals.

One last summer was not to be yelled at by park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, smartphone-phobic, waffle-grilling, trophy-throwing, roller-coaster-scared, numbers-rules-peeved, Bucs-Super-Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady.

Wirfs said he escaped direct fire all season but Mr. Seven Rings tore into the offensive line as a whole after the Bears game. It also happened to be the only game where Wirfs gave up a sack (to Khalil Mack, who Wirfs said was the hardest guy he had to block last season).

Wirfs also recounted the final minutes of the Super Bowl and the immediate aftermath — a day he didn’t think would end.

“The score being what it is, there were like two minutes left and everybody was hugging and everything,” Wirfs said. “And I remember the clock hitting double-zero and I kind of didn’t know how to react almost. I was kind of looking around.”

This quickly changed when he found himself in the middle of a confetti shower, Wirfs said, a scene he always dreamt about. All of a sudden it hit him: He was a Super Bowl champion.

“I still get goosebumps,” Wirfs said.

Wirfs said he is thankful to many teammates and all Bucs offensive linemen embraced him “with open arms” and helped his progress, specifically “Donny” (Donovan Smith) and Josh Wells.

Though he didn’t go into detail, Wirfs said he wouldn’t have had as good of a year as he had if he wasn’t playing next to Alex Cappa.

“He helped me so much,” Wirfs said.

Wirfs also said doing zoom classes with Bucs offensive line coach Joe Gilbert helped. Wirfs admitted he’s somewhat apprehensive about asking questions in a group setting. But that hesitancy went away for him in a Zoom call setting.

As for the 2021 Bucs, Wirfs said the entire team is excited to get back to work.

“The mindset is we know what we have and let’s go to work and Go for Two.”

Lastly, Wirfs said something that was very cool: offensive linemen at Iowa have a motto. “Work hard; eat hard.”

“We get big here,” Wirfs joked.

9 Responses to “From Zoom Coaching To Confetti Shower, Tristan Wirfs Details Rookie Season”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    TBBF likes (for himself) “Don’t work, eat hard”

  2. PSL Bob Says:

    Love this guy! I mean given what he accomplished as a rookie, imagine what he’s going to do as his experience grows. Unbelievable pick!

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    Been watching this team since 1982 & he’s my favorite O-lineman

  4. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    Great stuff!
    Thanks Joe

    We are going for ✌️

  5. BA4President Says:

    This dude seems to say and do all the right things. I fell in love with this character (yes I’m man enough to say that) when he rolled out the “red carpet” for his momma on draft day. Dude’s got a good head on his shoulders.

    Let’s hope that he can now help train the next generation of OL that will look up to him!

  6. BA4President Says:

    @Tampabaybucfan Hahaha

  7. Casual Observer Says:

    BA4 – I am with you on that rec carpet for his mom in front of their little house. Great heart.

  8. August 1976 Buc Says:

    T Wirfs will be an anchor on the Bucs O Line for the next decade. GO BUCS!!!!!

  9. Mike Says:

    Love his demeanor and how he approaches the game. Eminently talented but also humble and coachable. That’s a recipe for success.