Cowboys WR Issues Indirect Challenge To Todd Bowles

June 8th, 2021

Bucs DC Todd Bowles.

In three months, almost exactly three months from tonight, Sept. 9, the Bucs not only will raise the championship banner at The Licht House, but also will play host to the Dallas Cowboys on NBC.

And already, a Cowboys receiver is talking smack.

Michael Gallup yesterday appeared on “Good Morning Football” seen weekdays on NFL Network. There he basically warned Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles that he and his defense will get toasted.

You see, Gallup believes there isn’t a defense in the NFL that can corral the Cowboys’ offense.

“I think the sky’s the limit for us,” he said. “We said that last year. Obviously, we had some injuries on the team and stuff like that. We’re already running out the gate right now, it’s just OTAs.

“I think we can explode. We can do what we need to do out here on the field and just kill it. I don’t see anybody stopping us.”

Well, Mr. Gallup. You may want to start watching tape. The Bucs played the mighty Kansas City Chiefs last year twice. The final time in the Super Bowl.

In the last seven quarters the Chiefs and Pat Mahomes and Travis Kelce and Cheetah Hill faced the Bucs defense, God’s gift to NFL offense scored a grand total of one touchdown.

In the Super Bowl? The Chiefs couldn’t score one touchdown and on relied on just three field goals.

Can’t be stopped? You may want to reassess.

28 Responses to “Cowboys WR Issues Indirect Challenge To Todd Bowles”

  1. August 1976 Buc Says:

    The “Paper Tiger Cowpokes” defense is going to face an onslaught of points that the Brady offensive machine is going put on them. The Bucs can outscore anyone, and the Bucs defense will not give up near as much as the “Paper tiger Cowpokes” defense will be giving up. So get ready to take your beatdown like a man “Little D” Cowpokes.

  2. Beeej Says:

    Kids are always running their yaps about stuff like this, like it’s wrestling or something, it doesn’t help their cause. Our secondary alREADY has a picture of that punk on the wall

  3. Chesapeake Bay Bucco Says:

    Annually, the “America’s Team” Cowgirls hype = utter frustration/embarrassment/failure for their fans. Book it!

  4. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    Devin is licking his chops!!!!

  5. 1sparkybuc Says:

    The glory days of that franchise………late in the last century. Jerry Jones has strangled them.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Just 3 months……the beauty of being in the SB is you don’t have to wait long for FA, The Draft, Training Cam, Preseason or the Season….it’s like, right on you right away!!!

    In years past….we started thinking about next year in October….it seemed like it took forever to get to the season opener.

  7. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Message to the Grave Diggers: get the shovels ready, guys!

  8. JimmyJack Says:

    What has this guy ever accomplished? He might wanna hope that the few players we still got that were on the team last time we played dont remember how the Cowboys rubbed it in when they beat us.

    Yes, I do still remember that punk jumping into that red bucket. If some of our players remember it like I do that game might get real ugly for this Gallop.

    As my old ball manager peached “We do all our talking between the white lines”

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Talk’s cheap.

  10. Steven007 Says:

    TBBF, exactly right. It was nearly March before the high pro glow of the Super bowl started waning. Much much shorter time. From what we’re used to. Loving it though. Hope this is a trend.

  11. Buczilla Says:

    Gallup would be 4th string at best on our team. Keep yapping dude.

  12. Max Vasher Says:

    Just as with KC, I’m predicting the only touchdown Dallas will make will be at Tampa International.

  13. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    I believe Mike Tyson said everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face. Gallop will find this out.

  14. Pewter power Says:

    Cowboys are embarrassing, they don’t even realize they are losers. Killing in practice against that garbage defense they have and won’t realize it until they are in game against a real defense

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    Wonk, wonk, wonk.

  16. SOEbuc Says:

    Tom loves trash talk by media or anybody. Dudes just another piece of avocado.

  17. Bucshot Says:

    Can’t fix stupid…….

  18. Mike Says:

    At the beginning of the season, everyone is 0-0 and undefeated and optimism rules. We have certainly experienced that many times in Tampa. Don’t rain on the kids parade!

  19. Destinjohnny Says:

    Talk is cheap MF

  20. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Well give Gallup props for entertainment. This time of the year all we have is trash talk.

    But I agree with the folks here who say talk is cheap.

    Let’s see what actually happens in September.

    Break out the music…”See you in September”…DR is probably only guy here old enough to remember one hit wonders “The Happenings”.

  21. 813bucboi Says:

    nice bulletin board material!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  22. BeenaBuc76 Says:

    Cow??¿?lost on a bye week hahaha

  23. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:


  24. BucsFanSeffner Says:

    I like Licht House so much better than Den of Depression! GO BUCS!!

  25. rrsrq Says:

    Gallup is not wrong about the Cowboys offense, he is saying what he is supposed to say, we just better be ready, we have the better coaching and defense. But this game will not be a cakewalk.

  26. The Deflator Says:


  27. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    I hope the game is not a cakewalk.

    If we overlook any team this season we will be showing a “loser” attitude.

    Of course, I fully expect us to roll more than one of our opponents this year. Our “3rd” and “4th” teamers will get their share of reps on TV for people across the nation to see if they so desire.

  28. Bbro Says:

    When I played our motto was big talk is shown on the field and until then just keep your yap shut and save the embarrassment.