Bucs Pass On Cornerback Competition

May 1st, 2021

The Gravediggers are standing extra tall this afternoon.

The Bucs’ super-young but now Super-experienced secondary (aka The Gravediggers) won’t have impressive new blood in their midst when spring practices roll around. Five rounds of the 2021 draft are complete and the Bucs have yet to draft a defensive back with only two seventh-round picks still in their pocket.

Shotcallers at One Buc Palace do not believe they need more talent at cornerback or safety to compete with the likes of Jamel Dean, Sean Murphy-Bunting, Ross Cockrell and Carlton Davis, and the safeties.

It’s quite a nod to the young corps, which likely is the weakness in the Tampa Bay defense, though that’s certainly no insult.

Last year, general manager Jason Licht and Bucco Bruce Arians gifted starting gigs to Dean, Murphy-Bunting and Davis and it all worked out, even pulling Ross Cockrell off the street in September.

It was a bold move since no team had won a Super Bowl in decades with out a current or former Pro Bowl defensive back on the roster. But the Bucs defied the trend with a dominant shutdown of Patrick Mahomes in February.

The Gravediggers are back! And they won’t be digging the roster grave of a Bucs rookie draft pick legitimately trying to steal a gig.

20 Responses to “Bucs Pass On Cornerback Competition”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Maybe they will finish the day with two corners?

  2. Mitch Says:

    to replace adams and smith on special teams*

  3. Winny Testaverde Says:

    But have added to the QB room…whew! I be chompin’ !

  4. Brandon Says:

    I was hoping for Rochelle instead of Darden. They both have value.

  5. JimmyJack Says:

    Ill take a Gator QB anyday over a fourth string DB. CHOMP CHOMP

  6. Doctor Stroud Says:

    But the Bucs drafted a DE pass rusher, so that will help the secondary, too.

  7. ocala Says:

    Bucs are young, fast and outstanding in their secondary. It’s not surprising to me.

  8. DaBux Says:

    Why try to fix what ain’t broke.

    They are only going to be better this season. Todd Bowles will not allow a decline.

  9. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Risky move. The Bucs got picked apart in the regular season at times.

    Dean or SMB are inconsistent

  10. Scott Says:

    no corners or safeties no depth we had alot of injured safeties in nfc championship game winfield was injury prone in college

  11. Hope springs eternal Says:

    Bound to be some vets get cut across the league. Bucs will be a favored choice by any vet cb that gets cut.

  12. MadMax Says:

    Yeah, its awesome….still wouldnt mind seeing Mac Mccain picked up….great story on the kid plus he can ball.

  13. geno711 Says:

    Bucs brass still likes Shakur Brown as a 6th rounder.

  14. geno711 Says:

    or now 7th rounder if still there

  15. SB~LV Says:

    Pick 257
    The last

  16. Mike C Says:

    I believe Brady will keep the competition level high for the DBs, no outside guys needed to keep the juice at practice.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Christian Wilcox is 6’2” 200lbs and runs a 4.38 40. Perfect special teams body. If he develops into anything else that will be gravy.

  18. SKBucsFan Says:

    How about picking a WR like Tamorrion Terry out of FLA St. And use the prw season and practice roster to see of he can be converted as a CB. He’s tall, moves well, is fast, but doesn’t catch well….perfect for a CB.

  19. Mitch Says:

    The Christian Wilcox kid is 6’2” 200lbs and runs a 4.38. Perfect special teams player. If he develops into anything else that’s gravy.

  20. Ben Says:

    I was hoping Licht would have traded up into the 2nd or 3rd for another quality corner or a hybrid slot/ safety. This draft was loaded. No knock on the young guys but they were inconsistent and could use more competition. A