Bruce Arians Had ”Trepidation” About Signing Gronk

May 23rd, 2021

Dumping a 2020 fourth-round draft pick to trade for retired Rob Gronkowski wasn’t exactly a move Bucco Bruce Arians was focused on making after Jameis Winston threw his final interception to close the 2019 season.

Former Gronk and Tom Brady teammate Chris Long had that on his brain during a recent Green Light podcast chat with Arians.

“I know you sign off on everything personnel-wise,”’ Long said.

”Yep,” replied Arians.

”It just felt like that [Gronk move] didn’t have your fingerprints on it initially, and there was a little trepidation,” Long continued.

”Yeah, I mean the dude’s out of WWE, hadn’t played in a year and Tom swears he’s ready to play and he’s in great shape,” Arians said. ”So, ‘Hey, I’m all for it, brother.’ So it’s the best fourth-round pick we got.”

Arians acknowledged he wasn’t quite sure how to handle Gronk initially, but obviously that didn’t last long.

Joe’s adding Gronk to the list of Bucs who should be even better this season, if he can stay healthy. The rust didn’t fully shake off Gronk last season until mid-October.

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24 Responses to “Bruce Arians Had ”Trepidation” About Signing Gronk”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Good thing TB12 is coach & GM

  2. BuucccNASTY Says:

    Why do people hate on Arians and Licht by saying that Pete? Lol I don’t understand the sourness to our great team makeup, gtfo off here scrub

  3. JGhotier Says:

    Your boy Medicated Pete is an enigma 🤯

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Arians acknowledged he wasn’t quite sure how to handle Gronk initially…”

    Did it say that elsewhere in the video? Because asking Brady about him was not exactly saying that. Joe did not watch any video clips. Joe listened to the podcast. –Joe

  5. Mitch Says:

    @Medicated Pete the Bucs won a Super Bowl!!! Can’t you get that through your thick skull? They now have two in 18 years. There are still 12 teams that haven’t won one and two teams that have been waiting for over 60 years.

    I don’t agree with your statement about Brady, but EVEN if it’s true the bucs WON THE SUPER BOWL! and they are now primed to make at least one more run this year. It’s buc/nfl history in the making. Get over it and enjoy it.

  6. kyle Says:

    Pete is your typical dbag poster just trying to get a rise out of everyone. LFG BUCS RUN IT BACK!

  7. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Adding two Pro Bowl hall of famers last season was unreal. I doubt the Bucs will ever see this again.

  8. Buchead Says:

    Actually they Added 3 Because AB will Join Brady an Gronk I believe he was Considered the Best WR in the Game just what 3 years ago he was an still is Amazing an I just can’t believe the Team the Bucs have put together the Long an Unruly drought of misery was all worth the Wait An Tom Brady will go down as the Best QB ever for the Bucs in his Short Bucs career but to come in year 1 in a Damn pandemic is Truly Amazing an i For one am just Proud an happy to be a True Bucs Fan through the Good An Bad, Ride an Die with May Squad

  9. Buc-em-up84 Says:

    Brady wouldn’t be here if the gm and coach didn’t build the team that was already in place. Do you guys think Winston could have 5000 yards passing in ’19 without studs on the offensive side of the ball

  10. Bbro Says:

    I’m happy where we’re at with a GREAT defense and pretty good offense 👍

  11. Slugglife Says:

    Who gives a damn? Gronk was a beast all season. Doesn’t matter who made the decision.

  12. mark2001 Says:

    I suspect Pete is really a Saints fan, just trying to rile everyone up.

  13. Soggy Says:

    Arians is glad now, just watch the highlights of the Superbowl and how Gronk made a huge difference in the game, move them chains baby…

  14. geno711 Says:

    Kobe Faker used to be 1st one posting a lot like Medicated Pete seems to be now. They are very similar to me.

    Here is an old Kobe Faker post.

    Kobe Faker Says:
    March 24th, 2020 at 1:31 pm
    “15 minutes
    The time it will take TB start yelling at our QB intern Leftwich
    The Patriots way is precision, precise execution and timing
    Tampa Bay team is the dumbest team in the NFL
    TB12 will not tolerate the sloppiness, sluggishness, lack of awareness of our multi stupid players
    TB12 will demand the Glazer boyband to hire a offensive coach that TB trusts”
    Kobe Faker

  15. DaBux Says:

    Bruce Arians is nothing more than a Fantasy Football Manager living out his dreams.

    Damned I’m glad it’s my home town team.

  16. gp Says:

    Buc-em-up84 Says:
    May 23rd, 2021 at 1:03 pm

    Brady wouldn’t be here if the gm and coach didn’t build the team that was already in place. Do you guys think Winston could have 5000 yards passing in ’19 without studs on the offensive side of the ball


    Just think if he had thrown for over 5000 without all the turn overs?
    He might still be our starter
    And we most likely wouldn’t be talking about a repeat this season!

  17. TheBradyBunch Says:

    But head – that was the funniest post ever. I assume you have a keyboard with no D??? Also, you write basically a chapter with zero punctuation and at the very end throw in a comma for no reason! LMAO!

  18. David Says:

    It was so glaringly obvious watching Gronk over the course of the year. He just started cutting better and gaining speed. From the first game to the playoffs it was night and day. And he was healthy and now should be in football shaped and 100% healthy going into the season.



    If the O-line and Brady stay healthy ….
    they’re going to put up 35+ points a game

  19. Pats nation Says:

    Just add a few ex patriots who know how to win to tour dumpster fire you call a football team and watch Tommy win another superbowl

  20. Pats fan Says:

    Take a garbage team add a few hall of famers from new england and you got a super bowl… pretty sure that Tommy was the antichrist when he was a patriot but now he is able to walk on water in the eyes of most bucs fans. Funny how some things work out. Enjoy our sloppy seconds

  21. JS Says:

    Hey BucHead… is you “d” key broken?

  22. M. Steelman Says:

    Gronk is the beast. Gronk helped keep my boy upright in slot of those games he wasn’t posting numbers in. . Washington game ,their big time df end was excited to get the chance to pound Brady. Go back and watch Gronk handled that man half his blocking plays by himself. I knew what you peeps were getting when my boys migrated to the Bucs,now so do you!

  23. BREVARD BUC Says:

    Rats fan are sad Coach Bill pee’d in the Champagne!

    Sometimes your are the smartest guy in room (Bill )!
    But your personnel decisions are questionable!

    Have fun with Cam !

  24. Flanny Says:

    Whoever wrote this blog needs an editor. Bruce Arians didn’t have “trepidation” about signing Gronk, Chris Long was just giving his own account about the situation and Arians provided his own summation. Sets a bad precedent when you use words out of context to help your headline generate interest, is also shoddy reporting!