Antoine Winfield Breaks Down His Father’s Help

May 15th, 2021

Antoine Winfield, Jr.

Eye-popping stuff here.

Yes, Bucs fans are well aware that Antoine Winfield, Sr. was a Pro Bowl cornerback and a young father at the same time. That led to him grooming his son, Bucs safety Antoine Winfield, Jr., to be a football player while the young boy became a regular around the Minnesota Vikings. He even forged a relationship with Adrian Peterson.

The Bucs safety often has said he consults regularly on Xs and Os with his dad, but Joe learned a lot more about that this week.

Winfield talked to Beckles & Recher on WDAE radio and explained that he and his pops have a schedule during the season.

On Mondays, they’re breaking down first- and second-down film. Tuesdays are all about third down. And when Winfield gets the game plan for the next opponent, of course, father and son are poring over film for hours. Wednesdays and beyond are about watching/studying multiple games with his dad, he explained.

Those who listened to last Ira Kaufman Podcast episode (see below) heard Safeties coach Nick Rapone talk about how he never once heard from the elder Winfield, who he described as a professional who understands it’s not his place to call an assistant coach.

However, Rapone was clear that’s it’s awesome and encouraged for Winfield to be coached up every night by his dad, and Rapone said it was great for Winfield and never was led to an on-field issue.

How much better will Winfield be in 2021? Joe would wager on him taking a giant step forward.

Enjoy the Ira Kaufman Podcast, with special guest Bucs safeties coach Nick Rapone.

26 Responses to “Antoine Winfield Breaks Down His Father’s Help”

  1. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Winfield Sr. Should become part of the staff. He deserves a ring and a paycheck for his contributions.

  2. Dude in sweat pants Says:

    That’s amazing. Winfield senior is cool. Being a dad like that deserves major kudos to him and also to junior. Good father son relationship heals the world

  3. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    And to think I was pissed they didn’t take a running back at Winfield’s draft spot last year. That’s why I watch these games from my couch rather than the sideline.

  4. Cobraboy Says:

    A giant step from a superb rook season would be incredible…

  5. Aceofaerospace Says:

    My favorite Buc, after Brady, of course, by a mile.

  6. bojim Says:

    His head is definitely in the game.

  7. DaBux Says:

    This kid wants to be remembered like #47. He’s on his way to be a Buc for life.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    For those that think the game is almost all physical…wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Case in point… Senior obviously knows as much as a coach when it comes to the game of football, and especially the DB positions. But he also knows where to draw the line and not to interfere with Juniors on the field coach. And Junior is benefiting from the knowledge of both. Add to that, the kid obviously has what it takes between the ears. physically/mentally…60/40, 70/30…. whatever. But so great to see a dad really invest in the kid to such an extent, and share such a wealth of knowledge of how to prepare to play the game at such a high level.

  9. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Winfield Sr. was always one of my favorite non-Buc players, and this just adds to it. He’s always been a class act, and I’m glad the Bucs have his kid.

  10. '79 Defense Says:

    Thank you Senior Winfield. I wonder if he was also the one who taught Jr how to flash a payback peace sign at the best possible time.

  11. TampaTown Says:

    I was shocked to hear Nick Rapone say the first time he met Antoine Winfield Sr was on the field during the Super Bowl celebration. I don’t know why but I always assumed he was at OBP during training camp and other practices. I would love to hear both of them on the Ira Kaufman podcast and I hope NFL films is paying attention because this is a great story that really should have been highlighted last year.

  12. PSL Bob Says:

    I’m sure his dad enjoys this special relationship. It allows him to stay engaged in the game while watching his son mature. I’m sure he’s extremely proud. And, junior should make a tremendous jump this year.

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    Alvin, yeah I remember you and the other idiots panicking over not wasting another top pick on yet another RB. I said at the time, don’t waste picks on RBs, you can literally sign pretty much any FA and they’ll do the job… and we sign Fournette and he leads the NFL in rushing in the postseason. Some of us know what we’re talking about.

  14. David Says:

    Joe!!!! Not cool!

    I read the Headline “Antoine Winfield Breaks…. “
    And panicked before finishing the sentence

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    Thats a big advantage for Winfield Jr. An advantage that he’s had going all the way back to pee wee football. No wonder this kid didn’t look or play like a rookie last year……

  16. Howard Cosell Says:

    The head grave digger!!

    What a change from the Bucs decades of turrible turrible defensive secondary play. Receivers don’t want to play the Bucs because they’re afraid their grave will be dug by the end of the game

  17. Destinjohnny Says:

    If Winfield doesn’t make that play vs the saints…..
    No Super Bowl

  18. Destinjohnny Says:

    His play vs the saints was huge

  19. BradyBucs Says:

    Rod Munch,

    LOL at you dishing out “I told you so’s” when you were the very knucklehead on this site that claimed Vita Vea as only a ‘run stuffer’ before he came back for the playoffs and as you stated “would be a non-factor.”

    Myself, including others, said you didn’t have a clue as to what you were talking about and that Vea was collapsing the pocket to help our ends get QB pressures as well as he himself gets after the QB.

    One of the worst takes on a Bucs player in the history of this web site. Absolutely pathetic.

  20. lambchop Says:

    I want to keep tabs on Asante Samuel Jr. for the same reason this season. I wonder if he’ll translate well to the NFL given he’s got his pops as a coach. Should be interesting to see.

    Not every scion of an NFL star translates to the NFL.

  21. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Who were the posters that after AW Jr. was drafted by the Bucs, they swore up and down that he was “too short” and a “shrimp”? Was Rod Munch one of them?

  22. SOEbuc Says:

    Sky’s the limit for bone crusher. I dunno if there’s a certain amount of coaches allowed, but yes I always think it’d be cool for dad to be involved with the defense. No commission assistant to the assistant CB coach or even just an extra Pro Bowl CB that’s been watching the Bucs religiously the past year to break down film with the other guys. Being an NFL man himself, highly unlikely he’d give any slack to junior.

  23. cmurda Says:

    For those of us that watched much of Winfield Sr’s career, none of this is a surprise. Pops was a great corner and a student of the game. It is great to hear the work that Dad still puts in to help Jr. Just remember, behind both of those great men is a great woman. That would be momma bear. Big love to Erniece Winfield

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    BradyBucs – Uh, I got some bad news for… Vita is a part time run stuffer… thus the reason he only played 22% of snaps of games he played. He had a nice game in GB, and did nothing at all in the SB.

    You guys should spend less time during the game thinking about those interstate rest stops holes of glory you’re going to be manning after the game, and instead actually watch what is happening on the screen, or in person if you’re there.

    I like Vita, he shows promised. Meanwhile you dopes are putting him in the HOF. Slow down junior.

  25. Buczilla Says:


  26. BradyBucs Says:

    Rod Munch,

    BZZZZZZZ WRONG. Thanks for playing.

    Bowles used Vea on multiple twists and other schemes that had him breaking free and disrupting the Chiefs that added to the pressures on Mahomes. That had nothing to do with stopping the run and was often done in no-back, shogtun formations. Did you not actually WATCH the Super Bowl? You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You are absolutely CLUELESS as to what you’re talking about when it comes to Vea.

    You definitely rode the short bus to school.