Silly Super Bowl Hype For Saints

April 15th, 2021

Joe is really annoyed at the Good Morning Football crew on NFL Network, though not Kay Adams.

If Joe were at their “breakfast table,” as it’s known, Joe would have hurled the waffles and thrown whipped cream bombs at the co-hosts not named Kay.

Former Pro Bowl center Shaun O’Hara was barking about how Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, will take over for Drew Brees and be just as productive but also more vertical. O’Hara thinks that since Jameis threw 10 first-quarter interceptions with the Bucs in 2019, he was trying too hard and he won’t have to do that in New Orleans.

Sadly, that was the most reasonable take in the segment.

“I do feel like they’ll be Super Bowl contenders,” former NFL receiver Nate Burleson said of the Saints. Burleson baffled Joe when he spoke of how he saw “more discernment” in Jameis’ play last season. Really, dude? Jameis threw 11 regular-season passes last season and one of them hit a 49ers defensive player square in the chest.

And co-host Peter Schrager really made Joe puke when he said one reason Jameis will thrive is because Sean Payton will ensure his success. “He cares too much about the offense and he cares too much about Jameis.”

Soooooo, Bucco Bruce Arians didn’t care enough about the offense and/or enough about Jameis? Arians has three Super Bowl rings and two Coach of the Year awards. Hello!

Burleson also said Jameis can be comfortable and rely on his quality weapons. Didn’t Jameis have two Pro Bowl receivers and a solid No. 3 in 2019?

This Jameis/Saints hype is making Joe hope the Bucs head to New Orleans in Week 2 to deliver an ass-beating. If NFL Network is going to play up this kind of hype for the next five months, then Joe wants it to end as soon as possible.

114 Responses to “Silly Super Bowl Hype For Saints”

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    I wish Jameis nothing but the best, just not with the Saints or ever against my Bucs.

  2. Robert Says:


    jw= epic fail

  3. Im not tired anymore we Super Bowl Champs!! Says:

    They fell under the spell of Jameis as I did. They will soon be in for a rude awakening. Go Bucs!

  4. Bird Says:

    Teddy bridgewater went 5-0 two years ago
    Taysome hill went 3-1 last year

    They will win games. If its jameis , he will win some games and ndogs love. But Not sure who qb will be? Lets see what they do in draft.

    But to say the are legit super bowl contenders? I want what they are smoking

  5. Toenail58 Says:

    Jameis has to win the starting job first

  6. geno711 Says:

    The Jameis hype will never stop in this town.
    He is not on our team. Let it lie.

  7. SKBucsFan Says:

    He plays for the enemy now. I hope the Bucs crush them and pad their defensive stats over the 2 games.

  8. SB~LV Says:

    Shaun Payton won’t give him 5 series of what we suffered through for 5 years, Jameis better hope he never plays as a starter and just has a career as a back up, he has a lot of future paychecks at stake

  9. Youngbucs Says:

    It’s super bowl or bust for winston and the saints! I don’t wanna hear no more excuses for him. The Winston stans on this site talked a lot of trash about Tom Brady and the Bucs organization. The said it would be a failure 😂. And yes oneilbucs im talking about you. He has everything you said he needed is it win time for him????? Are you holding him to the same standards you put on Brady???? Why are you scared to say it’s time for jameis to put up or shut up????? It’s so easy for you to criticize the Bucs you need to grow a pair. Super bowl or bust!!! No more excuses prove me wrong jameis and I will eat crow! I’m not like oneilbucs who got proven wrong repeatedly and still won’t admit it!

  10. Ben green Says:

    You’re lucky cook coughed up the ball. The saints had them on the ropes. As for this year, payton is an incredible offensive mind and they’ll score points. He’ll now that they have someone who can throw a pass longer than 15 yards, they might be better

  11. Steven007 Says:

    JW, if he starts, will have some stats with the Saints as he did with us. Thomas will run his usual 8-yard slants. It will be interesting to see how kamara fits into the mix as JW is terrible at screens. Hope we bury that ugly team twice next year.

  12. Steven007 Says:

    Ben, don’t forget the parts they’re missing since they’ve trolled the cap for so many years. Also lattimore is hurt though I’m not sure how far into the season that will go if at all.

  13. Durango 95 Says:

    Though I have no ill will against Jameis. I damn sure do not wish him well. He was given more than enough time and support in Tampa only for him to return and gloat in the faces of the area fan base after a couple of regular season victories. Full-on jack-ass behaviour.

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    JW is a str8 BUST!!!!!!

    we’ll sweep the saints this year and they wont make the playoffs!!!…book it!!!!

    JW and the SAINTS are who we thought they were!!!!!….TRASH and OVERRATED!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  15. Bradinator Says:

    Aside from the obvious issues with the Jameis angle, I’m just not feeling them as contenders this year. The Cap has come due, and it’s hurt them. The advantage for them is, we are the only team in the division they have to contend with, this year anyway. Falcons and Cats are too busy rebuilding.

  16. ClodHopper Says:

    I could see the Saints being better than we think and I could see Jameis play better than we think, but Super Bowl contenders? That’s just crazy town!

  17. Bucfanforever Says:

    The Saints were gutted this off-season. It’ll be like starting for the 2009 Bucs, but with a more experienced head coach.

  18. Bucs Bro Says:

    Anyone who thinks Cook “coughed” the ball up is not nuanced in the game. Winfield punched it out it’s a forced turnover, a great play not a coughed up ball.

    Anyone hyping up the Aints as Super Bowl contenders with all their losses, their limited QB’s, limited #1 WR and losses all over the field (Hendrickson, Sanders etc etc) is just trying to create content in a too long NFL offseason

    Aints will be good, but no team with Winston will ever be a SB Contender

  19. Ben green Says:

    Steven007 they still have the draft, I know they lost some players but, the qb literally couldn’t throw a 15 yard out. That play peyton burned them on with winston throwing is a perfect example. Btw you’re one of the only people on here who think critically

  20. Youngbucs Says:

    The saints still have all their best players the core players. Stop with the narratives they have been gutted. I’m hearing excuses already for this dude he got the Harvard education in QBing right??? Let me see it prove it to me because talk is cheap just like it’s always been.

  21. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Bucs can’t sleep on the Saints in 2021. Winny showed his true colors eating a W and dancing in Ray Jay’s visiting locker room. I wanted him to succeed as a Buc but sure am glad he’s gone now.

  22. Bruce Blahak Says:

    WinSTUNNED lol

  23. Waterboy Says:

    Kinda reminds me of all the great coach hype that Jon Gruden used to receive when he was sitting in the booth providing “expert” analysis and not actually coaching. Now that he’s back on the field people are starting to realize that the hype and reality are not aligned. Same thing with Mr. Winston, every offseason we were seeing workout videos and hearing the hype build up and hearing how this was finally going to be the year that it all started to click for him and then the season started and reality set in.

  24. Youngbucs Says:

    Who is this Ben green dude y’all can’t even stick to 1 name smh.

  25. Medicated Pete Says:

    Kay Adams sounds like she smokes cartons of cigarettes to stay skinny.

  26. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    LOL clearly these clowns didn’t watch Bucs games with Jameis under center. I do think Jameis will be better on the Saints than he was on the Bucs, but considering he set records for turnovers and won 5-7 games a year, that ain’t hard. Jameis will be good enough to carry Saints to .500, but Super Bowl contenders for a team that lost a bunch of guys to salary cap hell? I don’t think so.

  27. Drunkinybor Says:

    Yeah I fell for that too. Looks like a lion plays like a lamb. Winston is just awkward stumbling, bumbling, throwing pick after pick after pick. Good riddance.

  28. Jerry Says:

    Ever since Katrina, the media has loved the Saints. Nothing new here.

  29. firethecannons Says:

    saints aint even gonna play jameis then when they finally do it will be a party — a pick party nothing changes with that dude

  30. Ben green Says:

    I’m Ben green and haven’t changed my name since I started reading this garbage. Y’all need a reality check and a class in critical thinking. I’m here to provide both, free of charge

  31. Ben green Says:

    Is anyone on here aware of what happened to james white last year? His dad died and his mother was in a coma due to a car crash. He had other worries than football. Get some knowledge before you post

  32. Youngbucs Says:

    Yea Ben u sound just like someone named Ndog. Giving us a class in critical thinking huh?

  33. Duane Says:

    The Saints have a defense and can run the ball. Jameis never had that here. It took Tom Brady to get this team to feature the run a bit more and it worked wonders in the post season. I enjoyed watching this kid play, for better and for worse. Even if all the nonsuccess Winston had here was all his fault, he is in a better position to succeed. This team has a history of letting qbs go to have success on other teams, signing TB12 doesnt make us qb gurus overnight. Poetic justice and typical Bucs Luck are the most probable outcome this year, but yeah, we should be unnerved because a talking head says that a team that historically owned us may be in a position to do so again. The front runner talk needs to stop. Last season is over. Worrying about what Jameis will do on another team is a typical self fulfilling Buc fan philosophy that will get us beat this season.

  34. LVMYBUCS Says:

    There’s a sucker born every minute. Winston has the Saints fooled like he had the Bucs fooled. He’s probably hoping they wont figure that out until he makes a few more million off of them like he did with the Bucs. Winston is a bust plane and simple

  35. Robert Says:

    classless organization=perfect match for jw

  36. Youngbucs Says:

    Duane do you know how many QBs you can say don’t have or didn’t have a run game or defense? That is not an excuse for constantly making bad decisions. What does run gm and defense have to do with throwing into triple coverage? What does it have to do with throwing ints in the opening series in multiple gms? Stop the nonsense it’s old already 🛑

  37. Bobby C Says:

    You guys are amazing, your hate for jamesis is incredible, and the fact that there was never a time when Winston had the weapons or protection that Brady had this past year. You guys need to stop drinking the kool-aide of Brady and realize that Jameis was laying on the ground most of the time, running for his life, watching evans stop on his routes and no running game to speak of. You people just leave Winston alone and let him be, crying out loud. Bruce Has done everything he could to make Winston look bad and you guys said nothing. Only reason Brady performed so well down the stretch was that he stopped being coached and became the coach in the field, he told Bruce to shut his face. By way , when Brady decides he has had enough, who’s the future, oh wait there is no long term plan only sucking from Brady’s breasts. #leavewinstonalone

  38. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Jameis’ future success in NFL depends on Jameis’ future performances.
    It doesn’t matter how many yards or td passes he throws if he continues to be a turnover machine.
    Only Jameis can change his legacy.

  39. Fred mcneil Says:

    Lattimore is facing a stolen gun charge in Ohio.
    Anyone know how serious that is?
    Some states dictate mandatory prison time. Some just want fine money.

  40. Mitch Says:

    The division will be interesting post Brees. I think the Saints do have potential to be better on offense with Jamies in terms of talent. Although it remains to be seen if his decision making has gotten any better. The one TD he threw against the bucs in the playoffs was nothing other than a busted coverage.

    I think the Saints will play the bucs tough, but unless Payton puts JW in a bubble and runs the offense through Kamara again I don’t believe he will make it through 17 games next season.
    The really big question mark in the division is Atlanta

  41. Swampbuc Says:

    Don’t worry, next they’ll be hyping the Falcons, then the Panthers, then two thirds of the rest of the teams. They’re trying to create interest and intensify rivalry.

    Too many are ready to hand the Bucs another Lombardi and an undefeated season.

    They’ll play the games and then w3’ll see.

    Oh, and Ben green – STFU. You’re a toad.

  42. Bird Says:

    Ben green is acting like he has been here for some time
    First time i have seen him. On here everyday. For every article

    Man he is so angry but so smart
    Smarter then everyone on here i would say

    Who are you really ndog?
    Its one of the messiah cult who had to go in hiding 😂
    Own up to your original name. I wont change even if wrong
    Not scurred

  43. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Jay Miss is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

  44. Robert Says:

    a critically thinking toad that is

  45. Cainishere Says:

    Um didn’t the Saints just lose a lot of key players including Brees? I want some of what they are smoking.

  46. Swampbuc Says:

    Robert, LOL!

  47. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    I still think they’ll be a really good team unfortunately. But to what those GMF said “Jameis is gonna learn em the hard way”

  48. Cainishere Says:

    Jameass Winsnone deliberately lost games because of his childish immaturity hence why he is gone. To say he had no defense, rungame or coaching staff is ludicrous. He would yell at his teammates only to run his sorry ass onto the field and throw the game away himself. Glad he is gone the ignorant perv that he is and hopefully will show how stupid he is to the Saints. Just goes to show once again how ignorant sports analysts are today.

  49. Oneilbuc Says:

    Duane you ain’t lieing bro it took Brady to come to the team before they relize they needed a running game . I guess when Brady leaves the running game is over. And as for Jamies I wish him nothing but the best except when he play against the bucs. I will never hate brother and yall can get mad because I hate the brother all yall want . But I can’t wait until the draft. And when the next young quarterback comes in if they give him a running game he’s going to struggle the same way like all the others who Tampa drafted …

  50. Robert Says:

    now I get it….the running game got us a SB…all we needed was another back. forget about the GOAT….it was the RB’s

  51. Buczilla Says:

    Kay Adams is super cute when she looks sleepy. Other than that, I don’t have much use for that show. Only three players on the Saints offense would start for us. Kamara is obvious, Armstead is better than Smith, and Thomas would be second string behind Mike (despite what Ira and Simms would have you believe).

    I think that saints will be a tough out even if Jameis is starting, but we have the better team and the saints look like a super bowl team to me without Brees.

  52. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Bucs were 28th on rushing attempts by team this season.

  53. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Bucs were 24th in rushing attempts in 2019.

  54. SB~LV Says:

    Without Brees ,the Saints are just an average NFL team and below average at QB. Sure you have to take them seriously ,but with Brees reading the D and his quick feet and quick release they will be middle of the pack searching for an identity

  55. Bucs Bro Says:

    Aints lost

    26 total TD’s from Brees
    13.5 Sacks from their leading sacker, Hendrickson
    Sheldon Rankins
    Emmanuel Sanders, their 2nd leading receiver on the team behind Kamara, tied for 2nd with 5 TD catches
    Jared Cook who lead the team in TD catches. 4th leading receiver in catches
    Janoris Jenkins, who tied for the team lead with 3 INT’s
    Malcom Brown
    Kwon Alexander
    Justin Hardee
    Nick Easton
    Josh Hill
    Thomas Morstead

    Will they be 5 or 6 win bad? No, I doubt it. I still expect them to be competitive and contend for a Wildcard spot. They have a lot of work to do.

    -Figure out who their QB is? Turnover prone Jameis or Taysom Hill
    -Replace 2 of their top 5 receivers from 2020
    -Replace their leading sacker from 2020 and restock their defensive line depth which was the strength of their team.

    That’s a lot to figure out with no voluntary offseason workouts. Not sure if I’d be on the Aints super bowl contender train. Playoff contender, sure, but until Jameis proves he can protect the ball he will never be a threat to be a good playoff QB

  56. Oneilbuc Says:

    Kentuckybuc how many yards did Rojo have this year vs last year? How many runningbacks the bucs gave Freeman or Jamies ?? At the end of the season they went to a Patriots type of offense and all you have to do is look at the stats for Evans and Godwin and you can see the difference.

  57. Stanglassman Says:

    If Jameis was playing for the ‘19 or even ‘20 Saints I’d give him a much better chance. This ‘21 team is not nearly as good.

  58. HeyItsAdam Says:

    When the heads talk, you can tell who actually watched Bucs football and who read about it.

  59. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    They will have great seats for the Super Bowl in the stands

  60. gotbbucs Says:

    The only thing I know for sure is the Saints will likely be over confident in their secondary when the pick this fool off in practice.
    For real though, Winston will likely be the backup or at the very least be splitting reps. Payton I guarantee is arrogant enough to think he can run a two QB system in the NFL.

  61. Cannon Says:

    I hate the Saint’s, and Payton even more so, but the dude can craft a good game plan. I would not be surprised if they are contending for a wild card this season.

    As for Winston, it will be interesting to see how Payton maximizes his talent (he has a LOT of talent), while minimizing his mistakes (he makes 2-3 bone-headed plays a game).

    Meanwhile, if our players can keep their ego’s in check, the really do have the ability to crush any team in the NFL right now, and could run the table (if they really put in the effort and proper mindset).

    Go Bucs.


    That is Paytons best chance to stay diverse. I have heard Jamais compared to Brady many times on this site and by now the consensus is pretty obvious and to be honest comical. Now the comparison is Brees? Some of u posters should write SNL. Jamias proved he cannot play this game at the highest level. If Payton goes 2 QB set and Jamais is #1 QB, they go 9-8 next year at best.

  63. Kentucky Buc Says:

    But but but but. If if if if if.

  64. fern Says:

    Read Bucs Bro post
    Could have not said it better
    They are running of stuff to talk about Joe.

  65. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbucs so it’s super bowl or bust for winston??? Why you scared to answer big mouth. Ok I know you don’t wanna hold winston to any standards. But be a man and eat your crow about all the sh*t you talked. Do you have it in you?

  66. K2 Says:

    Jamie’s will be better because he got a wake-up call. He thought he was a top 10 QBand would earn $25 million a year. He was shocked that the Bucs moved on and was confused why his phone wasn’t ringing. He now understands he can’t talk about getting better every day and keep throwing interceptions like they don’t matter. I believe he will improve, but will still be his own worst enemy.

  67. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbucs said look at evans and Godwin stats😂
    Bro you just watched the best offense in team history a season after you said Brady couldn’t do it 😂. And Godwin would have easily had 1000 or more yds he missed what 4-5 gms🛑. Evans just had the most tds in his career what you really saying???? Bro you know I can shut you down all day it’s fun for me.

  68. Youngbucs Says:

    Can anyone tell oneilbucs where the run gm rank last year please. Then after that tell him where the pass gm ranked. Because he’s a clueless troll who has no solid points.

  69. Bucfan81 Says:

    This is what happens when you have sports people that have not really watched the Bucs until we got Tom Brady. If you watched Games for the previous 5 years before Tom you can clearly see that JW won’t be eating any championships. He might set a new record though by being the first to throw 40TD and 40 Interceptions next season.

  70. Youngbucs Says:

    Seriously anybody who can’t admit that the biggest difference is the turnovers has no credibility.

  71. Kobe Faker Says:

    “JW in Harvard, Lousiana studying the playbook

    No more squinting

    He can clearly see Winfield heading his way with a pick6”

    Kobe Faker

  72. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @Ben Green

    The Bucs D shut down New Orleans offense.

    AK rushed for 85 yards and no TDs.

    Drew Brees threw for 134 along with 3 INTs.

    Winston’s one trick play TD was the longest pass that New Orleans had.

    The Bucs defense dominated New Orleans in the 4th Quarter, shutting them out in that quarter.

    In that game, New Orleans offense got a mud hole stomped into their chest.

    No luck about it.

    Also, when the Bucs OLine dominates the line of scrimmage, running the ball for 125 yards in 30 attempts, that ain’t luck, that’s a whoopin!

    You sound ignorant of football when you say the Bucs got lucky in that game.

    But, what can I expect from a second class state like Louisiana when it comes to football.

    Our Florida Prep Boys make one heck of an all time HOF team.

  73. Oneilbuc Says:

    When the bucs were 7 and 5 Brady looked 43 years old and most of yall on here were ghost at the time. Brady is year to year some of yall think Brady is playing 5 more years and he’s not . The bucs changed the offense for Brady even Brady told BA let’s try it a different way . And that’s when you saw the Patriots offense and it was a good move . The difference between me and and most of yall on here is I have more faith in the bucs then yall have. It’s a lot of new people on here since Brady came wich I know that some of yall are Brady fans. So when I talk about the future of the team then yall gets mad and say forget the future forget sustained success because when Brady gone most of yall on here will be gone as well . So I look forward to the future of this team more than a quick fix that’s probably over after this year . A real culture change will be judged in the next 2 or 3 years from now . Look at the Ravens after Ray Lewis and Ed Reed . Look at the Steelers after Bettis and their superbowl defenses they are all ways in the mix every year that’s what you call a real culture change the eagles though the same way so let’s see what the future holds .

  74. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    Jameis has a lot of things he needs to change if he wants to be successful in the nfl. He needs to go through progressions faster. Maybe not stare down the number one receiver for every play? We always seemed to be playing from behind which can be why he seemed to be trying force throws into double or even triple coverage. He tends to use his arm strength to make difficult throws. For example when he is back peddling or off balance. Which sometimes causes him to float the ball which caused some interceptions and definitely caused dropped balls. Thats also why he sucked out loud at screen passes. He also would randomly throw the football at the feet of the tallest players. He was never good at throwing the ball so the receiver could make the catch in stride. Amazingly frustrating to watch Evans have to stop running to make a catch. For me the most frustrating thing to watch was Jameis finally puts together a good series. Gets the offense to the red zone. But for some reason he just struggled in the red zone. It really was on him. We didn’t have an offensive line that was going to open a hole for the running back. Our running backs are usually on the smaller side. So it’s not like anyone expected the running back to punch it in. I mean Jameis was a no.1 overall pick. He is expected to be able to make plays in difficult situations. I kinda feel sorry for Jameis he had the coaching carousel which didn’t help. I personally think he was disappointed in himself to the point he gave up trying. His team mates noticed and decided I’m not risking my body for this guy. We can’t win with him.

  75. Duane Says:

    Love the passion in this thread. Its foolish to think that a team that has dominated this division is just somehow going to be a minor inconvenience in our road to defended championship. What should humble us even more is that this team that dominates this division annually shot themselves in the foot in the post season. We need to put the medical grade flower down and come back to reality. Our team is likely on borrowed time. I hope the Jameis haters arent setting themselves up for a big disappointment.

  76. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    Maybe a change of scenery and a fresh start on a new team is exactly what he needed. To be honest I was scared the Saints were going to pull Brees out of that playoff game. He was obviously hurt and was struggling. I think Jameis was there best shot to win that game but they stayed with Brees. I think the Saints fanbase would have revolted if they pulled Brees for Jameis especially if they lost with Jameis instead of Brees.

  77. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Never in a million years would I have guessed that Nate Burleson is actually N-Dog.

  78. SB~LV Says:

    If you have been watching any of the NFL channels never ending nothing new draft show Path to the Draft and watched the top QBs in their workouts, nothing reminds me of Jameis in them.
    I don’t expect much more than his 5 year body of work

  79. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbucs you a coward

  80. Jmarkbuc Says:


    We analyzed JWs game for five years. Have no intention of doing that again. No offense JefferyLane, but you and O’Neill should go have a private chat. Very few care about JWs problems, here. We moved on for a reason.

  81. kyle Says:

    Jameis who? He still plays tackle football??

  82. Cobraboy Says:

    @JeffreyLaine: maybe America’s Turnover Machine is just a dumba$$.

    He has been a QB his entire life. You’d think by now he’d have the “don’t be a dimba$$ QB” thing down pat.

    One of the shortest lists in NFL history: the list of QBs with 5 years of dumba$$ performance, one year of third-string clipboard warrior that becomes an effective, competent, low-turnover, top-shelf, playoff-winning leaders.

    I was happy the Bucs drafted Winston, and supported him for his first four years, glad the Bucs exercised their 5th-year option, with great anticipation that Arians and his staff could turn him around. Good arm, talks a good game and seemed like a nice guy outside of Publix, FSU bars & Uber cars.

    30-30, bro. 30-30. At 15-15 I was frickin’ done with that guy. What a disaster! I was nearly apoplectic with mock when I heard he “checked his sheets” and wanted a $30mil contract. Clearly, the Super Bowl-winning Bucs thought he was worth $0…and they made an astute valuation.

    Big League arm, PeeWee brain in action.

    ATM is so far in the rearview mirror all I see is road dust vortices…

  83. DaBux Says:


    Super Bowl?

    To quote an old friend:

    “Crack don’t smoke itself.”

  84. Cobraboy Says:

    LO< @ Bucfan81: "Jameis Winston, the NFL's first 40-40 man."

    Has to be a bust in Canton for that distinction!

  85. SlyPirate Says:

    The Saints lost more talent than any other team …

    QB Drew Brees, WR Emmanuel Sanders, TE Jared Cook, DE Trey Hendrickson, DT Sheldon Rankins, LB Alex Anzalone, TE Josh Hill, CB Justin Hardee

    They’ll need Winston to do more in order to win games. When Winston presses he fails.

  86. Mike28277 Says:

    Ben green: you state above the Bucs were “lucky” Cook coughed up the ball. This did not occur by happenstance or a fortuitous miracle. It happened because AWJ made a FOOTBALL play. It happens.

  87. IrishMist Says:

    Jameis is like Brett Favre, good enough to win a Super Bowl, and dumb enough to blow 4 others.

  88. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I am sure Drew Brees gave Jameis some good pointers and tips but you don’t go from a QB with the highest interception ratio to the bench to a top QB. He’ll win some games but will also lose just as much. If I was guessing, the Saint will be 9-7 this year.

  89. LJS4th Says:

    I hope the Bucs go 15-2 and are swept by the Saints!! Two Superbowl wins and were swept by the Saints both times!!! I can live with that!!!!

  90. Wesley Says:

    Funny stuff.

  91. Eastsidebuc Says:

    More fuel for TB12 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Howard Cosell Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    April 15th, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    @JeffreyLaine: maybe America’s Turnover Machine is just a dumba$$.

    He has been a QB his entire life. You’d think by now he’d have the “don’t be a dimba$$ QB” thing down pat.

    One of the shortest lists in NFL history: the list of QBs with 5 years of dumba$$ performance, one year of third-string clipboard warrior that becomes an effective, competent, low-turnover, top-shelf, playoff-winning leaders.

    I was happy the Bucs drafted Winston, and supported him for his first four years, glad the Bucs exercised their 5th-year option, with great anticipation that Arians and his staff could turn him around. Good arm, talks a good game and seemed like a nice guy outside of Publix, FSU bars & Uber cars.

    30-30, bro. 30-30. At 15-15 I was frickin’ done with that guy. What a disaster! I was nearly apoplectic with mock when I heard he “checked his sheets” and wanted a $30mil contract. Clearly, the Super Bowl-winning Bucs thought he was worth $0…and they made an astute valuation.

    Big League arm, PeeWee brain in action.

    ATM is so far in the rearview mirror all I see is road dust vortices…

    ^This pretty well sums up the harsh truth about JW

  93. Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli Says:

    I watched the show this morning and beside the usual padding they have to do leading up to the draft with the season long over I’m shocked that Kay Adams shows up on a national television show with her hair in a pony tail wearing a grey sweatshirt looking like she just came back from taking the garbage out! Talk about mailing it in….sigh.

  94. Chris L Says:

    Might be the best article you have ever written joe! I was watching it live too and like wtf. The falcons and panthers are foaming at the month salivating getting to play jameis twice. Eff the saints!!’

  95. Cainishere Says:

    Jameass winsnone good enough to win a Superbowl and lose 4 others? WTF you smoking bud. Put the pipe down son lol

  96. Cainishere Says:

    The cha.pionship in college where the ball flipped backwards behind Winsnone was a warning to all. Don’t pick me unless you wanna lose

  97. Sport Says:

    I can’t get the Dirk comment to JW in Hard Knocks after throwing the ball straight up in the air while being hit deep in the red zone.

    Frustrated and worn out by having to say it “You can’t do that…!”

    But JW had learn by googling. Got it.

    Happy trails to you….until we meet again!

    Go Bucs!

    In BA I Trust!

  98. BucEmUp Says:

    I agree, Jameis had nothing on defense, no run game and.even walk.on water tom.brady had to deal with the same playcalling for the first half of the season before demanding change. Leftwich made Brady look lime a turnover machine and NOBODY can deny the placalling changed to accomdate brady. That never happened forJameis.

  99. SufferingSince76 Says:

    So Winston listens to the coaches now instead of Google? Then the Saints must be a lock for the SB, huh? If the stupid didn’t come out in 5 years, why do you think it’s coming out now? BTW, I support every QB the Bucs have because they are on my team.

  100. 6throundpick Says:

    It appears to me that just because Jamis has a great arm, it was assumed that he could/would/should rule the NFL. That’s a fallacy. Time to fix the broken thinking. It’s incomplete and incorrect. For Monty Python fans: it’s an ex-parrot! That (broken) logic says: the one who can shred on guitar for minutes is the best guitarist. For those who have arrived, it’s quite tiresome. Botom line: these types count perfect spirals, yardage, and velocity, whilst the wise count wins, particularly playoff and championship wins.

  101. Cobraboy Says:

    Real winners and leaders lie to teammates while eating W’s.

  102. bucnole Says:

    Can he beat out Hill for the starting job??

  103. Duane Says:

    The QB leadership thing has confused me. Did the veterans on this team crank it up a notch last season because they respected the QB more? Was Brady the only person telling these guys that penalties were bad? I think there is a missed nuance here that the leadership from the QB position was strong enough to convince a bunch of old timers too set in their ways to change things up. While we talk about the greatness of the GOAT, lets also recognize how close BA was to screwing this up through most of the last season. When we talk about QBs that throw 30 ints in a season, what about the decision maker sending him out on the field? It smells like roses now because we won, and played our best football when it mattered. Lets see if they can play their best football for more than a fifth of a season before we act like we know what winning is all about. Go Bucs!

  104. Youngbucs Says:

    Duane give it a rest u sound stupid and silly. Trying to dissect and hold everyone responsible in your comment except Winston. It not anyone’s problem or doing but his. Y’all can make any excuses you want to but at the end of it all he has a turnover problem. And if he doesn’t get it under control he’ll be a backup journeyman for his career there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is super star material. It’s hard to make to any pro sports but when you get there it’s going to be players who are on another level some generational. Winston will never be that imo opinion. Let’s stop blaming everyone for his short comings at what point do you guys hold him responsible for his decisions. It’s getting laughable honestly. A lot of top pick QBS in nfl history don’t fulfill the expectations or hype for many different reasons. But let’s stop acting like winston is being held back by everything under the sun.while n

  105. Youngbucs Says:

    While not including him in the equation!!!!!!

  106. Youngbucs Says:

    What about the decision maker sending him out on the field? You mean the same decision maker that gave him his walking paper’s then won a super bowl?

  107. Youngbucs Says:

    Bruce ain’t no dummy and I applaud him he wasn’t about to let winston get him fired. If he was going to get fired better it be on his terms with a QB of his choosing. The point has been proven the Bucs made the right decision and that has nothing to do with the outcome of winston career.

  108. Cainishere Says:

    Jameass didn’t throw any picks last season. Check your sheet

  109. Howard Cosell Says:

    Winston is starting to look like a slightly better version of Jamarcus Russell

  110. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    “What about the decision maker sending him out on the field? You mean the same decision maker that gave him his walking paper’s then won a super bowl?”


  111. BuddhaBuc Says:

    Ben-adumbass Green go troll someone else’s board.

  112. David Says:

    I get where they’re coming from. The Saints are good team, a playoff team. Brees cannot throw it by the 20 yards down field. So with Wilson, they should have the offense opened up more.
    That said, however, if he starts and plays the whole season, there’s no way he doesn’t throw 18+ INTS and cost them a few games

  113. unbelievable Says:

    I dunno Joe, I think I would personally enjoy hanging out with Kay Adam’s very much if she was covered in whipped cream.

  114. Natron Says:

    JW will end up being nothing more than a footnote in the NFL history books