“I Feel Pretty Good”

April 19th, 2021

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One bit of news that flew under the radar this offseason amid the Super Bowl-winning celebrations and bringing back the Band of Bucs was that park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, smartphone-phobic, waffle-grilling, trophy-throwing, roller-coaster-scared, Bucs-Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady had knee surgery.

It wasn’t major surgery, as there were sightings of Brady taking his family to Disney World and his appearance yesterday at an MLS soccer game in South Florida, later showing up wearing the same threads at Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians’ foundation dinner last night.

In each case, Brady was walking around without a noticeable limp and without the aid of any cane or crutch or rehab device.

Jenna Laine of ESPN spoke with him about his rehab and Brady said his initial target to get back on a practice field will be the mandatory minicamp scheduled for June.

“Yeah, I hope so. I hope so,” Brady said when Laine asked if he will be ready by mandatory mini-camp. “I feel pretty good and I push myself pretty hard. I feel pretty good. I don’t know if I can go this week so we will see how things play out.”

Now the phrase Brady used “if I can go this week” is interesting to Joe. Voluntary OTAs were scheduled to begin this morning at One Buc Palace. But the Bucs players, via the NFLPA, issued a release last week that they were boycotting voluntary workouts due to concerns about The Sickness.

Was Brady saying he was going to go rogue and come in for OTAs anyway?

OTAs are not initially about players practicing on the field. The OTAs begin with training and conditioning workouts. And the only way we would know who attended those early workouts is if the Bucs told us — they are closed sessions.

Why would the Bucs want to ignite a sh!tstorm by announcing Brady is working out at One Buc Palace but his teammates are not? Couldn’t you just picture screamin’ Stephen A. Smith and Nick Wright melting down, not to mention national sports talk radio freaking out 24/7 until the draft begins a week from Thursday?

“Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady shows no solidarity with his brothers and breaks with his boycotting teammates to arrive to One Buc Place to begin preparations in defense of his team’s title.”

“Tensions are high in Tampa Bay as there is clearly a disconnect with quarterback Tom Brady, 43, and the rest of his Buccaneers’ teammates as Brady, per the team, is the lone player not to boycott the voluntary workouts.”

“Bucs players don’t care about winning another Super Bowl if they don’t join with Brady and start working out.”

“Brady is the only guy responsible. He’s not even 100 percent and he showed up. Where are the rest of his teammates? Why won’t they get vaccinated and work out if they are that scared?”

Brady didn’t come across concerned at all that he somehow won’t be ready by training camp, or worse, Game 1.

“It’s a long time between now and the beginning of the season,” Brady said. “Just be smart about all these different things we have to do and fulfill. We all take pride in being ready to go and I am sure we will be.”

Now players are allowed to come to One Buc Palace if they are rehabbing. For example, Jason Pierre-Paul also had knee surgery and he has been coming to One Buc Palace to rehab. He has posted pictures on social media of his drills from One Buc Palace but the team hasn’t and likely won’t.

In Joe’s eyes, the very last guy Bucs fans have to worry about being ready when September rolls around is Brady.

15 Responses to ““I Feel Pretty Good””

  1. Youngbucs Says:

    Going into another with realistic hope thank you ๐Ÿ!!! Suck on that trolls!!!

  2. Leighroy Says:

    Over analysis of a benign statement in my book. I see weโ€™re all still stuck with our imaginations running wild until April 29th ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe just another Brady mind trick. To get everyone motovaited to get back together in OTA’s. And GO FOR TWO! โœŒ

  4. RustyRhinos Says:

    Maybe just another Brady mind trick. To get everyone motovaited to get back together in OTA’s. And GO FOR TWO! โœŒ

  5. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Cmon man.

  6. lambchop Says:

    He could have been joking. Obviously, he won’t be 100% till maybe mini camp. So, that’s the phrase normally used leading up to a Sunday game. Or he’s considering some part of rehab as work. That or he’s just organizing and refereeing some Berkeley Prep workouts among teammates.

    What difference does it make? Even in his down time, he’s digesting game film from the previous season. The guy has coach written all over him if he wasn’t so Hollywood.

  7. lambchop Says:

    But, you notice the best players usually don’t make the best coaches. They don’t have patience for players who don’t eat, sleep, and breathe their craft to an extreme level. That and players who obviously have a small ceiling and mediocre talent. They don’t have patience for player development and most players can’t live up to the expectations of the greats.

  8. Medicated Pete Says:

    I wouldn’t play him in any preseason games. Ease him into the regular season with heavy run game & short, quick passes

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    I don’t worry about Brady.
    After watching him last season, I no longer believe he is human, or subject to the same issues as we mere humans

  10. Cainishere Says:

    Although Brady doesn’t like to discuss his personal Injuries, you would be able to tell if there were a problem. I think you are worried over nothing.

  11. Eddie Marz Says:

    Season is a long way off. Pretty sure Brady will be ready to then. Doesnโ€™t need to be ready now. This was planned out well. GO BUCS!

  12. Mitch Says:

    The amount of recovery time needed and the fact that he played on it well enough to not be listed on the injury report screams a full meniscus repair.

  13. Ben green Says:

    The goat will be ready. You can bet the kids college fund on that. He’s a maniacal worker. The knee injury was more serious than reported. I have that on authority. It only adds to his legend. I have never been around a more dedicated individual. The man is deeply in love with football. We never wanted him to go but, it was time. 20 years is a long time. I’m surprised he was able to stand that ass h&#$ for as long as he did

  14. Ben green Says:

    @Mitch I won’t confirm that but your assumption is spot on

  15. Ne+ bucs fan Says:

    that’s why he was staggering at the Bowl Parade it wasn’t the tequila he had a sore knee๐Ÿ˜‰