Geno Hayes Passes Away

April 27th, 2021

Dies at 33.

Former Bucs outside linebacker Geno Hayes passed away Monday night, his former high school coach told the Tallahassee Democrat. Hayes was 33.

Hayes, who played for the Bucs from 2008 through 2011, was basically the bridge between Hall of Fame outside linebacker Derrick Brooks and current Bucs stud and former outside linebacker Lavonte David.

Hayes passed away from what is believed to be liver failure. In a conversation with Jenna Laine of ESPN, Hayes attributed his disease, in part, to taking over-the-counter pain medications during his playing days.

“I didn’t do like regular guys do with the Toradol shots … I just took [NSAIDs],” Hayes said. “I thought it was safer. But once I got out and started doing research, I was like, ‘Oh … my body is not set up for this.’”

Hayes believed the non-prescription pain meds combined with a family history of liver disease were the root of his health problems.

He was a sixth-round draft pick by the Bucs in 2008 and started in his second season. After Hayes left in 2011, the Bucs drafted David in the second round a month later. After 2012 with the Bears, Hayes’ final two seasons were with Jacksonville in 2013 and 2014.

Recently, Hayes entered hospice care at this mother’s home in Georgia.

39 Responses to “Geno Hayes Passes Away”

  1. cmurda Says:

    Oh man. This is incredibly sad. First V Jax now Geno. It really puts everything in perspective. Condolences to Geno’s family and friends.

  2. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Gone too soon….awful news. I hope his family recovers…

  3. MadMax Says:

    Knew it was coming….it sucks! RIP big man!

  4. AtlBuc Says:

    It’s so sad. I will keep his family in my prayers.

  5. nate Says:

    This plan sucks

  6. lambchop Says:

    WTH, so messed up. RIP. But, how could a team doctor not advise him on what he was doing was causing more harm than good? Don’t team doctors know a player’s family history of medical conditions? Did he refuse to take medical advice?

    So many damn questions. 33 is too young to go. Horrible news.

  7. Buczilla Says:

    Damn. Rest in peace Geno Hayes.

  8. ATLBucsFan Says:

    So sad. Prayers for the family.

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    Condolences to the Hayes family and all of Geno’s friends.

  10. Bbro Says:

    God Bless

  11. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    RIP Geno…..blessings to your family.

  12. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    33 years old is so young; very sad. Condolences to the Hayes family.

  13. SB~LV Says:

    Rest In Peace

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I hope his estate explores legal action against this “over the counter” pain med company. My heart goes out to his family. What sad story to wake up to. RIP.

  15. Half-Caucked Jeudy Says:

    So sad….played hard and so very young. My favorite memory of him was how he always came to the stadium on game day in a taxi when all the other players had super nice expensive cars. I assumed he was saving his money since he was on a rookie contract his entire stay with the Bucs. RIP brother

  16. Bucsfanman Says:

    Waay too young! RIP Geno.

  17. Dean Bucs fan for life!!! Says:

    God Bless Gino and his family.

  18. Bradinator Says:

    This hurts my heart this morning. My condolences to Geno’s family and friends.

  19. rrsrq Says:

    Condolences and 🙏🏾 for his family and friends

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Helps us to realize NFL players are human…..I hope Geno was able to enjoy the Bucs SB win with the rest of us.
    RIP Geno.

  21. Wesley Says:

    Prayers for Geno.

  22. 813bucboi Says:

    RIP Geno

    GO BUCS!!!!

  23. BucsFanFromWayBack Says:

    As both a Bucs fan and Noles fan, this is a double whammy. My condolences for friends and family of Geno – Rest in Peace Good Sir

  24. Youngbucs Says:

    Rip geno

  25. Alstott up the gut Says:

    Very sad…. Appreciate all he did for the Bucs organization, and enjoyed cheering him on! RIP

  26. Buc4evr Says:

    Rest In Peace Geno. VJax and now Geno. Condolences to his family and all football fans who saw him play. 🙏🙏🙏😢

  27. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    RIP Geno! You died way too young!

  28. SOEbuc Says:

    My brother died at 33 and I turn 32 on Saturday. Condolences to his loved ones and friends I know it’s tough when something like this happens so early in life.

  29. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Good dude met him at bucs game in buffalo good dude walking through the streets during the day said he might see us at niagra falls that day…anyways RIP way too young

  30. Ben green Says:

    The team dr.’s only purpose is to make sure these guys are ready to go. If that means lining everyone up and giving them an insane dose of a medication known to destroy the liver, so be it. They also gave out opioids like pez. They’re no different than celebrity dr’s.

  31. All lives matter Says:


    Rest in Peace Geno

  32. Cainishere Says:

    Another outstanding player added to the Bucs heavenly team. God bless you Geno. RIP

  33. bojim Says:

    I am so sorry. RIP.

  34. adam from ny Says:

    oh dam…

    rest in peace Geno…

    too dam young…rip

  35. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Rest Up Geno
    My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.

  36. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  37. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    That really sucks.

  38. FrankPillow Says:

    Much too young. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. RIP Geno.

  39. Howard Cosell Says:

    I’m really sorry to hear this