Changing Trend On Rookie Rushers Contributing

April 30th, 2021

New Bucs OLB Joe Tryon.

Every NFC South team has seen rookie edge rushers contribute significantly in recent years with limited snaps.

Joe will start with the Falcons’ Takkarist McKinley, drafted at No. 26 overall in 2017. McKinley dove in head first for 38 percent of Atlanta’s defensive snaps and walked away with six sacks, two forced fumbles and 10 quarterback hits for the defending NFC champs. He added two sacks in two playoffs games that season, as well.

A year later, rookie DE Marcus Davenport (No. 14 overall) grabbed 40 percent of the Saints’ defensive snaps and tallied 4 1/2 sacks and a dozen QB hits. And in 2019, Carolina grabbed Florida State edge rusher Brian Burns, who collected 7 ½ sacks and 16 QB hits in 43 percent of snaps as a rookie.

Only three edge rushers were taken in the first 39 picks of last year’s draft. Chase Young was a monster, but No. 39 overall pick Yetur Gross-Matos found 2 ½ sacks in one-third of possible snaps for the Panthers, 2 tackles for loss and 6 QB hits.

Going back again to 2019, Montez Sweat (No. 26 overall) was a beast for Washington out of the gate, with seven sacks, eight TFLs and 13 QB hits, proving to be fourth best in his class behind Nick Bosa, Burns and No. 7 overall pick Josh Allen, who made the Pro Bowl. Even Chucky’s 2019 bust in Oakland, DE Clelin Ferrell, had 4 1/2 sacks, 8 TFLs and 8 QB hits as a rookie.

New Bucs edge rusher Joe Tyron (No. 32 overall), a physical specimen at 6-5, 260 pounds, should be able to contribute as a rookie if the Bucs didn’t mess up the pick.

Gaines Adams did for a great Bucs defense in 2007, and Adrian Clayborn had a very strong rookie season four years later with little help around him. (Remember, Gerald McCoy only played six games that season.) And Noah Spence had 5 1/2 sacks and 12 QB hits for the Bucs as the No. 38 overall pick in 2016. Joe’s hoping, of course, that Tryon isn’t the next Da’Quan Bowers or Kyle Moore.

Joe has no reason to believe Tryon can’t be better than fellow OLB Anthony Nelson by midseason, and that would be a win for the Bucs.

43 Responses to “Changing Trend On Rookie Rushers Contributing”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    Agree. Though I think Nelson is better than many give him credit for. No matter, Tyron looks to have a higher ceiling. Maybe even become a star. We have excellent starters and depth at this position, imo. We’ll see.

  2. 813bucboi Says:

    i think folks are sleeping on nelson…i love his motor…he gets pressure on the QB and is always in the right spot…he plays under control and knows his assignment…

    a win for the bucs would be nelson and cam gil producing and keeping shaq and jpp fresh…

    dont gift wrap anything to the rookie….let him get beat up by wirfs and donny while he learns from jpp,shaq,gholston,nelson and cam gil….thats what we need…

    GO BUCS!!!

  3. DingleBerry Says:

    Complete wet fart of a pick.

  4. All lives matter Says:

    Wasn’t Nelson a 4th round draft pick? Tryon is a 1st round pick. Kind of unfair comparison. Tryon should be expected to surpass Nelson out the gate.

  5. Steven007 Says:

    Dingle, you claim you’re not a troll yet you regurgitate your hatred of this player you’ve yet to see play down for a team you claim to love on every available post. Seems kind of trollish to me. Bring something better to the table.

  6. Medicated Pete Says:

    On a side note – We’re so lucky Panthers didn’t take Justin Fields. Sam Darnold will continue to see GHOSTS vs our defense

  7. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I feel like this pick was perhaps a reach at 32 but the Bucs looked at his potential and determined 32nd was the right spot. I was onboard with barmore at 32 but what do I know. I hope tryon turns into a beast! Go Bucs!

  8. DingleBerry Says:

    I don’t hate the player/person.

    I hate the pick.

  9. Pewter941 Says:

    So what are the chances we draft another Husky today?

  10. SOEbuc Says:


    Agreed. Nelson has been a damn fine backup to JPP. You think of all the knowledge from FHOF on the right side ,but his “husky friend” (copyright) on the other side can transfer knowledge about how to be a successful rookie coming from UW defense to the Bucs.

  11. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    This year’s draft, according to the experts, have a poor selection of DE/Edge rushers, yet 6 was picked in the first round. While there were only 1 or 2 DLs that produced a quality number of sacks, there were a high number number of DEs with outstanding physical talent. Oweh and Ossal leading the pack, having 40 times in the 4.4 range and Tryon, Williams and Ojulari posting in the upper 4.5s and low 4.6. In other words, there seems to be a high number of sleepers or hidden gems in this draft as more than 1/2 dozen DEs were low producers in terms of sack but all having high ceilings. My take, the Covid had a lot to do with low numbers due shorten season/training. Personally, I think Bucs got a steal with Joe Tryon.

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    All lives matter

    Nassib was on the sidewalk scrubbing windshields for change when Licht found him. Tom Brady went in the SIXTH ROUND!!! Doesn’t matter. That’s where the term “bust” comes from.

  13. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Dingleberry you must be so happy to have something to complain about after we won it all. Funny how the draft brought light to the trolls who had run into their caves.

  14. Will Says:

    OK for anyone complaining saying the kid opted out of the season do you also realize that his team only played 4games of what was supposed to be a 7 game season. Plus he tried to come back but it was too late. He spent the time getting ready for the draft and working on his skills.He didn’t just opt out and do nothing. We all know that the guys we draft this year aren’t coming in to start right now so if he needs a bit of development it’s OK. I’d LOVE for the kid to come in and push for time this year and we all know that that’s exactly what the coaches are hoping for with every pick we make in the draft. We’re in a unique position and if the rookies get on the field for any significant time not due to injury to a starter that’s a great win for us.
    GO BUCS!

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Nelson is doing fine for a 4th round pick…..

    And, maybe we reached by 5-7 slots for Tryon…..but the problem is, we probably didn’t have a trade opportunity to move down just a few spots….so we took him rather than gamble & lose him.

    You can tell we wanted him by the timing of the pick….right after we were put on the clock….we didn’t wait for potential trade down calls.

  16. Godlovesbucs Says:

    Dingle, what or who did you want? There is no one that would be an immediate starter on this team that was available when they picked.

  17. All lives matter Says:

    QB Davis Mills will be drafted before QB Kyle Trask so if Mills comes off the board early we’ll probably see our team move up to get Trask in fear he won’t be there at the of the second round.

  18. Steven007 Says:

    Dingle, replace the word player with pick in my previous post and everything else still applies. As you well know.

  19. Casual Observer Says:

    TB bucsfan – Exactly what I thought. Trading down just a few picks was appealing. But then we would likely have lost Tryon. Hard to know but probably the best decision. I trust Licht.

  20. catcard202 Says:

    Like how Joe over looked Josh Allen’s 2019 stats…(Since the FO passed on him)…Allen had 44tackles/10.5 sacks/11 TFL/23 QB hits/2 Forced fumbles – playing 60% of snaps for JAX.

    I’d say that made him at MIN the #2 edge from 2019 class behind Bosa.

  21. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Dingleberry, perhaps you unconsciously chose your moniker because you are the combative sort naturally.

    Pewter941, I would be very happy to see us come away with Levi Onwuzurike today! We have lot of options. I am elated as a Buc fan. 😁

    In JL I trust!

  22. DingleBerry Says:

    Players that we should have picked over Joe Tryon based purely on tape:

    1. Azeez Ojulari
    2. Asante Samuel Jr.
    3. Javontae Williams
    4. Tevin Jenkins
    5. Elijah Moore
    6. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah
    7. Terrace Marshall Jr.
    8. Brandon Browning
    9. Nick Bolton
    10. Trevon Moehrig
    11. Levi Onwuzurike
    12. Joseph Ossai
    13. Ifeatu Melifonwu

    And probably a few more but I’d have to do more research. The real kicker? Licht could have easily traded down several spots, picked up additional picks to move up for another player in the 2nd or early 3rd and still gotten some of these guys who all project to be better players than Joe Tryon.

    I just don’t like the pick because the tape absolutely does not say Joe Tryon is anywhere close to being worth a 1st round pick. Licht fell in love with a work out warrior with nice muscles and even said so himself in the post draft interviews.

  23. Casual Observer Says:

    Wow. So smart. You should be the GM. You know better than Licht.

  24. SOEbuc Says:

    Pick came straight out. Licht and BA were trying to get to Press Box for some beers and wings ASAP.

  25. All lives matter Says:


    your list looks like players left on NFL.COM

  26. All lives matter Says:

    So their rankings are the end all be all accoring to you ..c’mon man

  27. All lives matter Says:

    correction: according

  28. WHO 😀❗️ Says:

    Joe, The Bucs War Room only took 3 seconds to make their pick in Joe Tyron❗️If you go to You Tube, Check out the old Charles Hailey and JPP tapes, and presto 😀❗️There you go. Even Colin Cowherd on his FS1 show today said the Bucs Nailed their 1st round Pick with Joe Tyron. Like you always say Joe, “You never have enough pass rushers .” In the world of the late great Al Davis. “You go after the Quarterback, AND HIT HIM HARD ❗️“
    GO BUCS 😀❗️

  29. Keir Says:

    The more I read, the more I like him. He was the perfect luxury pick with a lot of upside. It seems we have the perfect incubator for an edge rusher with Shaq, JPP and the rest. Can immediately help spell those guys on early downs and have them more fresh at the end of the game. I dont see any loss at all here, Great pick!!!!

  30. Ash Says:

    I agree with a couple on your list Jok and jenkins would have taken jenkins personally but I’m ok with joe tryon I think they can develop him into a solid player for the bucs

  31. Pewter941 Says:

    How is he a luxury pick?

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Tryon has been The Bucs guy for quite awhile.
    Seems like most prognosticators knew it.
    And hes a great pick.
    He can dip his shoulders low enough to get around an OT.
    And His tape at DT looked good.
    I also like Anthony Nelson.
    He and Tryon give us decent rotations for JPP and Shaq.

    Now, center to spell Jensen, and DT to spell Suh and Vea.
    I hope we get as lucky with the next 2 picks.
    Dts are in short supply this draft- we may settle for a Safety.

  33. Hope springs eternal Says:

    like Ash said. We don’t need the kid to start. The a a Bucs have the luxury to draft gifted athletes and bring them along gradually. That’s the benefit of all the starters returning. No rookie has to be forced into immediate starting. Now find some more with size speed and agility to groom for Oline, linebacker, and db/kick returner.

  34. Baby Grace Says:


    You are a complete joke. You don’t look at tape, you just read some moron and think it sounds good so you fall right in lock step. You obvious just want to sound knowledgeable because your self esteem is so low.

  35. Drunkinybor Says:

    I really really wanted Bucs to take Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah. I think if he lands with a D coordinator like Bowles he will be amazing. My fingers are crossed he still might be Buc.

  36. Baby Grace Says:


    One more thing I am sure of: You never played football, you never coached football, but you probably stayed in a Holiday Inn last night.

  37. Joeypoppems Says:

    Kinda hope they draft another pass rusher tbh. We dont need any of these rookies to step into significant playing time day 1. Perfect time to load up on OL and pass rushers. I can be talked into DB and WR. Imo we shouldnt be looking at any other positions other than those 4

  38. windbaggery Says:

    Dongleberry has built super bowl rosters before, I am sure. We should listen to his wet farts.

  39. Rod Munch Says:

    Anthony Nelson is a DE who they have playing LB, I don’t get it. He’s too big and slow to be standing up, and I assume he’ll be moved to the line or won’t be here next year.

    As for Tryon, in this defense, with limited snaps, I think 5-6 sacks is completely within reason. It’s more about how they use guys than anything – for example if he was a rookie DE in a 4-3, 5 or 6 sacks is an amazing rookie year. But as an edge rusher, I think he’ll do just fine — and we’ll know a lot more after his 2nd year, when I expect him to show if he was worth being a 1st rounder or not.

  40. DingleBerry Says:

    Baby Grace

    I do watch tape and don’t live in a holliday inn. Don’t project your stuff on to me.

    Also I thoroughly owned you once today on the article about Payton Turner. You must not have seen it otherwise you wouldn’t be talking mess to me anymore.

  41. unbelievable Says:

    yeah I dunno why people keep comparing him to Nelson. Nelson was a 4th rounder.

    Hopefully he picks up a lot this year. Not sure whether Bowles, Rodgers or JPP will be around by 2022…

  42. BUCFAN4LIFE Says:

    “Steven007” , DingleBerry’s a Dumbass . Don’t pay any attention to him (or her) .

  43. BUCFAN4LIFE Says:

    In JL I Trust ! Nuff’ Said ! BOOM !