Relive The Dream

March 23rd, 2021

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Like they say, tape doesn’t lie.

The latest proof comes courtesy of NFL Films, which has documented Tampa Bay’s championship quest in a riveting DVD available nationally today ($5 streaming rental or $13.00 purchase on Amazon). This 75-minute video is a treasure trove for Buc fans, a keepsake that will surely be replayed many times in households from Largo to Lutz.

Narrated by Philly broadcaster Scott Graham, this tale of the 2020 Bucs tilts predictably toward Tom Brady. The video provides previously unavailable footage of Brady’s interactions with teammates on the sidelines.

The conversations reveal Brady’s relentless drive and competitive nature. And you can see up close and personal just how much attention Brady’s teammates, both young and old, pay to his directives.

If Brady’s the star of the show, Devin White isn’t far behind.

The game action, exquisitely shot, gives you a sense of White’s startling closing speed. But beyond all those tackles, White is revealed as the inspiring leader of a defense that excelled in the postseason.

As early as Week 2, NFL Films cameras captured the moment when Carolina’s Christian McCaffrey tells White that he’s the best in the league at what he does. And it’s no coincidence that McCaffrey has struggled against the Bucs since White was drafted in 2019.

The final 40 minutes are devoted to the postseason — and this is where NFL Films generates the most drama.

Featured hero

Their cameras focus on Washington rookie defensive end Chase Young, who entered the wild-card playoff round saying he welcomed a chance to face Brady. But when the teams met, Young was swallowed up by Donovan Smith. As the night progressed, Young had little to say and even less to show for his evening’s work.

This was Smith’s finest hour as a Buccaneer.

The following week at New Orleans, White tormented Alvin Kamara, one of the NFL’s most versatile running backs. With the game in the balance, White tells a teammate on the bench that, “I’m gonna put the dagger in them.”

Sure enough, White picks off a Drew Brees pass intended for Kamara and Tampa Bay advances to the NFC championship game.

NFL Films captures the moment Brady and Aaron Rodgers, two first-ballot Hall of Famers, meet for a post-game fist bump. When a crestfallen Rodgers tells Brady that he has a heck of a team around him, Brady is smart enough to know he can’t argue the point.

A recurring theme is Tampa Bay’s historic opportunity to play a Super Bowl in its home stadium. The concluding 20 minutes chronicles how the Bucs dismantled the Chiefs, led by Brady, Rob Gronkowski and a defense that hounded Patrick Mahomes from start to finish.

“We’re coming to eat,” Jason Pierre-Paul crows during the feast.

With the game well in hand, Mike Evans turns to KC defensive back Charvarius Ward and playfully says, “Y’all got a ring, it’s our turn, bro.”

A stunned Ward offered no reply.

And when the confetti came down at Raymond James Stadium, a battered Mahomes offered Brady his heartfelt congratulations.

“Hey, you’re a legend,” Mahomes said. “You’re amazing.”

Producer Todd J. Schmidt and his staff have just provided Buc fans with a very early Christmas present. Before looking ahead to the draft, you can play this DVD and relive the glory of the 2020 season.

Share it with your friends and family. It’s all here, 20 games worth of highlights and sound bites. You can hear Bruce Arians shout “boom” after Buc touchdowns and listen to the thud of a Devin White tackle.

And when the closing credits start to roll, you can replay the video again, right from the start.

Best of all? You know how this story ends.

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19 Responses to “Relive The Dream”

  1. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    I ordered this for Clevis

  2. Rayjay1122 Says:

    My copy arrived today. I pre ordered it and can’t wait to watch it after work.

  3. youngbucs Says:

    Please all trolls watch this it might make you appreciate the season more! If not there’s no curing you😂

  4. Keir Says:

    So friggin Pumped…I am downloading my copy and watching tonight on Amazon. I don’t even have a DVD player anymore, I gave my PS4 to my kid, LOLOL

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Just ordered mine…..

    Have a friend who’s Father works for NFL films…..sent me some SB stuff including a zip lock of confetti from the field……priceless.

  6. Joe Says:

    I ordered this for Clevis

    In Clovis?

  7. gbobucsfan Says:

    Just placed my order. Pumped

    I had the first Super Bowl DVD but my dog thought it was a snack….

  8. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Nearly wore out the 2002 DVD…it was time for a new one! This may trigger a certain prolific poster, but Donovan Smith acquitted himself nicely in 2020. From flirting with an opt out to providing excellent protection…especially in the playoffs. He pushed Chase Young around like a shopping cart at Publix. It was glorious. Dream season continues…

  9. Drunkinybor Says:

    I just got it on prime it was 12.99 to own 5.99 to rent. That was a super easy decision. I used to play the first dvd on my t.v at night and fall to sleep to it. I did that for like a year after we one thats first ring.

  10. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    Great one Ira!

    We need more status at One Bucs Palace.

  11. rriddler Says:

    But does it include the complete Super Bowl game? In 2003, the DVD included the complete game, sans commercials.

    I watch it every summer when I start really Jonesing for football season.

  12. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    Freaking awesome. psyched like Dr. Fauci telling Americans you can’t be free for another 2 years.

  13. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    “…psyched like Dr. Fauci telling Americans you can’t be free for another 2 years.”
    correction: actually he is saying we have to repeat this every two years… hmm… I wonder WHY??!!
    …yeah.. cant wait for the Blu-ray/DVD….can’t find Blu-ray for SB XXXVII though..
    still can’t believe we are making collections of SB DVDs. Wow 🤦‍♂️😜🤩

  14. Razor Ramone Says:

    Wickie wickie uh uh. Go Clevis go!

  15. Sesteprenelicus Says:

    Not a gracious comment by Rodgers; stark constrast with the very gracious comment by Mahomes.

  16. Robertg Says:

    $10 on amazon prime!

  17. Jim Says:

    Ordered this for NDog.

  18. FactTeller Says:

    Let’s all chip in and get Tmax a copy!

  19. Colonel_mp Says:

    BEAUTIFUL writing Ira!