One Man Standing

March 27th, 2021


One left for the Big 8.

Sorry, Joe isn’t referring to Don Faurot or Eddie Crowder or Barry Switzer. Joe is referring to all of those Big 8 free agents the Bucs had to re-sign to return the Band of Bucs.

After Playoff Lenny agreed to terms yesterday to return for the 2021 season, it left one of the Big 8 standing. And that is furniture-tossing, bicycle-throwing receiver Antonio Brown.

And given that Sammy Watkins signed with the Crows yesterday, that may jump-start the market for the lesser receivers. Technically, Brown isn’t a lesser receiver than Watkins, but given his past stunts, fewer teams are willing to take a chance. So his market is interesting if not unknown.

Do the Bucs need Brown? A former local Tampa Bay sports voice who is now a big national sports voice isn’t sure if the Bucs need Brown.

Colin Cowherd took to his FS1 show after the news of Playoff Lenny returning broke, and Cowherd pondered the Bucs’ approach to Brown.

“They get a tight end back,” Cowherd said of O.J. Howard, who blew out his Achilles against the Chargers last year and was lost for the season. “And he’s their most talented tight end. … So now I have Cameron Brate, Gronk — just think of these weapons now — and O.J. Howard and Scotty Miller and Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and Tyler Johnson [Cowherd’s sidekick reminded him in mid-sentence of Playoff Lenny) and Ronald Jones.

“It’s nothing against AB. But if there is a guy I could let go, I think it is AB.”

Joe really wants Brown back but Joe sees Cowherd working here. Remember: The Bucs beat the Packers in the NFC title game without Brown, who was nursing a bum knee. Yes, Brown had a touchdown in the Super Bowl on a sick move to free himself.

Here is a list of top receivers still available in free agency as of late Friday night:

Marquise Goodwin
Golden Tate
Larry Fitzgerald
Cordarrelle Patterson
Alshon Jeffery
Dede Westbrook
Damiere Byrd
Trent Taylor
Isaiah Ford

Do the Bucs take a cheap stab at one of the aforementioned receivers or use the cash they would have spent on Brown to go get a backup pass rusher?

Joe thinks Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has the leverage here, which is likely the very reason why Brown is the last of the Big 8 still without a contract.

49 Responses to “One Man Standing”

  1. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    If I’m Licht, I poll the players & if 75% say yes to bringing him back then i do it.

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    Godwin and Evans get injured every year and you need someone who can step up. If the Bucs can at all afford him, and assuming he isn’t going nuts again, they need to try to keep him. Scotty Miller is a #4 WR, and while Tyler Johnson might be good, I’m not betting my season on him. While playing less than 8-full games after sitting out for a over a year, Brown was on pace for close to 1000-yards and 8 TDs, and he still looked quick and fast. If he resigns, even with Godwin and Evans I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see him lead the team in receptions (not yards, receptions).

    Of course if he’s too expensive, then he’s too expensive, you can’t keep everyone, but anyone discounting him as being not important just isn’t paying attention.

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    Gotta put the stamp on the Big 8 now Jason. Our WRs could destroy year two.

  4. Lunchbox Says:

    I was partial to Dede Westbrook coming out of Oklahoma and was hoping we’d take him in the draft. Wouldn’t mind if they take a flyer on him or Patterson, but we could just stick with Scooter and Tyler Johnson and save the money for our upcoming draft picks.

  5. SOEbuc Says:

    AB makes this the most explosive WR depth with being able to kick it outside.

  6. SteveK Says:

    AB gives us something different. He works his butt off and sets the tone at practice, and his skill set/explosiveness off the snap makes him an instant threat. Plus, we have the QB to appreciate and utilize this skill set.

    Rod is on point too- insurance for injuries too.

    I’d sign AB back for another run. Another year to motivate and demonstrate his next big pay day in a better cap year of 2022.

  7. SteveK Says:

    I’d sign AB and Cordarelle. He’s a helluva a retainer and could be a change of pace RB. So fast too.

  8. Tye Says:

    Dede Westbrook would be worth a look…
    With Tom and talented receivers helping coach him up he may be a lot more productive…

  9. Dano407 Says:

    I would definitely take AB. Evans & Godwin always hurt their hammies.

  10. Bird Says:

    Golden tate has tities

  11. Bird Says:


  12. Weston Says:

    We need AB.

  13. CleanHouse Says:

    People are delusional who put even put AB and Scottie Miller, Tyler Johnson, OJ Howard and frankly Chris Godwin in the same sentence. Mike Evans has earned it.
    The rest of them no way.

    AB is the man- he was just getting warmed up.

    Generational talent, should be signed if at all possible, ahead of any of those other free agent receivers.

  14. Pete I Says:

    A week ago Cowherd said the Bucs would move off Suh and find his replacement in the draft. 4 Days ago he said that the Bucs likely would not retain Fornette and now it.s AB the Bucs won’t retain… seems like the same analysis and lazy “journalism”

  15. Pete I Says:

    IF AB thinks the grass is greener in Seattle or wherever then so be it. His chances of repeating and really rebuilding his image is here in Tampa. Depends on what he wants. Bucs don’t need him but he would be nice to keep.

  16. Bruce Blahak Says:

    No denying AB’s abilities but he could be the bomb to blow everything up or make them unbeatable. Hard call if he’s taking money from someone else. Like a backup QB!

  17. Bucs Guy Says:

    I would love to have AB return as long as the Bucs can make the $ work. Would you trade OJ to clear up $ to pay for AB to return? I would. He’s never lived up to his “potential”. Added to that, he’s injured every year. We have Gronk and Brate. Both are better and more reliable in catching the ball and availability. The only thing OJ has on them is he’s younger — which is not a reason to keep him if you have to make a choice.

  18. Topdoggie Says:

    We still havent filled the roster out or signed a backup QB at veteran minimums we still have to find more money. AB might be getting upset at what he is being offered. He figures he was a good citizen and played well so was most likely expecting one last large contract.

  19. Davy Crocket Says:

    We need a good return man. Cordarrelle Patterson is great! Get him!

  20. Casual Observer Says:

    Sign AB if not too pricey. Everyone has a limit. But I hope they sign him. He is an amazingly talented WR. Also, as pointed out here, injuries to WRs are common.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d take AB or draft a WR….wouldn’t take any of these FAs…..

    I suspect that Licht is still trying to free up some more cash.

  22. Jason Says:

    AB will be back. They just need to extend one more contract to free up some cash (Marpet maybe).

  23. Christos Says:

    Agree that Cordarrelle Patterson can be a nice pick up. He can improve the return game, one of the areas that was average at best.

  24. lambeau Says:

    One team standing now for AB–Seattle. How badly do they want to please Russ?
    $5 M guaranteed like Watkins? I think Pete Carroll would prefer Richard Sherman, but Russ hates him. Hmmm…

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    AB>Dede. It’s AB or stick with what you got, IMO.

  26. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    I am also previously on record for Cordarrelle Patterson. We NEED a STUD KR, and Patterson can be the 3rd down back for catching passes

  27. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t get it…it must be an age thing. I’m starting to agree more and more with Joe. I’d rather have another pass rusher, or another pass rusher and also add AB..if the price is right. The teams we will likely have the biggest problems with are the guys with QB’s capable of slicing and dicing a defense. Keeping a great pass rush up and running, should one of the primary guys get injured, is a higher priority. A talented young WR can be picked up in the draft and step in pretty rapidly. A great pass rusher normally takes time to develop. I think that makes things pretty clear.

  28. Cobraboy Says:

    Patterson solves a long-embedded need at KR.

  29. Casual Observer Says:

    Agree that KR/PR game is the only weak part of this team. Licht will address in the draft or FA. No hurry.

  30. dmatt Says:

    OJ Howard is not the most talented TE on the Bucs roster. I dare u put this butter finger, reluctant to block, passive, soft, scared of contact, n fragile
    tightend ahead of the Gronk. smh

  31. lambeau Says:

    Cordarrelle is a great returner–but then, so’s AB; and he can catch passes, too.


    I watched Patterson on New England, great return guy but blows as a receiver. Colin Cowerd, really what does that guy know? AB is the best WR on the FA list, sign the guy. OJ the most talented TE? What has he done to earn those accolades? Bucs don’t need 3 TE’s sucking up the salary cap. If Bucs want to keep OJ for the future than move on from Brate. Either way dump one and sign AB. If you are a DC, with Evan’s, Godwin & AB, who do you double team? You would have no choice but to play zone and Brady tears zone defenses apart. SIGN HIM! Same deal as Lenny.

  33. Sport Says:

    Thank You dmatt.

    OJ = bust! I was pumped when we got him. That has completely worn off.

    We just won the World Championship WITH AB and WITHOUT OJ.

    Trade bait in the draft? The dreaded “potential”? Solid depth? Injury Prone?

    He’s a mess.

    In BA I Trust!

  34. Alanbucsfan Says:

    AB’s last instagram post: “Me and playoff Lenny gonna work this out.”

  35. Beeej Says:

    We run A LOT of two tight end sets, therefore we need 3 good ones. Absent Gronk, who else would have paired up with Brate last year?

  36. Buc4evr Says:

    Sign AB, trade OJ for draft picks. The guy is always injured and a liability.

  37. mark2001 Says:

    Please guys… OJ for draft picks? Coming off an Achilles injury? Try one fifth, if we are lucky, or sixth round pick.

  38. TOM Says:

    OJ. Odd man out. Bucs should take whatever they can get.

  39. Issac haggins Says:

    Patterson !! Patterson !! Patterson !!

  40. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    I think they resign AB. I’m sure he wants to still play for us…

  41. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I agree with SteveK. AB’s locker room and practice presence may have contributed as much as his physical skills on the field.

    Who knows who gets the credit for what we can all see was a MASSIVE culture change in the Bucs.

    Certainly Brady and BA get a large share but they didn’t do it alone. Gronk, Suh, JPP, and yes AB did a lot with their veteran examples.

    AB is a valuable piece of the team if he simply grew up last year and has now placed his off field problems behind him. He can look back at his old teammate Big Ben and see how you can outlive messups off the field if you straighten up.

  42. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    I understand the talk of trade OJ, but who said we don’t have enough room to keep OJ and sign AB? OJ was having a great year, blocking well end receiving, after learning from Gronk. Absolutely no reason to trade OJ unless we are too cash strapped – but there has been no evidence that is the case.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    @Rod Munch

    Since Godwin and Evans have been on the Bucs together, they have played in a total of 85 of 96 start able games. Can you name me 5 receiver tandems that have played as many games in that same time.

    During that same period they have played a total of 4,956 snaps.
    Can you name 2 sets of receivers on the same team in 2018, 2019, and 2020 that played more snaps. No you can’t.

    I want AB back because I think he makes our team better. Your suggestion that our receivers miss a lot of time is exaggerated.

  44. View from 132 Says:

    I know he’s past his prime, but I’d say go get Larry Fitz. Dude is a class act and deserves a title shot. He was one Big Ben throw from a ring last time.

  45. lambeau Says:

    AB deserves a raise. I say give him $2 M guaranteed; $2 M in incentives 25% each for game roster bonuses, 90 catches, 1000 yards, and 12 TD’s; and $2 M for another SB win. A lot like last year’s contract, which was a win-win.

  46. m0j0 Says:

    It’s another deep WR draft, so I expect the Bucs will see what’s there in the mid to late rounds.

  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If we go veteran, go Larry Fitzgerald. Forget Brown. He sucked during the regular season.

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Bucs also need money to sign draft picks.

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Personally, I say forget signing WR. Sign Gerald back on the cheap as depth. It would be a good investment.