On Track To Dominate The NFC South

March 28th, 2021

“Hey Glazer, you think Mayor Jane will allow a half-full stadium by next winter without masks? Ron DeSantis is the only guy who isn’t scared of her.”

Of the many great things about the Bucs winning the Super Bowl is Joe won’t have to write (for a long time, hopefully) about being back in Buccaneers Cove.

During the Lost Decade, the Bucs almost annually docked in the cove, you know, where the last-place team in the NFC South tied up each winter.

Barring something completely horrible happening, the Bucs should win the division this year, and may do so for the foreseeable future.

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports writes that with Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht kicking the NFL’s tail this offseason, the Bucs are the new Mouth of the South.

It’s not uncommon for Super Bowl champions to lose a handful of core pieces while they’re still basking in the Lombardi celebration. That’s not the case in Tampa, where the Bucs have worked wonders with their cap to bring back every notable title piece save for Antonio Brown, who could still return. … … The kicker is they’re not really overpaying for a single one. Gronk, Suh and David are on reasonable win-now deals, and Barrett’s big extension is an absolute steal considering he would’ve commanded close to $20 million per year on the open market.

Is it a little risky to run it back rather than get creative to upgrade in some areas? Maybe, but it’s not as if Godwin and Barrett — arguably the two best re-signings — won’t be around for the long term, too. They could stand to add some depth along the trenches, and they still need a backup for Tom Brady, but there’s no way to classify their offseason as anything but a home run.

Grade: A

Later in the linked article Benjamin documents that because of players who left the slimy Saints, New Orleans has all but ceded the NFC South to the Bucs.

Man, how cool would it be if the Bucs could get a playoff bye week and then host a divisional round playoff game?

Not quite as cool as hosting a home game in the Super Bowl, but still pretty cool.

29 Responses to “On Track To Dominate The NFC South”

  1. Ocala Says:

    Completely agree!

  2. Bird Says:

    Saints are loaded though. Saints will win some games

    Dont forget teddy bridgewater went 5-0 there 2 years ago
    Taysome hill went 3-1 last year

    Even if its jameis, they will still win games.

    Agree that saints and atlanta lost some players
    And carolina still being rebuilt. Crazy how they signed to olineman i have never heard of.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m confident but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…..

    Everything is looking good for a repeat…..it’s hard to see us at 7-5 again…..more like 10-2…….but it’s also hard to see 8 in a row at the end…
    I’ll use Joe’s favorite word…..hopeful.

  4. SufferingSince76 Says:

    What a difference a year makes!! As evidenced by my moniker, it’s been a long, and mostly painful, journey. The view from up here is wonderful!

  5. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Bucs were just hitting their peak towards the playoffs. For Brady and several other players, this is only their second year in the system. Both offense and defense will be able to insert more complex systems this year. It is not impossible to believe that the Bucs may even be better this year.

  6. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:

    Totally agree with Alabama. Also what if Jason hits another home run in the draft. Can’t wait.

  7. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    Praying the stinkin’ Panthers still don’t wanna trade for D. Watson. And Saints defense should be way worse

  8. Leighroy Says:

    Joe wrote another article quoting someone as Shaq being a steal below perceived market value! 😃

  9. HeyItsAdam Says:


    There’s a Beach Bar in St. Maarten called “Buccaneer Cove.” My wife and I stop there for drinks every time our cruise ship makes a stop at their port.

    It’s funny to misinterpret the term because “Buccaneer Cove” in our house implies “super heavy drinking” which isn’t far from what those dark years for the Bucs led to.

  10. SKBucsFan Says:

    Curbstomping all opponents should be the goal this year. But all other teams are trying to improve as well. I would love to go 6-0 against division rivals on the way to a 16-0 regular season. But realistically 12-4 is an improvement and would be a win in my books.

    It’s such a good feeling to only be starting to look forward to the draft now as opposed to starting in November.

  11. Youngbucs Says:

    I mean we do have the best QB in the division!

  12. PSL Bob Says:

    Although it’s great that Licht was able to secure all of last year’s veterans, it’s not as if the team has ignored yoong developmental players. Look at last year’s draft – Winfield, Vaughn, Johnson. Look at the Bucs young secondary. They will certainly add depth to the O- and/or D-lines in this year’s draft. So, there’s no reason to believe that when Suh, JPP and other aging veterans finally retire, or move on, the Bucs won’t be ready to pick up the slack. My only real concern is at QB. There is not a better opportunity than they have right now to groom Tampa Bay’s QB of the future. Knowing Licht, I’m sure he has a plan. I’d love to know what it is.

  13. August 1976 Buc Says:

    17 game season in 2021….. 15-2 is very reasonable, could be better. Count Down until week 1 continues. “1-2-3 Dominate”
    GO BUCS!!!

  14. TampaTown Says:

    Just wait until the season starts, all the prime time and night games, stadium back to full capacity, “super heavy drinking” is going to have an all new great meaning

  15. 6throundpick Says:

    This year, home field advantage and a playoff bye will be required…gotta earn that. Set the goal; make the milestone.

  16. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Matt Rhule has a history – expect the Panthers to be a highly competitive 8-8 or 9-7 team and the Bucs will have their hands full when they face them.

  17. Mitch Says:

    With the bucs schedule as long as they can ward off father time and the injury bug they can break records, and win back to back.

    With everyone coming back it feels like a team that will win a lot of games. Although I still think it’s going to be a difficult road. The division will be competitive with Arthur Smith in Atlanta, and Sean Payton in New Orleans. Also will have tough games against the Pats, Rams, Giants, Bills, Dolphins, WFT, Colts, and the Bears.

    Hopefully they can sweep Carolina again with teddy at QB.

    The jets, eagles, and dallas cowboys go in the should win bucket, but we all know that “any given Sunday applies.”

    I cant wait for the season to start!!

  18. DRFEELGOOD Says:

    Does anyone know how the 17th opponent is chosen and how they determine the home team for that? I assume they’ll alternate with 9 home games one year, 8 home games the next. I can’t find anything that determines this.

  19. Alanbucsfan Says:

    @Johnbreech on twitter has the 17th game matchups

  20. Fred mcneil Says:

    The 17th game thing is still a bit undecided, but it’s supposed to be a team from the other conference, other than than the conference you play during the course of the season, who finished last season in the same divisional placing you finished last season.
    In our case that would be the 2nd place team from either the AFC West, North, or South. If memory serves that would be either the Chargers, the Fish, or the Colts.
    It’s supposed to be either an international or some neutral site game

  21. Joe Says:

    There’s a Beach Bar in St. Maarten called “Buccaneer Cove.” My wife and I stop there for drinks every time our cruise ship makes a stop at their port.

    It’s funny to misinterpret the term because “Buccaneer Cove” in our house implies “super heavy drinking” which isn’t far from what those dark years for the Bucs led to.


    Adam, next time you go on a cruise let Joe know. He will offer up some Bucs gear you should give the bar to hang up on a wall or something.

  22. Fred mcneil Says:

    According to CBS our opponent this year will be the Colts.
    That’s assuming the bigwigs approve the extra game..

  23. Fred mcneil Says:

    Oh, AFC will host this year.

  24. WillieG Says:

    “ and Barrett’s big extension is an absolute steal considering he would’ve commanded close to $20 million per year on the open market.”

    I thought he tested the open market?

  25. orlbucfan Says:

    Be interesting see who Licht and coaches draft and sign as UDFAs.

  26. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Dominate the NFC South?! But, but…the dreaded Saints have Jay Miss at the helm if he beats out Hill.

  27. DRFEELGOOD Says:

    Thanks AlanBucsFan.

  28. BUC CHEEKS Says:


  29. Lunchbox Says:

    I was thinking with that link for the Mouth of the South, it would be Jimmy Hart’s picture lol