Mocking A Quarterback

March 24th, 2021

Alabama QB Mac Jones.

Maybe, if times were different…

Look, Joe is on record saying whatever position the Bucs draft with the 32nd overall pick (last of the first round), the Bucs should select a guy who has the best chance of making an immediate impact.

After all, the Bucs are all about “Going for Two.” The word “development” should not even be heard at One Buc Palace this offseason. Hell, if you could trade the pick for a veteran who can make plays Week 1, Joe’s OK with that. This season is not about the future in any way, shape or form.

This season is about now.

But if times were different, and the Bucs didn’t bring most of its Band of Bucs back, would this be the perfect time to draft a quarterback with the No. 32 pick? Former NFL cornerback and current draft analyst for Bucky Brooks thinks so (this week).

In his weekly mock draft (yawn), Brooks has the Bucs going after a quarterback. That would be defending champion Mac Jones of Alabama.

Tom Brady just signed an extension at age 43, but the Bucs could grab a successor to learn from the G.O.A.T. over the next few years.

Joe has gone over this before. The Bucs are missing out on a golden opportunity to start molding a quarterback to take over for soon-to-be 44 year old park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, waffle-grilling, trophy-throwing, Bucs-Super-Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady.

The guy will retire someday, won’t he?

Given how Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, was nearly moved to tears explaining how much he learned just by observing Drew Brees in his first year with the Saints, Joe cannot imagine how much Jones would learn from watching Brady go about his daily business.

Then you throw in all the excellent offensive and quarterback coaches the Bucs have, folks, the Bucs may never have a collection of offensive coaches and a GOAT quarterback at the same time in our lifetimes. This is like a once-in-a-century convergence. Like a Halley’s Comet of football.

Of course, we know Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians is fully against this so it is highly unlikely this would happen short of a direct order from Team Glazer. And maybe not even then.

But man, what an opportunity this would be for a guy like Jones — and in the long run, the Bucs.

(Friendly reminder: Bucs backup quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Griffin are currently free agents.)

The other thing is, how could Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht exercise the fifth-year option on a quarterback that has never been the No. 1 quarterback?

72 Responses to “Mocking A Quarterback”

  1. JerseyBuc Says:

    If he falls all the way down to us I would have no problem with this pick. Leftwich will have his QB for when he takes over the head coaching job. Is there really any doubt at this point lol

  2. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    Development and winning is the focus every year!!!!! Smh

  3. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Glad you mentioned that cringy “Tears Of A Clown” video my man Winny put out. Seems to me he’s merely crushed that the team who let him go…and the visiting locker room he danced in…won the Super Bowl without him. I was a Winny fan once upon a time…now he’s almost pitiful. Having said that…he should be motivated to win the Saints QB job this season.

  4. Itzok Says:

    Dont draft a QB in any round as long as Brady is here. I think the Bucs should trade this years first plus whatever for a future first round pick. Ride the Brady train until the wheels fall off and build future draft capital so when you need to you can draft a future franchise QB.

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Mitch Says:

    I think it is highly unlikely but this is the one QB I have no problem drafting this year. It would also make sense since Arians loves this kid, but I just don’t think he wants to develop another QB at the end of his career.

  7. Mike Says:

    If he’s BPA, then go for it. At the end of the day, the draft is a crapshoot. Trust your scouts and take the best player you can at that spot, regardless of position (except kicker of course).

  8. Bucanero Says:

    Stick to your guns Joe.

  9. Bird Says:

    He wont make it to 32

  10. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    Hell, no. Not touching him w/ a 10ft pole

  11. Durango 95 Says:

    Belicheat would be wise to draft this kid. So, I can’t see him falling. Regardless, not really sold on the Brady influence either. My memory is pretty much shot, but are there any examples of QB’s that were under Brady in NE that went on to attain good success in the league? And how much of that success could be attributed to the Brady influence?

  12. Richard Dickson Says:

    At his age, Brady is one blind-side hit away from being done. We’d be crazy not to start grooming an heir now.

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    Brady plays best when he has a chip on his shoulder. Last year was easy, he wanted to win without the Pats, he’s done that. Now holding off a rookie might be some good motivation – not that I think he needs it, but it wouldn’t hurt.

    With that said, Mac Jones isn’t going to be available, if he’s still on the board at 15, he’s going to New England.

    As far as the Bucs go, just look to GB. Rodgers basically signed a 2-year restructure and he’ll likely be hitting FA when Brady retires… That would be a pretty nice handoff. Screw the rookie QB nonsense, just get proven vets and put a good team around them – we know that works. What doesn’t work is the Bucs drafting and developing guys, it’s literally never worked once in their history.

  14. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Mr Dickson we are all one blind-side hit away from being done

  15. Mikadeemas Says:

    Over the top from JW, as usual. Funny at the end when he says Brees and OTHER QB’s.

  16. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    If Jones somehow slips this far, I think you’ve got to take him. I love Brady, but we are always 1 missed block away from his career being over. I think sitting behind Brady is the best situation in football. If he will watch and learn the leadership role of Brady, we may continue winning after Brady leaves.

  17. danr Says:

    i like this guy.

  18. D-Rome Says:

    Given how Mr. Turnover, North Korea’s Quarterback, Bucs BUST Jameis Winston, was nearly moved to tears explaining how much he learned just by observing Drew Brees in his first year with the Saints, Joe cannot imagine how much Jones would learn from watching Brady go about his daily business.

    Crocodile tears.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Maybe we can use our 32nd pick next year on a QB….

  20. Buczilla Says:

    I followed the link to the Winston article and didn’t even finish a single paragraph. I was too emotionally invested in that dude hoping that he would turn the corner and I just don’t care what he has to say anymore. Out of sight out of mind until we see him and the bastard saints on Sundays.

    From what I’m reading, Mac Jones should be long gone by the time we pick, but I’d be lukewarm with the pick if we got em. It’s about the now and we need more edge rushers, defensive tackles, and running backs.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Does anyone realize that we have brought back our entire starting defense for the last 2 years with the addition of WInfield to the group?

    We have the all the players & all the coaches…….continuity, experience & growth….we should be fantastic!!!

  22. Bruce Blahak Says:

    With the depth pretty good now, even spending to trade up would work. He’s underrated.

  23. Youngbucs Says:

    😂😂😂the field will do the talking I’ve seen and heard enough talk from that guy. Prove it!!!!!!!!!

  24. martinii Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Brady is one hit away from a back-up QB and I say with our opportunity to win next year we need to Draft for the future and find a solid replacement in case our worst nightmare becomes a reality. I would have no problem trading up in the first for a decent prospect.

  25. stpetebucsfan Says:

    First off let’s get past any doubts about what this might be in the locker room.

    It would be fantastic. Brady would welcome such a deal as an “insurance” policy for him to continue his career as long as he wishes. Jones would get better and better and give the Bucs…read Brady..a chance to gamble longer on TB12’s career knowing Jones was ready and waiting.

    Remember Aaron Rodgers sitting behind Favre for three years? There is no shame is sitting behind the GOAT.

    Even before this Brady was great with young QB’s, even those who might have come at a time to challenge him. Jimmy Garrapolo has nothing but praise for Brady during Jimmy G’s time with the Pats.

    “The daily conversations initially were new to me,” Garoppolo said. “We’re talking about his family, his kids, things like that. And I’m a 22-year-old kid, fresh out of college, so that took a little while. But the friendship, the competitiveness that we always had for each other, that pretty much clicked right away.”

    Sounds a bit like deja vu if we bring in Jones.

  26. Allbuccedup Says:

    Trade down pick up an extra pick get Kyle Trask.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We need backup depth at some of our defensive positions in case of injury or put into rotation.

    DT, Edge, CB, LB, S

    Pick the very best player available at one of these positions

  28. Drunkinybor Says:

    Pass on a qb in the first and second maybe take a flyer in the later rounds try and find a gem. But I think whatever the pick the more they can help now the better.

  29. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    ..this is nice J type spin, when is not much out there to talk for…understandable..
    but if you want to take a chance to develop a QB, later rounds may be OK, right now, and near future, with the TB12 in our team (still sound amazing), we should show the GOAT the care, by drafting linemen, RB, and then D-linemen…
    is great to be in this position going to the draft, looking for depth to win more SB…wow, amazing… ✌

  30. Durango 95 Says:

    Seems to me Garoppolo played pretty well right out of the gate. Even in his first year, so I’m not sure how much influence Brady might have had on him that would have made him a better player than he would have been without Brady.

    I don’t know, seems like a stretch to try and quantify how much influence he would have on a QB to the extent it would sizably improve said QB’s play. After all his influence on the team as a whole after he left NE doesn’t support the Brady influence argument at all.

  31. gbobucsfan Says:

    Not sure it is a direct correlation but has any Brady backup QB besides Jimmy G go on to have any success elsewhere?

  32. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It is quite doubtful if he will be there, when we pick.

  33. Colin in Canada Says:

    I would love this scenario but Jones will get drafted before 32.

  34. Colin in Canada Says:

    Also, Brady is currently the only QB on the roster. So we may draft a QB at some point.

  35. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I’m all for drafting a QB in any round as long as he’s coachable.
    Mac ain’t gonna make it past 10-15 in the first. Saints want him bad.
    Donnie is going to get tired of playing hard at some point this season and get Brady killed.
    We need a young arm on the team.
    Gabbert can suck it and Griffin has never been given a real chance.

  36. windbaggery Says:

    Joe Says:

    Of course, we know Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians is fully against this…

    We do? Has he said he would not want to draft a QB? Even if we assume Arians only intends to coach a year or two more, does that mean he wouldn’t want to draft a QB? I don’t recall him specifically saying this.

  37. HeyItsAdam Says:

    When the Bucs cut Winston loose I was pretty much done for the sole reason that I didn’t want to sit through the Bucs picking up a journeyman-Josh-McCown-Fitzpatrick type to slog through a 4-12 season only to pick up a draftee that will take another 3 years to develop. I honestly was ready to cancel my season tickets.

    But then the Bucs signed Brady and that signaled that this wasn’t a rebuild.

    But now with Brady and 2 years on his contract, I don’t think you have to sweat drafting the future right about now at ONE important position. Especially if a QB falls to 32 …. and if you really need a Day 1 starter, trade OJ Howard and all his “potential.”

  38. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I see Gil Brant has a bunch of OL listed between 50-60 overall.
    Landon Collins at 32 would not upset me but we could trade back and snag …
    Etienne would be cool @32 as well.

  39. rrsrq Says:

    third round or later – Mond from Texas A & M or Newman from Georgia/Wake Forest. Developmental guys with talent. Brady retires after going 21-0 ,Blaine Gabbert starts 8 games the next season (even if we are winning) then we see what the new QB has while we still have offense talent.

  40. CalBucsFan Says:

    Glad to see you go here today Joe. I do think it would be beneficial to bring in someone to learn from the GOAT and the largest-QB-coaching-staff-ever-assembled, but Jones will surely be gone by #32.

    Maybe Task in the 1st RD or Ehlinger in the 2nd RD though?

  41. Defense Rules Says:

    You’re hilarious Joe. Right out of the gate you drive home your bottom line regarding our #32 pick … ” the Bucs should select a guy who has the best chance of making an immediate impact.” Got it; we’ll go with that.

    But wait, there’s more (you reminded me of some of these TV infomercials). You then proceed to give 101 reasons why we SHOULD select Mac Jones with our #32 pick (OK, 4 reasons, but 101 was close):

    1 – Golden opportunity for Jones to learn from Brady.
    2 – Bucs may never have a collection of offensive coaches plus a GOAT QB like we have now.
    3 – Both our backup QBs are free agents.
    4 – We’d get a 5th-year option on a QB.

    As you wrote, this like a once-in-a-century convergence. IF he’s there (and I seriously doubt that he will be), then the Bucs have to select Mac Jones in the 1st Rnd. Don’t forget how Tom Brady got his start in the NFL. In his very first year, he got in ONE game completing ONE pass out of 3 attempts for 6 yards. But then in 2001, Drew Bledsoe got hurt in the 2nd game of the season, Brady took his place … and never relinquished the starting role. You never know what hand fate will deal you.

  42. RioDeJaneiroBucsFan Says:

    The Bucs have to pick the best player available at least until the 4th round
    In case of a very close decision, choose the one in a position of need
    Regarding to the backup QB, Alex Smith is the best option if affordable, maybe he wants a ring before retirement. I suspect that he plans to wait for an injury to be a starter, but call him and see how it goes. Otherwise, go with Gabbert. The 3rd stringer might be a developmental prospect acquired in Day 3, keeping Ryan Griffin in the practice squad just in case
    No need to spend a premium pick in a QB in this draft

  43. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Classic Jay Miss. He can’t remember what Brees said to him, but he was “touched.” If anyone thinks Jay Miss was admitted to Stanford on merit, I have some wonderful land in the Everglades for sale, just for you!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry to be the one but the Bucs have a 2 year window and then it’s rebuild time . Have to pay the piper when Brady retires. 2-3 yr runs is all anybody gets in the salary cap , free agent era. One day people will realize that Brady is a once in the history of the league talent. Sadly he will be gone before most understand what he is .

  45. Joe Says:

    Has he said he would not want to draft a QB?


  46. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Allbuccedup Says:
    March 24th, 2021 at 4:29 pm
    Trade down pick up an extra pick get Kyle Trask.


    Much better idea

  47. Hodad Says:

    Even if Brady were to go down no way in hell are we going to the S.B. behind Jones. So I’m against using a first rounder on a Q.B. this year. Brady isn’t the only Buc player long in the tooth. We’re going to need to find replacements for Suh, JPP, and the like soon also. This year shouldn’t be about the future at Q.B.. It should be about winning another S.B..

  48. Destinjohnny Says:

    Panthers will get him

  49. Craig Says:

    I also agree with Allbuccedup. Trask seems to be more in the mode of this team and has shown the capacity to learn from the bench.

    Best point is that he will still be there.

  50. Fish Says:

    Pretty sure Brady doesn’t want another qb. He wants to win now. Also he has proven he doesn’t want a back up that is there to replace him. I would only select him if 1, the coaches truly believe in him 2, he falls to the 32 spot, and Brady is 100% on board and willing to show him the ropes. Otherwise draft somebody that can help now

  51. Snook Says:

    With this logic, Matt Cassel and Jimmy Garrapolo would be stars…

  52. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Very funny Alvin!

  53. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Here is what I do not understand about the pick MUST contribute this year.

    First off I’m curious where ANY draft pick is going to crack the lineup?

    The backups are great in some cases. So which DL is going to move Nacho out of his top fill in spot. Which LB is going to beat out one of our four. Our DB’s are deep, perhaps thin at Safety but other than depth we have no need.

    Which spot is open on offense? Kicker or Punter?

    We are free to do whatever we wish with that 32nd pick and we’re already the champions. Cue Freddy Mercury.

    If we don’t get Jones or Trask, I’d want to shop that pick to see what we might get. The “points” say we could get a second and a third. Two 2nds and two 3rds should give us some good backup potential. The 2nd and 3rd are great rounds to get “decent” NFL players.

    I think, or at least hope, the only way a draft pick contributes this year is as a solid backup and perhaps rotational player. I just don’t see the opportunities of beating out one of our current starters.

  54. Steve Gaudreau Says:

    I think Jones would be a good fit for the Bucs. Watching his highlights he looked a lot like Tom Brady did this year

  55. MadMax Says:

    He’s going 12 to 20, so he wont be there, but if e was I wouldnt have a problem with it. 2 years behind the GOAT would be ideal for a rookie and we would def benefit from it.

  56. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Remember when Lovie had to draft Charles Sims because a scout said he reminded him of Matt Forte? He wasn’t, and Mac Jones isn’t Tom Brady, but New England will take him because he reminds some scouts of Brady. Maybe, we’ll see.
    As far as Joe’s theory of “no development”, this isn’t logical when you think of all of the picks after the 1st Round will be developmental guys, maybe even the 1st Rounder, IMHO.

  57. Beeej Says:

    BA has indicated a few times that Blaine Gabbert IS the heir. (WHICH, is admittedly problematic, considering his current status)

  58. westernbuc Says:

    Mac Jones isn’t falling to 32, probably won’t even make it out the top ten tbh. If he did fall, absolutely we should take him. I say unless it’s a running back or a clear upgrade at a position, either trade down or get BPA. When all these deals run out in two years, we’re gonna need young cheap talent to offset the cap problems

  59. tbbucs3 Says:

    I would take Mac Jones 32rd in a heartbeat if he’s still there. I think he’s better than Tua….even considering that you should always be wary of gaudy numbers from college QBs.

  60. Steve M. Says:

    A little off the topic. Since BA says TB12 is already doing alot of coaching. When he retires, TB12 can be the HC (another challenge for him) and then
    financially incentivize Lefteich and Boles to stay on in their current coaching positions.

  61. SOEbuc Says:

    If we don’t get AB back I would be interested in getting a WR early. Our group is injury prone and I love Scotty as much as anyone else but he is a ONE TRICK PONY more than depth. Awesome highlights don’t lie. He was banged up too. And you are waaay off to think Brady can make him Edleman Jr. A CB is dire with no depth and Carlton Davis in a contract year. We are pretty solid in the middle but need more security at OT depth. At the point we’re at, I would have no problem with a C with our first or second pick and let him sit year one under Brady and Jensen. We have great oline coaching.

  62. SOEbuc Says:

    Steve M

    Yes I also have had dirty dreams about that situation. We have a great staff. A Super Bowl staff. But who would ever hit the ignore button on Brady if anyone in the franchise needed to be replaced. I don’t think he would take some desk job in the FO. He’s gotta be on the field. Something weird is happening below my waste line.

  63. cmurda Says:


    A 39 year old Aaron Rodgers to take over when Brady retires. That’s funny. Thankfully, I realized you were being sarcastic.

  64. Buc4evr Says:

    Gabbert or Griffin will be back on the roster. Bucs need a DT or Edge in the draft to replace Suh or JPP.

  65. Admiral Redbeard Says:

    Ian Book in the 7th

  66. Joe Says:

    Ian Book in the 7th

    Is he really that bad?

  67. Colonel Angus Says:

    Don’t draft a QB unless he’s a late rounder. I believe teams win a certain way, they have an identity that spans their history. And the Bucs win with dominating Defense, pounding the rock and mistake free play by a wily veteran QB. Other than Doug Williams, we haven’t had luck drafting a franchise QB. But we have had luck with the veteran signal callers. Keep drafting Defense, O-Line and skill players. And lets hope Russell Wilson will be looking for another team when Brady retires, forms his own light and ascends to the heavens or whatever planet that dude came from.

  68. lambchop Says:

    Brooks also suggested the Eagles will draft a QB. LOL. The guy is an idiot. The Eagles are ride or die with Jalen Hurts. They are going to build around him.

    Blaine may already be the next Buc’s QB. I would prioritize signing him rather than start all over through the draft. And Brady isn’t going to handle-hold a rookie QB his last season at 46 yo. So, postponing drafting a QB later rather than now, if you think Blaine isn’t the guy, is a waste of precious learning experience. The Bucs are stacked, now would be the time to get a QB and depth (DT, DE, CB) and let the rookie QB observe and learn for the next 2-3 years.

    Can you imagine some prick coming to you the last 4-6 months of your career pestering you?

  69. Owlykat2 Says:

    Get an edge rusher with your first pick to replace JPP eventually and be a good insurance policy if injuries occur to our two starters. Then move up in the second round and grab Kyle Trask to be our QB in waiting. He only dropped because of his poor performance against Oklahoma and that only occurred because his targets set out that game to avoid injury before the NFL Draft. He really is a first round talent and go watch his game against Alabama when he put Bama into a real scare, and their Coach spoke highly of his performance, as the only QB who accomplished that!

  70. Oneilbuc Says:

    Kyle Trask should be our next quarterback draft him in the first round . He can learn behind Brady and we finally develop a quarterback . And they don’t have to put everything on him because he will have a decent team around him when Brady leaves.

  71. Joe in Michigan Says:

    People were saying last year to draft Jacob Eason in the 1st Round. Eason went in the 4th Round. I trust that the Bucs front office will take the right guy.

  72. JimmyJack Says:

    They should only really take a QB if a guy drops so low they cant say no. Sorta like Aaron Rodgers when he dropped………Otherwise the only cant miss prospects at QB will be selected in the Top 5(like Winston and Marroota).

    There is no pressing need to adress QB this year. We got Tom we good. If Tom ever retires thats the only time it becomes a need…….And just pretend Tom decided he was done and we needed a QB for this year. Hello Matt Safford……Tell me he couldnt get us to the playoffs with this roster and this Defense. You cant. Or how about Goff? He was avialable. Not too bad…….Or you nab a QB in free agency. Not much avialable this year but last year we seen Brady and Rivers and Cam Newton looking for teams……..Maybe when Tom retires we have a shot at Rodgers or Matt Ryan(for example). Tell me them guys wont consider Tampa Bay with Evans, Godwin, Brate and a beast Offensive Line. You cant.

    GO BUCS!!!