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March 4th, 2021

Flash poll posted at 8:48 a.m.

16 Responses to “Have Your Say”

  1. SteveK Says:


  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    The Bucs can afford them all, and should.
    This team can win next years Superbowl.
    That is an incredible feat! Lets do that.
    Then we’ll have to set some players adrift.
    Lets not be the 2003 Bucs, who had there chance for 2 rings stolen from them.
    I ring is fantastic- a Champion for your entire life!
    2 rings is a dynasty- and you’re a legend long after you’re gone!

  3. lambchop Says:

    This poll isn’t even fair. LOL. Statistically speaking, LVD is a beast!

  4. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Kind of a limited selection isn’t it?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    We should draft suh’s replacement.

  6. pewter941 Says:

    This is a tough one, Suh is an unsung hero.

  7. Duemig from HELL Says:

    Franchise Lavonte. Suh 1yr deal. Shaq 3yr deal.
    Can’t keep Godwin if we want the D intact

  8. Buczilla Says:

    Wow, I am definitely in the minority. I think that Suh is more important than David, since Suh and Vita make teams one dimensional right out of the gate. David over Godwin though. 😲

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    too tuff…idk…lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not really a far question without listing the others.

    Unrestricted Free Agents in order of importance:

    OLB Shaquil Barrett
    K Ryan Succop
    WR Chris Godwin
    DL Ndamukong Suh
    LB Lavonte David
    TE Rob Gronkowski
    RB Leonard Fournette
    DL Rakeem Nunez-Roches
    LB Kevin Minter
    S Andrew Adams
    CB Ryan Smith

  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    “I don’t know.” Only because I believe that the defense needs to be kept together. IMO, Suh is more irreplaceable than LVD. So by the logic of this survey, Suh is my answer.

  12. Godlovesbucs Says:

    Looking at their production this year only, suh is less valuable and more easily replaceable imo. But he should also cost less. This is a tough one, seeing as they both are on the back endo of their career and have a young borderline elite player in their position group (white and vea). If the answer is one or the other not considering money, id go with LVD. But if the question is Suh + Succop or LVD (money wise), then its suh…

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    Suh has been great, but anyone that voted for Suh over David should have their IP banned.

  14. NCFlorIdiot Says:

    Need more choices for that to be a fair poll

  15. pewter941 Says:

    Garofolo just retracted his David comments from yesterday.

  16. Bucsfanman Says:

    Rod- For discussion, would it be easier to replace LVD’s production or Suh’s? Consider each player’s impact to the unit as a whole.
    In full disclosure, I have never considered David’s play to be consistently elite. He’s a good player. Elite? Irreplaceable? Not really.
    I think Suh’s impact is greater. IMO