Franchise Tag Deadline May Change

March 8th, 2021

One reason only one team has slapped the franchise tag on a player this year is because the NFL has yet to finalize its salary cap for the 2021 season.

Some teams don’t want to shop before knowing their budget.

The official NFL franchise tag deadline is tomorrow at 4 p.m. Will the Bucs tag Pro Bowl receiver Chris Godwin to lock him in for 2021, a one-year deal for top dollar? Or will the honor (dishonor?) go to Shaq Barrett for the second consecutive season, this time at roughly $19 million?

Perhaps Lavonte David or Ryan Succup will be the tag choice if long-term contract talks advance with Godwin and Barrett.

It’s all a big Bucs mystery, but making things even more mysterious is the fact the tag deadline could shift, per NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport. You can read his new Twitter report below.

Joe suspects if the tag deadline moves back because of the yet-to-be-calculated cap number, then perhaps next week’s free agency opening (aka the start of the new league year) might move back, too.

What a messy, stressful time.

On the upside, a delay in the deadlines would mean the Bucs have more time to re-sign their own players.

Hammer out deals, Mr. Licht!

10 Responses to “Franchise Tag Deadline May Change”

  1. Swampbuc Says:

    Agreed, Joes. A delay is good, more time for extensions and cap space savings, allow the NFL to see its revenue profile from TV deals. Maybe the cap goes up? Possible.

    Very stressful time for sure.

  2. Mitch Says:


  3. chris L Says:

    same thing happened last year with the CBA negotiations. wouldnt be the worst thing. remember too, if we lose free agents, dont we get compensatory picks?

  4. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    If they tag Succop I would be shocked. I’d buy everyone on the board a beer.

  5. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    @SC…Miller light please,,,watching my figure.

  6. kaimaru Says:

    First in line to get his beer.

  7. buxsxntkt Says:

    How ridiculous , the NFL can’t decide if the cap is $180MM or $185MM.
    That is a 2.775 difference !
    That is like me struggling over whether to pay $100 for a pair of trainers , maybe have to wait a week but I really want them, or pay $102.77 to walk out of the store with them today.
    These flockers are pathetic. Just write an emergency amendment and pick a friggin number. In fact since you guys make so much money why not just kick in the extra $5MM, even the Glazers could fork that over with the increase in seat prices and the absurd prices on the super bowl swag.

    I have to return the cap I bought and I have to pay $9.99 shipping to return it ! It was $4.99 for shipping when they sent it to me, cant forget the $2.99 handling fee. I thought handling fees disappeared 30 years ago with K-tel best hits records !

  8. buxsxntkt Says:

    that was supposed to say 2.77% difference

  9. buxsxntkt Says:

    SC BUCS fan , just make sure it’s not that Big STorm Bromosa, I think I got bloody diarrhea from that stuff.

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    You can’t franchise anyone or do anything really until you know the cap number. How the NFL hasn’t bothered to set the cap number yet is beyond me. Just plug your numbers into a spreadsheet and you’re done, it’s simple stuff.