Ali Marpet Talks Tom Brady Obsession With Details

March 10th, 2021

Ali Marpet weighs in

Super Bowl champion left guard and Bucs captain Ali Marpet previously spent his career with quarterbacks like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mike Glennon and America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Then along came Tom Brady.

Marpet explained to WDAE radio this week that the Bucs’ legendary QB is very much an assistant coach, and that practices changed at One Buc Palace immediately upon is arrival.

There are so many examples, Marpet said, and he offered one.

”In football, there’s a lot of like details that can just get overlooked, really small things,” Marpet began. “This is going to sound random; but it could be anything from like, you know, ‘On this particular screen we want the running back at this landmark.’ Just really small details, the kind where you’re almost like guessing [normally]. He doesn’t want anyone guessing. He wants everybody to know exactly what the other person is thinking so you can play as fast as you possibly can. … He does a really nice job communicating and telling guys how to see the play and how to see the field.”

Ironically, it seems Brady very much is a ”toes-on-the-line” kind of guy, fully understanding that winning football is a game of centimeters.

Precision always mattered, but Brady has his own level and definition of what it means to be precise.

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27 Responses to “Ali Marpet Talks Tom Brady Obsession With Details”

  1. Mike C Says:

    Knowing what your job is and not looking on google? What a concept!

  2. Robert Says:

    what amazes me about TB is how humble he seems and includes everyone for the most part.

    just don’t drop a pass or run a wrong route for a pick lol

  3. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    “Aim small miss small” 😉

  4. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    All the greats are lunatics

  5. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    The difference between Brady and Jameis is huge. Jameis relied solely on his arm , while Brady relies on communication, smarts and precision.

  6. Youngbucs Says:

    Careful Ali you’ll be accused of not knowing football!!!

  7. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    Howard Stern is re-playing the 90min Tom Brady interview today. No commercial breaks

  8. Buc4evr Says:

    Jameis is talented, but takes chances that Brady is much to smart to take. Brady wins Jameis loses. Sad really because Jameis has the skill and the arm, he just can’t control his impulses and thought process.

  9. Topdoggie Says:

    He teaches the Belichick way without being a di**. Coaches could say the same thing and players would let it go in one ear and out the other.
    Thats what happens when you are a Superbowl champ.

  10. Snook Says:

    Any word on whether or not Brady preferred the thermostat at a specific temp?

  11. SOEbuc Says:

    That big ball of fire in the sky is my hopes Brady will become BUcs HC when he’s done at QB.

  12. ClodHopper Says:

    I wanna preface this with I mean this in the best way possible and am envious but here goes: Brady is the goat because he’s fkt up in the head. He cares about stuff no one else cares about. He thinks about stuff no one else thinks about.

    The really REALLY weird part is that most people like that are also stressed out jerks and he is the exact opposite of that.

  13. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    SOEbuc I see Brady buying a big ol yacht and cruising the world with his supermodel wife not coaching lol


    I’m laughing at guys talking about the difference between Jameis and Brady….seriously??? Attention to detail is what makes winners in any profession and we are fortunate enough to have the GOAT — he changed the culture on this team the moment he walked into that locker-room….

  15. Bird Says:

    Yah. Lets not use brady and jameis in same sentence anymore guys

    Using jameis in Same sentence with glennon and fitzpatrick is totally fine

  16. Bucsfanman Says:

    I mean, at this point, does anyone really miss Mr. 5000?!


    This is what the haters don’t hear or want to hear. To sum it up, he works hard for his success. What a concept. I will give credit to Bill Belichick, that was his philosophy, so initially Brady got that from him. The difference now is Brady is still grinding and Belichick spent the 2019 FA deadline in Barbados with his lady.

  18. Doug Says:

    Where did all the Jameis supporters go?

  19. Doug Says:

    Where did all the Winston supporters go?

  20. Jason Says:

    He does a really nice job communicating and telling guys how to see the play and how to see the field.”

    This is why Brady loves AB. AB already sees it the same way Brady does.

  21. Miller5252 Says:

    There’s no reason to try and compare Jameis and Brady. 5000 yards means nothing compared to wins. I can’t wait for this coming year for Brady and the offense. I thought by the end of this year they would finally start clicking and the offense would be good. I didn’t think they’d be good enough to win the Super Bowl, but they’d finally be really really good. I also thought this coming year would be a 2 or 3 loss team with the best offense in the league and scoring 35-40 a game. After winning the Super Bowl, I really think my last year prediction for this coming year of 2-3 losses is a real possibility and maybe only 1-2 losses. The offense this coming year could really go down as one of the best ever!! Cant wait!!


    Because Bucs were wild card team they should be playing the easier schedule than NO that won the division.

  23. unbelievable Says:

    The difference between him going toes-on-the-line and Schiano doing it, is that Brady has the resume and crew to back it up.

    And I think a teammate demanding that level of excellence can be more impactful on another player, versus it coming from a coach.

  24. unbelievable Says:

    *resume and cred

  25. REDZONE BA Says:

    @Doug – I know the posters you are asking about, so fair enough. They have disappeared from the board. I am a Bucs fan and have always been a Brady fan. And fan loving when Bucs win SB. But I am also a JW fan and wish him the best.

    Brady’s presence as a 20 yr vet and 6-ring winner, MVP and too many accolades to mention – raised the bar for the team – his excellence in preparation is second to none. I was blown away at his precision passing and also surprised at arm strength at 42. There is no comparison to JW or any other QB in NFL.

    Read an article in SI about how hard it is to repeat SB. W/Brady at QB helm next year, we (Bucs) have a realistic chance.

    Re: JW – not sure why so many people pine to see him fail. I think his “check yo sheet” comment was perhaps his biggest “oops/cringe-worthy comment” following the loss in last game of year. Peripherally, JW’s career trajectory took a dive, and the dude has been humbled. Has a climb to get back to a starter status.

    Anyhow – my focus is on Bucs FA signings and Draft, and repeat SB in 2021. GO BUCS!

  26. View from 132 Says:

    The America’s Quarterback thing is tired.


    I don’t think anyone is a Jamais hater it’s the early on badger of the feeling of loss with this guy when Brady was signed. Every mistake Brady made early on was under a microscope to some. Now that the dust has settled and Brady once AGAIN proved his professionalism, devotion and winning as a team attitude is not overrated, Jamais is like all the other Bucs inferior QB’s a thing of the past. Any player that devotes their livelihood to the game, team and fans deserves respect unless the fame goes to their head and they become anwhole, then they deserve what they get. Best of luck Jamais, we wish you well.