Ira Talks Changing Tom Brady Powers, Future & Recruiting, Fresh Perspective From A Bucs Coach, Arians-Licht Chatter & More On Bucs Free Agency

February 26th, 2021

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2 Responses to “Ira Talks Changing Tom Brady Powers, Future & Recruiting, Fresh Perspective From A Bucs Coach, Arians-Licht Chatter & More On Bucs Free Agency”

  1. WillieG Says:

    Over 800,000 page views in February? That’s pretty impressive. Quick correction. Joe said 800K actual visits. The page views are much, much higher than that. –Joe
    But I have to tell you that JBF would probably increase traffic by at least 10% if Joe would stop with the unfunny nicknames. Or at least stop using them every single time. They are not here every time at all. The archives are there if you want to check.–Joe I know of THREE people who don’t read this page simply because they got tired of all the stupid nicknames. And that sucks for me because we can’t discuss what JBF reported until I report it to them. Maybe Joe can only use the nicknames when a player has earned another and then not use it again until he earns another? ANYTHING is better than every damn time. Please take it under advisement. You won’t lose readers if you stop and you’ve already lost readers because you do.

  2. WillieG Says:

    When I said “every” time, I meant every time a certain Joe writes an article and mentions a player who he has anointed. Yes, he “only” does it once within the actual article, but it’s still annoying AF. Whatever. Like I said, I know people who don’t read because of the stupid stuff. I also don’t encourage other friends and acquaintances to read because of the stupid stuff. I myself will stop reading since it’s speculation season and I hate the nicknames. Bad combo. See y’all when there’s news and (I hope) no more stupid, unfunny nicknames.