Example Of How Important Shaq Barrett Is

February 27th, 2021

No. (Unless as a backup.)

Now Joe has been reading in the comments on this here corner of the interwebs that some folks dismiss how important Bucs sack king Shaq Barrett is to the team.

They claim Vita Vea was the secret to Shaq’s success — Joe will write about that Monday.

These same folks wave their hand in the air, thinking Shaq is easily replaced (apparently these folks were watching a different team during the Lost Decade).

One name Joe has read from fans is that of pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney. Joe guesses these folks claim Clowney can replace Shaq because they remember his name, but not his play.

The only way Joe would want Clowney is as a backup. That’s right, you read that.

Last year, as Mike Tannenbaum pointed out, Clowney was on a prove-it year (sort of like Shaq was). The difference here is, Shaq proved he’s valuable. Clowney? He proved he can only start for some sad-sack franchise.

Tannenbaum, the former general manager of the Jets and Dolphins and current talking head with BSPN who started the football thinktank The33rdTeam.com, had the gory details of Clowney’s 2020 numbers.

That just screams “headcase” to Joe, or he’s simply brittle. Or both. All the more reason to want Shaq.

The only start Shaq has missed with the Bucs in two years was when he came into contact with someone with The Sickness and the team held him out as a precautionary measure. He never tested positive.

So not only is Shaq productive, he is dependable. Coaches love guys they can bank on to answer the bell on gamedays.

For those who still don’t think Shaq is worth it, then maybe they should rethink their fallback plan on Clowney.

Unless the Bucs want Clowney as a backup.

53 Responses to “Example Of How Important Shaq Barrett Is”

  1. FirstTimePoster Says:

    Shaq Is a great edge rusher. No doubt. He NEEDS Vita Vea to make him that. I said it.

  2. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I don’t want Clowney on the Bucs at all. Shaq’s good buddy and mentor Von Miller, now that’s a different story (as a 3 rotation of edge rushers with Shaq, JPP and Von). Highly doubtful, though. I’d be happy if the Bucs were able to bring back Shaq, Godwin, David, Suh, Gronk, Succop, and maybe AB if the price is right. This would take some serious restructuring/added years, so we’ll see.


    Shaquil still has 2 more years left to ball 🏈 out. According to stat guys he will be superior as an EDGE until age 31 where the decline begins. I just don’t believe there is anyone who can truly say that come September he will be that much different biologically. His body has another 50 sacks in it. The guy is Michael Bennett nightmare 2.0 waiting to happen!!!! Plz everyone LEARN FROM THE PAST!!!! Think ppl. “Cmon Folks”

  4. Capt Kidd Says:

    Guys, it’s pure coincidence that both JPP and Shaq had their best games with Vea in the middle. The fact that they statically sucked without him is just pure coincidence.

  5. Joe Says:

    He NEEDS Vita Vea to make him that.

    Check ‘yo sheet. Joe has. Will write about it Monday.

  6. BillyBucFan Says:

    Shaq was definitely better with Vea on the field, but he is NOT easily replaceable.
    He has awesome chemistry with this defense.
    And Vea is still a member of this team so if it works?
    I think they pay him and Godwin and extend LVD.
    All defensive draft

  7. Robert Says:

    Man joe really loves shaq

  8. Miller5252 Says:

    Can’t wait for the article about Shaq not needing Vita, because I’m one that think he does Vita to be successful. Was 8 weeks with out a sack? Or maybe 6 weeks? I can’t remember now, but I’m sure you’ll use that QB pressures as how dominate Shaq was. Sorry, watching all the games this year I just didn’t see Shaq as that dominate pass rusher, sure he good, but break the bank good…. I just don’t see it. As for Clowney…. he had one huge hit and one hell of a game on Sunday night for the Hawks, but has never turned out to be the player he thinks he is. No way I would pay him anywhere close to what he wants. I think we should keep Shaq at the right price.

  9. BridleOaks Buc Says:

    Spurrier wouldn’t endorse Clooney coming out of SC…in fact he went out of his way to warn teams about Clowney’s lack of heart and drive. When your college coach is giving red flags before the draft, that’s a BIG red flag!!

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe In Michigan

    And, I thought I was the most optimistic JBF poster……yes. bring all of them back is probably somehow possible……but it will take some cooperation from many different players to make it happen and it still may not. I’d love it though.

    As for Shaq…….keep in mind, he was there for us….motivated to stay….loves the Bucs & Tampa……BB (Before Brady)

    Also…..the last time I checked VV was still on the team, healthy and will play…..so him helping Shaq to produce is irrelevant.

  11. BridleOaks Buc Says:

    Pat Kerwin made a great point. Sign Shaq. Tag LVD to keep him for one more year next to White (he’ll be 32 then). Give it a shot to sign Godwin, but not at the expense of players like Suh, AB, Succop and Gronk….”you can always get another receiver and believe me, Brady will coach the heck out of him.”

  12. crasey Says:

    The question is how bad does Shaq want his money. As a fan of Shaq I hope he gets what he wants. As a fan of the team I pray he doesn’t.

  13. Jersey buc Says:

    😂😂clowney stinks!! Absolutely NO!!
    Dude never had double digit sacks. NO, NAH, NOPE, HELL No!!

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    Wrote yesterday that ‘Suh, Vea, JPP & Shaq hunt beautifully TOGETHER. Take 1 out, and the ‘pack’ loses some of its effectiveness. There’s a great chemistry there that we know works’. Still believe that.

    Two of those 4 pieces are under contract for ONE more year (Vea & JPP), then they’ll also be FAs. So IF we re-sign both Suh AND Shaq to 1-year contracts (as would happen with a franchise tag on Shaq?), next year NONE OF THEM WOULD BE UNDER CONTRACT. (Neither would Carlton Davis or Whitehead, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg).

    Fun scenario. Let’s say we go all-in like that & win another SB this year. Not easy to be sure, but possible if we keep this band together. After that, over half of our starting defense would be up for free agents (make that very expensive FAs). Recognizing what’s about to happen, Tom Brady retires, and so does Gronk. Donovan, Jensen & Cappa (all FAs in 2022) sign elsewhere, and so does RoJo. BA’s had enough fun so he moves up to be President of Football Operations (or decides to just go play golf; his option). Todd Bowles & Byron Leftwich both get offered head coaching jobs elsewhere requiring a lot less rebuilding & accept them. Some team finally recognizes Mike Greenberg’s tremendous potential & hires him as their GM.

    I vote to go for it: 2 Super Bowls in a row is worth it. Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead.

  15. Allbuccedup Says:

    Can’t keep everyone Godwin or Shaq is the choice. We all know who Brady wants. Enough said.

  16. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Shaq and JPP may not NEED Vea, but they sure seem better with Vea in the middle.

  17. Joe in Michigan Says:

    TBBF: Yes, trying to stay optimistic. We’ll see.


    Were we watching the same PO games? Shaq went off. Those saying Vea makes Shaq better, no sh@$t so does Suh, it’s their jobs. Those who think Shaq is average without Vea, you should check and see if Vea was even on the field for all his PO sacks. My guess is NO.

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    What idiot thinks Clowney can replace Barrett?

    Sounds like a Straw Man argument in the making.

    I, for one, do not believe one player make one other player “better.” IMO, it’s all about teamwork and synergy.

    IMO, Barrett, Vea, Suh and PP all work very, very well together, and losing one makes the group less effective.

    @DR: I agree, but I won’t be surprised if there are numerous 2-year extensions done from the current group you mention. I think this team has a two-year window until all the excellent draft picks are no longer affordable.

    I’d like to see some addendum to the CBA that discounts a player’s cap value if the team drafted him, or signed his FIRST UFA contract. In the long run, a team drafting well gets hammered by the cap…and it should not be that way.

    Maybe a 20% discount against the cap AFTER the initial rookie dealio.

  20. Adrnagy Says:


  21. Adrnagy Says:

    David, one of the hottest names set to hit the free agent market in two weeks, is on the Browns’ radar as they look to bolster their linebacker position, league sources tell cleveland.com.

  22. Cobraboy Says:

    What % increased money would it take to move from Tampa after 9 years and a SB, to the s#!+h0le of Cleveland?

  23. Adrnagy Says:

    NFLPA tells players to work together in free agency, push back on teams amid reduced salary cap, per report

    DeMaurice Smith told NFL agents Thursday it’s OK to “collude” in order to get the best possible deals for their clients, encouraging them to push back against teams attempting to capitalize on a reduced 2021 salary cap

  24. Adrnagy Says:

    So cobra boy … easy , it’s $$$$

  25. Cobraboy Says:

    @Adrnagy: what % is $$$$?

  26. Fred mcneil Says:

    If we keep Godwin Shaq is gone n visa versa

    Clowney wants more than Shaq will get, he’s famous.. not great.
    Even with just Shaq we’ll lose AB or Groningen…. or Succup….

  27. Fred mcneil Says:

    If we keep Godwin Shaq is gone n visa versa

    Clowney wants more than Shaq will get, he’s famous.. not great.
    Even with just Shaq we’ll lose AB or Groningen…. or Succup….
    We prob lose LD too.

  28. Plex Says:

    The one @Joe who focuses more on sacks doesn’t care about qb hurries, disruptions, or pressure: just sacks. Shaq was struggling to get sacks without VEA, it’s a fact. Should we bring Shaq back? Hell yeah, but he’s fourth on my list. It should be LVD, CG, Succop, Shaq. lost decade: What about kickers? Lost decade: who has contributed more than LVD? Lost decade: guess we won so many games with just ME13 catching passes. Look, brown isn’t Godwin and neither is Scotty Miller. I think there’s a better chance Von Miller could replace Shaq then ANYONE replacing Godwin.

  29. Allbuccedup Says:

    If we lose Shaq we could get Jeremiah Attachuo from Denver for about 2 bills, apparently the Broncos don’t know squat about edge rushers then draft one in the first two rounds problem solved.

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    @Cobraboy … “I won’t be surprised if there are numerous 2-year extensions done from the current group you mention. I think this team has a two-year window until all the excellent draft picks are no longer affordable.”

    I REALLY hope you’re right Cobraboy. My guess is that Brady, Suh & JPP especially have 2 more good years left in them. A Super Bowl three-some would be really really nice, although I must admit I don’t see a snowball’s chance in Hades of that happening. 31 other teams have different ideas.

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    @Cobraboy … “IMO, it’s all about teamwork and synergy”.

    Spot on. ‘Synergy’ is a word that seems to rarely comes up nowadays, but it’s the perfect description Cobraboy of how the various position groups (and individual players) on this team complement each other to produce an outcome greater than the individual contributions. Perfectly describes IMO how Suh, Vea, JPP & Shaq all work together to dominate.

  32. SteveK Says:

    Joe Says:
    February 27th, 2021 at 4:21 pm
    He NEEDS Vita Vea to make him that.

    Check ‘yo sheet. Joe has. Will write about it Monday.


    Can’t wait, Joe, and this is why you all
    Are the best damn Bucs site in all the inter webs.

    Keep up the excellent job, and I’m excited you all get to cover the team in it’s current glory. You all deserve it. It’s been a long time coming since Bill Sheridan wanted to meet us for Coca-Cola’s at the front gates to questions his awful team.

    Who’d of thought that the den of depression died this year and we won a super bowl? Go Bucs!

  33. AJ Says:

    Finally!!! Something the Joe and I can agree on . Clowney is not in Shaq’s league as far as a high end rusher. Clowney has always been the guy getting big contracts on potential. Shaq will be getting it because of performance and the ability to stay on the field and be available. Clowney always comes up with a tweaked ankle or hammie. No comparison, no brainer…

  34. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is one thing we should be able to agree on.

    We all want Shaq & Godwin back……

    But if we sign both of them it will be for very big money….even with a tag on one.

    If we do that….it will make it extremely difficult to sign the rest…

    LVD, Suh, Gronk, Succop…..Maybe AB depending on money….and you can just about forget about Lenny.

  35. LongSeason Says:

    Sign Clowney and get clowned.

  36. Adrnagy Says:

    I don’t agree in signing shaq.

    If we sign David , suh , Godwin , gronk , succop then I’ll agree. But one player signed over possibly 2-3 no way.

  37. kgh4life Says:

    If it came down to it i’d rather go with Von Miller instead of Clowney. Clowney has all the physical traits needed to be a dominant pass rusher but never put it together. He has only one double digit sack season, often injured and his passion for the game has come into question. Von Miller is older and is coming off an injury, however, is proven and at the right price is worth the risk.

  38. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Joe passing on a Big Name player?

    Bizzarro World

    Joe 🥰 Shaq

  39. ArmchairGM Says:

    Looking forward to that article on Monday, Joe. I don’t think Vea was the secret to Shaq’s, but Vea demands 2 blockers. You still need guys to win their matchup on the outside. Shaq and JPP do that consistently. Bucs won’t be able to easily replace Barrett.

  40. Darin Says:

    Every Buc fan knows the importance of Shaq. We also know the importance of every other player on the roster. We also know about the salary cap. What we dont know is how much a year he will command. It all comes down to that. We’d love him to stay. If not its time to find his replacement. Because guess what? The Bucs won 7 games the season before with Shaq leading the league in sacks. Won the SB with Shaq getting 8. If he leaves we will find out how many games they win with him getting 0. If he stays we won’t. Yes we know you want shaq back. We all do. If you think they cant win it all without him you clearly are back to your “ronald jones is a bust” days of not knowing.

  41. JimmyJack Says:

    I liked Devin Whites quote about VitaV. He explained how Vita opens up lanes for the Edge rushers. Gives them more space to work with.

    But it is getting under my skin how fans act like Vita is the reason Shaq is good. So should Shaq apoligize for having good teammates? Should Reggie Whire apoligize for having Jerome Brown do the same thing?

    VitaV is opening things up on the Dline. Shaq is getting room and is beating his man. Fans wanna act like any warm body can just waltz in and win these battles like Shaq does. Its stupid.

    Shaq is a playmaker, bottom line. And the Bucs arent stupid. They arent losing Shaq. They know better then yall. I hope.

  42. Ben Says:

    Shaq needs Vea to get 19.5 sacks yes. But still effective without him. Pass Rush Wins Championships!!!

  43. sauron's eye Says:

    I would love to get Shaq back. Any edge rusher on his level makes similar $. The only way to get a better deal is to score in the draft. Not only do we pick last, that position doesn’t usually dominate as a rookie.

  44. David Says:

    FirstTimePoster –
    Sorry but that’s an ignorant statement. Shaq Barrett is second in the NFL in quarterback hits, pressures, savks and tackles for loss over the past two years. He was second this year alone. He didn’t have as many sacks this year but everything else was elite even when Vea wasn’t there. Of course Vea helps. But there is no one available out there that can replace what Shaq has brought over the last two years. No one.

    Look at the Raiders defense when they let Khalil Mack go. It was idiotic. Elite edge rusher’s are probably second most valuable next to a franchise quarterback. You do not let them walk. They should sign him to a four year deal

  45. David Says:

    Let’s not forget Shaq and JPP, although they don’t lineup next to each other, play off of each other extremely well.
    Just like White and David. One makes the other better. They cannot let these guys go

  46. Buc50 Says:

    Winning 4 straight in the playoffs would have been really difficult without Shaq. David’s biggest asset was his pass coverage on TE’s.

  47. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Shaq is definitely a top notch player but I also feel that this organization is drafting much better these days. Whoever they decide to let walk won’t bother me a bit.

  48. Buczilla Says:

    Clowney made an amazing play in college and convinced some that he is the second coming of Lawrence Taylor. Production wise, he’s not even the second coming of Regan Upshaw. Pass all day long on this dude unless he plays for vet minimum.

  49. Bucsfanman Says:

    Shaq was pressuring QBs all year, with and without Vea. We get so enamored with statistics that we forget what we watched. Shaq is not replaceable. And especially not with that BUST Jadeveon Clowney!

    Why try to fix what isn’t broke?! I don’t understand Buc fans sometimes. The pass-rush was effectively “fixed” with the additions of Shaq and Suh two years ago. Why on god’s green Earth would you mess with that?!!!

    The mere mention of Clowney as a replacement for Shaq might be the singular dumbest thing I have ever heard. Clowney is remembered for ONE play, and that was in college. NO.

  50. Davenport Buc Says:

    Tag him and take the time to work out a long-term deal. We cannot lose this guy.

  51. #1bucsfan Says:

    Pay the man. He played well without vea now when vea came back that did help Shaq but he was still playing well even without vea. Gotta pay him


    Correct Brown is not as good as Godwin, he is better. There is NO way Brown drops close to as many balls as Godwin or Evan’s did in PO’s & SB, at least 3 for TD’s. Brown could easily step in for Godwin and Miller & Johnson share #3. Only difference is Godwin blocking ability but if already downfield who cares? This team has too many weapons that would not be hurt if one or two key players left. There will be other FA’s looking for a ring to scoop up. This Bucs team is as good or better than any SB winning Pat’s team. Look what Bucs did to undoubtably the best team in the league in SB, tackles of no tackles wouldn’t of made a difference. Bucs were beat up to.

  53. Bucs-Hoops Says:

    Clowney? solid No. Forget the names- especially people who say Clowney! The ROI on his position (when considering the D as whole) is of lesser overall value than the ROI on the other FA’s positions (not in totality, edge rush is absolute, only speaking FA’s currently). Purely hypothetical and imaginary rankings here, but the Bucs lose a 10 (in Shaq), but get a 7 who plays like an 8 (supporting cast) is a better loss than losing an 9 (Godwin) who gets replaced by a potential 5 (insert random WR). No one wants to lose Shaq, no replacement for him will equal his productivity, but its about what position gets lost and who comes in to replace them! Forget the names- I don’t see how Licht pays a OLB that kind of money and accepts the losses incurred by those of the other positions.