Bruce Arians Reflects On Devin White

February 14th, 2021

For Bucs fans already thinking about the 2021 season, Bucco Bruce Arians made interesting word choices on Friday.

Arians was a guest on Peacock and was asked about his savior linebacker, Super Bowl champion Devin White.

Bucs fans know the drill. White is rapidly developing and already is one of the best linebackers in football at 22 years old.

Arians talked about White’s uniqueness and greatness, but he also talked about how White is enhanced by the presence of Lavonte David alongside him. It’s there where Joe was intrigued by Arians’ word choices as David prepares/hopes to break the bank as a pending free agent.

“I mean, I love him,” Arians said of White. “He brings so much passion and energy every single day. He has to be probably the most talented linebacker in the league. But when you package him with Lavonte David, with his experience and his speed, it’s a lethal, lethal combination.”

The packaging of David and White has to be something the Bucs don’t want to mess with. Don’t break up “lethal, lethal,” right?

But David has earned another long-term deal as he enters his 10th NFL season, and he could command a raise that would add to the great stress on the Tampa Bay salary cap. Many other Bucs are expecting pay bump, especially Chris Godwin, who could be looking at a $16 or $18 million raise after earning about $2 million for 2020.

Despite what Bucs officials have implied, keeping every player won’t be simple. Would the Bucs allow a White/David breakup?

47 Responses to “Bruce Arians Reflects On Devin White”

  1. SB~LV Says:

    Too bad for GM’s that the draft is after FA, and good for FA’s.
    We need his replacement in waiting and a shoulder mate for VV !

  2. 6throundpick Says:

    The Bucs spread it around; are going for the wins/prize…again. They don’t need to throw to him constantly…what happened in the Super Bowl? Evans and Godwin were double teamed. It’s just win, baby- not win this particular way, and if the statistics don’t indicate an absolute blowout, then the win doesn’t count. This team can win a lot of different ways. Cheers! If ya didn’t have Evans, Miller, Gronk, Brown, Brate, et al, I’d say pay Godwin. So, I ain’t gonna say that.

  3. Cobraboy Says:

    There should be some cap considerations for guys the team drafted or undrafted rookie signings and none for a FA.

  4. unbelievable Says:

    I think Shaq and David are going to be a bigger priority than Godwin, though I love them all.

    Then we gotta think about guys like Suh, Gronk, etc…

  5. ncbucsfan Says:

    Pay Shaq and Godwin, Franchise Lavonte because of the low cap cost of an ILB! Structure Shaq and Godwin a high signing bonus, back-loaded deal so their cap hit isn’t as high in 2021, hopefully with the return of fans the Salary cap increases in 2022 so we’ll be okay then.
    And if Brady decides to retire, we’ll definitely be sitting good in subsequent years.

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    LIcht is rightfully praised for his work this season (and off season). But he will really earn his keep in his efforts to keep most of these fine players. Not all can be kept. And he will greatly upset some fans when some players leave – as they must. He and his staff are in a better position to call these shots (position depths, etc.) than any fans. But he needs to be thick skinned to handle the deluge of fan criticism that is sure to come.

  7. Godlovesbucs Says:

    @6th. The reason why you can spread it to other guys is 2 fold.

    1, evans and godwin command double coverage. That puts so much stress on a d to try and stop 2 #1 wr’s.

    2. You have brady, quite possibly the best ever to spread the ball to the open reciever.

    If we want to look at the future, keeping godwin is a huge help for whichever qb comes after brady. Letting Godwin walk to sign brown would be a huge hit for the future IMO. signing everyone may not be possible, but i would rather barrett then godwin over all the rest.

  8. Mort Says:

    Man it sure would feel bad to look back at that draft and say “If the Bucs pick Devin White that highly, I’m going to stop being a fan of this team”. Man, what a disaster of a thing to say. Aged like milk.

    Good thing nobody was that foolish eh?

  9. Says:

    Mark my words… CG14 odd man out

  10. I CARE NOW Says:

    I think both LVD and CG will look at the options the market provides. Shaq will do the same. However, I believe LVD and CG will follow their leader, Hall of Famer, Best Offensive Buccaneer of All Time. Mike Evans. Shaq on the other hand is going to going to walk. IMHO, the Bucs should not pay him top dollar.

    At this point they need to start considering extending Vea, who build around like we did Sapp. He makes that D-Line special. Bring in Watt and let him and JPP bring the pain. Clay Mathews is still out there too. With a year off he may want to take a run and be a part of a boat parade.

    My point is this. Vea has JPP. White needs LVD, CG needs Mike Evans. Shaq is expendable IMO. If your Not the Heart Of the D, your NOT WORTH Top Dollar. But those other two realize they have something special here and Mike Bought in to keep them here years ago. Its their turn to repay the favor to Mike.

  11. I CARE NOW Says:

    Also, Gronk might play for Free. NOT worried about him getting resigned. Suh might comeback but it wont be a super team friendly deal. However, once Shaq takes off after the big money. Bucs will make sure to keep in the fold if he wants to keep playing. Vea is the key, make no mistake about it.

    Also, I really want to see them get another veteran DB/Safety, maybe some depth at LB.

    Playoff Lenny is gone as well, Key V. and Rojo are going to be a SICK combo.

  12. August 1976 Buc Says:

    The foundation of success for this team starts with the Front 7, the D line and the L backers, keep them intact, they are excellent against the run, and rushing the passer. KEEP the front 7 intact. GO BUCS!!!!!

  13. cmurda Says:

    Tony Romo and everyone else watching that Super Bowl didn’t account for the best LB in the game. He’s already that good in my book and yes, I am biased.

    Tony Romo “Mahomes is so good. With Brady, yeah he’s probably getting his team back in. With Mahomes, you know it’s happening. He’ll get his team back in position by the time the 4th quarter rolls around”.

    Devin White laughed that off and dominated the game along with Winfield, JPP, Shaq and the rest of this defense. Secondary too.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The Bucs have the #1 2022 cap space in the league. Licht can make some deals avoiding huge 2021 impact and restructure a couple of contracts (Mike Evans, Ali Marpet, perhaps extending Donavan Smith and Ryan Jansen) making room for major re-signs.
    I think that Cam Brate might be the odd man out. Godwin is one of the best Licht’s picks, he’s going nowhere.
    Unfortunately, Playoff Lenny won’t stay, he’ll collect a fat check elsewhere (Jets? Buffalo?). Maybe Travis Etienne falls to the bottom of the 1st round and the Bucs have a shot to leapfrog Buffalo to grab him.

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    If the CAP space gets tight somebodys gonna have to sign elsewhere.

    I been thinking Chris might be the guy we gotta lose. We are just too strong at WR and the need to keep guys like David and Barrett is too great.

    Then again, Tom Brady probably gets a say so in this.

    Im not wanting to lose anybody. For now I hope we keep them all. Our front office has some difficult deciosions.

  16. Jrivy21 Says:

    I think more key to White’s success is Vita Vea who won’t be going anywhere. Lavonte is an all-time Buc so of course, it would be nice to keep him but not over retaining Godwin and Shaq. CG is tough, can block, catch and play inside or outisde. Shaq is a rare breed pass rusher who can sack the QB and stop the run, tailor-made for the Bowles defensive scheme. A good speedy, coverage LB can be found in FA or the draft if it gets to that point.

  17. BradyBucs Says:

    So many thinking Chris Godwin is expendable. No way!

    Chris really makes the Offense hum. His route running and separation often draws safety help. He had a few notable drops late this past season but that was never the case for majority of his other games. He’s a solid, solid WR and one of the best in the NFL.

    Godwin makes Evans better.

    Antonio Brown is the one we don’t need to resign unless it’s a cheap deal. Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson can fill that 3rd/4th WR on those sets.

    Lavonte David, unfortunately, is the one that is expendable, but like Kwon was. David can be replaced by another solid linebacker. Devin White is more of the “x-factor” linebacker with his unique speed and play.

    We don’t want to lose any of our players, but if we have to, I think David is the one we can’t afford to keep.

    Shaq Barrett is the top priority. He’s earned his big contract, give it to him.

    We need CG. He’s the perfect compliment to Evans.

    Linebackers are much easier to replace than big play, consistent WRs. We also can’t underestimate the value of CG’s knowledge of the playbook and what he’s already mastered. Other WRs aren’t going to step into that starting role and run perfect routes that he has learned through a lot of repetition.

    People also seem to forget about OJ Howard. Brate is probably the odd man out. We certainly don’t need both Howard and Brate. Howard seemed to really be coming into his own before he got hurt and seems to have much higher upside than Brate.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    I just can’t believe most of the band is coming back for another run.

    This team is really going to be amazing next season.

    They’re going to wipe out every team they play.

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    Like he was going anywhere in the first place, looks like LVD is a lock.

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    If the front office trusts the process and believes in their ability to scout then Godwin and Fournette will probably both be allowed to walk. They’ll most likely get compensatory picks for both of them, Godwin for sure.
    Suh is a mercenary, won’t be surprised to see him follow money somewhere else.
    Gronk will only play with Brady, so he’ll be back.
    Antonio Brown will most likely want to stay with Brady and not many teams will be willing to take a shot on him.
    They have to do everything they can to keep Barrett and David. Those are two pillars that are hard to replace.
    Antonio Brown, Tyler Johnson, and Scotty Miller make Godwin expendable. There is never a shortage of capable running backs that can fill Fournette’s spot.
    Continue to draft defense. LB’s, DE’s, DT’s, Hybrids, Corners…..keep stacking depth on that side.

  21. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    People talk about player loyalty, but some forget these players have a short window of opportunity, so they must make their money, while they can.
    Some tough decisions must be made soon by Jason Licht and Company.
    The guys at the Sports Bar feel that Chris Godwin will not be back.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    BradyBucs….In your post you kinda overlook the opion of keeping AB and losing Chris. Its not like AB is just a average reciever. I think he at least deserves consideration. If this decision is about money we could save lots and lots of millions with Brown. Not to mention we are well stocked at WR. What does Brady want?

    Personally I can’t lose David. Then ypu gotta replace his coverage. So your not going to have the #1 Run Defense no more. White and David are a massive part of that. We can lose a Chris and still have great recievers….Cannot say the same about David and our MLBs.

    Understand what keeping Chris is you top priority & agreed with many of your points……My top priority is keeping this defense in tact as much as possible. We very much played like a Championship D the whole post season. Wiped out Bress, Rodgers & Mahomes. Only greatness achieves that.

    I must have David and Barret back if its my call. It looks like Suh also has at least another year in him too. He must stay in pewter. We also gptta lock up Bunting longterm soon. Without him we dont sniff the SB.

    GO BUCS!

  23. Mitch Says:

    As much as I would like to see it.. I don’t see how the Bucs bring everyone back. They will lose at least one out Shaq, Godwin, or LVD. Maybe two. My money is on Godwin based on his position and our depth…unless they can afford to franchise him somehow. The Bucs will figure out the rest.

  24. SB~LV Says:

    I wonder if Godwin’s now concussion history will factor in the calculation

  25. Stanglassman Says:

    BAs offense doesn’t work without Godwin. AB can’t play slot and block like Godwin. CB is a huge priority.

  26. firethecannons Says:

    Thinking Chris Godwin may be the odd man out

  27. adam from ny Says:

    don’t be shocked if the glazers pull back after winning one…

    and go for a handful of lean years moving forward, now that they’ve ignited the fan base with brady and a superbowl…

    either it’s full steam ahead to repeat and spend…

    or sit back on our laurels and wither away until the seats are empty again…

    then re-up and win again…

    we shall see…

    the ball is fully in the glazers court

  28. adam from ny Says:

    right now we gotta sign 3 of our linebackers again…

    vonte, jpp and shaq….

    that’s crazy…and not happening…

    let’s stick to the “2 out of 3 ain’t bad” scenario

  29. unbelievable Says:

    Everyone keeps forgetting that when Vea went down, Shaq went into hiding most of those weeks…

    I want Shaq back, but not at the expense of multiple other guys…. right now it feels like either him or Godwin, but not both. That would be okay. But if we’re giving up multiple players just for Shaq… nah I don’t think so.

    As for Shaq himself, yes he wants to be paid, but I do think he would accept slightly lower pay from Tampa vs someone else, so long as it’s a multi-year deal. If you listen to his interviews, that’s one of his biggest things: he was undrafted, always working on 1-year deals, etc. More than anything, he just wants a commitment and stability toward his future.

    Oh and I don’t think LVD is going anywhere.

  30. Old school Buc Says:

    D. White will be a top 3 or 4 playa in Buccaneer history

  31. Old school Buc Says:

    IMHO , the way the roster played out all of last season. The goat will decide who stays and who goes. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

  32. JimmyJack Says:

    Adam. That scenario with the Glazers seems very unlikely to me.

    What sticks out to me is how highly Bruce spoke of the Glazer family when he was hired. They are a big reason why he chose Tampa.

    Then when I look at the investment the franchise put into the massive coaching staff(that dont come free) we have it really seems like the Glazers made a commitment to winning. And they committed what counts…….money.

    Yes, Bruce came here to win two freaking rings. But he also came here to create a great football operation. From Front Office to Coaching to Players……….Lets face it, you dont get a Tom Moore to commit time to a pile of cheapskate owners who want you to win with low paid employees……..Thats not what the Glazers are doing. They may very well succeed in the real goal and take the Bucs on a run similar to the Steelers of the 70s… or the Cowboys. They may take this mickeymouse Bucs francise to the top of the football world where we are one of those truely elite teams that never ever field a truely bad team. The Bucs might be good from now til forever!!! And our next HC might just be ready to roll.


  33. SB~LV Says:

    The Glazers have always wanted to win ! They thought that they were making the correct decisions each and every time. In the 2008 financial meltdown they were caught up in it too , they were being cheap during those years because they had no other choice.
    A sobering fact for all to contemplate is we have a proven aging HC and QB , for them and the franchise not to be caught flatfooted coming out on the other side is the biggest obstacle facing their franchise. Historically this has been the Glazers biggest downfall.

  34. #1bucsfan Says:

    Bin saying this since what was drafted that these to will be the best LB duo in the league. Gotta keep David for a few more years but find his replacement and start developing last year but hopefully they can find him soon and we need to have a replacement for suh and JPP these guys won’t last forever or bring in watt to help relieve JPP and suh at times

  35. I CARE NOW Says:

    Did Shaq get the “your coming back” shout out from BA?

    Honestly, I know everyone wants him because we are so happy to have an edge rusher. However this is not a GMC and Bennett situation. There would be a very good reason to let him walk in FA

    For starters we have JPP and several other excellent YOUNG DE and LB options on the roster. Khalil Davis is a STUD, Ledbetter is looks like a Shaq prototype. Cichy is for sure uber talented. VEA will not be left without support per say. Even that guy 49 Cam Gill was flash hard in the SB

    I don’t see CG walking as a FA, however if he did. I do like the argument the AB would be a suitable replacement. However I think him and Mike are to tight.

    LVD aint going NOWHERE. WAY to important to the continued development of our franchise LB White.

    Sorry folks, Shaq is gone. Just can’t see paying him. That money needs to be banked to pay Vea after next year.

  36. I CARE NOW Says:

    Forgot about Minter. He could step into the OLB role just as easily.

    Shaq is not that rare athlete like JPP, VEA, White. He was a back up to Von Miller who got a shot to play next to the Rare athletes vs behind them.

    Vea is the key here. Just consider that cause I know there are going to be some ticked off people when Shaq is gone. ALTHOUGH I HOPE I AM WRONG.


  37. SB~LV Says:

    UDFA LB Cam Lewis ( I think that’s his last name) flashed in the SB and is someone to keep an eye on

  38. Bird Says:


    Yah…any edge rusher / outside linebacker can pull off 18.5 sacks in a year
    And they were all cause of vea

  39. Bird Says:

    Why would the glazers pull back when they have tom beady as quarterback
    And they just won a super bowl

    They just went all in
    Now they are going to pull back the next year

  40. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I don’t think we can afford Godwin. Gotta get Shaq back. Gotta get LVD back. I’m not expecting us to pay 17M for Godwin.

  41. Buc You Says:

    It’ll all work out and they’ll all be back. A few restructures of existing contracts, a few cuts from the bottom of the depth chart to be replaced by rookies/undrafted free agents, and the team is back to work. Book it, only Fournette and maybe Suh are gone from the big names. OJ gets moved in the draft.

  42. SB~LV Says:

    If OJ gets moved it won’t be for much at the draft, now if he can be featured and show he is recovered from his Achilles then at the trade deadline

  43. MadMax Says:

    Na, #5 is too high of a pick for a Linebacker…pshh, btch please! (I remember it)

    Man, Im so proud of my guy DW45….the first promoting him here while watching LSU…that speed and that strength, and I knew the mental would catch up…you have to slow it down sometimes, tactically and he’s there now. Get Big V onboard to do that when he’s in on the run game….speed and power is too much sometimes, good to have but hone it and contain it when need be.

  44. Buczilla Says:

    I think that something similar to the 2 year deal that we have to JPP would get David to resign, but who knows? He’s still damn good and I’d keep him over Godwin, but I wouldn’t sell my soul to keep him if he asks for crazy $.

  45. Capnhook51 Says:

    Why is it the average working man gets a 10 15% raise and we’re ecstatic .. these guys wanting a six seven eight hundred percent raise to me is just crazy.. I realize I’m comparing apples to oranges but just saying what’s wrong with a normal type raise

  46. Beej Says:

    I’m already dreading when White’s rookie contract runs out

  47. Resha white Says:

    Man when they were drafting D White one of you guys were really against it . Saying a LB shouldn’t be drafted that high, but here wer are talking about one of the best players in the NFL who is the leader of Def… smh .. y’all were really down on drafting him now you can’t get enough of him 😂