Bruce Arians: Re-Signing “5 Out Of 6” Free Agents Will Put The Buccaneers In Position To Repeat

February 19th, 2021

The greatest head coach in Buccaneers history loves to say “we’re going for two.”

And Bucco Bruce Arians threw other numbers out to the public yesterday that are all about that coveted repeat.

Arians paid a visit to CBS Sports Radio and was asked the question on the mind of every Buccaneers fan: What will it take to win it all again?

Arians said right now it’s all about general manager Jason Licht and player personnel chief John Spytek re-signing players. But Arians noted the Bucs won’t need all of them.

“We gotta keep our guys. You know, we gotta keep our guys. None of them want to leave, but it’s a business,” Arians said. “Ownership, I think is going to give us enough money. We’re in good cap space to get all our guys back. If we get five out of six, I think we’ll have a great chance [to repeat.].”

(Joe’s going to assume Arians saying “I think” Team Glazer will provide enough checks to pay players was him mis-speaking. Perhaps it’s not. So if someone at One Buc Palace wants to reach out to Joe and claim that Arians just picked the wrong words, Joe will listen and report it. Otherwise, Joe will write about this potential horror in detail tomorrow.)

As Joe documented earlier, the Bucs have eight big-name, big-impact free agents. Throw in guys lesser contributors like Aaron Stinnie, Ryan Smith, Kevin Minter, Josh Wells and Andrew Adams, and that makes 13 free agents.

So Joe could see how Arians might be thinking, ‘if we can get 7-of-8 big names and 3-of-5 desired backups, then the cupboard will be loaded for a repeat.’

Will the Bucs have enough money and allure for their free agent class? It shouldn’t a tough sell, but the variables are endless and the salary-cap room is not.

25 Responses to “Bruce Arians: Re-Signing “5 Out Of 6” Free Agents Will Put The Buccaneers In Position To Repeat”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    Our kicker deserves a high priority too. He seems often overlooked.

  2. Fun Guy Says:

    Gronk is not leaving, got to have

  3. I’m super!!!! thanks for asking Says:

    Trade Howard

  4. Robert Says:

    translation…..Shaq or CG are as good as gone. TB can make another receiver look like CG, so I suspect they sign Shaq and let CG walk.

  5. Erick Says:

    Godwin, Gronk, David, Brown, Suh, and Succop will be back.

    Unfortunately, I believe other teams will overpay for Shaq and Fournette and they will be gone.

  6. Erick Says:

    I think they trade Howard as well. Can’t have $20+ million tied up to the TE position.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Let’s see: LVD, Shaq, Suh on defense; Gronk, Godwin, Brown, Fournette on offense; Succop on S/Ts I’m presuming are ‘the Big-8’ on the FA list. Bucs will be fortunate IMO to get 6 of them back (Godwin & Fournette will likely opt for significantly more money elsewhere; can’t blame them).

    Of the ‘Lesser-5’ who you mentioned Joe (Stinnie, Wells, Smith, Minter, Adams), I wouldn’t be surprised if we can only afford to bring back 2 of them (hopefully Minter & either Stinnie or Wells). And I think the ‘Lesser-5’ is really the ‘Lesser-10’ … Nunez-Roches, Auclair, Gabbert, Griffin & Cockrell should all be added to that list. All of them are familiar with ‘the system’ & that’s super-important in these times of players not getting as much practice time together. Keep them in the fold & go for 2fer.

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    teams are going to throw a boat load of trash at godwin….

    unfortunately, i think he’s gone….he’ll be #12 again somewhere else…tyler johnson and scotty should continue to develop and im sure we’ll draft a WR…

    imo, the goal should be to keep the defense intact…BL will continue to work magic on the offense…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  9. Marine Buc Says:

    Restructuring several contracts (Smith, Marpet, Jenson, Brate, Evans) will help us recoup @ $20 million or so.

    Plus the NFL never said $180 million is our salary cap. $180 million is the absolute lowest the salary cap will go. Which means the cap figure could be @ $180-190 million.

  10. geno711 Says:

    Not that he is the biggest deal but Aaron Stinnie is an ERFA meaning the Bucs can decide to keep him or not. Stinnie has no option on this.

  11. geno711 Says:

    All the Buc’s (or any team) have to do to keep one of their own ERFA is offer them the league minimum before the start of the league new year and they keep that player. For Stinnie, that would be something under $850,000.

    With League minimum somewhere around $700,000, keeping Stinnie is a no brainer.

  12. Joe Says:

    Restructuring several contracts (Smith, Marpet, Jenson, Brate, Evans) will help us recoup @ $20 million or so.

    Will certainly help!

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    Good luck Jason Licht!

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    I know Bucs fans are all worried about this money but I think its all for nothing.

    Think about it. We are going for another bleeping ring! We went all in last year and if theres ever another offseason to push all in again its this offseason……..I think Marine Buc is on the right track. Its time to push some money around, make a few moves and get all these guys back. You can even extend Brady and push back dead money til his retirement like the Saints did with Drew Bress……..We might still lose a player but we’ll be more then well stocked enough to go on another run. Give it up to Licht yall. Hes got us in a great position to be able to move this money around to make this happen.

    Hold onto your seats fans!!! This rides still going!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  15. lambeau Says:

    I think BA is correctly counting on Gronk, Godwin, Lavonte, Shaq, and Suh.
    AB is a wild card, but what team will give him a guaranteed long term deal after he quit on the Steelers, burned the Raiders and Patriots, sued both for big money, has a pending rape trial and likely suspension, and is a well-documented nut? He’s only here because Brady adopted him–I think he stays on a one year deal.
    Lenny probably gets a decent multiyear deal elsewhere and can be replaced cheaper.

  16. Youngbucs Says:

    Yes let fournette walk

  17. Purp74 Says:

    Defense wins championships. Have to sign SB, LvD, Suh, Roches….Brady will have a Off season to work with a new WR and RB. Absolutely HATE to see Godwin go however he deserves a massive payday.

  18. lowercaseg Says:

    Re-sign Godwin, Shaq, LD, Suh, Gronk, Ab. Let Fournette walk, there are more than a handful RB’s who want to be here that we can get in free agency or the draft.

  19. J$MCSports Says:

    Keep everyone. Nach Nunez, Minter, Adams, as well. They can work in Fournette and Godwin as top priority through restructures. Suh and David should require much along with JPP restructuring so Shaq can resign. The big one is AB i feel. But again every free agent can come back at a lower price except Shaq and Godwin. I can see the Bucs getting it done but Arians and Licht gotta keep the good drafting going this year. There may be some good edge rushers and offensive line still available late in the first or early second if they trade back. Good opportunity to build up the future and turn this into a dynasty

  20. David Says:

    Day after day I see people say it’s either Shaq or Godwin. You’re out of your minds. Both are coming back. Godwin is a 25-year-old receiver. Six year deal, push the money out towards when the cap goes up. And there’s no way they should let Shaq go, they haven’t had an edge rusher for a decade.

    Minter is a great back up to have and he probably won’t get offered much of a raise.
    Gronk is not playing somewhere else without Brady so that should be easy.
    Suh wants another ring, should be easy.
    Stinnie … I’m not sure. He had a damn good performance and could be offered more than they can give up and a starting gig.
    LVD- 4 years, push some money out to the next two and he can retire a Buccaneer.

    Got to sign Succop. Just like Shaq at the edge, it took way too long to find a good kicker again, can’t let him go.

    I would imagine they are going to extend Brady another year which will save several million on the. Evans already said he would restructure which could save another couple million next year.

    After next year, the salary cap should go up significantly, so a lot of this is a matter of structuring contracts over a 2 to 3 year.

  21. Fred mcneil Says:

    Eventually, we’ve gotta correct this problem of a few good players eat up almost all of the cap space.

  22. Ben green Says:

    Grimm will only play for brady so no worries there. Brate is really good, dump or trade howard.. the window is now, who cares if the cap man comes in 2025. By then you’ll have at least 2 more rings

  23. John Sinclear Says:

    Trading Howard would clear $6 million, and re-structure the other big money guys to clear another $10 million, plus the (at least) $13 million in cap money, that’s $29 million. Jason Lichtbulb can do a lot with that hip pocket.

  24. Pat fan says Says:

    Patriot Brady follower 20 plus years:
    ***Carpe Diem> All Systems Go! Strike the iron while it’s red hot!
    Throw everything into the meat grinder! Go for Repeat NOW!
    Remember Attrition is key factor for repeat. KC lost their 2 starting
    tackles! Ouch! Maintain depth!
    ***GB, NO, KC and a ton of playoff teams “Sports Trak Salary Cap” in very bad shape. Bucs in good shape.
    Keep top players except> AB and Lenny will go> $$$
    ***You Buc fans know that defenses win super bowls 81..2
    Per Cent of all Super Bowls.
    I hate to say it but franchise Godwin. Draft well like last year.
    ***GO ALL IN FOR REPEAT. Do you realize how great a young
    secondary you have? Keep Brady upright. Keep Stinnie for
    minimum salary.
    And lastly do you realize how great a chance you have to repeat
    with outstanding coaches, player depth and take a look at how
    NO, GB and NFC are much weaker in 2021. Even KC.
    ***And Numero> Uno Brady and Elite Players must STAY HEALTHY!
    Attrition could be your biggest enemy. Trust Bucs will stay healthy as a whole. Look what Vita did when he came back! Go for 2> BUCS!!

  25. Onehorse Says:

    Good article and all good replies, but when it comes to roster-building, let’s not forget the X-factor: Tom Brady. During his winning career with the Patriots, the biggest factor in drawing elite talent to the team wasn’t strictly how much money was on the table; it was the desire to win a Superbowl. Sure, the Bucs may lose some players who are in free agency, but for every one of those, there is a line of equally talented players waiting anxiously to replace them just to have the opportunity ito play with Brady = Superbowl. So, let’s not get too wrapped up in who might we lose instead of who might we gain.