“This Reminds Me Of Tom Brady’s Offense. Imagine That!”

January 16th, 2021

Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich

Go back and look at the Week 1 Buccaneers offense against the Saints.

Joe did this morning.

It’s hardly what we’ve been seeing lately, and there certainly weren’t a lot of max-protection kind of sets for Tom Brady.

Blitz-happy, foot-obsessed Rex Ryan, the former Jets head coach and longtime defensive wizard, was barking about the evolution of the Brady-Bucs offense this week on BSPN.

Ryan sees big changes that equate to the Bucs having a great chance to bury the Saints tomorrow, and he’s convinced the film shows Brady is pulling all kinds of strings.

Congratulations also came forth for Bucco Bruce Arians allowing the offense to bend to his quarterback.

“I think it could be different [in a third matchup against the Saints], and you know why,” I’m looking at this thing going, ‘Hey, this reminds me of Tom Brady’s offense. Hey, imagine that!'” Ryan Bellowed.

“Bruce Arians seems more comfortable now in giving Tom Brady the strings to that offense, because the play-action game is huge for Tom Brady and that’s how you protect the quarterback. Nobody is a better play-action quarterback than Tom Brady. … He is the greatest at all time at it. And to do it you have to run the football. And I’ve watched this Tampa offense run the football more; it just looks different to me. The last several weeks Tom Brady looks like himself. Why? I’m pretty sure Byron Leftwich and him are really running the offense that Tom’s doing.

“You know what, to me, it’s not a slap on Bruce Arians; it’s a respect thing that Bruce, you recognized it. … This team is better off because Tom Brady, looks to me, like he’s running the show and that gives them a chance in this game.”

When Brady was mic’d up in the playoff opener against Washington, he was captured on video alongside Leftwich and listening to him talk about a potential play-call. Brady cut off Leftwich and told to him choose whatever play he wants because Leftwich is on fire.

Whoever is masterminding the Bucs offense now, Joe does not care. Just keep it rolling.

And Ryan is right. If Arians has allowed the offense to grow “organically” around Brady — one of Leftwich’s favorite adjectives — then kudos to the 68-year-old head coach for not being stubborn like so many in his profession.

38 Responses to ““This Reminds Me Of Tom Brady’s Offense. Imagine That!””

  1. Walter Says:

    I don’t care if we don’t make it to the Super Bowl, as long as we retire that thorn in our side Drew Brees once and for all. The South is ours next year

  2. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Gonna need 35-40 that’s all I’m saying.

  3. Leighroy Says:

    Walter, let’s walk AND chew gum my brother!

  4. Kentucky Buc Says:

    They have incorporated some elements of the pats old offense but it’s still BAs offense. Just using more play action and motion as Brady grew with the offense. Pats ran an Earhardt/Perkins offense derivation . That’s not what the Bucs are running. Some of the concepts are the same though.

  5. Lamarcus Guiton Says:

    Big props to BA and staff to give the keys to Brady instead of that interceptions-happy system

  6. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Could we get a spark by having AB return kicks vs the Human Touchback – whatever that kid’s name was a who does absolutely nothing?

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Evolution. What a concept. Whose offense was it when Sam Wyche and Bill Walsh took Joe Montana and came up with a league changing offense called the “West Coast Offense”. Who gets the credit..Walsh? Wyche? Montana? How about all three.

    I do not see BA’s offense on the field now. I do not see Brady’s Pat offense either.
    I see a hybrid of the two, a new invention of it’s own. Let’s all come up with a name for this hybrid so we can shut up the talking heads.

    Brady still goes deep more often than with the Pats…Brady finds more short routes than perhaps normal in a BA offense. If I wasn’t afraid of jinxing them I’d call it the no turnover offense. If deep is open Brady throws it..if not he goes short or eats it.

    No turnover offense sucks for a name. Somebody help me out here. Anybody clever enough to create a name for our NEW offense.

    And BTW who gets credit for this “new offense”? BA? BL? Brady? I say all three. It’s clearly a collaborative effort.

  8. Anonymous Says:


    nuff said ————–> 🙂

  9. Anonymous Says:


    nuff said ———–> 🙂

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    “I see a hybrid of the two”

    Meeeee toooo!

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Leftwich…..”We just want to give our players a chance to succeed”……..”We just want to win ballgames”…….

    The man never, ever says anything!!!

  12. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    January 16th, 2021 at 1:20 pm
    Leftwich…..”We just want to give our players a chance to succeed”……..”We just want to win ballgames”…….

    The man never, ever says anything!!! That’s a good thing.

  13. Walter Says:


    The “Dink n Dagger” offense?

  14. David Says:

    Brady has preached his whole career, and New England was notorious for it, peaking at the right time. If that means growing and evolving your offense as the year goes on and getting better and better, fantastic.
    There were a few games early in the year where they exploded. Some because the defense created turnovers. A lot was because they ran the ball and did play action.
    Against better pass rushing teams they have utilized more protection and overall, the O line has gotten better and better.
    Unfortunately the DBs did not evolve and get better as the year has gone on like I hoped.
    The D line needs to bring it

  15. Ric Says:

    The skull and cross bones offense… 😉

  16. BuddhaBuc Says:

    @Walter – I’m with Walter on this one. I don’t care about the Super Bowl, all I want is to shut the Saints up. Especially Cam Jordan and Lattimore. This week they’ve been talking all kinds of sh__t.

    Also, it would wipe the smirk off of Jay-Miss face because you know they only have had our number the first two games because of him giving them our playbook. He got used by them and I hope he never sees the field again. What an AzzClown.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    BuddhaBuc … Somehow I don’t think that Jameis was a factor at all in either of the Saints 2 wins against us this year. For one thing, our offense has been evolving all year so what he did in it last year is of minimal relevance IMO. For another, Sean Payton probably knows this Bucs offense better than any coach in the league already; and so does Drew Brees.

    I’d contend that we largely beat ourselves in those first 2 games. Our offense wasn’t clicking, and we made 3 critical turnovers in each game. Our defense didn’t help much in either game, but terrible starting field position was a major factor in both games.

    The stakes are a LOT higher tomorrow night, and both teams know it. Let’s see who wants it the most.

  18. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Just read on NFL station scroll, Lattimore questionable. Probably just Payton BS so we get Evan’s more involved in O scheme.

  19. ModHairKen Says:

    If Fournette can get some openings, he can pick up 3-5 yards a pop. Does not matter what down it comes on. If he can regularly pick up 3+5 yards running, the Saints Defense will melt like butter because Brady will slaughter them on play action .

    If Fournette keeps getting jammed at the line, NO will tee off on 2nd and long, 3rd and long.

    If the Bucs have slow, sustained drives of 8-15 plays, then it will neutralize Kamara and Brees.

  20. Joe Says:


    You sure? There is nothing Joe can find about Lattimore (other than he owns Mike Evans). Nothing on Rotoworld (which is often the first to update any player injury). And nothing on NFL.com. Nothing on BSPN. Nothing on The Athletic. Nothing on Twitter. Nor is Lattimore on the Saints injury report.

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Sorry Joe, misread it was Murray

  22. BucEmUp Says:

    Problem.seems to be fixed and as much crap as ive given byron I am glad he and arians both were not to stubborn to make the needed corrections.

    Now if we can only get Bolwes to stop playing so much damn zone. Opposing offenses run a quick.pre snap motion to identify the coverage and its off to the races with non contested passes.

    Press man coverage with an occational blitz and this team is in the game

  23. Joe Says:

    Sorry Joe, misread it was Murray

    No problem. Thanks for thinking of Joe!

  24. iamrhenry Says:

    Hey St Pete, How about the Cloak and Dagger?

  25. gp Says:

    Cannon ball

  26. JimBuc2 Says:

    How about calling it the TB Express?

  27. TheBradyBunch Says:

    Has anyone heard from Realist? He’s been awfully quiet! I hope he’s ok!

  28. gp Says:

    I think he’s treading water under the bridge

  29. D1 Says:


    I’m impressed that you know what offense the Patriots run. I keep hearing dink and dunk and Its humorous.

    BA, runs an updated version of the run and shoot. But the way offenses are today, it’s seldom to find a team that runs strict system based offense. OC’s incorporate elements from different sources and then they kind of take a path of their own.


    Point taken!

    The answer to the west coast offense is Walsh. He ran in before taking the 49ers job. Wyche, and Montana didn’t coach or play on Walshs previous job.

    Btw, a week ago you posted an absolute masterpiece . Kudos to you! Technically it was perfect and really reminded me of a bye gone Era in reporting, an Era when writing skills was a prerequisite to be a reporter. Seriously, well done Sir!

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    TheBradyBunch Says:

    “Has anyone heard from Realist? He’s been awfully quiet! I hope he’s ok!”

    He’s alright and he’ll be back as soon as the Bucs are knocked out so he can try to proclaim that BA needs to go for failing to make the Super Bowl.

    Go Bucs!!!

  31. Georger Says:

    No this is not Bradys Pats offense. It’s BA’s offense with a twist. TB12 is going down the field, big plays more than any other QB. The difference is instead of 5 guys out in patterns. You have 2 or 3 guys out with max protect.

  32. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    It’s the less riskit but mo biskit offense! This line has been opening some good holes for our running backs so hopefully they can continue against the Aints. Will open up play action. Brate and AB will have big games but Lattimore probably shuts Evans down.

  33. Chris Boyd Says:

    i dont think lattimore shuts evans down like he normally does this game. brady has been doing a better jon of anticipating where me13 will me, and kinda throwing him open. i think brady knows how important mike is to this offense, and will get him the ball

  34. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Walter Says:
    January 16th, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    The “Dink n Dagger” offense?

    Yep sounds good to me, I have been saying in posts for Brady to get the ball out quick and then take Dagger shots. So Florida had the Fun and Gun with Spurrier, FL State had the Fast Break with Charlie Ward. So now the Bucs have the D&D The Dink and Dagger lol Yep works for me lol GO BUCS!!!!

  35. Hodad Says:

    It’s good we have Brady to teach Lefty. If Byron gets a HC gig, he should thank Tom. It can’t hurt his career working with Brady. Look at all his former OC’s who got HC jobs because of him.

  36. gp Says:

    Strong point

  37. PrimeTime Says:

    The Tampa Won/1 Offense

  38. Bucco Bruce 63 Says:

    I always liked the name “Gulf Coast Offense”