Leonard Fournette: “It’s Still In The Back Of Your Mind That They Embarrassed Us On National TV”

January 14th, 2021

Leonard Fournette opened up yesterday on national TV/radio.

Fresh off a punishing performance in Washington that showcased his diverse game and first-round-pick talent, the Bucs’ beastly running back hopped on The Rich Eisen Show on Peacock.

Soft-spoken Fournette talked about how he marvels at Tom Brady’s extreme cool and poise under pressure, and how Fournette is one of a few Bucs on offense that knows how failure can take shape in January.

“Myself and a couple other guys on offense, we’ve all been on playoff teams and we know how easy it is to get off task,” said Fournette, adding that laser focus and a clear mind each day are the keys to playoff performance.

Interestingly, he noted that the Bucs are “not fully there” when it comes to playoff-caliber chemistry, but it’s getting close.

When it comes to the Saints, Fournette admitted that the Week 9 blowout loss to New Orleans is hard to shake completely.

“You gotta bury it but, you know, but it’s still in the back of your mind that they embarrassed us on national TV,” Fournette said, adding it “still kind of stings. … We just know that feeling that they gave us at the end of that game.”

A smile appeared in Fournette’s voice when the subject of how fresh his legs and body are, by far the freshest and healthiest of his career this late in a season, he said.

As of today, Joe expects Fournette to be the go-to running back on Sunday. Joe thinks it would be wild and odd if Fournette and Antonio Brown, two guys unlikely to be Bucs next season, become the beasts of the offense en route to a Super Bowl appearance.

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30 Responses to “Leonard Fournette: “It’s Still In The Back Of Your Mind That They Embarrassed Us On National TV””

  1. VABucsfan Says:

    Make it happen baby!!!!!!!!! Punish the Aints!!!!!!!!! Send them into the offseason with little hope, especially with Brees retiring, and the fact they will be in cap hell next year!

  2. Bird Says:

    That was the only game i got to see live this season
    It was a beat down

    Embarrassing. And sitting right next to a few saints fans were letting the domination be known

    Saints have our numbers…and they are 5-1 over last 3 years
    With that said , bucs have typically been more competitive in NO
    For whatever that is worth.

  3. Elite Vita Says:

    I heard Tony Robins helped A Brown this year get in “mental” shape. A couple is sessions with the Bucs team might have been a good idea as well. Get Saints out of your minds and win on your own terms. Go Bucs!!

  4. MadMax Says:

    Yep, you have those two losses weighing and theyve been looming….

    but heres the deal. 5 mins left in the 3rd qtr to an 8-8 Bears team and the score was 7-3 Saints.

    They are a different team and we are a different team…I think we win by 10+

    Just saying.

  5. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Brady has never lost to any team 3 times in a row in his entire career.

  6. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Hate to say this, but Leonard, you embarrassed yourselves. The Saints let up or it could have been worse.

  7. VABucsfan Says:

    Well, for what its worth Ronald Jones is at least practicing in some capacity, according to a report I just saw. It will be interesting how the backs will be utilized if Jones is good to go. I still thing they should activate Shady if he is good to go.

  8. HeyItsAdam Says:

    I want to know why Byron hasn’t put BOTH Rojo And LF in the game at the same time. Make teams GUESS who is getting the ball.

    It’s like Byron never picked “Pro Set” on Madden 96.

  9. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Nothing can surprise me this weekend. This is the playoffs!

    I believe after being part of this team for at least even part of this season everyone is just that, a teammate on this Buccaneer team. I believe each and every guy on every remaining team in the playoffs wants the same thing, i.e., a Super Bowl ring.

    We have a group of unselfish people with a common goal. There are no obvious prima donnas here! Together they can do it!

    Go Bucs! Buc up the Saint’s day on Saturday!

  10. 123urout Says:

    That game 9 against the Saints really did not go well with me as well. I could not get to sleep thinking “what the he** happened?’ i could not watch any sports pundits trashing the Bucs for all week. I really really hope that this sunday will have a better outcome for us Bucs fans… GO BUCS!!!

  11. adam from ny Says:

    fournette peacocking on rich eisen…

    the afterparty was the real problem in my humble opinion…

    if i’m the bucs, i might just go dance on their saints logo at the 50 yard line before the game and be like “what up, what up”

  12. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Sean Payton is a evil genius, he will come out with trick/misdirection plays that aren’t on tape. After the disposal of new plays is over they will have to go to their base offense with is on tape. it will all come down to execution. N.O. will hope to get a comfortable lead and hold on for dear life as Brady tries to come back. I do like the idea of taking the ball and gaining momentum. It’s worked the past couple of weeks. Payton is a guy who defers so we should have the ball first.

  13. ClodHopper Says:

    Yes! Use that emotion. Never forget it.

    A good tip getting over hard drugs is to take a mental snapshot of how you feel when you’re rock bottom and use that as fuel to beat it.

    Never forget how you felt that night. Use that and beat the eff out of those guys!

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    extra motivation is good….laser focus is key!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!

  15. Bucfan81 Says:

    So bad do I want to see the Bucs win this game. I hate the saints the most out of all teams. They are arrogant and they play dirty. My neighbor is a Saints fan and named his damn dog NOLA and my wife wonders why I refuse to pet his dog and I told her because he named the damn dog after the saints and I can’t stand the saints.

  16. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Mickens STINKS, he always fair catches punts and never gets past the 25 when returning KO’s. Can BA please put AB or Miller as return guy??? Field position crucial Sunday.

  17. TampaTown Says:

    Yes finally! The closest thing I’ve seen to wanting revenge for the Saints embarrassing us. We need everyone (defense) to be willing to punch those punks in the mouth, kick them in the ba!!s, then finish them off with a pile driver. Doesn’t anyone know how to fight anymore? That used to be all that happened in the stands at home games. Ahh the good old days…

  18. orlbucfan Says:

    Sean Payton cheats, has for years, got kicked out of the NFL for a year cos he was paying off his defense to deliberately injure opposing players, got reinstated thanks to the jerkoff owner, etc. If Bucs play like they did against the Pack earlier this season, Payton won’t know what the h3ll happened. Cheating will always be defeated by honest perfection. Go do it, Bucs! So, we are the final playoff game Sunday evening?

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Well Leonard, it may be in the back of your mind…..but it’s in the front of mine!!!

  20. Adrnagy Says:

    The game will be won or lost in the 1 qtr.

  21. AlV Says:

    Antonio Brown will be here next year. Fournette probably not.

  22. Pewter Power Says:

    My wish for Sunday at the end of the game is a mic’d up Buc saying to Alvin Kamara enjoy your off-season we’ll take it from here.

  23. Mclovin Says:

    Nothing brings people together more than a common enemy. Come on Bucs yall got this!!

  24. TampaTown Says:

    Pewter Power: that is some awesome trash talk!

  25. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Oh he11 yeah, that’s the chip to have going into this game! Preach it Lenny!

  26. Georger Says:

    If the Bucs win the coin toss, we must receive. Take the opening kick-off and score a TD. Have the Saints Chace us instead of the other way around. The D plays so much better with a lead

  27. Mike Johnson Says:

    Good. Those Saints A whippins should sting. We shall see if we are the real or fake bucs come Sunday. Do or die or pack your bags. Oline, David and White are big keys. They gotta bring pain.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m skeered.

  29. MadMax Says:

    Dont be 87, we got this one….next!

  30. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says: