“It’s Amazing Because The Coaches All Called It Out”

January 19th, 2021

The young Bucs secondary had one hell of a teaching moment on Sunday.

Bucco Bruce Arians shed light on it last night.

Including the special teams’ unspecial coverage, the head coach said he thought the Bucs only had one bad snap in New Orleans. Yep, it was the not-so-tricky trick play touchdown pass by Jameis Winston.

Speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network last night, Arians put it on the players and made it sound like a learning experience for them.

“It’s amazing because the coaches all called it out on the sidelines and told them what was coming, as soon as that quarterback comes and lines up wide, you know something’s happening,” Arians said. “We just dumped our guys. It was just poor, poor play on our part. It’s the only poor play I thought we played in the whole ball game.”

Well, Joe can’t hang that all on the players. There certainly was time and opportunity to call a timeout.

Regardless, Joe hopes it’s a learning experience to draw on against the Packers — for everyone involved.

34 Responses to ““It’s Amazing Because The Coaches All Called It Out””

  1. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Saw it on TV and and we said at home, Uh Oh, this looks wierd, and before we knew it, Winston threw a pass downfield that was not an interception.

    But that only works once in a while, and the Saints have all off season to come with another play like that.

  2. 123urout Says:

    That was the only throw I saw winston threw in his career that was not a mile away from the receiver… LOL!!! That’s ok defense, we won and u guys did a phenomenal job stopping Brees. GO BUCS!!!

  3. ClodHopper Says:

    I still cant believe he didnt over throw that guy.

  4. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Winston was elated, and Brees was thrilled, and Payton pulled off another trick play, and they all sat down and ate some “Ls” after the game.

  5. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I was a bit shocked by that as well. JW was NOT in the game to be an actual WR target.

    He was in for one of two reasons…either decoy to distract…OR getting a pass or handoff to make a throw.

    I’m surprised that Winfield got taken in on that…or for that matter one of our LB’s…why didn’t someone just follow JW..we’d have had a sack or a pick six!

  6. Robert Says:

    why is this on a bucs board….lol

    i bet jdub was happy with the loss as long as he got his. check yo sheets!

    he’ll want 40 mill a year now!

  7. Big Stinky Says:

    Before that play I was hoping Brees would aggravate his ribs on a hit and JW3 would finish the game. Then that CRAP happened! How does the safety not see the WR streaking down the field? Ant-Man turned ole Mo in our favor with that strip and saved BA and BL BIG-TIME!!!!

  8. Listnfrmafar Says:

    BA can say what he wants, Hill was questionable all week, you have to game plan for Winston the same you would if Brees got hurt. Bad coaching period. That’s the difference between a Belichick coated team, he’s ready for that. Gerard Mayo is available, get him for DC. BA always throws players under the bus, in this case it was coaching PERIOD!

  9. Buc Bro Says:

    Jameis didn’t care the team Lost as long as he got his stats and his “revenge”

    “You better check your sheet”

  10. Pewter Power Says:

    Winston sucks not because he can’t throw but because of how slow he is at reading defenses and how antsy he gets in the pocket which makes him drop his eyes. That can be coaches out of him which a year in New Orleans may have helped. He’d be dangerous running that offense because you’ll no longer be able to sit on routes but knowing him our linebackers would have have 2-3 interceptions off him twice a year

  11. Darin Says:

    No need to call a time out he said the coaches called it out before the play. Davis’ eyes were in the backfield and his guy flew by. The man coverage bit em that time. But as we saw and as i said if they beat you deep take it and move on. That’s what they did and kept in man. And we saw how they played. Keep it up boys and keep being aggressive Bowlsie!! Go Bucs!

  12. StatGuy Says:

    Smith came out blocking and as soon as they turned to kamara he came up their back side

  13. TampaTown Says:

    I was screaming at the TV Timeout! Timeout!

  14. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Jameis eating a “W”! Oh, wait.

  15. Red Skeleton Says:

    They put Winston in the game because the odds were good that he often throws to Saint players when the 2 teams are on the field together

  16. 813bucboi Says:

    BA shouldve called TO…

    but screw winston….he’s is who we thought he was!!!…and we made him eat Ls!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  17. Jerid421 Says:

    Easy play to blow up. The second that Jordan Whitehead sees that he is lined up outside on Winston, he runs right up to the line to jamb him if he runs a rout (what’s he going to do, burn you? No.) If he does anything else you stay glued to him (follow him into the backfield). To make it even worse, Carlton Davis had Traquan Smith 10 yards into his route and decided to set him free so he could “help” Shaq Barrett with Kamara. Not helpful.

  18. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    It was a horrible feeling when it happened. But it was then that it was obvious that Sean Peyton was feeling the need to turn to trickery. No Taysom Hill and a shell of a Drew Brees. At that point I knew we were in good shape and only had to contain Kamara. Still stung pretty bad to watch Winston throw that TD, but it, ultimately, was a great sign for us.

  19. VA Tom Says:

    Winston LED a receiver? Amazing. Probably only play he’s worked on the entire season. Beautiful pass tho.

  20. richbucsfan Says:

    I wondered why they didn’t call a time out. They had 4 guys on Kamara.

  21. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The coaches didn’t teach 4 players to run after one guy, this was all on the players plain and simple. You guys who really hate Winston are out right ridiculous. Simply making stuff up makes me believe you were in the capitol building running around a few weeks ago.

  22. firethecannons Says:

    a timeout would of been the best response to seeing jameis take the field could of prevented the whole play!

  23. ModHairKen Says:


    Nothing during the game matters when you win.

  24. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “That’s the difference between a Belichick coated team”

    And here I was afraid all my BB rants were growing old…but AGAIN!

    In the 7 years Belichick coached without Brady he had ONE….can you guys freaking read….ONE…as in 1 out of 7 seasons. His record without Brady is
    48-64! Cmon guys that SUCKS!!!! BB is a great DC who was a horrid HC without TB 12.

    Compare BB’s Brady less years and subtract this years 11-5 record from BA since he had Brady and BA is 74-53 even counting the year he had to deal with the choke artist. BB is a HORRID 48-64!!! These numbers represent seven years for BB and 7 3/4 for BA counting his relief job at Indy.

    Seven years, multiple teams for both coaches, is a pretty solid sample size.

    BB is easily the most overrated coach in NFL history. Without Brady BB was NOTHING!!! BA OTOH was a WINNER before Brady and so we’re not surprised he’s won with Brady even with historically one of the worst franchises in the NFL.

    Please stop with the BB BS.

    D.R. You get a pass since BB IS one of the all time great defensive coordinators.

  25. Craig Says:

    Just about any player could have made that pass, but it took a trick to get a touchdown, so kudos to the defense.

    The line kept Brees from being able to throw anything but quick passes. That saved our DBs, they didn’t have time to lose anyone.

    If they do the same to the Packers, we will make history as the first team to play the Stupor Bowl in their home stadium.

    Jameis will still have the same problems that finally got him out of here, so I wish the Saints luck, they will need it.

  26. Clean House Says:

    Favorite play of the game

  27. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Jameis just imagined he was still throwing to a Bucs receiver. Boom….right on the money to a Saints player.

  28. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Stpetesbucsfan, seriously so Brady came off the bench and became the player he is today without BB’s input? So 20 yr ago if he played for Tampa he’s a 6 time sb winner, doubt it. You do know what Brady has brought to Tampa he adopted under the BB system. It’s great he can take it on the road but I highly doubt the 199 draft pick out of Michigan could of done this on his own. I am happy for Brady he is a true pro and yes the GOAT. BB will win again once they remove him from GM and he gets his head out of his a@@ and gets some decent players.

  29. 123urout Says:

    That was an easy play for the Saints. They just told Winston to pretend that he is still playing with the BUCS and throw it to the safeties….. it worked, its an interception…..!!! hahahahaha

  30. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Stpetesbucsfan, I doubt the 199 draft pick from Michigan would have 6 SB rings if.he started his career in Tampa. To insinuate BB, his culture and system had nothing to do with Brady’s success is ludicrous. I do not discount his dedication and motivation but the winning culture he’s brought to Tampa comes from BB. A good example is the 11-5 season Pat’s had with Matt Cassel the season Brady was injured. I thinks it great Brady can take this on the road and exceeded all expectations as a player / GOAT. BB will win again. If.they remove him as GM so Pat’s can get 1st stringers not 2nd & 3rd. If BB had this Bucs team they would of had a 14-2 season.

  31. View from 132 Says:

    As soon as he lined up, D should’ve called timeout.

    Looked at another way, without the Jameis Gimmick play, the Bucs blew out the Saints.

  32. #1 Buc s Fan Says:

    The lesson of the day is: So far no matter what Jersey he has on, if Jameis Winston is under center its bad news for the Bucs

  33. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Don’t want to watch that video. It was hard enough watching it live. Still getting over my nausea.

  34. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Where was the BB culture before Brady.

    Again I’m just posting reality. He won one season and lost six!!!

    His record without Brady sucks. Could Brady have gotten six SB’s with the Bucs…whoa…that’s not the question…Could he have done it with the Steelers?
    The Chiefs? The Packers? The Saints and Peyton?

    Meanwhile the REALITY is that BB NEVER won before and now since Brady.
    Just a fact.