Bruce Arians Says He Gets Too Much Credit For Offense: “I Don’t Do ****, Really.”

January 26th, 2021

Byron Leftwich

Bucco Bruce Arians is upset.

Yeah, he’s ecstatic that his Buccaneers are in the Super Bowl, but he’s pissed that the job offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich doing is being overlooked and undervalued.

“I can’t say enough about the job [Byron Leftwich] has done; I mean, it’s just remarkable,” Arians told The Rich Eisen Show today on Peacock.

“You know, Tom is such a great, great player, but having left that system after 20 years, and ours is lot different how we do things, Byron’s been the middle guy that’s just done all the work. I mean, people give me way too much credit because I don’t do [bleeped], really. He does it all. He calls the plays. I’m really upset he didn’t get a head coaching interview. … Byron didn’t even get a call, and I think people give Tom Brady and Bruce Arians way too much credit and not enough credit for Byron Leftwich.”

Strong passionate talk there from Arians. Joe wonders why it came so late.

Perhaps Arians speaking out like this sooner, say, before Christmas, would have helped Leftwich get more credit and an interview.

Regardless, Arians wants to send a clear message that Leftwich is the playcaller and the wizard of the offense. So Joe is helping make that happen.

Arians added that Leftwich made the call for the deep ball to Scotty Miller to end the first half. He said Leftwich saw the defense and said the Packers would be looking for a short throw near the sticks in field goal range. “Bryon said, ‘How bout this?’ I said, ‘Love it.'”

The stars of TAMPA TWO are all fired up today. More fun from The Identity Tampa Bay and Joe.

35 Responses to “Bruce Arians Says He Gets Too Much Credit For Offense: “I Don’t Do ****, Really.””

  1. WiscoJoe Says:

    If Leftwich is doing so much then why didn’t he know the reason why play action passes were rarely being called at one point during the season?

  2. m0j0 Says:

    Being a coordinator is a lot different than carrying the responsibility of being the head coach. Even so, Leftwich has put together two really good years as offensive coordinator.

  3. Wesley Says:

    Byron has done an amazing job these past 5 games or so.

  4. Jmarkbuc Says:

    2nd year coordinator doesn’t necessarily warrant a HC interview.

    Meanwhile, somewhere out there, 813bucboi just had an orgasm
    in his pants.

  5. NVMatt Says:

    I think Byron, like the rest of the offense, has settled in and figured out their strengths. So that’s a credit to him.

    However, I don’t find him particularly inventive in run schemes. Seems like there’s no misdirection attempted when just trying to run straight dives isn’t successful. I think a lot of Fournette’s success this postseason has been from him bouncing outside the tackles because there’s nothing there in the designed hole.

    I thought that end around to Godwin at the end of this last game was great misdirection. More of that ,please!

  6. Steven007 Says:

    Jmark, regarding your last comment I was thinking the same thing! The truth of the matter is if you look at the numbers from the past two years he’s doing something right.

  7. Jmarkbuc Says:


    The last half of this year has seen improvement..,gee wonder why (who) that could be, clearly not BA.

    If he’s getting better great, still don’t think you go right to the top on marginal experience. If he keeps improving, he’ll get a shot in time.

  8. Colonel Angus Says:

    Happy SBV Day (Super Bowl Victory) by the way. 1/26/03…a day that lives in infamy! Soon to be 02/07/21 for 2nd SBV Day

  9. Colonel Angus Says:

    The last Super Bowl with no BYE before game

  10. Colonel Angus Says:

    And the last SB winner to open the next season on the road! Although it was worth it to open the Linc by crushing the Eagles. Joe Joe had that TD catch, google it for you youngsters.

  11. Miller5252 Says:

    I think if Arians would have said this during December it might have done more damage then help. Everyone was still saying Arians and Brady didn’t get along, the offense should be changed to Brady’s offense, the half in the game that was good because Brady was using his old plays, etc…. I really think BL would have been passed over just the same. I do think this is the best time for Arians to speak up. Yes it missed the window for coaches, but with wining 7 in a row and Brady finally comfortable and performing it really shows BL, if what Arians is saying, has done a good job getting Brady comfortable and getting all the stars in the same page. Hell, how long did it take Arians to get a HC job. Colts guy had to get cancer before Arians was considered for anything. It I’ll happen in due time if BL is ready.

  12. Kentucky Buc Says:

    For the BL haters. You do realize their in the Super Bowl . Idiots

  13. Buc You Says:

    I would like to see one trick play in this game.

    How about a flea-flicker on maybe a second and 3 or four. Fornette in the middle with a turn back pitch to TB for a throw…What’s your thoughts.

  14. Davenport Says:

    BL gets nice words from BA, great.

    The fact of the matter is that the offense didn’t start playing to its potential until BL did what Brady wanted. So, BL is a genius for listening?

  15. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Really bub. Brady is heard on film telling BL he’s on fire with the play calling. Execution. I’m sure Brady has his input but they are running a lot of the same stuff everybody was bitching about. Just finally been together long enough to get some chemistry.

  16. Oxycondoms Says:

    It sucks for leftwich that he is in the shadow of arians and brady, but other teams do reaearch if he was a wizard they would be interviewing him. I could see him being the bucs coach after arians retires

  17. Brandon Says:

    Kentucky Buc Says:
    January 26th, 2021 at 9:45 pm
    For the BL haters. You do realize their in the Super Bowl . Idiots


    Oh, the irony. *they’re*

  18. Mike Says:

    TB wining SB with the Bucs will further lower the chance for BL and Mc Daniels of the Patriots. Now, owners and general managers believe that TB is the main reason not the coach even BB.

    They see that all OC of Patriots failed the head coach.

  19. Kentucky Buc Says:

    @Brandon Eff off grammar police boy.

  20. cmurda Says:

    Lefty’s best called game couldn’t have come at a better time. That was excellent. He is really deserving of a HC position. I selfishly hope it doesn’t happen. He’s gotten better and better. D Brooks cracking me up in the Tampa 2. Cigar in mouth. Heck yeah! Double nickel baby!

  21. Winny Testaverde Says:

    B.A. is a loyal guy…perhaps to a fault. I’m not sure Leftwich is head coach material…very few coordinators are.

  22. Robert Says:

    No disrespect, but he just stepped up his game….or someone moved him out of the way….. but he’s done a great job…lately. And he went soft running of the middle again last week

  23. SOEbuc Says:

    BA says a lot of BS. I remember Bruce and the Bucs saying we’re gonna give coaching the offense to Tom if we were down in the fourth quarter of a game or the season at the beginning. Seven game win streak started the first week of the quarter of the season.

    Not using RoJo as a starting QB all year was a disgrace if you’re not doing sh!t BA.

  24. SOEbuc Says:

    *starting RB

  25. ModHairKen Says:

    Not knocking Leftwich, but he couldn’t get Duke Stank out of Jameis. Brady comes in and they are in the Super Bowl.

    It ain’t BL. It’s TB.

  26. mg Says:

    Great job by Leftwich, that call at the end of the half was killer.

  27. Ringer Says:

    Results are real good. But the eye test of play calling and play design are so vanilla (and the data too- yards on 1st down) isn’t impressive to most. Has them greatly suspecting a lesser than GOAT QB and above average at least receivers, this offense would suck.

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m sorry, but you’re not going to get much credit for an offense when you’re sandwiched between Tom Brady & Bruce Arians…..

  29. Court XXXVII Says:

    Yeah, BL’s done a great job LATELY. That’s post-week 13. BA likes to champion and promote his staffs’ careers, oftentimes to a fault. But sometimes, and in this take, it’s way too early to bestow BL with such effusive accolades. Not for a handful of games.

    When BA said “I don’t do [bleeped], really,” it gave me the shivers. Really? Taking him at his words, what is his role if he’s not really involved even a little bit with the offense’s play designs?

    BL flying solo makes me really, really nervous. BL + BA together is better. BL + TB, though, can be a calm balm most of the time.

  30. geno711 Says:

    To everyone hating on the play calling:

    What was the superior play calling that you saw from the Washington Football team, the New Orleans Saints, and the Green Bay Packers that lead to their wins?

    You cannot win in this league and get to the Super Bowl without good coaching.

    Please name the teams in history that have done this.

  31. Ftmyersbuc Says:

    I don’t doubt byron is the one to deserve all credit, but from watching his press interviews, i think thatcmay have scared some potential suitors away. The silver lining is when bruce retires he may stay here. Whats great about this team though is that its truly a team effort to get here. Defense didn’t carry us all year or vice versa. That being said special teams was bad all year with the exception of succoup and all of special teams in the nfccg. Consider in that game Tom bradys avg starting field position was the 37 vs rodgers packers 23. That 14 yd avg shorter field matters. And its why the patriots were always good. If we get that kind of starting field against chiefs we can win this game

  32. 813bucboi Says:

    even when the HC speaks up and says he doesnt do SH!T its all BL, folks still say nawl, it brady…lol….

    its obviously a lot of folks “think” they know football….lol…


    GO BUCS!!!!!

  33. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I think BA doesn’t want to be accountable for 2nd and long 90% of the start of every series and the flare pass that never gets yards. Thanks BL for the Pop Warner offense. How about more TE screens or PA passes like Godwins Sunday. All you have to do is look at Andy Reids playbook to understand how to confuse defenses. The play calling is not winning the games the heart & sole of the players are with exception to the Miller bomb but that was BA not BL. Sorry not buying it Bucs O is very predictable.

  34. orlbucfan Says:

    Why did Methusaleh12 pick Tampa Bay when there were several teams after him? Cos of the array of talent and the coaching staff. Team will be ready SB Sunday.

  35. Try Using A Different Username Please Says:

    Byron Leftwich Matters