6-Game Winning Streak? Not Since 1999.

January 11th, 2021

Joe is truly in stunned disbelief by what the Buccaneers are delivering to their very deserving fans — including the lingering haters.

Instead of soul-sucking losses, the team is disinfecting the hearts and minds of everyone who paid attention during The Lost Decade.

Michael Vick was barking (too soon?) on FS1 this week about how the Bucs are a different team since the bye week and a very different club since they were pillaged in Tampa by the Saints two months ago.

Vick also wisely referenced the Buccaneers’ current five-game winning streak.

Yeah, Joe enjoyed one in 2016, but the Bucs lost two of their next three games to conclude another playoff-free season. Before that, there was a five-game win streak during the 2002 Super Bowl season, and a six-game romp in 1999.

That’s how rare the Brady Bucs run is.

As long as Joe’s giving a history lesson, the Bucs started 5-0 in 1997 and 1979. And that’s it. Only six times has the franchise won five in a row in a season.

That momentum is real and shouldn’t be overlooked.

With Tom Brady and no losses since November, Joe can only imagine how sky high confidence is at One Buc Palace.

35 Responses to “6-Game Winning Streak? Not Since 1999.”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    please jpp wake up…

    we need you man!…

    this sunday

  2. Pruritus Ani Says:


    “The Lost Decade”… ha! Sad but true.. perfect description.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s all been against sub-500 teams – but you play who is on the schedule. The 1999 St Louis Scams had a creampuff schedule, and the the refs gave the the NFC Championship game, so it’s not just about being the better team. In any case the Bucs need to put on their big boy pants and there needs to be an incredible intensity going into this week if they want to make it 6 in a row. If they lose 3 in a row to the Saints this season with the only winning team they beat being the Packers, then I’d have a hard time thinking this season was a success. They should feel that pressure, and put it into their preparation.

  4. Jerry Jones Says:

    I’m surprised there’s no article on Steve Smith Sr and his “ONE AND DONE” comment.

  5. Chuckstutz Says:

    Would love to see our special teams step up. Our kick/punt returner Mickens is weak very weak. How bout AB? This is sudden death!

  6. Mchammer8 Says:



  7. stpetebucsfan Says:


    That’s an excellent idea. I respect Micken’s judgement, he’s a bit conservative but he hasn’t put the ball on the ground but that’s about it. AB would be a huge upgrade.

    I get that we’re not done and “You never count your money
    When you’re sittin’ at the table” but if we cash out in New Orleans I will never forget this season!!!

    Seriously…TB12, brings Gronk..AB…12 wins now…it’s been an incredible ride no matter how it turns out.

    And I love the way we finish…against our most bitter arch rival…the only team that can truly claim mastery over us. Let’s get some revenge or go out on our shields. Win or lose I’m just super excited for the opportunity.

    My son knows our suffering…he’s a Cleveland Browns fan. They got to put a dagger in the heart of their masters the Pittsburgh Steelers and lay claim to the new power in the AFC Central. We can do the same thing to the Saints with Brees also on his last legs.

    Before the game I texted to see if he was nervous…he replied yeah but at least all the pieces are in place with a really good team that should compete next year. After the first quarter explosion I texted again to ask how he felt about being the new power in the Central with aging Ben…he said he was really nervous after that big lead. We all know how he felt eh?

  8. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Is Steve Smith gonna say the Bucs are 2 and through now? At what point does someone lose their Miss Cleo card for wrong predictions?

  9. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Damn Rod, you’re tough. 12-5, one playoff win. To me the season has been a success already. And the Bucs probably enter next season as SB favorite.

    And Chuck, truer words were never spoken.

  10. TampaTown Says:

    Can someone tie up Bowles and hide him in the equipment shed until after the game? Or send him over to Kevin Minter’s house so he has to quarantine too? I think we’d do better with someone else calling the defense

  11. REDZONE BA Says:

    @Jerry Jones – Someone PLEASE SHUT UP Steve Smith. He HATES our Bucs, which is fine, but he always queues up stupid reasons that Bucs will lose…..

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Its been a fantastic Season.
    Watching Brady has been an honor. Cant believe he’s a Buc!
    Our Offense is loaded and Dangerous.
    Definitely a Lamborghini!
    And so appropriate that your picture is JPP!
    Even though our defense is the poor cousin, we have some warriors.
    No one plays harder than JPP! My favorite Buc!
    I thought Suh had gotten jaded. He is a reborn Warrior in Tampa.

    This is a great team- and its only scratched the surface.
    New Orleans is a horrible match up for us.
    But no Matter what happens- its been a great season

  13. Cobraboy Says:

    Steve Smith has been a Buc hater ever since Will Allen knocked the snot bubbles out of him…

  14. Cobraboy Says:

    Capt. Tim: +1.

    This has been an extraordinary season, thanks to Tom Brady.

    My Boston friends kept telling me: “You’ll love him. He’s special.” and those were understatements.

    Had it not been for Brady, we’d be “checkin’ yo sheets” while checking the draft…

  15. REDZONE BA Says:

    @Cobraboy – Thank you! Bucs knocked the snot out of Steve Smith… I so despise that hater…..

  16. REDZONE BA Says:

    And his( Steve Smith) BS commentary on Bucs……

  17. Brady is a cheater Says:

    Stpetebucfan…..lovley novel….wake me up when your through

  18. Brady is a cheater Says:

    Capt. Tim, with that drivel you not coming off as captain material. To respect a cheater is cause for a demotion

  19. David Says:

    I don’t care if Steve Smith hates the Bucs or not, I just can’t stand him as an analyst. He’s Damirs and stutters to try to find the right words, he’s kind of irritating and boring and arrogant all at the same time.

    The other one is Dungy. He bores the hell out of me as a color commentator. Hopefully he’s not doing the next Buc game.

  20. David Says:

    As for putting AB back there to return punts… since all the receivers appear to be healthy, I like the idea.
    Mickens isn’t doing a damn thing back there

  21. David Says:

    Any word on Ronald Jones?

  22. Bird Says:

    Brady is a cheater

    Who were you before ? Dont be scared and change name…
    Ndog. That you. Maybe webster. You guys are in hiding now so im curious.

    Obviously you crave a former qbs nuts
    Dont worry. He will get his chance it sounds like next year
    Must suck for you right now.
    Brady winning when your messiah could not.
    I mean he won 4 out of 10 games. 😂

  23. REDZONE BA Says:

    Rojo? Not sure I care if he can go. LF was awesome.

  24. David Says:

    Redzone ?!?!?

    ROJO has become the best back on this team… by far.
    Fournett had a great game but ROJO probably gets 30 more yards with those same carries

  25. BringBucsBack Says:

    “Instead of soul-sucking losses…” That game last Saturday was a soul-sucking win. The D, and everyone else for that matter, better tighten-up. As much as N.O. has man-handled us, they don’t want to play us a 3rd time.

  26. REDZONE BA Says:

    @David – RoJo is our “Guy” as Bucs RB, per BA. But Rojo still has brick hands….LF “seems” more reliable in screen plays. And LF can move the pile. I WANT Rojo to prove me wrong, as I still have no confidence in Rojo in critical plays…… Just me…..

  27. Jerry Says:

    Playing your arch rival and nemesis in this situation CAN be a major motivator. Just like when the Bucs played Philly in 2002, who had our number for years. Won that game and became unbeatable in the Super Bowl.

  28. REDZONE BA Says:

    ps @David – I do not have a dog in the fight (Rojo vs LF). Just want a Bucs win!

    RoJo is a warrior and love his fight for extra yards. Clearly RoJo is the best Bucs RB.

    My concern, is situational. And…believe that LF might be best RB for the playoffs to deliver what Bucs need to WIN….vs Saints. My opinion….

  29. Jerry Jones Says:

    @Brady is a cheater…climb back in that anu$ you crawled out of. And yes, I’m sure it’s Ndog or Webster in disguise because their narratives have been destroyed. Cowards.

  30. FactTeller Says:

    @Cobra: You should look up the sideline hit Mark Barron put on him his rookie year. [Watch Smith’s reaction after too] I ordered my Barron jersey shortly after.

  31. David Says:


    I hear ya.
    That’s why LF comes in a lot during pass plays. Better blocker & better receiver… Even though he dropped as many as Rojo early in the year.
    ROJO is still improving in both areas.

    I have to disagree about moving the pile though. Fournette had the reputation for being this physical back but every time I see him in a pile he is standing straight up and down not going anywhere, just coming to a standstill.

    Rojo lowers his shoulder and gets those extra couple, by at least falling forward.

    Either way, I want everyone healthy. All hands on deck to have the best opportunity to win.

    (It’s going to come down to the Buccaneers D line getting pressure)

  32. REDZONE BA Says:

    @David – Get’r’Dun – is all I care about. Win BUCS! And i do believe that either RoJo or LF will be key vs, Saints for our win. Just my thoughts… love both RBs.

  33. An Erection For Sacks Says:

    “Michael Vick was barking (too soon?)…”

    Nope. Love it. He deserves our derision.

  34. #1bucsfan Says:

    Jpp and Shaq it’s that time when we need that juice. If Brees has time to throw we will not win this game. If we are on Brees like white on rice we will have a chance to put the slimy saints back where they belong. We need you 2 to bring the juice badly. White is coming back but he’s missed 2 games so there might be some rust or he might be way to excited and over shoot some run gaps lol I promise if he can put Brees under consistent pressure we will win. I mean real pressure sacks, strip sacks and just overall beating Brees up

  35. Brady is a cheater Says:

    Bird bird bird, isn’t the word. I will tell you what iam not, convicted in federal court for cheating like your buddy Brady.time for the bucs to move on