The Road To Tampa

December 8th, 2020

Just get in the playoffs, baby.

In this crazy football season, a fan almost expects the unexpected.

So if a team has to play on the road in the playoffs, this might be the year a team would want to be on the road in January.

Usually, the road is a disadvantage, especially in the postseason. Not in the Year of The Sickness.

As Hall of Fame NFL writer Rick Gosselin points out, it’s nearly an even draw when teams hit the pavement this fall.

So if the Bucs do make the playoffs, there won’t be any home games (unless they make the Super Bowl, if they make the Super Bowl). Today Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians was asked about the not-so-disadvantage of playing on the road in January.

“This year especially – with no fans – the home-field advantage is really going to be out the window,” Arians said. “It’s just going to be lining up and playing in empty stadiums.

“What has been a big, big part of the playoffs in the past is home-field advantage [but] I don’t think it’s going to be an advantage this year. It’s just a matter of getting in.”

For the Bucs, the disadvantage won’t be the fans on the road but Old Man Winter.

So the idea that the Bucs could march through three road games to make the Super Bowl should be easier this year than maybe ever before.

If the Bucs make the playoffs.

8 Responses to “The Road To Tampa”

  1. chris L Says:

    joe – not necessarily. if the bucs finish 5th and let’s say all wild card teams win the first weekend, bucs would have a home game in the divisional round. i expect wild card winners to win more this year so at some tpojnt the bucs could have a home game depending where we finish. maybe even the nfc championship.

  2. Buddhaboy 19 Says:

    [Sorry, accusing a man elected to the highest office in the land with committing one of the most heinous crimes a human can pull won’t fly here. Maybe you can pull that stunt on Parler but not here. … Careful where you step. What Sleepy Joe has to do with the Bucs playing road playoff games is beyond Joe’s comprehension. — Joe]

  3. Pewter Power Says:

    As delusional as ever and I was big on Arians before this year. Think there’s no disadvantage playing in December at Green Bay or Seattle? Clearly you haven’t played in the playoffs in awhile

  4. Buddhaboy 19 Says:

    I dont know Joe, just wanted to vent and have fun. Go Bucs.

  5. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Was Joe referring to Trump or Biden…😀

  6. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Agree, home field is not an issue in the playoffs. However, the weather could be.

  7. Grizam Says:

    We never play well in the cold it’s our curse

  8. Buxszntkt Says:

    I don’t know Joe, Bucs seem to be better away from Tampa. As a transplant town, we have as many fans of the away teams as we do of the Bucs on game day. The transplants are treating themselves to 1 game for the year and they are loud and wild. Of course if the Bucs won a bit more those transplants would finally convert. Fair weather fans, came for the sun, and when the Bucs win they’ll root for them as well.