Should Gronk Stay Or Should He Go?

December 31st, 2020

Fun, so far.

One of the most stunning moves of all the stunning moves by Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht this past spring was luring future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski out of retirement.

Sunday is Gronk’s final regular season game under his contract that expires after the Super Bowl. Though he was not asked if he will return to football in 2021, much less return to the Bucs, Gronk didn’t offer any hint that he is regretting his decision to play for the Bucs.

Though at one point in August, he likely was.

Today, Gronk was asked about playing football again and how the season has gone for him. He noted when Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians said he wasn’t in football shape that Arians was right.

“I remember in training camp, it was four plays in a row and I was struggling a little bit on the fourth play,” Gronk said. “I was huffing and puffing pretty bad. And the heat was definitely getting to me.”

At that moment Gronk probably wished he was with his SI covergirl swimsuit model girlfriend, loafing poolside. But as the season went on Gronk got better and better to the point that now Gronk looks like the Gronk pf the Belicheats.

“The experience has been great,” Gronk said of playing for the Bucs. “It’s been a fun season. At times it takes its toll. … You look back at [now] and, man, time flew.

“Overall it has been a successful journey so far. Successful coming out of retirement and been enjoyable all year.”

Of course, next is leading the Bucs to the Super Bowl. Not counting the Dixie Chicks on Sunday, it’s three wins to get there.

Joe sure hopes Gronk has enjoyed himself enough that he wants to stay with the Bucs as long as his 43-year old quarterback buddy wants to stay with the Bucs.

And that’s at least for one more season.

40 Responses to “Should Gronk Stay Or Should He Go?”

  1. AlV Says:

    He will stay as long as Brady is here and you are lying to yourself if you say he has not performed exceptionally well since the Panthers 2nd game.

    He probably also loves the fact that he is not the #1 target for opposing teams anymore.

  2. AlV Says:

    Also they better get cooking on that extension for Brady cause he more then has earned it. The Bucs will have him as long as he wants to be here.

  3. Bird Says:

    10 mil is no brainer
    That may seem high. Gimme a break. Everyone loves brate but gronk is an amazing blocker and he comes down with every contested catch. It took a while to get back into shape. All he catches are first downs and tds

    He is just getting started. This is time of year where he shines.

  4. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    We’ll see after the Wildcard game , the real Playoffs and then the Super Bowl.. I think as long as TB is playing he’ll be back next year

  5. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I agree not being one of the main go to guys has help him physically. Not sure if he will stay maybe his big Bro Brady will coax him but it would sure be nice to see him and Howard together again. That’s as good a random as Evan’s & AB/Godwin, you choose.

  6. REDZONE BA Says:

    Gronk surprised the heck out of me in his comeback – has been a difference-maker in the second half of season. Would not be surprised to see him again next year.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    I could see both Brady & Gronk playing 1 more year, and especially if the Bucs don’t win the Super Bowl. If we do win the SB though, it’d probably be tempting to both of them to go out on a high note. Only they know what the choice will be.

  8. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Did everyone hear Tom Brady’s GRONK impersonation? I’d post the link but just search it so I don’t catch case and go into mediation! Def worth it 😂

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Assuming the cap stays the same……we’ve got to come up with extra money for Godwin….we should be able to scratch up enough with some additional restructuring…the problem with players like Suh & Gronk is they are too old for multi-year contracts which brings down the yearly amount….

    Should we want to keep him…..absofuk#kinglutely.

  10. Beeej Says:

    After losing OJ, we’d have been SO screwed running a lately 2 tight end offense without Gronk, $10 mil seems cheap

  11. catcard202 Says:

    Even if TB12 is all-in on 2021..Gronk may need to take a 2021 pay cut to come back…But I expect that something will be worked out.

    (2yr deal on paper… 1 guaranteed & team option on yr2 w/ buyout #…to push some money into 2022.)

  12. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Buc Cheeks
    Lol .. too funny!

  13. windbaggery Says:

    Question will be about who can we afford… Lavonte David has an expiring contract. Godwin. Shaq. Gronk. Seems to me Godwin and LD are primary, then Shaq, then Gronk. If we manage to get all 4 back, that would be a feat. Would love to see Gronk return if we can do it.

  14. PatsBucsfan4years Says:

    GRONK shall return… money not an issue as he lives off his endorsements and has yet to spend a Buc (pun intended) from his first NFL paycheck… besides his Mom lives in Naples,FL. And his cruises run out of Miami… for now👍🏻🍻

  15. Buczilla Says:

    Bring this dude back for sure. He’s still a too 10 tight end all day long.

  16. Infomeplease Says:

    I like how’s he has been playing lately. TB12 and Gronk are still producing plenty of highlight film. I’m so glad they’re wearing Bucs uniforms.

  17. Allbuccedup Says:

    I don’t Licht talked him out of retirement I think Brady did.

  18. Grizam Says:

    I hope they are both back for 2021!

  19. Todd1287 Says:

    We love Gronk! I’ve been a fan from day one! Being a Brady fan for 20 years and obviously a Pat’s fan I’m Extremely grateful that the Bucs have opened there doors for Tom and Gronk! I Guess it’s safe to say I’m a bucs fan and I don’t see that changing. I hope that these two have a home here until retirement. Thanks to all of you and HAPPY New Year. …. oh one more think F BB. Look at these two shine in Tampa!

  20. Wesley Says:

    He and O.J. would be unstoppable together if used.

  21. edubb13 Says:

    Antonio Brown isn’t under contract either and it will be interesting to see if Julian Edelman doesnt some how work his way down here to Tampa if Antonio isn’t brought back to.Gronk is by far the most reliable and balanced tight end the bucs have and half the time OJ Howards hands werent on the same page as his feet and that was before a serious injury. So as a bucs fan I really hope Gronk stays,atleast until Brady is gone.

  22. Oneilbucs Says:

    Why yall want to hold on this old team when are yall going to demand the development of our own players we draft . Starting with the quarterback position we need to draft a quarterback and develope him the right way . No more of this losing mind set we have to develope our own quarterback . Stop letting the Glazers play yall by bringing in popular players to sale tickets . Next season Brady will be 44 years old and he haven’t been good against good teams . So what makes yall think he’s not going to get worse next year?? Gronk is old and he plays old and AB is not the same . It’s time for build the future and ask the owner ship this question . Why we have never developed a quarterback in the history of this franchise it can’t be every quarterback . Just like yall talk about these players who have problem with different teams and we blame the players . But we never blame the organization for not bringing in the right coach to develope a quarterback . Stop with the losing mindset by bringing in every team leftovers . I guess being from Texas I have a different mentality when it comes to Football .

  23. TomBradyfan Says:

    As a Patriots fan and current Bucs fan please stop calling them the Belicheats…it takes away from what Tom Brady accomplished in New England, and what he’s currently doing for your Bucs. Show some respect! Go Bucs/ Tom Brady

  24. Terry Says:

    Go @@## yourself. Until you have earned 6 superbowl rings, don’t @@## with my Patriots.
    Belicheat my ass…..

  25. Terry Says:

    Go @@$% yourself. Until you have earned 6 Superbowl rings, don’t @@## with my Patriots.
    Belicheat my ass…..

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Gronk has performed better as the season went along
    He’s not the best TE in the league and not worth $10M. He’s a $6M man — like Lee Majors.

  27. Paco Says:

    Belicheat seems fair. It was earned over years so don’t deny yourselves the ‘honor’–!

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe’s been calling them the Belicheats (for good reason) for quite some time…don’t expect that to let up.

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    Oneilbucs …your team is winning and you’re still whining.

    Go figure.

  30. David Calhoun Says:

    Hey Gronk wait until you and Brady win another championship at Tampa Bay then leave the NFL. There’s a magic between you and Brady. Trust me I lost lots of money because of you and Brady when you were at New England. Man you make the NFL fun. Hang in there for at least two more years. Do like some of your other cohorts are doing. Spend a lot of time and money rebuilding yourself in the off-season. I think I heard where Russell Wilson spends a million dollars on a trainer and various help health issues in the off-season. I used to bet against you man and you are earned my 100% admiration and respect. What y’all are doing in Tampa Bay reminds me of Kansas City. Keep up the good work bro. I hope to see you and Tom at the Super Bowl it’s right next door to you guys in Florida. Take each game as very important.

  31. martinii Says:

    My main concern, like “Defense,” is if they should win the SB both may decide to go out on a high note. Furthermore If that is the case I could see Arians going with them.

  32. alton green Says:

    COME ON Fox Sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Giants and Cowboys. R U serious?? By a show of hands, who cares less than me……….That’s what I thought. I will watch the game on CBS.

  33. catcard202 Says:

    If by the grace of GOD the Bucs win the SB & both walk into the sunset…Who could blame them????

    If Bucs winning SB run occurs, both will have cemented their 1st Ballot HOF credentials & set themselves up to go to Canton together.

  34. sgrd0q Says:

    @catcard202: “If Bucs winning SB run occurs, both will have cemented their 1st Ballot HOF credentials & set themselves up to go to Canton together.”

    I hope the Bucs win, but Brady has cemented his 1st Ballot HOF entry in, like, 2004, after his third Super Bowl.

  35. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Your position safely ensconced in JW’s jockstrap are making you type stupid things.

    They do not ask the age of the competitors when they hand out the SB trophy.

    Moreover this team is actually pretty well balanced in terms of youth and age.
    Yeah we have an old QB…a younger RB…several young receivers and a couple with tread left on the tires for a few more years…we have the BEST YOUNG OL in the game.

    You’re so predictable that in 15 years if JW should become available you’ll still be pimping him only this time because of wait for it…his age and experience!

  36. Oneilbucs Says:

    Stpetebucfan Who said anything about Jamies you are obsesse over Jamies . Maybe you are in Brady jock strap again I will say being from Texas we look at football different . I hate the houston Texans because of what they did to the Oilers . I been a bucs fan since 95 . Where I’m from we don’t believe in this if you can’t beat them than join them . The one thing I’m learning about a lot of Tampa fans is yall have a losing mindset when it comes to football . I rather have our own players and developed them like Mike Evans and David and others . So how did you get Jamies out of that ??? I said we need to move into the future next year while we still have some key peaces on defense . This is the perfect time to do that . Again Brady is not a building peace for the team . Him or Gronk or AB . Stop being a coward and start demanding this organization to build long-term instead of a superbowl or bust situation !!!

  37. Oneilbucs Says:

    Buc1987 How is that whinging for wanting our own players ? And guess what we only beat 1 wining team this year . We are 1 and 5 against good teams and you are happy about that ?? I’m glad we are in the playoffs . But this is not long term so that’s why it’s superbowl or bust !!

  38. Sandy Says:

    Please keep gronk him and Tom together awesome best ever dynamite please keep him

  39. Deady Says:

    What did the Texans do to the Oilers? Technically the Oilers still exist playing under the name “Tennessee Titans.” When you say that you’re from Texas so you view football differently I’m just going to assume you mean “wrong” because of that comment alone.

  40. Joe Says:

    What did the Texans do to the Oilers? Technically the Oilers still exist playing under the name “Tennessee Titans.”

    Bud Adams owner of the Oilers/Titans, said before he died that he would have sold the rights to the name “Oilers” to Bob McNair (now deceased) but was never approached.

    If Cal McNair had a conscience, he would cut a check to the Adams family and buy back “Oilers” and get rid of that dumb, generic marketing name “Texans” and those stupid generic red, white and blue colors with the pandering Longhorn on the helmet (that has to gall Aggies fans who are also potential paying customers).

    We all know virtually anyone (not a California transplant) who lives in Texas is pro-America. And virtually no one outside of the greater Houston area is a Texans fan. Joe would love to see the 10 Texans fans in El Paso or Texarkana or Amarillo who are Texans fans just because of the dumb nickname.

    “Oilers” wearing the powder blue with the classic oil rig on the helmet? That would be very different.

    The only team that has a weaker nickname is “Football Team.” Geez Danny Snyder, are you really that lazy?