Sacks Piling Up

December 23rd, 2020

Playing with stacked deck?

For the longest time, if a Bucs defender sniffed anywhere near 10 sacks, Bucs fans, including Joe, would go just about nuts.

Now? That may be small potatoes.

Andrew Holman of the Bucs’ media relations staff pumped out interesting stats on social media this week.

The Bucs are on the cusp of having three players — yes, three! — record 10 or more sacks. Just three years ago, any player getting to 10 seemed like a fantasy. Now, three different Bucs are on the cusp of reaching that plateau.

Pro Bowler Jason Pierre-Paul leads the Bucs with 9.5. NFL sack king Shaq Barrett has eight. And oh by the way, so too does inside linebacker Devin White.

So all Shaq and White need to do is average a sack a game in the final two games to reach 10. All JPP has to do is basically fall on a quarterback.

How nuts is that? Three years ago, 10 sacks was a miracle accomplishment. Now the Bucs may have three guys with 10 or more.

Times, they are a changin.’

12 Responses to “Sacks Piling Up”

  1. aFEDupBUCfan Says:


  2. El_Buc941 Says:

    And all this without the great wall of Somoa…yours truly Vita Vea. If we can keep our defense next when Vea returns we will be thee #1 run defense and blitz defense in the league.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    These numbers would be even higher if Vea was still playing……Vea got great push from the middle enabling more pressure from the edges….

    We may end up with none of them hitting 10…..but I’m ok with that…it’s the team total that’s important to me.

    2019 Bucs 47 Opponents 47
    2020 Bucs 43 Opponents 19 (through 14 games)

  4. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Let’s talk more about Devin White. Hey I like him, guy is a cowboy, rides horses, lives on a ranch, heck a nice guy. How can anyone not love that. Now the bad – PFF has him rated as the worst coverage linebacker in the league. Granted sometimes (a lot) PFF rankings are an absolute clown show, but traditional numbers support the ranking as he’s given up 73 catches for around 700 yards. It’s alarming and exceptionally bad and is every bit as responsible as sayyyy Sean Murphy Bunting for the poor pass D. He’s confused, misses assignments, with guys running in space all day. A linebacker taken 5th in draft should mean you’re basically taking Ray Lewis ok. Going in to 3rd year in the league, this had better be figured out. To be more candid, all this homerism by some about why Fred Warner is voted to pro bowl is a bit too much

  5. Elita Vita Says:


    Don’t those stats tell even more about our OLINE?

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Elita Vita Says:
    December 23rd, 2020 at 7:16 am

    Don’t those stats tell even more about our OLINE?

    The tell us more about Brady vs JW

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    I know how much you love sacks Joe, and I agree that it’s hard to make a play when you’re lying flat on your back. But what’s even more important IMO is the ‘body of work’ that players like White, JPP & Shaq have put together.

    o White: 8 sacks, 13 QB Hits, 13 TFL, 130 tackles (87 solo), 1FF, 1 FR
    o Shaq: 8 sacks, 15 QB Hits, 10 TFL, 54 tackles (42 solo), 2 FF, 1 Safety
    o JPP: 9.5 sacks, 12 QB Hits, 6 TFL, 50 tackles (31 solo), 4 FF, 2 FR

    That’s an impressive body of work from those 3 guys this year and an incredible contribution to the total Bucs’ stats in those areas. They’ve contributed:

    o 59% of the team sacks (25.5 of our 43 team sacks).
    o 40% of the team QB Hits (40 of our 99 QB Hits).
    o 35% of the team TFLs (29 of our 82 TFLs).
    o 27% of the team solo tackles (160 of our 587 solo tackles).
    o 58% of the team forced fumbles (7 of our 12 FFs).
    o 25% of the team fumble recoveries (3 of our 12 FRs).

    But there are 2 other guys who stand out in those areas who’ve been critical to helping those 3 players feast this year: Ndamukong Suh and Will Gholston.

    o Suh: 5 sacks, 16 QB Hits, 8 TFL, 39 tackles (24 solo), 1 FF
    o Gholston: 2 sacks, 18 QB Hits, 7 TFL, 38 tackles (22 solo), 1 FR.

    Those 2 DLinemen, almost exclusively playing inside, have been critical IMO to our #1 run defense and to the pass rush we’ve been able to generate this year, and especially after the loss of Vita Vea.

  8. Augsut 1976 Buc Says:

    The stats tell more about a greater awareness from the QB play. Brady will not hold the ball forever to make a play. He will try to make the play or just get rid of the ball. Jameis just refuses to give up on a play. That is a great attitude, but if you are careless with the ball, or get sacked again and again, then you just play into the other teams hands and end up turning wins into losses. GO BUCS!!!

  9. Bucsministerfuller Says:

    Remember all those times Gerald McCoy made the ProBowl what was that all about?

  10. alton green Says:

    1st. let me say our d-line is really playing good. OK that’s out of the way.Curley Larry and Moe needs to realize that it’s ok to be 2 dementional. Most OCs can fix or certainly slow down a good pass rush. If Bowles doesn’t fix the pathetic pass coverage, we are peeing in the wind. Remember a couple yrs ago when the Patriots beat the Chiefs twice including the AFC Champ game? Well Bilichick doubled Tyreek Hill and Hi’tower punched Kelsey at the line EVERY DOWN to disrupt him. Bowles and Specs just stand there on the sidelines like they are watching aliens walk off a space ship like the movie Close Encounters. YES it’s a gamble doubling him and hitting kelsey BUT HEY, “no risk it no bisquet”

  11. #1bucfan Says:

    Keep it up boys. Please had more pass rushers this season. That’s all I want for Xmas and a ring of course lol

  12. Buczilla Says:

    Good times!