PFT: Bucs, Baby

December 12th, 2020

Confident in Bucs.

The duo that runs toe-to-toe with NFL Network for quality and insightful football content on national weekday morning television is in agreement: Bank on the Bucs tomorrow.

The creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio, and his co-host of PFT Live seen on NBC Sports Network, former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms, are on the same wavelength.

They both believe the Bucs have too much firepower on offense and just enough defense that it’s hard to see how the Vikings can beat the Bucs tomorrow at the Den of Depression.

Florio hopped on Simms’ podcast, “Unbuttoned,” as the two discussed this weekend’s games.

“I have to go with Tampa Bay here,” Simms said. “Minnesota is dangerous here. I just think that Tampa’s d-line and their ability to stop the run, I just think they are going to slow down Dalvin Cook enough to where, the bootlegs and the play-actions aren’t going to hold the same water they usually do.

Simms is confident the Vikings, with offensive weapons up and down the line, will make plays. But will they make enough and can they make them consistent enough? Simms doesn’t believe so.

“I have a hard time thinking Dalvin Cook is going to go off for over 100 yards,” Simms said.

Simms is of the mind the Vikings just don’t have the defense to keep the Bucs offense down, either. So he sees a 35-24 Bucs win.

“I think this is a bad matchup for the Vikings on both sides of the ball,” Florio said. “The Bucs can stop the run and we’ve seen time and again if the Vikings can’t run the ball, they can’t throw the ball.”

Florio believes the best chance the Vikings have is to get into a shootout.

“I just feel that the Buccaneers can and will match them,” Florio added.

For Joe, it comes down to the Bucs offense. If the Bucs have been able to rework it to run much more smoothly over the bye week, the Bucs should be able to carve up the Vikings defense.

It would help if the Bucs can score more than a field goal in the first quarter.

18 Responses to “PFT: Bucs, Baby”

  1. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    They don’t call it the Den of Depression for nothing. This is a KOD if I EVER saw one.

  2. Beeej Says:

    If they shut down Cook, Cousins is helpless

  3. BucTooth Says:

    I smell a trap game bad vibes.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Last time this season that I saw all talking heads agree that the Bucs would win, guess what, we lost. I’d much rather see us go in as the underdog.

    I agree with Simms in that think our defense can hold the Vikings to 24 points. Not at all sure that our offense can plant 35 points on them though based on what I’ve seen this past 4 games.

    Vikings have scored 319 pts … 26 TDs passing, 14 TDs rushing, plus their kicker is 12-of-15 FGs. Bucs have scored 344 pts … 28 TDs passing, 11 TDs rushing, and Succop is 22-of-24 FGs made. Bucs obviously have attempted and made a LOT more FGs … very good that we’ve made them; not so good that we’ve had to ‘settle’ for so many FGs rather than score TDs. Too many points left on the table, and it’s cost us wins.

    Cousins is hitting on 67.8% of his passes & has 2 excellent WRs in Thielen & Jefferson plus RB Cook is excellent at catching the ball also (81.4%). Brady is hitting on 64.8% of his passes so the two QBs are close to the same efficiency; Bucs & Vikes have just gotten their yards differently. Vikes rank #12 offensively (Points Scored), but #3 in Total Yardage (4678 yds). Their Yards/Play (6.3 Y/P) is quite impressive & efficient. Bucs rank #6 offensively (Points Scored), but #18 in Total Yardage (4353 yds). We’re averaging 5.7 Y/P which is good but comes in ‘chunks’ due to a lot of explosive plays.

    Vikings defense gives up about 4 PPG more than ours does (329 pts allowed on the season vs 280 pts allowed for the Bucs), but ironically have given up the same number of TDs (Vikings 24 TDs passing & 7 TDs rushing versus Bucs 23 TDs passing & 8 TDs rushing). Where we excel is in creating pressure (whodathunkit): Vikes have 21 sacks, 61 QB Hits & 46 TFLs versus Bucs 34 sacks, 83 QB Hits & 70 TFLs. And oh ya, Bucs are much better at stopping the run.

    The two teams are dissimilar in many ways, but their results aren’t all that much different (probably why we’re 7-5 and they’re 6-6). Whether we win or lose I think will depend on our offense, and whether we choose to use a more BALANCED ATTACK than we’ve been using.

  5. TOM Says:

    Here again is a game the Bucs should win. But it depends a lot on the play calling & defensive game plan. On a side note, the Bucs should not have signed Brown. TB & Scotty had a good thing going & now Scotty is an afterthought.

  6. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I can’t believe that the season is almost over …
    Oh wait the Bucs are going to win out and play in the Super Bowl !

  7. Buddha Says:

    Buccaneers have played the third toughest schedule in the NFL, the Vikings the 19th. This is a big class drop for Tampa. Minny’s overtime victory over Jaguars and loss at home to Dallas does not impress me.

  8. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Look for Cook to be used a ton in the short passing game.

  9. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I am more worried about Jefferson and Theilen.

  10. JP09 Says:

    Bucs win big 38-17

  11. DaBucsFan Says:

    I agree with BucTooth. We need to be Very Careful.

  12. Mort Says:

    Tooth: It’s not a trap game, because it’s not a bad team. It’s a team that’s barely behind the Bucs in the wildcard race. There is no overlooking them or the Bucs might have a hard time making the playoffs.

  13. Mitch Says:

    I do have concerns about the Bucs secondary in this game. However I believe it will come down to the Bucs offense vs the Vikings defense. Can the Bucs adapt to a defense that commits itself to taking away deep passes and keeps everything in front of them? Or will BA and company continue to force the ball down the field?

  14. gp Says:

    Just as the Jags took them to overtime, they can conceivably do the same to us.
    Dismiss the “records” folks. We do NOT have an easy stretch ahead of us to finish the season!
    We can certainly win out, and do so in grand fashion, but not if we take any of these games for granted.
    All records aside, not one of these teams is a pushover.

  15. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Buctooth I don’t see this as a trap game. We have lost the last two. The Bucs should be chomping at the bit for a big win. We should come out with seek and destroy mentality and if we don’t all the coaches should be fired because like we all have been saying that’s been the difference in these last two losses. Go Bucs!

  16. rrsrq Says:

    Rams blueprint will be the Vikings blueprint, I know that, the Vikes know that, the fans know that, will the Bucs know that. Need TD instead of FGs – Brady will need to spread the ball around on offense, this should be a 300+ passing game and 100+ rushing game

  17. Jeff Says:

    Offensive play calling is so horrendous I just don’t see the Bucs winning unless the defense has a Green Bay type of performance.

  18. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I think Minnesota will be exposed for the losers they are tomorrow.
    They are not in the same class of teams as we are, despite their record.
    Not only are they not a very good team, but they match up terribly with us.
    I see a big win for us tomorrow, and virtual playoff elimination for the Vikings.