“It’s In Them”

December 23rd, 2020

Back in 2016, when the Bucs were hot at 8-5 and Jameis Winston was coming off a thrilling road victory while throwing to Freddie Martino, Cecil Shorts and Russell Shepard, the Buccaneers’ ceiling was unclear (or maybe it was.)

Joe was all fired up, as was the rest of the fan base, but hindsight makes it obvious that the ’16 roster wasn’t good enough — too weak physically and mentally, and lacking depth.

Fast-forward to 2020, and fans have seen spurts of pure brilliance on offense, defense on special teams. And the Bucs field a team loaded with studs.

“It’s in them,” emphasized former Bucs receiver and blocking icon Michael Clayton.

Per Clayton, speaking on WDAE radio, that is what makes the 2020 Bucs such a potential X-factor in the playoffs; they’ve shown they can succeed in all phases of the game.

However, Clayton offered no explanation for the Bucs’ slow starts on both sides of the ball other than the tired chatter about lost offseason practices. (If Joe hears that again, Joe will punch a wall).

Joe agrees that greatness is in the Bucs, but consistency is always a factor when it comes to being great. Whether the Bucs play strong and complete games against the Lions and the Falcons in the final two game is almost insignificant at this late date. It wouldn’t say a lot about them.

The only real answers will come on the second weekend in January.

23 Responses to ““It’s In Them””

  1. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Didn’t you have a nickname for Freddie Martino? Something like hotel lobby singer? Lmao. Ahhhh good times, not really. Cecil Shorts was a legit quality NFL Receiver tho, his career basically ended after that injury here

  2. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I’m excited that Joe’s going to drop the moniker for Brady and start calling him the “The true America’s QB”, and drop the den of depression after they finish 11-5. It’s so nice to not be fully focused on the draft this year! Go Bucs!!!

  3. vic robertson Says:

    yeah ive already punched a few walls on that one joe…and a few others

  4. vic robertson Says:

    walls joe- not people lolz

  5. mark2001 Says:

    Even KC has let teams creep back into games. GB has been good, but their D can be had. The truth is that no team is perfect, particularly this year. And Covid is a wildcard. One game at a time…but if we can get a pass rush, and the D backs can play well…not great but well, we will be a force to be reckoned with. One game at a time.

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    They probably have the best set of WRs on one team ever seen in this league. Should carry them a long way. If the DBs can get their act together.

  7. Mitch Says:

    Looks like the Lions have to choose between a defensive assistant and a defensive quality control coach to be their D-coordinator. If the Bucs don’t rush for 150 and throw for 400 and 5 TD’s… I’ll be disappointed. Hopefully Mike Evan’s breaks the record this weekend!

  8. BucfaninMi Says:

    Honestly the offense should be good enough that the Defense could suck and they still should’ve won 11/12 games! That offense should be scoring 30 to 40 points a game.

  9. Daniel Says:

    What’s people pre-game radio show of choice? Countdown to Kickoff on DAE is hilarious and fantastic all at the same time.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    In most of our 9 wins (5) we were ahead at halftime; we were tied in 1 game at halftime but behind in 3 others at the half … but came back in the 2nd half to win the ballgame.

    In each of our 5 losses we were behind at halftime … and ended up behind at the end of the game too.

    So in 8 of our 14 games we were behind at halftime, and we were tied at halftime in 1 other game.

    We were only ahead at halftime in 5 of our 14 games (Panthers, Broncos, Packers, Raiders, Vikings). All 5 of those games were convincing wins.

    Bucs won the turnover battle handily in those 5 wins (10-2), and our offense made zero giveaways in 4 of those 5 wins. Our offense also played great COMPLIMENTARY FOOTBALL in those 5 games, scoring after 6 of those TOs.

    It seems very likely that our offense feeds off of our defense, and vice-versa. Now all we have to do is figure out how to light a fire early-on under one side of the ball or the other.

  11. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    Taking a look at the photo…. wow.. I still can’t believe sometimes that TB12 is a buccaneer…..that is unreal. JL, you deserve credit…..

  12. adam from ny Says:

    they might win one or two in the playoffs, then when fans are super excited, they’ll get thumped like 38-10 and the game will be over at halftime 31-3….

    just being realistic…y’all know i love my bucs…

    we just might have one of those games we don’t really show up for in the playoffs…it’s how we do…

    and of course the entire country will be watching

  13. PSL Bob Says:

    If we just stop spotting our opponents 17 points and then playing catch up, we might be a pretty solid team.

  14. Listnfrmafar Says:

    This team us too good to fail. I live them a the sleeper. You could see the look in Mahomes eyes when that game got to a 3 point deficit, he knew he had to keep ball away from Brady. Not sure what happened game 2 with NO but the rest can be chalked up as on field synergy. Let’s hope they peak at the same time, this team is dangerous. The Bill’s will win the AFC, KC is beatable.

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    This team is dangerous, KC beat them up first 1/2 yet squeaked out the win by 3.
    Mahomes knew he had to keep ball away from Brady, he’s seen it before. Not sure what happened 2nd NO game but rest is just synergy and coaching. Let’s hope O&D peak at the same, may go further than u think.

  16. Beej Says:

    BTW, WHEN is the last time anyone heard about Brady having lost his long ball? He’s hit 9 of 15 in the last 3 games

  17. Cobraboy Says:

    This team will go as far as the defense let’s them.

  18. thisisouryear!! Says:

    I hope that the second half of last game is going to set the offense on fire from here on out. That was the first time Brady really went to ME13. It ignited the offense. I hope it’s something to build on.

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The Buc’s are clearly dangerous and a team that others will not wish to play.

    We manhandled Green Bay after that poor opening first quarter…GB is considered a contender. We’ve come back from 17 point deficits twice this year…impressive even if it was against lesser competition.

    IMO we showed we at least belong on the field with KC if we bring our A+ game.

    Yeah! Absolutely it’s in them!

  20. Oneilbucs Says:

    Cobraboy I have to agree with you on that bro . We never agree on pretty much anything . But I’ve been saying that our defense will be the most important side of the ball this year . Brady doesn’t have to be the hero of the games . But now it’s time to stick together as a fan base regardless of the different opinions we have about the quarterback . We may disagree about that but it’s time to stop with the debating and just come together as a fan base . Go Bucs !!

  21. Risingandcomingwithbreakfast Says:

    I remember 2016 very well. I experienced my 1st Milwaukee Milkshake.

  22. Grizam Says:

    I have been a Buccaneers Fan since Bucco Bruce the original OG Bucs with Selmon and Doug Wilias! 40yrs later here we have a change to make history with the Greatest QB, WR-tandem, Top 5 TE and top Defense we have had in a decade. If they are hungry and focused it they have the talent and need to play 60-min games lights-out Saturday & in January. Make us proud…

  23. '79 Defense Says:

    An interesting explanation I heard for the slow starts is that in the first half it’s Arian’s team and in the second half it’s Brady’s team.