Bucs Had Brady’s Back

November 5th, 2020

Making his QB feel welcome

The Bucs’ aggression in their belief they could support park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting quarterback Tom Brady seems to be a big reason he was signed.

In New England, Brady had basically trash to throw to. Sure, the Bucs already had two Pro Bowl receivers, but it was more than that, writes Gary Sheffield, Jr. of Outkick. Sheffield suggests the Bucs wanted Brady involved in a collaborative effort to build the team.

The Patriots told Brady it was Belicheat’s way or no way, Sheffield believes, so Brady tells Belicheat that it’s been real and he heads to the Bucs.

Patriots fans are going to hate to hear it, but Tom Brady left to join the best team in the NFC. Meanwhile, the Patriots have dropped four straight. Everyone involved looks terrible. Bill Belichick’s legacy has taken a major hit this season, whether Rex Ryan pointed it out or not. Brady hand-picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because he knew the team wouldn’t let him down the way New England’s front office had. Brady finally has a good team around him again, and the wins are piling up.

There is no question signing Brady was the move of the year for the Bucs.

Joe is convinced that Ndamukong Suh isn’t here unless Brady is here. Likely the same outcome would have happened with Jason Pierre-Paul, Leonard Fournette and Antonio Brown.

What Joe likes to think about is just how far is Brady allowed to throw his weight around at One Buc Palace? 🙂

30 Responses to “Bucs Had Brady’s Back”

  1. Bucked up Says:

    Cheap word count with the same ol joe. Get over it

  2. gp Says:

    I think it’s a little more subtle than that.
    (Tom) “you know, I bet if you give him a call, I bet Gronk will come out of retirement”
    (Jason) Really? I’ll have to give that a try!

    (Tom) AB is coming off of suspension soon, I could sure use another Hall of Fame caliber receiver
    (Jason) Wow!, I never thought of that, do you have his number?

  3. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Given our history, as Bucs fans, we should be too smart to mock other franchises and the decisions they make. Especially a team like the Patriots. The Patriots will rebuild and be good again as long as BB is coaching. That said, I’m enjoying this season as a Bucs fan so far.

  4. Coburn Says:

    Eh people too hard on the pats. I honestly thought they were smart before year started because i didn’t think there would be one and figured that’s what they thought too. If there was a year to go all in it definitely wouldn’t be this year. We are only doing so because the stars aligned and the Superbowl is here. They had a bunch of players opt out and half wonder if they sorta gave message it was ok for those that wanted to. Just feels like with the status up in the air they saved cap, resources, and focus for next year and the following years

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think that report is pretty much spot on. All the moves made by the Bucs point to it being accurate. Jason Licht was out of time. BA hates losing. Todd Bowles was building a solid defense and needed to be kept long term to take over. Leftwich is doing a good job but if anyone is expendable it’s him.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think Tom Brady grew tired of watching BB trade away premium picks in the draft when players to solidify their offense were on the board. I seriously believe Robert Kraft is sorely regretting their decision to let TB get away when they had no one trained to replace him.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    I honestly think Jameis would have been a better choice for the Pats than Cam useless. Not really saying much though.

  8. Pete I Says:

    6-2 20 TD passes 4 Interceptions given those stats Brady can help build whatever he likes right now.

  9. Buczilla Says:

    Awesome time to be a Buccaneer’s fan and that’s due in large part to Brady. Not betting on it, but I’m really hoping that the Glazers have had the foresight to offer Brady whatever the hell he wants to be part of this organization in some way when he retires.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m convinced that this whole Brady affair (Tom signing somewhere other than New England) was all about him trying to prove something to himself. He lived under Belichick’s shadow with the Pats, with many believing that he’d had 18 straight winning seasons with the Pats BECAUSE of Belichick. IOW, that Belichick MADE Tom Brady, not the other way around. I seriously doubt that The GOAT sees it that way.

    Time had just about run out for him to prove otherwise, and the Pats don’t have the talent to do that right now anyways. Brady could surely see that the Patriots weren’t going to be competitive with AFC teams like the Chiefs, Steelers, Ravens & probably several others. He was right if that’s the case.

    Plus, we here in Bucsville constantly hear how old Bruce Arians is (just turned 68 one month ago). Belichick is older (he’ll be turning 69 this coming April). The only NFL coach older than him is the Seahawks Pete Carroll who just turned 69 two months ago. As much as all three obviously love coaching, there comes a point in everyone’s career when it’s time to hang it up.

    Tom Brady made the right choice IMO. The Bucs are obviously ‘all in’ this year (and next year too IMO). Now we get to see if that can be parlayed into a SB championship.

  11. Mike Says:

    Having Tom saved the Pat at least 2 top receivers such as Evan and Goldwin. Thus, thePat can spend that money and draft on the defense. In addition, TB could convert few more close games. Without Tom, the Pat would be like the Seattle.

  12. Hodad Says:

    Look at all the bad personal, and coaching since our glory days which by the way was 20 years ago. Why wouldn’t you want Brady to have say in what goes on? I’d make him team president if he wanted it when he retires.

  13. 43IsOnlyOldInHumanYears Says:

    I think we sold out future to save Arians reputation. The self proclaimed QB Whisperer, who had the benefit of coaching Quarterbacks that would have been Hall of Famers with or without him, was brought in to fix Winston. Winston had by most measurements a great year except the 30 interceptions. The only thing Arians whispered to him was, your out of here so we can bring in a QB I don’t need to coach and just take credit for.

  14. 43IsOnlyOldInHumanYears Says:

    I am just wondering what are plans are for QB in two years. Hope the Aaron Rogers hits the market so Arians can whisper to him!

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Brady was brought in because Arians WANTS TO WIN. Brady was brought in because Bucs management and fans WANT TO WIN. Any other theory is ridiculous.

  16. August 1976 Buc Says:

    It sure is nice to live in the High Rent District of the NFL. No more slumming it. As long as Mr 6 Rings is here it will continue. Winning is why Brady came to the Bucs, and Winning is why they signed him. Hey Herm what did you say ” You play to WIN the game” thanks Herm. The GOAT Tom Brady, the greatest WINNER TO EVER LACE UP A PAIR OF CLEATS IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL. GO BUCS!!!!

  17. Joe in Michigan Says:

    ^^^^^Thumbs up, August 1976 Buc! ^^^^^

  18. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Coburn – that is beyond outrageous. Completely incomprehensible that you think that business owners of and leaders of a major operation would offload talent, because they’re going off a “hunch” that there wouldn’t be a year. That is the opposite of smart planning. That is hilariously stupid and stupid to think that. The NFL is one of the largest entities in the world and you better go well believe (at least by now certainly f’ing hope you do) would have contingency planning done on top of a host of other contingency plans. With the number of people employed by NFL either directly or indirectly, they have a material impact on economy. It’s people like you that don’t realize the greater is as a result of just closing shop for a year like it’s so easy to come back. It doesn’t work like that. Far far far more livelihoods are at stake than the number of whose lives would be at risk over a virus with a high recoverability rate. Period

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    If potential POTUS can begin a term at 77, then an NFL coach should certainly succeed at 68…..it is more of a health issue than age IMO…..I think we’ll get at least 2 years out of BA…..and Tom?…..Maybe 5……

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Agree TBBF; both will be here next year IMO. After that, all bets are off. And you’re exactly right, it’s not really an age thing per se, more of a ‘No new worlds left to conquer’ thingie.

    ASSUMING of course that Bucs win a SB this year or next.

  21. Bird Says:


    Move of the year ?

    Cmon – i will go decade at least

  22. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    DR, cannot agree with the TB’s need to “prove it” to everyone. People like Brady and Jordan are not wired that way. First, they can’t be who they are without having that confidence and swagger all thru their DNA. Second, I am sure it is hard to leave a highly successful relationship after 20 years.

    What motivates you to leave? Not appreciated enough. TB had NO weapons for a long time and no say so in fixing that. I also think he wants those NFL records that he and Brees are fighting over and he was not going to get them in NE.

  23. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    BigMac, you made me literally laugh out loud. Jamies over Cam?! What is glaring to me about Cam taking over for Brady is it really shows what little talent Brady had to work with (as I mentioned above to DR).

    What made me LOL was that JW would probably be crushing his INT records from last year. (and I was a huge Jameis supporter, but have to be real…). If JW started the year as NE’s QB, dang, what would be the over/under for INTs?! 45?

  24. Rob Tanner Says:

    @Joe you forgot a HOF player, Gronk in the players list that Tom brought over!

  25. Cobraboy Says:

    So among Brady, Suh, JPP, David, etc, guys in the twilight of their NFL career with a lot of $$$ in the bank, with the specter of a sharply reduced cap in 2021, think these guys will opt for a “cap friendly” dealio to keep this band together right before they retire?

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Interesting question Cobraboy. I’d speculate that it all depends on what happens the remainder of this year. IF Bucs win the Super Bowl … and yes, here in Tampa … a DT like Suh may be tempted to just go out on top. Gronk possibly the same thing. But I’m sure LVD has no plans on hanging up the cleats anytime soon, and probably neither do Brady or JPP. I think they just enjoy playing football, and as long as their bodies hold out, they’ll press on.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    Senor Harry … I didn’t mean to imply that Brady is looking to ‘prove it to everyone’, but rather maybe just to himself. I think the records that he & Brees are neck & neck on MAY provide some motivation, but I personally think that he just loves playing football, and wants to be known as The Best Ever To Play The Game. His winning record, playoff games & SB Championships pretty much speak for themselves to all of us (and surely to the HOF), but probably not to him. I think that certain very select players hold themselves to different (and much higher) standards than their fans & even their coaches do.

  28. Locked In Says:

    I think you are right on about Suh, JPP etc. I think the vets had finally given up on hope that JW would get them to the promised land and would not be here if not for Brady. I always hoped Jameis would mature and become that guy, but we can see now what a truly great QB can do for a team.

  29. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “There is no question signing Brady was the move of the year for the Bucs.”

    And it was the move of the year for Tom Brady. It was the quintessential example of a win-win deal.

    I do not truly know Brady’s relationship with Brady. I do not agree that these superstar types do not care about their reps. I place their concern about reps second on their list behind the simple joy of playing and competing which is what really drives them.

    But if you watched Jordan on the Last Dance STILL incredibly competitive just through his rep and history with his old rivals.

    As for Belichek. This year is not going well at all for him and his future doesn’t look much brighter. Give him props as a defensive wizard….BUT…he was a LOSING HC before Brady.

    BB lost five or his first six seasons in the league with Cleveland and NE…just ONE winnings season out of six. Coincidence is not the same as causation but sometimes it can be…so in the question of who made whom….BB make TB12 or the other way around? So far coincidentally at least we have our first answer. Brady made BB…who in turn gave Brady great D’s to win those six SB’s.

    Clearly Belichek and Brady needed each other….but if one MUST determine who was the more important ingredient…I gotta go with Brady.

  30. stpetebucsfan Says:

    LMAO Brady’s relationship with Belichik not himself.