“The Reality Is We Haven’t Had A Lot Of Time Together”

October 16th, 2020

Joe asked Tom Brady a simple question yesterday and the Bucs’ legendary quarterback went in a few different directions.

Joe’s not sure why, but Brady likes to remind fans (when players talk to media they’re really talking to fans) that the Bucs remain in a massive learning mode while still needing to win games.

No, Joe certainly didn’t ask Brady about a learning curve, as every NFL team had a shortened offseason with no preseason games or scrimmages against other teams. Plus, multiples teams with new QBs and/or coaches are performing well.

JoeBucsFan.com: Through your career, have you been able to tell when your team comes out of a tough loss with the right mentality and approach? And do you feel the Bucs have done that this past week?

Tom Brady: I think guys are, you know, we’re working hard, we’re trying to make improvements. And like I said a few weeks ago, even when you win, you know, you’re trying to learn and trying to get better, trying to improve. Understanding that this process, you know, we’re going to be working that way through the whole season. We just have, there’s (pause) the reality is we haven’t had a lot of time together. So we’re just trying to make up for it. And every game is valuable for us, and every practice is valuable and every walk-through. So I think everyone is getting more comfortable and confident as the weeks ago, but at the same time we’ve got to win these games because these all count the same as the ones later in the year. You know, we obviously lost the first game of the year, we won three straight, you know, we were in a close game [in Chicago] and we gotta make the plays to win the close games. And this game [Sunday] is hugely important because it’s against a very good football team, we’re playing at home. We’re going to have to play a great game. And in order to do that, every guy has to know what they’re doing. They have to do it decisively and we have to play great team football.

Joe listens to Brady and believes Brady’s standard is so high and he’s coming from such a highly functioning machine in New England, that Brady acutely realizes just how much the Bucs must improve.

Brady seems very confident that time will heal whatever is preventing the Bucs offense from playing a full game of sound football.

Joe sure hopes Brady is correct — and that the defense can step up enough to cover for the offense.

32 Responses to ““The Reality Is We Haven’t Had A Lot Of Time Together””

  1. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Joe sure hopes Brady is correct — and that the defense can step up enough to cover for the offense.
    – And the refs don’t behave like Twitter

  2. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Its a shame that this team is behind because the sloppy coach that lacks attention to detail, would not even try to video conference/zoom to help speed up the process!!!!!!!! Even worse is that Brady is the one that has to fix all the problems, as ole stale biscuit has clearly expressed his opinion that “it is on the players”!!!!!!!!!!!! And shame on the local media that are letting the largest coaching staff to escape with no accountability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Steven007 Says:

    Joe’s first paragraph after the quote is the money paragraph. Tom is obviously used to a certain level of professional responsibility and on his end I’m sure is trying to instill that in his new teammates. Really unfortunate that we didn’t have a real offseason, but neither did anyone else. No excuses.

  4. Allbuccedup Says:

    Less than ten wins this year its time to rebuild. Not BA bs reload.

  5. El Buco Realisto Says:


    Do you really think a regular, offseason would have made a difference?????? We know that Brady practice a ton with the offense thanks to the paparazzi, errrr I mean local sports media that hid in the bushes spying on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ole stale biscuit is bringing NOTHING to the table!!!!!!!!!!!! There would be no difference with a regular full offseason!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, errrrrr I mean, go bucs!!!!

  6. Buc Bro Says:

    Until the team plays smart, fundamental football they won’t be a playoff team, even with 7 teams making it this year.

    Can’t lead the league in drops and penalties and expect to win each week. coaches have got to coach better and players have to play better it’s as simple as that.

  7. Paul Says:

    Hey JOE-

    Does Brady know the Disrespectful Childish Moniker that you use to refer to him as?

    I am sure that he would think it’s Hysterical and not Classless at all. Please ask him next time. Thx

  8. Rob Says:

    Brady can only do so much to help the Bucs win. Cut down on the stupid, mindless penalties and the Bucs will be fine. Losing by one point on the road on a short weeks rest with key players on offense out didn’t shock me. The penalties have got to be reduced. Some will happen because they are subjective and a penalty could literally be called on almost any play in the NFL. The boneheaded, stupid a$$ penalties need to be addressed. Head butting someone? Idiot. Selfish penalties should carry a stupid a$$ fine. As far as some of the Arians and Brady haters on this site. Go somewhere else and spew your sarcastic venom. Stale biscuit? You, sir, are an absolute douche bag and I’ll bet you would’nt call these coaches and players those childish names to their faces. Troll on idiot. Go Bucs

  9. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Hey Paul, it’s kind of funny he didn’t use the moniker this time… After asking him a question. Hmm! Interesting, I’m sure he’ll use it again tho! That train is never late!
    The archives are here for all to view. Joe doesn’t used the moniker even close to every time, but feel free to continue to pretend Joe does if it makes you fulfilled. –Joe

  10. Will Says:

    Leading the league in drops and the coach says you can make up stats for anything. Smh made up our not it’s something you don’t want your team to be leading in along with penalties. The largest coaching staff in the league has no accountability. Until things tighten up from the top the product on the field won’t be where it needs to be. I believe the talent is there the play book needs an update on offense stop trying to have things happen “organically” and scheme to get guys open and create the mismatches you want. And on defense please remember you drafted press corners play to their strengths.

  11. Steven Says:

    Off topic here, but am I the only one that is still sick about the bad roughing-the-passer call on Shack that allowed the drive to continue and resulted in the the Bears the winning points and Vita’s injury?

  12. Please win Says:

    Jeez lol some of you prolly have nothing positive going in your lives when the season is over cuz we are 3-2 …also what happened to all the people who said season wasn’t happening /: week 6 is here where are you pandsies

  13. Joe Says:

    Off topic here, but am I the only one that is still sick about the bad roughing-the-passer call on Shack

    Join the club.

  14. Ndog Says:

    So what he is saying is by the time they “figure it out” he will be retired.

    Love the excuses from the spolied, bratty, selfish one.

  15. Alanbucsfan Says:

    So Bucs fans can’t complain about a bad call, but Sean Payton can get the NFL to change replay procedures over a bad call –
    Got it

  16. Steven007 Says:

    Realist, in answer to your first and only real question, and ignoring your usual trollishness, I think the answer is a very simple yes.

  17. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Yes Alan, It’s great.

    Also daily reminders the New Orleans Saints organization helped defend priests that should have gone to prison……like we didn’t have enough reasons to hate that team.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    OK Joe, now I’m confused. Bucs have a very expensive offense with some heavy-hitters on the roster. So WHY should the Bucs’ defense have to “step up enough to cover for the offense”? Why not the other way around?

    Our OLine’s doing a very respectable job of run-blocking and pass-blocking. We’ve got AT LEAST 2 RBs who have some decent talent & can get the job done. Our WRs & TEs seem to be on a par with most other teams. And our QB carries the GOAT moniker for a reason (OK, when he’s not wandering into the wrong houses).

    So WHY shouldn’t Bucs’ fans EXPECT this collection of offensive talent to kick ass & take names? WHY shouldn’t we EXPECT them to not only put a LOT of points on the board, but to control the clock in the process? And oh ya, to keep our defense well rested up.

    Maybe because of penalties? (Yes, we lead the NFL, so there’s that). Maybe because of dropped passes? (Yes, we lead the NFL there too, so there’s that). Maybe because of TOs? (Yes, Bucs have turned the ball over 7 times in 5 games, so there’s that). Maybe because of marginal coaching, play design & play-calling? (Aahh yes, my personal favorite).

    Time for this offense to step up to the plate and stop with the excuses. Also time for our defense to get back to getting in peoples’ faces; no more pansy-ass coverages. If you want to be champions then play like champions.

  19. Swampbuc Says:

    Brady had 20 tears in one system. That’s a different adjustment than someone new to a system who has been in other systems recently. I believe him when he thinks they’ve not had enough time. Not for wat he’s used to that’s for sure.

  20. BillyBucFan Says:

    I hope Michael Thomas gets traded and the Saints lose 7 or 8 games.
    As for the roughing the passers penalty, I’m shocked at the inconsistencies in the NFL this year in that regard.

    Refs should have to explain themselves.
    I mean what did he see?

    Shaq wasn’t late.
    He didn’t land on him
    The QB wasn’t hurt
    Not helmet to helmet

    BS holding calls and a PI on Davis that looked like the Ref was already holding the flag.

    Yes I’m still sick until we beat the Packers.

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    This is the comment that nobody wants to hear but it looks like its the case.

    We still havent seen these team hit their potential yet. We have seen flashes but they just havent been able to hold it together…..yet.

    Thats why Im not sweating the loss in Chicago too hard. And I dont get some of the comments I hear…….I think it adds an element of excitment and am anticipating a breakout game this week.

    We have seen what this team is capable in most 1st quaters this year offense and defense……..Heck take 4 seperate First Quaters and put them all together and that is the type of game we are capable of…… .Thats a team that can beat anybody. Packers, Chiefs whoever.

    We just arent there yet. And guarantee when we do get there nobody is gonna give a crap about the Bears no more. Well have bigger things to worry about………And its always better to peak at the end of the season. Not the beginning. We are 3-2, in fine shape right now. Once we figure out how to play consistent great football we can easily rattle off 4-5 in a row……..Just take a gander at our last 4 games and tell me we cant win every one of them if we are at full potential. Your kidding youself if you say that……..Just get a hold of yourselfs Bucs fans. The Bucs are in great shape tied for first. We have probably already seen their worst game……Lets just see what their best game will look like!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    I could even make the case that Sundays game its more important to see us play to our full potential then if we win or lose.

    If we can find our potential we are easily better then nost teams on our schedule……Honestly including the Saints IMO. We will find many wins if we can play great consistently.

    This regular season(especially the next motnth) is all about getting playoff ready. We arent close to playoff ready and getting to that level is much more important then a singular win.

  23. #1bucfan Says:

    Well put DEFENSE.

  24. 40TDs Says:

    Well said Rob!

  25. Beeej Says:

    We are three and two and everybody’s bitching. Really?

  26. Ndog Says:

    JimmyJack do you truly believe that this team has good enough pass protection vs teams with a real pass rush considering we basically have a statue playing QB that is basically useless at the first sign of pressure?

  27. Ndog Says:


    Are all better than us so if we simply beat the teams we are more talent than, at this point we should be 10-6.

    Then again if our QB keeps forgetting what down it is or waking into the wrong meeting room err house then we could easily lose to Carolina and one of the Falcons games.

  28. BucsFanForever Says:

    ..from such a highly functioning machine in New England…Spot on. Even when New England lost premier players they figured out a way to win. That’s what Brady needs to bring to the Bucs.

  29. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    He’ll improve the Bucs some, but Leftwich is not nearly the OC Brady has in N.E., and with all due respect, neither is the head coach. I see playoffs, at least by next year, but after last week in Chicago, I don’t see a Super Bowl. Hope I’m wrong but the culture of dysfunction at OBP, and the coaching will hold them back.

  30. Paul Says:

    Oh that’s right! When JOE was first smelling a Rat with me and (and everybody else with a brain) annoyance over the Childish Moniker-JOE responded that he went back through the archives and it “was 50% of the time”. LMAO But isn’t that Peter King one just hysterical too?

    BUC CHEEKS Says:
    October 16th, 2020 at 11:19 am
    Hey Paul, it’s kind of funny he didn’t use the moniker this time… After asking him a question. Hmm! Interesting, I’m sure he’ll use it again tho! That train is never late!
    The archives are here for all to view. Joe doesn’t used the moniker even close to every time, but feel free to continue to pretend Joe does if it makes you fulfilled. –Joe

  31. orlbucfan Says:

    Well said, JimmyJack. No reason why this team can’t finally play a complete game. They have the talent in all 3 parts of a football team. The SB team didn’t have that.

  32. Issac haggins Says:

    Tom Says ,,, WOW Bill and Josh are Diks but Man they really did have us prepared week in and week out , I thought it was normal , now I know it was special. I had no idea I would have to become just like them to win in Tampa ,, let me tell you Winston had a mess to deal with and I couldn’t survive running the offense he ran !! I have a better o line , better D and better run game so I just wanna say really the thing I learned the most is my expanded respect for Josh, Bill and Jameis. My Goal now is to get these penalties down and make Josh and Bill Proud that I can do their job and play QB !!! I must also say that Bruce has made me aware that I haven’t been a very tough player for the past 5 years , Man did Bill know and cover for what had become my glaring weakness, I truly had no idea !! Btw not a chance I don’t know that it’s fourth down under Josh and Bill !!! Now you know why we have so many penalties 🤣🤣🤣😂 !! Thank You Tom for being Very Honest and Candid ,, Best of Luck !!