Stanley Cup Champs Edition! It’s The JoeBoltsFan Podcast

October 2nd, 2020

This is THE STANLEY CUP EDITION of the JoeBoltsFan Podcast, presented by to Bill Currie Ford. Need we say more? On vindication for Jon Cooper and Steven Stamkos, what it means to win a championship, who we’re happy for and more. Tom Lang hasn’t been so sports happy in a long, long time. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Stanley Cup Champs Edition! It’s The JoeBoltsFan Podcast”

  1. DBS Says:

    What a run and year it has been. Cooper made the right call using Vasy. If not I guarantee this does not happen. Johnson can go. Some of the players they got like Maroon etc they better keep. I would like to see Dave Mishkin as the new play by play caller to replace Rick. And please Keep JoeBoltsFan!!

  2. Wesley Says:

    Champs!!! Toughest trophy in ALL of sports to win.